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New Jersey Gold Cup 2005 - Page 1 of Photos

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The archery gods favored Bloomfield at the end of May in 2005, allowing most all of the Gold Cup to be conducted with little adverse weather. The exception was the FITA's 30 meter distance. Katuna Lorig showed that a little water was no big deal, firing a 355 out of a possible 360 points. She had 5 nines, the rest were 10s or Xs. Likewise, young Brittany Lorenti ended up winning the FITA portion in the senior female group and came in second in the elimination round, perhaps setting a new world record for Junior women at 30Meters- 360 with 23X's.  She shot a 1383 for the FITA portion,  her personal best. 

 Sun and light winds were for the most part the rule outside of that 30 meter rain cloud.

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