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Feb 3 - 5 State Indoor Results


June 18 & 19 State Target Results
April 16 & 17 State Field Results
Feb 13-14,and 20-21 State Indoor Results


  4H District 11 Indoor Series Championsiships
August 15-16 TSAA State Target Championship - Floresville (Also TOTS Championship )
8/8 TOTS - Houston
July 25 TOTS - Columbus
July 18-19 TSAA State Field Championship - Austin
June 20 TSAA State JOAD - Columbius
June 6 Austin Archery Club/TSAA Invitational Field Tournament
May 30 TOTS 2015 Series - Columbus
May 16 TOTS 2015 Series - Buffalo Field Archery
April 28 Lone Star Cup
March 28 TOTS 2015 Series - Columbus
March 14 FITA II Indoor Event
February 13-15 State Indoor
January 23-25 State JOAD Indoor
FITAII 25m event


September TOTS Season Results
June 7-8 State Target and JOAD Target Championships. - T.H.E. JOAD Hosted
May 22-25 National Field Championships and World Team Trials
4/26-28/2014 State Field Championship
2/14-16 State JOAD Indoor FITA II 25m event
1/31-2/2 Senior Indoor Championship


Nov. 8-10 Longhorn Indoor: JOAD FITA
Sept. 28 Target Championship - UT Austin Hosted
July 28 JOAD Target Championship
June 7-8 USA Archery National Field Chanpionships
May 5-6 State Field Championship
April 6-7 Lone Star FITA (held in Bryan)
COMBINED SENIOR RESULTS The Senior Indoor held in two locations, combined results - 17 records
COMBINED JOAD RESULTS The JOAD indoor held in two locations, combined results - 10 records
February 22-23 JOAD - North - Plano
February 22-23 JOAD - South - Columbus
February 22-24 Indoor Senior - North - Plano
February 15-17 Indoor Senior - South - Austin


9/8,9/2012 State Target Championship-Oak Point Park Nature Preserve, Plano, TX
6-2/3-2012 State JOAD Target in Columbus,TX
5/5/2012 State Field on Baschke Exotic Animal Ranch, Eagle Lake, TX
1/28 & 2/4 State JOAD Indoor ( VICTORIA on Jan 28th and in PLANO on February 4th! - First split location event for TSAA)
2/17-19 State Indoor - UT's AHGym, Austin,TX


December 2-4 Aggie Indoor (the Longhorn Indoor was cancelled for 2011 to avoid a conflict in timing)
Sept. 23-25 State Target Championship - UT Archery Fields, Austin, Texas
June 11-12 State Target JOAD Championship - Straight Arrow Archery Learning Center, Victoria TX
April 30-May 1 TSAA State Field Championship
April 16-17 SRIAC (Southern Regional IntraCollegiate Archery Championship)
February 19,2011 Texas Sunbird #1
February 12, 2011 TSAA State JOAD Indoor / Victoria College 1st Annual Invitational Indoor
March 4,5, & 6, 2011 TSAA State Indoor Championship - AHG, UT, Austin Texas
April 15-17
April 30-May 1 TSAA State Field Results
June 12-13 State JOAD Target Results


11/5/2010 Longhorn Indoor Invitational
9/11/2010 State Target Championship - Bastrop Youth Football Association's Field
6/12/2010 State JOAA Target - Straight Arrow Archery Learning Center, Victoria
5/08/2010 State Field
4/10/2010 Lone Star FITA
2/14/2010 State JOAD Indoor Championship - Straight Arrow Archery Learning Center
2/7/2010 State Indoor Championship - The University of Texas Archery Club


7/18/2009 State Target Championship - Bastrop Youth Football Association's Field
6/14/2009 State JOAD Championship - Tiger Sharks JOAD, Ganado
5/10/2009 State Field Championship
4/25/2009 Doinker Texas Shootout: Qualifier OR Matchplay
4/18-10/2009 Lone Star FITA
2/13/2009 State Indoor - Acrobat Version
02/6/2009 State JOAD Indoor


