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TEXAS STATE ARCHERY ASSOCIATION HAS CREATED A NEW FORMAT WHICH IS BEING HAILED ACROSS THE LAND. The Texas Outdoor Target Series, the TOTS, is a single-day, 3-distance, series of tournaments held across Texas. Mark your calendars! The weekend of March 14th, we would like to host a 25M indoor, or possibly a 18/25M invitational event. Right now I'm thinking a one-day 25M event on Saturday the 14th, but could be talked into more. Then on March 28, we'd like to kick off the TSAA's Championship series: TOTS outdoor season, at our pavilion. TO view the current summary of archers for ALL current TOTS, please use THIS PAGE.

The response we had from running a 25-meter indoor FITA II awhile back was very high, so we are doing it again, with a 9am line and a 1pm line. sign up on the TSAA website using the same form as for the TOTS events - it is a choice among the dates/venues drop-down box on the entry form. So if you're interested on shooting in Columbus on MARCH 14th, go HERE, fill in the form and choose "3/14-FITA9 for the 9am line or 3/14-FITA1" for the 1pm line.  We'll stay in touch with you, and a summary of all the FITA II participants will appear on the TOTS summary page AT THIS LINK

You shoot pretty much the same as an 18-meter indoor event, but the added distance of 7 more meters really adds a higher demand for consistency. Think of it as a bridge to get ready for the great outdoors! It is hosted by Coach John Magera, of  the T.H.E. JOAD, and he writes: We wil be hosting it at the indoor venue at the Cloumbus fairgrounds on March 14. 

for the 9:00 a.m. line, we will have open warmuip practice beginning at 8:00 a.m., and then at 9:00 have two ends of "official practice" followed immediately by scoring.  For the 1:00 p.m. line we will have open warmup practice beginning at noon, with two ends of official practice at 1:00, followed by scoring.

Each line will feature a 10 min. break in-between the first and second 30-arrows.   Come set a record with us!

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Items are held here, then moved to the "What's Old" page... Your comments and suggestions are always welcome: Ron Carmichael, webmaster.

