Sagittarial Authors

These are archers and coaches who have written about some aspect of archery for our newsletters and for our website, to serve not only Texan Archers but all archers around the world.   The webmaster requests, urges, and begs any archer or parent who experiences an international event, to write in with the story and some photos. These documents serve to help our younger (and older) archers understand where archery can take them. 

Fair-use copyright. No article here should be used for commercial gain except by express authorization of the author.

Tom Barker    
  Archers Shoot In All Conditions  
  Archery, A Life Skills Tutorial  
  Archery Is For Everyone  
  Archery Trade Association Experience 2007  
  Choosing Arrows  
  Compos Sui  
  Keeping Kids In Sports By Keeping It Fun  
  Most Extreme Elimination Challenge  
Tom & Chelsea Barker How To Choose And Use A Youth Archery Coach  
Recommended by Tom Barker    
  Fourteen Legal Duties of a Coach  
  In Depth Consideration of Legal Duties of a Coach from Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association District 4
  Coaching For Safety By Educational Service District 112
  Compound Training on Michael Braden's Compound Camp
Lindsey Carmichael Inside the Archery, book two of Total Archery Review by Lindsey Carmichael of the latest book by Kisik Lee & Tyler Benner
Archers with Disabilities - "Inconveniences" Lindsey Carmichael has reluctantly given her dad permission to post an essay she wrote in 2005.
Ron Carmichael Most of what Ron writes is on the blog, Coaches Corner. Deprecated to anothe website in 2016, still barely in operation.
  State Field Archery Explanation After designing three courses for TSAA, using the hill country of Emma Long Park in Austin, I have some thoughts.
  Lancaster Affects Archery  
  Tricks&Tips Things change. It's good to know when that happens:
Temporary, Adjustable, MouthTabs To help PARAs to shoot a bow when hand strength is limited.
  Denise Park: A Teenage Archer's Quest for Olympic Glory Review of book
  Total Archery By Kisik Lee and Robert deBondt Review of book. This tome explains a great deal of the BEST method.  Get it if you can
Kathy Eissinger World Field Tournament, Cortina Italy 2000   
Kristine Ehrich/Chris Shull 2002 WUAC World University Archery Championship,Bangkok,Thailand
Neil S.E. Foden Excellent document on Clout from the U.K (From the Cheshire Archery Association, by Neil S E Foden)  
Teresa Garner 4-H Invitational Championship Texas Contingent at 4-H Tournament in New Mexico Does It Right
The Heinsohns IBO Worlds 2002  
Shawna Hickman  JOAD National Target Championship What's a JOAD Nat. Target event like?
Michael Hojnacki Hardy Ward's 2015 Seminar Taiwan National Head Coach/Champion Archer Provides Recurve Seminar for the TSAA
Staten Holmes World Indoor Champion San Antonio's Express- News Does A Great Story on Staten
Tim Humphrey The Joy Of Being An Archery Instructor or, Be careful  what you wish for
Guy Krueger Three Tourneys Olympic Archer Training
  1st Mexico City Cup the FIRST ever Mexico Cup Grand Prix event
  World University Championships 2000   
  4th Korea International Tournament 2001 journey to Wonju, Korea
Don Lovo Paralympics (Barcelona) 1992)  writeup as the Chairman of Judges
Robert Pian Why Not Be An Archery Judge? by an NAA (World Archery) Judge of the AZ Archery Association
Larry Skinner    
Jonah Stone What is a Service Dog? My life as an archery dog!
Rick Stonebraker    
  Matt Stutzman's Guinness Record in McKinney, TX 12/9/15  
  CLOUT Notes and Skills  
  Finish The Shot  
  Finish Strong  
  Fixing Whitetail Target Centers  
  Guesstimating Distances for Barebow Archers  
  NFAA National Field Championship 2000  
  Paralympics DownUnder 2000 adventures downunder  (Sydney, Australia)
  Tuning For Tens  
  Whitetail Target Bale Repair  
Recommended by Rick Stonebraker The Physics of Medieval Archery On the UK's Stortford Archery Club's Pages, located for the TSAA by Rick Stonebraker.
Thomas Tenerowicz One Archer's Approach Learning to employ the BEST method
Joe and Helen Thornton A great article on a true archery champion of the 60s  
Dick Tone Richard (Dick) Tone has played a very important role for more than four decades in the NAA/USA Archery. He recently shared an information-rich document on tuning concerning the Cushion Plunger and column loading. a biography of this great archer and coach.
Trafford Family The Trafford Family a large family of archers with much excellence in all aspects of life.
Jim Wimberly How 4H archery events came to be 4H/JOAD Archery