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This is from more directly behind the archer and shows again the point just before click. The tension on the fingers is probably about 80-90 percent of normal, you can just detect a slight wrist curving. This could interfere with accuracy if the arrows were actually going anywhere. Since the bowstring does not move forward, the arrows never leave the bow.
If you use the surgical tubing ("bungy") formaster, you will find that the bowstring does move forward enough for the arrow to leave the bow. The problem I see with the bungyversion is that it will condition the archer to expect a JERK and SPROING of greater moment and distance than with the rigid version. In theory, since one wants the event of release to be as minimal as possible, the bungy version may train some archers to a bad habit of anticipating the jerk, and will prepare for release by jerking the bow against expectations. 
It's hard to envision a release like "snow drifting from the bough" when you think you are about to get hammered, jerked, and SPROINGED.  enjoy.  Ron Carmichael

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