2/23/2015: We have added a 1pm line for the FITA II indoor 25 meter shoot in Columbus March 14, and ALSO for the TOTS event in Houston. The 9am makes it easy for local archers, while the 1pm line takes the pressure for "dawn patrol" starts to the day for those archers that might be driving a bit of a distance for the event. After all, they don't sing about "miles and miles of Texas" for nuthin'... :)
2/21/2015: Training Ops Page - Coach Holly Avendano will conduct TWO courses (in Plano) for Level I and II Instructor certification, March 7 & 8 and Jun 6 & 7. Read more on the link. ALL COACHES - please send the webmaster a note for any classes you plan to hold in 2015!
2/16/2015: Results from the State Indoor have been posted.
2/16/2015: The TSAA's TOTS series has already started taking registrations for the 2015 inaugural event in Columbus. If any certified coaches are interested in having a TOTS in your neighborhood, contact the designer of the event, John Magera, because the TSAA can help you sponsor an event. A current listing of TOTS archers signed up for at least one event this 2015 season can be found here.
2/16/2015: USA Archery is taken registrations online for the National Indoor being held in a variety of venues across the nation over a few weekends upcoming. TO find out more information and to register, Cindy Tobin, membership coordinator at USAA, shared this tip with me: "the easiest way for someone to register for the event is to log into their USA Archery membership account and then go to the link of Tournaments on the left side under USA Archery Events.  They can select the event and then click on the Click Here to Register button." I will add that NFAA members don't have to pay anything in membership fees, in order to register and pay the same tournament fee as USAA members!
1/25/2015: The State JOAD Indoor results from Straight Arrow Archery in Victoria have been posted to the Results Page. Also, THREE potential national Star FITA records were shot during the Sunday's FITA II 25m indoor event, coupled with the 13 new state records fired by Texan JOAD Archers...!
1/23/2015: A number of spaces have opened up for the 1pm line at the State Indoor. (and an hour or so later, they are now all taken)...
1/9/2015: USA Archery is taken registrations online for the National Indoor being held in a variety of venues across the nation over a few weekends upcoming. TO find out more information and to register, Cindy Tobin, membership coordinator at USAA, shared this tip with me: "the easiest way for someone to register for the event is to log into their USA Archery membership account and then go to the link of Tournaments on the left side under USA Archery Events.  They can select the event and then click on the Click Here to Register button." I will add that NFAA members don't have to pay anything in membership fees, in order to register and pay the same fee as USAA members!
1/4/2015: Another version of the TSAA's Coaching Locator Resource map
12/29/2014: Anyone in the Houston area with a spare wheelchair to loan for a short while, please contact Lynda LeCompte. Anyone looking for a place to shoot indoors in the south Houston area, please check this website of Lynda's! X10 Archery !!
12/21/2014: THE TSAA STATE JOAD INDOOR tournament information has been published. This STAR FITA will be held in Victoria, Texas on Saturday and Sunday, January 24 & 25. 
Hosted by Straight Arrow Archery and South Texas Archery JOAD club. CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION AND INFORMATION.
12/17/2014: New coach/instructor locating resource has been created. This is the map (hint - take it to full screen for maximum options and a coaching icon key: This map includes ONLY the 83 instructors and coaches who wished to be listed, out of more than 1050 currently certified (as of 12-1-2014) instructors and coaches in Texas. Contact them via the information listed on their icon. NOTE: The icon is placed on the map by the zip code, not the street address, do not expect to find them standing at the map icon location shooting arrows at a target!! I have also mapped all of the current members of the TSAA (874, not counting at least one important archery family living just across the state line in LA!)
12/17/2014: Tom Barker has reported in the results for the Indoor tournament series for 4H Districts 11. It appears around 118 archers shot in the final event hosted at the Straight Arrow archery range in Victoria. Click here for the results page which includes a link to the finals results.
12/11/2014: "TBT" - a common term nowadays, meaning "ThrowBackThursday", an opportunity to harken back to previous years.
I am performing a TBT on the archival site I created for the NAA/US Archery "stuff",with three issues of "The US Archer" an archery magazine published by Arlyne Rhode. These are the first three issues of 1986! Fully digital, and text-searchable, these are both entertaining and highly educational - as you read it you will see that many of the concerns of archers 28 years ago are still the concerns of archers today. Browse through these acrobat files, search for a friend's (or yours!) name, and enjoy the photos and the advertisements. I particularly like seeing the "tools" of coaching that they had then which we still enjoy using today. And if you like them, be sure to subscribe to the magazine, still going strong after all these years!
US and International Archer Magazine Website
12/8/2014: CALL FOR NOMINATIONS! The TSAA will accept nominations for Board Officers, to be elected during the annual meeting held at the 2015 State Indoor tournament (date/location to be announced soon). The President must be elected from the current board members. The Vice-president, Treasurer, & Secretary are nominated of and elected from the current body of membership. Ron Carmichael is chairman of the nominating committee. Please email the webmaster with your nomination prior to midnight, December 31, 2014.
12/8/2014: Calendar updated with known events in 2015. All dates subject to change by the organizers.
11/30/2014: GREAT article for a better understanding of arrow spine, grouping, and carbon arrows by George Tekmitchov. This article is from one of the best magazines in the world for archery - Bow International. Click this link to view subscription information (both digital form and printed magazine).
11/30/2014: Results for the 4-H Indoor Tournament Series are ongoing - both schedule and results are posted, the link includes persons to contact for each event.
Longhorn Indoor Information: Date is December 5-7, 2014.
JOAD is only Sat. 6th at 8am. JOAD can select Friday at 6pm; awards will be given out after the 8am line. 

Information and registration from are here.

Level 2 Certification Class by Lynda LeCompte, Level III-NTS

December, Saturday 13th: 9am - 4pm, and December, Sunday 14th: 9am - 1pm

For more information, check the TRAINING OPS page!