10/24/2008 A&M Indoor Championship
6/29/2008 State JOAD Target Championship - Tiger Sharks JOAD, Ganado
5/4/2008 State Field Championship
2/17/2008 State Indoor Championship - The University of Texas Archery Club
1/18/08 State JOAD Indoor Championship - The University of Texas Archery Club
1/19/08 UT Outdoor Star FITA #2
1/12/08 UT Outdoor Star FITA #1


12/9/2007 Sunbird Results
11/17/2007 Longhorn Indoor 2007 Results
10/21/2007 Aggie Indoor 2007 Results
6/21/2007 TSAA State Target Championship - Flooded out of Lago Vista, to THE OPTIMIST SPORTS COMPLEX IN FAR NORTHWEST AUSTIN
6/30/2007 NAA JOAD National Championship
6/19/2007 State JOAD Target Championship - Our Lady of Victory School, Victoria
5/5/2007 State Field Championship
4/28/2007 Texas Shootout 2007
4-14/15-2007 Lone Star FITA
2/9/2007 TSAA 25th State Indoor Championship
1/20/2007 TSAA Indoor JOAD Championship
1/13/2007 WITT: World Indoor Team Trials - US


11/19/2006 University of Texas Longhorn Indoor 2006
10/20/2006 Texas A&M Aggie Indoor 2006
6/6/2006 NAA National Target Championship 2006 & U.S. Open
7/5/2006 NAA JOAD Nationals FITA
6/24/2006 TSAA State Target Championship
6/4/2006 TSAA State JOAD Target - excellent, near-calm wind conditions contribute to 18 new or tied records from 43 JOAD archers!
5/21/2006 USIAC - UCLA
5/13/2006 Texas State Field Championship
4/20/206 Texas Shootout
2/25/2006 Victoria JOAD Invitational
2/6/2006 State Indoor
1/28/2006 State JOAD Indoor


6/12/2005 State Target JOAD Championship
6/3/2005 State Target Championship
5/21/2005 USIAC 2005 FITA ResultsOR Brackets (XLS file) Final Results Summary (pdf)
4/9/2005 State Field Results
4/3/2005 Texas Shootout
3/13/2005 Top Gun Texas Youth Open
2/21/2005 NAA National Indoor Results - Southern Region, College Station Venue
2/5/2005 State Indoor Results
1/28/2005 State JOAD Indoor Results
1/16/2005 NAA World Indoor Team Trials - Hillsboro, TX


Clout Shoot, San Antonio
8/15/2004 State Target Championship Results
5/16/2004 State JOAD Target Results Victoria
5/16/2004 USIAC - U.S. Intercollegiate Archery Championships
5/8/2004 NAA JOAD National Target Championships
5/4/2004 State Field Results
4/18/2004 Texas Shootout Results Index - another OR instead of a FITA format
2/8/2004 JOAD State Indoor, Bay City, TX
2/1/2004 State Indoor, Sokol Gym, Lake Worth, TX


11/23/2003 University of Texas Longhorn Indoor FITA Results JOAD Results
11/7-9/2003 Texas A&M Aggie Indoor Results
9/12-14/2003 State Target Event - Second Day washed out by rainstorms with lightning.
7/6/2003 A full roster of the results of the NAA JOAD National Target Championship with Texans highlighted has been posted. The Adobe Acrobat file of results from the NAA is also availableNewspaper Article on event
7/2/203 4H 2003 Outdoor Championship results
6/14/2003 State JOAD Target Championships - a great time in a new place - Cameron County, Hidalgo
6/2/2003 USIAC OR Elimination Round Results added to prior 2003 USIAC results:
5/20/2003 Texas Shootout USAT Points and OR Results
5/19/2003 USIAC RESULTS 2003
4/29/2003 Results from the Texas Shootout have been released by Kathy Eissinger. The OR rounds are available as acrobat files.
5/13/2003 Results of the State Field Championship have been posted.
4/6/2003 Results of the Lone Star FITA 2003 have been posted. The event was near perfect conditions - light winds, partly cloudy, temps in the 70s and low 80s, just noisy parrots but the hawk kept them fairly well behaved.
2/7/2003 State Indoor Championships - Fort Worth Venue
2/2/2003 the results of the 2003 State Indoor JOAD tournament has been released by the tourney directors. You can review the results of the 70 participants at this year's event AT THIS LOCATION.


