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Compiled SUMMARY OF ALL results for the season.

TOTS 2016 season wrap-up, by John Magera:

From a shaky, rain-soaked beginning to a record-breaking season, TOTS 2016 was certainly full of surprises!

The season kicked off April 2nd at the "home of TOTS" - Columbus Texas - hosted by T.H.E JOAD club. It was a successful day, perfect for easing everyone into the fourth season's competition. A week later, Straight Arrow archery in Victoria stepped up to host the second event and it looked like things were really on a roll. Then the skies opened up. Rain, rain and more rain fell across Texas, resulting in historic floods especially in the Houston area. The third host of the season - Buffalo Field Archery club - was completely under water leading to the cancellation of both of their scheduled events.

It seemed the season had stalled and an important host was out of the game. But then the Woodlands JOAD club stepped up to get things rolling again. It was their first time to host, and they did a wonderful job making up for the lost opportunity at Buffalo. Just like that the TOTS season was back on track.

Then more hosts came in. Two more first time hosts stepped up this year - Bear Country archers in LaVernia and Tejas Bowmen in Corpus Christi. And before we knew it, we saw more TOTS events hosted than in any previous year.

At the end of the season, the TOTS series once again came home to the Columbus fairgrounds where T.H.E. JOAD club hosted the series championship. A record number of 50 archers qualified for the championship event, requiring two fields and two officials to run it. A total of 22 TOTS champions were crowned, with numerous records set at the event.

In all a total of 26,892 scored arrows were shot by 115 archers in 11 TOTS event statewide - far surpassing previous year's totals in every category!

We would like to congratulate not just all the TOTS champions, but to all those who showed up to support the TOTS series and shoot their best. A special thanks goes out to all those clubs and their volunteers who worked tirelessly to make the 2016 TOTS season one to remember.

After the first three seasons, we had only four archers who had broken 1000 points - Justin Dixon (the first to do it), Emily Fischer, Jerry Beavin and finally Savannah Vanderweir who scored the previous highest total of 1027 points.  In 2016, we saw the 1000-point barrier fall EIGHT times over three divisions, with the highest score ever shot during the championship event by Dayton LaGrow (1031) on his way to amassing an incredible 4104 points for the season.

This tells me our archers are accepting the challenge that the round offers, and taking it head-on.

We'll be reaching out to clubs during the indoor season to plan for even more TOTS events for 2017. If you have questions about the TOTS series, are interested in hosting an event or simply attending one, please contact either Shawn Harrigan or John Magera for more information.

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Explanation of TOTS concept - What is a Texas 1080 round?

Events Listing for 2016

List of distances

Matrix of bows and distances

Target examples


This link to the records page has been created to summarize all record scores for the TOTS program as of the end of the 2015 Series. Collated and summarized by Karin Magera! This will be updated AFTER the finals for 2016 have concluded.

Results are in the schedule table below, to the right side of each tournament listed.

NOTE: We are continuing with a couple of small changes for TOTS distances this year, as we had in 2015. First, and most significant is that the Barebow distances will reflect the distances recently chosen for the barebow division at Outdoor Nationals by having the Senior and Masters shoot 60/50/30, the Juniors and Cadets shoot 50/30/20, and the Cubs and Bowmen shooting 30/25/20. The other change we made was for the 70+ archers. The 70+ compound and recurve archers will shoot 50/30/20 and the 70+ barebow archers will shoot 30/25/20. ANY archer may choose to shoot "up" as desired if things seem too easy.

TOTS was designed to offer every archer an opportunity to shoot 36 arrows at their standard "OR" distance, regardless of what age, gender or discipline that archer is.  This makes it simpler for the event hosts to organize, and gives all our archers a legitimate 36-arrow score they can use to gauge their progress in USA Archery events, as well as work on JOAD achievement pins.  This prepares them for competing in the USAA-sponsored national competitions (which are at their "OR" distances based on age, gender, and bow type)

The first two distances and target sizes are "stock" USA Archery formats (for example, 122cm face at 70M, then an 80cm face at 50M) followed by an extra challenge for the final 36 arrows - the 60cm face at 30M.  Most archers have found this to be where the fun really begins.  A primary goal, of course, is for our kids (and adults) to have fun with a bow in their hands.

72 arrows in a single day just isn't enough in most people's minds to justify the expense and the time of overnight stays.  The typical OR type tournament takes two days to shoot 144 arrows, all at one distance.