10/24/2014: The Huntsman Games 2014: A writeup and photos by Rick Stonebraker. An article by the St. George newspaper (where the games were held), found by Tom Barker.
10/19/2014: The results for the 4H Indoor Tournament series - Victoria County, shot October 10 & 11 have been posted. This coming weekend (23rd -25th) Dewitt County will be the venue. Check all the dates, locations, and see results from those finished here.
10/3/2014: CLOUT! what a great word for a kind of archery! 4-H Archery is hosting a Clout Tournament, on Nov 1, 2014 10am-4pm, on the SARA- Helton Field 775/181, in Floresville (follow signs). For more information, download and share this acrobat flier.
10/2/2014: Update on the WOODLANDS FALL CLASSIC:ALL LINES ARE FULL! - then we're completely closed. - they will not last until the end of the week.  
We expect registration to completely close at the end of this week (Oct 3rd) - which is 1 full week early given the ongoing high level of interest and current pace or registrations.  If you are interested in shooting at this event please register now to make sure you get a spot.  
We're looking forward to a great event.  Remember to sign up for a BBQ box lunch for $5 and bring extra cash for extra drinks and snacks.  
Current registration includes Yeoman to Senior 70+ / Genesis to Compound / with about 10 Texas JOAD clubs represented including homeschool groups, Girl Scouts, 4H, and NFAA/TFAA archers.  Woodlands JOAD and Archery on Fire are looking forward to hosting. 
UT Dallas Archery Club is hosting an indoor tournament in conjunction with TXAA.
The location is TXAA Plano Range Facility, on October 18-19, 2014
Forms are here.!cometindoor/c1kgn , and club information is also on that site.
We are trying to get the word out so more people sign up!
10/2/2014: A new indoor archery range has opened in South Austin: Two-90 Pawn & Archery.
-9/23/2014: The District 11 4-H Indoor Tournament Schedule for 2014 has been posted here. (Link is also on the 4-H main page). Results will be added as they occur,,,,,.
9/22/2014: The results are now in for the 2014 TOTS events. The CTOTS panel shows all the scores from the season. This page shows the champions.
9/21/2014: 9/8/2014: The Woodlands JOAD Fall Classic - an indoor tournament - is being held October 20th. Use this link to read more about it, and this to register for it.
NOTE: Garth writes:
We're seeing strong early registrations for this event - overall half of the slots are filled with 3 weeks to go before the end of online registration (I would not be surprised to see us fill up and have no ability to accept day of registrations - or have a waiting list).  We want to make sure archers get in and get the time they want - so we strongly encourage people to get registered ASAP.  There is slightly more availability for the 10AM time at this point. 
Archers of all abilities and ages are welcome - including Youth, Adult and Masters categories.  We're open to JOAD, 4H, TFAA, and all other youth and adult archers - no memberships are required to shoot or for an award.  Remember to pre-order the BBQ lunch for $5 too. 
Archery on Fire is a great range / location - and Woodlands JOAD is looking forward to welcoming clubs and individuals from across Texas!
9/14/2014: Results for the Pearland Archery's TOTS event held Saturday, Oct. 13, 2014 are posted.
9/8/2014: Coach Holly has announced a number of opportunities to get Level I and Level II USAA Instructor certification. Check the Training Ops Page.
9/5/2014: just a reminder - for the TOTS final event, practice will start at 10am and shooting for score will start at 11am....
8/29/2014: Tom Barker noticed an excellent presentation/document by Neil S E Foden, from the UK's Cheshire Archery Association, that speaks volumes to CLOUT archery. It focuses on the differences between the UK version of Clout and that of the World Archery rules version. Typically, the US Clout follows WA rules for the most part.
8/27/2014: The Labor Day Weekend Clout opportunity is being postponed. Thunderstorms are forecast for the Victoria area, and it is proving to be difficult for folks to juggle BOT the holiday family events and the shoot, so the organaizers will "shoot" for holding the clout event in the fall, circa October. We will keep you posted.
8/10/2014: FROM THE TOTS ORGANIZERS: In an effort to grant more weight to the TOTS series championship event, each archer's score from the final will be doubled before it is added to the total of their three highest TOTS scores of the regular season. By adding more weight to the series' final event, this will offer an opportunity for those archers who haven't quite shown their season potential yet a chance to showcase their improved skill set, and it will give the archers who lead their division incentive to still shoot their best at the TOTS championship event. It should be a fun event for all.

