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This link consists of a set of photos of the Beijing Olympic Green Archery Field, and a number of sub-folders containing photos and short video clips (often, high-speed, slow-motion, 300 fps) from the matches that I was able to observe during the 2008 Paralympics. Unfortunately, there were often matches in "the other" stadium, so I could only photo where I was. Which was where the TEAM USA archers were competing. And even then I missed one or two that happened as the same time as other USA archers. These are limited resolution. If you see a particular photo(s) you would like in a higher resolution, OR IF YOU ARE ONE OF THE ARCHERS DEPICTED and would like a High Definition Video of your performance, please email me at the address of webmaster AT texasarchery.org , and I will be glad to help you get video of your shooting to you. I know how frustrating it is to come away without any good photos, and this I tried to fix this time. I had NO photos to speak of from Athens of Lindsey Carmichael, and it was very disappointing. Not so this time. So enjoy. And please do sign the guestbook? Thanks. Ron, 10-2-2008


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