THIS 108-arrow single day TOTS format is in many ways a "Goldilocks" event that is just right in number of arrows, changes to keep the archer challenged, and able to be easily completed in a single day! TOTS has exploded in popularity for the simple reason that people feel they are getting in enough arrows to justify their travel time and expenses, and they don't have to incur lodging expenses or give up an entire weekend for a quality event. We try to keep things affordable - generally, the price is $20 to $25 per archer - the majority of which goes to the JOAD or CLUB to help them afford more gear, bales, arrows, etc., and a small amount ($5) goes towards the running of the finals and the awards to be given out thereupon.

Traditionally, Columbus has hosted the first TOTS shoot of the year due to it being the "birthplace" of that series and that round. 

TOTS records - summary by Karin Magera. These are the best scores from all TOTS. If you have a scorecard from a previous year's TOTS event which helps make the set more accurate, please email Karin with a copy of your scorecard and the details.



TSAA Championship TOTS for 2016 - events will be added to this table -
Date- event will be on a Sat unless noted. Location Maplink RESULTS

TOTS Premier Event for 2016

Columbus Fairgrounds  


Straight Arrow, Victoria  

TOTS Event for 2016 - postponed due to flooding down in Texas! (17+ inches in one day)

Buffalo Field, Houston  

TOTS Event

Columbus Fairgrounds  

TOTS Event - cancelled due to being under many feet of water

Buffalo Field, Houston  

TOTS Event - rained out

The Woodlands JOAD  

TOTS Event

Straight Arrow, Victoria  

TOTS Event - registration

The Woodlands JOAD  

TOTS Event - registration

Bear Country Archery Range
438 Bear Gardens, La Vernia
7/30 & 7/31

Inaugural Location!  TOTS Event  (Plan fun side trip to the beach!)
Link to venue

Tejas Bowmen, Archery Club, Corpus Christi  

NEW!!  TOTS Event - La Vernia

Sponsored by Lone Star JOAD  
8/6 TOTS Event - Victoria! Straight Arrow Archery  

Run your own TOTS, make money for your club, and LET KIDS PLAY!!




SPECIAL: We have been running into a small difficulty. Each TOTS event has been wayyy popular - shooting lines "full" in advance, well ahead of the tournament date. The tournament directors have to actually turn folks away! Now, the TOTS are events where you let us know you want to shoot ahead of time (online), and you pay at the door. The TD does the target assignments and planning for all the complicated aspects like insuring there are enough target bales, stands, and faces set up at the appropriate distances, keeping track of bow types, gender, divisions, etc. and counts on there being the right number of each archer on each target for scoring and timely shooting - to insure a good time for all participants. Imagine how it works out, though, when there are no-shows - archers that just don't show up with no warning? It causes a mess for the TD and for the archers, lots of last minue juggling (instead of shooting arrows). If you are signed up for an event, please do NOT be rude. Don't be a no-show - let the contact person know as soon as you do, please. It's just good manners. And it doesn't cause problems for your fellow archers.

Further explanation about the creation of TOTS:
In an effort to offer more outdoor target archery events during the summer, TSAA has created an outdoor target archery series that will feature a new 108-arrow round in an "outdoor league" atmosphere, and a final TOTS championship event will be held in early fall,

The goal is to provide a single-day event, easy for families to get to, inexpensive to participate in, and challenging enough to stimulate the competitiveness in youth archers. This also serves to get youth archers used to the competitive environment so when they get to the bigger tournaments they already know what to expect and can perform better, faster.

This outdoor target archery series features a new, youth-friendly 108-arrow round in an "outdoor league" atmosphere that culminates with a chance for participants to shoot for two titles in a final championship event in the fall.
 Archers wishing to participate in the Texas Outdoor Target Series will have several opportunities statewide to shoot at qualifying events. A minimum of three qualifying scores will be required to compete for the TOTS championship title. The final championship event for the TOTS series will be decided on in a final TOTS championship in the fall. 
The "Texas 1080" round is designed to offer archers and event organizers an efficient, easy to set up and easy to shoot tournament that can be completed in one day, while still allowing time for travel across our great state. The round reduces a full "FITA" by 36 arrows, but still preserves the multiple distances and target sizes many archers enjoy. It also features the target size and distance every archer will shoot for their elimination rounds during OR (Olympic Round) events. The TSAA is very grateful to John Magera and T.H.E. JOAD for promulgating the TOTS program!

Texas 1080 distance and target sizes are gender neutral, and are as follows:

70/50/30 meters:

60/50/30 meters:

50/30/20 meters:

30/25/20 meters:
Masters 70+ Barebow

20/15/10 meters

The Barebow distances will reflect the distances recently chosen for the barebow division at Outdoor Nationals by having the Senior and Masters shoot 60/50/30, the Juniors and Cadets shoot 50/30/20, and the Cubs and Bowmen shooting 30/25/20.  