Archers who have shot in three or more regular season TOTS events are eligible to shoot for the TOTS championship. Their top three scores will be carried into the finals. Archers can check their scores and standings *here* to see where they rank. Those that haven't shot three or more season TOTS events are still welcome to come shoot on a space available basis against Texas' best for bragging rights and to give notice for next years TOTS season.

8/7/2014: the Championship TOTS event has an ongoing table of attendees here (pay at the door, but register now to allow for proper planning.

8/4/2014:POSTPONED! LABOR DAY CLOUT TOURNAMENT! Why is clout suddenly so popular? Because you get to shoot arrows way up in the sky, ON PURPOSE! Check this event out, hosted by TSAA and Straight Arrow Archery, sponsored by Victoria Regional Airport Commission. If you've never tried clout, no worries, Rick Stonebraker will be running the event and will be providing tips and hints. Flyer for the event. Register using the TOTS form to let Rick know how many to plan for. (Pay at the door).

7/30/2014: TEXAS SHOOTOUT! This ranking event is in College Station, hosted by the Aggie Archery Club, on September 26-28, 2014!
7/27/2014: TOTS Update: Victoria has joined Houston as being "All full up".
7/20/2014 : First clout shoot results have been posted here.
7/16/2014: The TOTS shoots continue, with an opportunity to compete out in the Midland-Odessa region. The Houston shoot, rescheduled for September, is now full.  
7/3/2014: Coach Holly is conducting a L1 & L2 USA Archery Instructor Certification Course the weekend of August 2-3, 2014, at TXAA’s Walnut Hill (Dallas) location. Recommended.
7/2/2014: REMINDER to get the word out to all your archery friends in North/West Texas - on July 26 in Gardendale (between Midland and Odessa, TOTS will be held, hosted by West Texas JOAD, wrangled by coach Mickey Estep - The limit for the shoot is the first 30 archers.  The location will be 16941 North Hollyhock, Gardendale, Texas  79758.  Check-in at 8:30 am and start shooting by 9:30 am. Will have drinks and snacks for sale at the field, but it would probably be a good idea to pack a lunch. SIGN UP HERE FOR TOTS EVENTS
7/2/2014: The latest TOTS tournament results have been posted, and the Houston TOTS (was rain delayed) has been set! Hosted by the Buffalo Field Archery Club, 13751 Clay Road, Houston 77043 - - - the Map , Practice to start at 9am, on SEPTEMBER 13th. This will be the last TOTS event before the Championship TOTS (C-TOTS) event on September 20th in Floresville. Email Lynda LeCompte at if you have questions about the Houston event.
MORE info will be posted regarding the format for the CTOTS, which will have a few "enhancements" to make it a leeetle more interesting and challenging for the archers.
6/23/2014: THERE WILL BE A CLOUT TOURNAMENT EVENT IN JULY near College Station? If you would like more information, email Rick Stonebraker!
6/22/2014: Kevin Albers has provided the results from the TOTS event yesterday, it is posted here.
We have some weekends in July where a northern TOTS would sure be nice - anyone interested in hosting please contact John Magera.
6/18/2014: TOTS ALERT!: The event for June 28 in Columbus is now full!
6/17/2014: TOTS are happening this weekend and again soon. Please check the registration page for all of the opportunities to shoot. There are TOTS shoots happening this weekend and next weekend!  We still have slots available for both College Station and Columbus.  To register and get more information head on over to the TOTS Information Page!
6/10/2014: TAMU Archery Club will be hosting the archery portion of the Texas Games (click here for information), a single round of 60 arrows shot indoors at their new indoor facility on the A&M campus, on August 2nd (Saturday). The TOTS event formerly scheduled for that day has been MOVED one day back, to Sunday, August 3rd. See the TOTS page for more info...
6/1/2014:Unofficial Results for the National Field event have been posted by USAA
6/1/2014: The next TOTS scheduled is in the College Station area: June 21stL Brazos 4-H Club(College Station Area) - Practice will start at 9am and scoring will start at 10am.  There are food places close by, but there will be some offerings at the field.  Shooting will take place behind Sam Rayburn Middle School in the field between the track and the soccer field.  Registrations can be sent to me at this same address.  Limit will be 40 archers. See the TOTs info page for the registration link.
5/25/2014: The USA Archery National Field Championship and World Team Trials are concluded. 96 archers competed, far exceeding the number last year. Several hundred photos are in albums on Facebook, "Texas State Archery Association" - please check our albums there, TAG your friends, and share what you like. For the FULL photograph experience, please use this link.
5/22/2014: Photos from the practice day of the National Field event are albumized!
5/11/2014: Tom Barker has provided the results for the TOTS event just held at Straight Arrow Archery in Victoria. Results are here.Many more TOTS events have been added to the info page and sign-up form!!
5/8/2014: There were no cancellations - all archers registered for the National Field are paid in full and set for the event. See the list here.
5/2/2014: as of 12:01 am, a late fee for the National Field now in effect. If you have not registered, paid, you have until end of day May 8 to register & pay. Registrations not paid by then will be voided.

