1999 National Senior Olympics - Recurve Archery
Held in Orlando, Florida - at Disney's Sports Complex

by Ed Debee

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Texas State Archery Association Copyright 1999

 Wide World of Sports Complex

 Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex is a great location for the archery competition.


 Yours truly dressed for archery and ready to shoot.


 Senior Olympians on the shooting line. Two 900 American Rounds determine the winners.


 Archers score the arrows between ends.


 Returning from the targets after scoring an end.


 My parents and brother Jim drove to the match for moral support.


 Dick Perry (NM), Dan Vertrees (AL), Ron West (MD), Ed DeBee (TX)
Top 4 in age group 50-54


 At the medal ceremony. Ed DeBee (Gold), Dick Perry (Silver), Dan Vertrees (Bronze)


 Medalist close-up. L to R, Dan Vertrees, Ed DeBee and Dick Perry


 My wife Jeanette enjoys a photo with the Gold Medalist


 Family celebration. Myself, brother Jim, wife Jeanette, Una (Mom) and Lou (Dad)


Two Gold Medalists. Me with the famous Earl Hoyt. Earl won the Gold in his age group.


 The most sought after award among the Senior Olympians - This one's for Texas!

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