The other change we have made is for the 70+ archers. The 70+ compound and recurve archers will shoot 50/30/20 and the 70+ barebow archers will shoot 30/25/20.

and in the non-competitive division;
Yeoman: 20/15/10 meters - no awards, but recognition is given.

***Target sizes will be 122/80/60 cm. The larger target at the longest distance, next smaller target at middle distance, etc. SEE BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE TARGET FACES.
Multiple target faces per bale will be available for compound archers (5-ring 80 cm faces) and for all archers at their closest distance to allow for six-arrow ends in the interest of time.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HOSTING A TOTS EVENT (and we have folks that will help you!), contact John Magera to coordinate and for more information. The modest $20 to $25 shooting fee remains mostly in the club's coffers - only $5 goes to the TOTS organization for the Championship and Awards.

(There will be a link to registration here during the TOTS season.) Note that the registration form does not require money - all TOTS and Clout events are "pay at the door" EXCEPT FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND HELD IN AUGUST AT THE STATE TOTS CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT... BUT! registering helps us plan the right number of targets, stands, enough room on the field, etc., so please don't register unless you want to shoot. If you end up not being able to shoot, please email the webmaster to let us know - there is no penalty or fee, it is just the right thing to do.

separator image

“Texas 1080” Round Distances and Target Sizes By Category

(amended 2015)
Senior & Junior: Recurve & Compound Master 50+/60+ Recurve & Compound;
Cadet: Recurve & Compound

Adult & Masters 50+/60+ Barebow
Cubs: Recurve & Compound
Masters 70+ Recurve
Junior & Cadet: Barebow
Bowmen: Recurve & Compound
Bowmand & Cub: Barebow
Masters 70+ Barebow
Yeoman: Recurve & Compound
Yeoman Barebow






70 Meters






60 Meters


122 cm




50 Meters

80 cm: either 10-ring
6-ring face

80 cm: either 10-ring
or 6-ring face

122 cm



30 Meters

60 cm: either 10-ring or 5-ring vertical 3-spot

60 cm: either10-ring or
5-ring vertical 3-spot

80 cm: either 10-ring
or 6-ring face

122 cm


25 Meters




80 cm: 10-ring or
6-ring face


20 Meters



60 cm: either 10-ring or
5-ring verical 3-spot

60 cm: either 10-ring or
5-ring verical 3-spot

122 cm

15 Meters





80 cm 10-ring

10 Meters





60 cm 10-ring

If you wish to print this out, use this link to an acrobat version. If you are not sure what age group your youth archer should choose, use this age chart to calculate!

From John Magera, here is some information on the various target faces used in a TOTS. Note they do not have to be "water-proof", but that he finds they last MUCH longer whether wet or dry conditions.

For a standard TOTS, you will want FIVE different target faces.  A lot, I know, but that's what makes it interesting for everyone.
1) Everyone will shoot a 122 cm face at the long distance, so plan on sufficient 122's total. They do not need to be "brand new" faces, just not shot to pieces!!  These are what we use: 

Purchase Maple Leaf WP-122cm Waterproof FITA Target Face at Lancaster Archery Supply. Get TechXPert advice online from our archery experts.

2) For the middle distance, you'll want to put Cadet and older compounders on the same bale so they can use individual 6-ring 80cm faces.  You'll want at least 10 like these, depending on how many compound archers you expect.

Purchase Maple Leaf TA-80cm 6 Ring Center Spot Patch at Lancaster Archery Supply. Get TechXPert advice online from our archery experts.

These look interesting too although I haven't tried them, they would work well for a bale with compound archers on it:
Purchase Fivics 80cm 3 Spot Target Face at Lancaster Archery Supply. Get TechXPert advice online from our archery experts.
3) For the barebow/recure archers and the Cub/Bowman/Yeoman compounders at their middle distance, the standard 10-ring 80cm face is used.  You will probably want 10 Like this:
Purchase Maple Leaf WP-80cm Waterproof FITA Target Face at Lancaster Archery Supply. Get TechXPert advice online from our archery experts.
4) For the Cadet and older compounders, we use the vertical 3-spot 60cm face at the closest distance.  This allows the better compound archers to put two arrows in each spot and avoid crushing arrows at 30 meters.  The target looks like this:
Purchase Maple Leaf TA-60cm Vertical 3 Spot Target Face at Lancaster Archery Supply. Get TechXPert advice online from our archery experts.
5) Finally, for the younger compounders, the recurve and the barebow archers, they use the standard 10-ring 60cm face at the closest distance.  Like this:
Purchase Maple Leaf WP-60cm Waterproof FITA Target Face at Lancaster Archery Supply. Get TechXPert advice online from our archery experts.

You'll notice I linked to the "waterproof" faces because that's all I use if I can get them.  They just last so much longer and are harder to tear than the standard paper faces.