5/1/2014: Photos from the TSAA State Field event have been posted to this link. and Additional photos by Michael Hojnacki


4/30/2014: TOTs results are updated.
4/30/2014: Results have been posted for the State Field event.
4/15/2014: Comfort Inn Suites in Columbus is the Host Hotel for BOTH the State Field event April 26th AND the National Field Archery event in May - $75 for standard room, and $95 for suites - mention the tournament during reservations to get this great rate!
4/12/2014: The results for the Texas Senior Games' Archery competition have been posted. American 900 Round shot at the National Shooting Center in San Antonio. It is a qualifier for the 2015 National Senior Games in MN.
4/10/2014: This is the LAST day left to order an Awesome Shirt
4/5/2014: SUBSCRIBE to the newsletter - the TSAA has moved to a new software for communicating via email newsletters and you need to subscribe if you want to continue getting emails from the TSAA!
4/3/2014: The TOTS results have begun coming in, and can be found at this link.
3/26/2014: Coach Holly will conduct another Level I & II Certification weekend May 24-25, 2014, in the north Dallas area. Check the Training Ops page
3/9/2014: The Lone Star Cup tournament is now definite for MARCH 29 & 30, 2014, and registration is open.
3/9/2014: Coach Lynda LeCompte is conducting a level II course in Alvin in May. For info, check the Training Ops page.
3/8/2014: The TSAA's 32nd State Field Tournament is scheduled for April 26 & 27. Info and registration is now available
3/1/2014: Several Level II certification courses will be conducted by Level III-NTS coach, Lynda LeCompte, April 5/6, May 10/11, in the Houston area. More information to follow, stay tuned to the Training Ops page!
3/1/2014: A complete archery timer system that you can make yourself? The FaceToFace tournament in France served as the development environment for this free (!) software which is "FITA" legal, and provides diagrams and instructions on building brilliant (even in Texas daylight) LED displays. Now added to the Softwares page.
3/1/2004: Now that the Indoor Season has ended with the USAA Indoor National event, we tune our bows to the outdoors! Announcing the 2014 TOTS program!
2/28/2014: The USAA has published an adobe acrobat file listing the latest records for best archery scores.
2/16/2014: Results for the JOAD Indoor at Straight Arrow Archery in Victoria are now up, and photos to follow....a number of records were re-set.
2/10/2014, 2000hrs: The late fee for the JOAD registration is now in effect. Registration will be accepted through Wednesday at 10pm (2/12/2014).
2/7/2014: Tim Humphrey, barebow archer in TSAA for many years, has designed a pretty neat timing system, which the TSAA has been using for the last few championships. He sent us some information for the purpose of marketing it. Here's the link...
2/4/2014: All of the seating for the banquet Saturday evening during the JOAD State Indoor has been sold.
2/4/2014: The level II course in Conroe is being postponed - will post the new date when it is determined.
2/3/2014: and registration continues for the JOAD Indoor. Remember that seating for the banquet is limited, and that limit is only 10 folks away...
2/3/2014: Results for the TSAA Indoor 2014 have been posted. Thanks to James Corral and the UT Archery club for hosting this event.