11/25/2002 Longhorn Indoor Results: FITA JOAD
11/25/2002 Aggie Indoor Results FITA JOAD
Combined State Target, JOAD State Target, and NAA Gulf Coast Regional Target Championships - record rains didn't stop us from getting together to enjoy a rainless event Victoria !
6/22/02 Texas Top Gun Youth Open 2002 - 60 kids in Victoria on June 22, 2002, having a huge archery party, complete with training tips from the best Texas adult archers and a hoot of a barbeque! Photos
Results from the State Field Tourney - yet another attendance record falls as the best field tourney ever happens on the Blaschke exotic animal ranch in southeast Texas.
Results from the Texas Shootout at A&M - Like all tournaments in the National State of Texas, this one had a significant increase over last year's shoot. Tournaments do not get any better than this one in organization, execution, and posting of results (1 day after the event!). Texas A&M's Kathy Eissinger and Frank Thomas organized an outstanding event.
4/6-7/02 Lone Star FITA Results - The first outdoor event each year in Texas grew to around 80 archers this year, up from 49 last year, and a late-season cold front nearly froze the field. Archers prevailed! The second day, Sunday, April 7, 2002 , the FOR double elimination was much more comfortable, though windy.
National Indoors at A&M 2002 - The NAA National Indoor Championships are held regionally - These are the results of the Texas portion, held at A&M.
Texas State Indoor Championship 2002 - Held in the Anna Hiss Gym on the UT campus, the attendance broke all prior records with 134 archers! Photos
1/19/02 JOAD State Indoor 2002 - This is the first JOAD tournament held under the new divisions - held in Bay City at the Matagordo County Rodeo Arena on January 19, 2002. 74 archers, some driving more than 7 hours to participate.


11/16-18/01 25th University of Texas Longhorn Indoor 2001 - Austin,TX over 11-16 to 11-18 of 2001. A record number of archers registered - 156 archers.
10/19-21/01 Texas A&M Indoor 2001 - College Station over 10-19 to 10-21 of 2001. Three JOAD Olympians shot.
6/30-7/1/01 Texas State Target Championship 2001 - held in Victoria, TX June 30- Jul 1, 2001 - a new record of 75 archers in competition.
6/16-17/01 Gulf Coast Championship&TSAA State JOAD Target Championship - held in Victoria, TX June 16&17,2001
5/2001 USIAC 2001 Summary - results of the USIAC held in Austin, Texas in the middle of May, 2001
5/5-6/01 Texas State Field 2001 - Held at the Buffalo Bayou Archery Club, May 5-6,2001
April 21-22,2001 TEXAS SHOOTOUT 2001 summary in College Station at Texas A&M University,
2001 Lone Star FITA in Austin,TX - The first tournament of the outdoor season, a perfect day. Photos here
2001 NAA National Indoors - This was held in 8 individual venues around the US.The Texans in the Event did well.
2001 Texas State Indoor - Writeup of the event
2001 Texas State JOAD Indoor


2000 University of Texas Invitational Indoor
2000 A&M Invitational Indoor
19th National JOAD Target Championships - many Texas archers participated (and did well) at this event - the link will take you to the NAA results page.
2000 Southern Regional JOAD - The Gulf Coast JOAD Championship
2000 State Target Tournament(Adult and JOAD Outdoor Championships)
5/12/00 2000 State Field Tournament 11 new state field scoring records!
2000 Texas Shootout Outdoor
2000 Lone Star FITA Outdoor
2000 TSAA State Indoor
2000 NAA Indoor (South)


1999 TSAA Outdoor FITA
1999 National Senior Olympics - Orlando Florida