1/24/2014: Tom Barker spotted this - if you are good with tools and want to make your own archery equipment!
1/15/2014: Level One and Two Courses being held soon in Conroe, Texas!
USA Archery Level One Instructor Course:  Jan 27th (Monday) 8am to 4pm  (this was a requested date by 3 people, so we are going with Monday)
Please RSVP asap but no later than Jan 19th.
USA Archery Level Two Instructor Course: Feb 8/9 8am to 4pm (both days). Please RSVP asap but no later than Jan 30th. For more information see the training ops page
1/13/2014: Board bylaws for the coming Annual meeting.
1/13/2014: Information regarding the TSAA State Indoor JOAD tournament is posted at this link. Deadline is Feb 10th to sign up. The speaker for the banquet will be Olympian medalist Vic Wunderle.
1/7/2014:Check out Jake Kaminski and the new Hoyt Recurve innovation!
1/6/2014: Registration is now active for the State Indoor, to be held at UT in Austin, at the Anna Hiss Gym. For information and to register online, use this link.
1/1/2014: Registration for this event has been extended. Chris Kamilar is running an indoor tournament in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in January. Information sheet is at this link. (Note deadline is JANUARY 20)
12/19/2013: Training opportunity in the Columbus area - a hardware clinic by John Magera. Who would benefit from this clinic?
Any archer, instructor, coach, archery parent, and anyone who wants to expand their understanding....For more info...
12/8/2013: IN the DFW area, Level I & II Archery Instructor Certification the weekends of January 18-19, 2014, and February 22-23, 2014.  Contact:Holly Lawton Avendano, USA Archery Certified Level III-NTS Archery Coach & Texas Archery Academy - Manager & College Coordinator 512-943-2026
12/7/2013: Coach Derek Davis in an ABC interview on archery!
11/22/2013: LEVEL III-NTS certification course scheduled for February 7-9, 2014 in the North Austin area. Info on the Training Ops page
11/19/2013: Chris Kamilar is running an indoor tournament in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in January. Information sheet is at this link.
11/14/2013: RESULTS FOR THE CLOUT EVENT! Fluid Grid.
11/10/2013: Results from the Longhorn Indoor - Fluid Grids: JOAD FITA Note that tables don't shrink well into cell phones.
10/12/2013: Results from the 2013 TOTS event have been posted to the Results section. The TOTS information page is found here.
10/3/2013: Results for the State Target event have been posted.
9/20/2014: The Valor Games will be held in San Antonio this Monday-Wednesday. Check their website for more information on the Archery portion.
9/18/2013: If you have an android phone, you might like this app: Tuning your recurve/compound bow, by Jake Kaminski & Jesse Broadwater!
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You can now access the JOAD Resources page directly by simply going to  A gentleman in Alaska  has held that domain for a couple of years but hadn't put up a page, and graciously allowed the transfer of this domain name.   His last name?    BOWMAN.   His first name?  JOAD.   And no, he is not an archer.  Just one heck of a nice guy, who found the coincidence as strange as I did.  Joad Bowman.   The world is indeed an interesting place, and thanks to Joad for transferring the domain.   
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