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1/23/2017: This Saturday is the State Indoor tournament and the general meeting as well. The current website will be replaced. 
1/19/2017: From Coach Linda Beck, this just posted on FB: "Attention all USA Archery Youth archers planning on trying for 2018 Cadet and Junior USAT teams. I just read latest document and it has changed from past years. You must attend Outdoor JOAD Nationals its still mandatory, but the ranking can be dropped. They will use your best 3 placements from list of events in document. You can find the document on USA Archery website."  Look to page 7 in this document.
1/17/2017: THROWBACK! Want to see what was happening in the TSAA in say, 2002?  Click this link and then scroll UP!  Or do you want to see one of the first pages used in the website?
1/15/2017: I've updated the maps for Coaches & JOADs to reflect the latest three Level 3-NTS certified coaches, thanks to Coach Avendano's efforts: Chris Rockhold, Darren Shelton, and Jeffrey Haynes. Also added several new JOADs to the map, bringing our Texas total number of JOADs to over 40!
1/13/17:  Coach Lynda LeCompte reports "there is still time to register for the X10 Archery Indoor Classic and JOAD Cup shoot on January 27th - 28th? We have a very nice perpetual cup for the winning JOAD club and medals for individual winners."  For info and more, Register Here
1/13/17: The USOC no longer runs the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista.  It apparently has been gifted to the city of Chula Vista, who will oversee its operations until 2020.   Here's the announcement . Looks like a third party is now running it for CV
1/5/2017: Another reminder that The 3rd Texas Cup is scheduled in Plano by the North Dallas JOAD and Coach Chris Kamilar.
1/4/2017: Patriot Archery Club of Fort Hood, headed up by Coach and Veteran Nick Hammett, Level III-NTS, will have a open meeting for ALL TSAA members at 8am in the PEAP building on Saturday, Feb. 4 during the JOAD line of the TSAA State Indoor Tournament at A&M.  He and the TSAA are interested in forming a project to promote archery to veterans throughout Texas. Please plan to attend the 8am meeting - location info will be at the archer check-in table.   Patriot Information    Facebook Page    Patriot Archery Website
1/3/2017: Reminder of the new rules and concerns that became relevant on 1-1-2017.  IN PARTICULAR....yoga stretch pants by themselves are a violation of the Dress Code.  A "legal" dress, skorts, or shorts must be worn over the stretch pants.  Also PAJAMA PANTS are inappropriate. If you have a doubt, do not wear it. Instead, extend courtesy and respect to the other archers on the line, and dress UP, not down.  Looking sharp can help one SHOOT sharp.  Maybe? You should also be aware that at the State Indoor event and the National Indoor event will have judges enforcing ALL rules.  The good folks at Arizona Archery have a great article on this topic. USA Archery has a summary that covers a little broader ground at this link.
01/03/2017:  OK, that feels weird, typing a 2017 date!   
Web housekeeping accomplished.  I'm delighted to report that the JOAD age calculator seems to be working ok with the year change code that I wrote, so it will use the right year going forward without me needing to edit it every year. Been wanting to figure that out ever since 2001 or so, when I created that page but couldn't code the variable properly.  I've had to remember to change the year as a hard-coded integer each year, but not any longer!
I've moved all of the 2016 events to an archive page, so the Events Calendar reflects only 2017 events.  Remember that the calendar is just a guide and to always double-check regarding an event before you book hotel rooms or flights!  Dates of events often change!
12/30/2016: Coach Lynda LeCompte announces the X10 Archery Indoor Classic and JOAD tournament to be held the weekend prior to the TSAA State Indoor and JOAD Indoor Championships. For all the information on it, please use this link.
12/23/2016: District 11 4-H Results for the Indoor 2016/2017 season are now posted.  Next up, in 2017 - the State Championships, Marche 24-25 in Bay City.
Bay City Fair Grounds (register on 4-H Connect)
12/7/2016: Michael Hojnacki has set up the on-line registration for the TSAA's STATE INDOOR & STATE JOAD INDOOR being hosted by Texas A&M the weekend of February 3-5, 2017. I'll post a notice and send out an email when registration goes active.
12/4/2016: The 3rd Texas Cup is scheduled in Plano by the North Dalls JOAD and Coach Chris Kamilar.
12/4/2016: Ongoing results have been posted for the Aggie Invitational 2016. Final Results have been posted.
12/3/2016: While we wait for the Aggie Indoor to be concluded and scores tallied, perhaps this winter season story I posted on the site about 1999 or so will entertain you. Remember, arrows are for shooting!
The list of candidates includes, surprisingly, Para Athletes!  A number of candidates are American, so please take a moment to check the link out.  The awards will be presented in January 2017, with the public vote and a poll answered by World Archery's official committees and panels deciding 50:50 which athletes receive the titles.  So the award is not entirely dependent on activity by the enthusiasts of each candidate's country.  BUT it sure doesn't HURT!   VOTE!
12/2/2016: 4-H Results for Matagordafrom 11/26 have been posted.
11/23/2016: 4-H Results for Goliad from November 3 - 5th have been posted!
11/19/2016: This is a surprise!  Holly's courses are some of the most popular ever, as she is very effective in creating accomplished and expert instructors and coaches!   However, right now I suspect most folks are focused on the holidays.  She announced today:  "All -- I am canceling the Level 2 Archery Instructor course for December 2016. Not enough participants are registered. The next course I will teach will be May 20-21, 2017. Please let me know if you want to be added to the interest list.
11/9/2016: 4-H results for Coorado County have also been posted.
11/7/2016: The 4-H results for DeWitt County, shot this last weekend, are POSTED!

10/24/2016:  I have made extensive updates to the Calendar of archery events in chronological order.

USA Archery has released the 2017 schedule of tournaments. 

In addition, USA Archery has deleted international archers (guests) from competition in the head-to-head matches of national ranking events.  Read about it here.

10/23/2016: 4-H Indoor Resuts for Jackson County have been posted.
10/17/2016: The newsletter archives have been updated to include the last couple of years' worth of newsletters. They were being dynamically-generated but the SQL table suffered a cosmic ray hit during a memory stack refresh on the server and became excrunged.  SO they now are a static html page with an index.  A LARGE page, but a page none-the-less.  SQL table should be back in service with the next newsletter...


District 11 conducts a very active indoor series of events in each county of District 11. This year there will a District Championship and then in March of 2017, a State Championship will be hosted by District 11!  Information and results are here.


In the Houston area, temperatures for outdoor shooting are ALMOST nice! So, it's time to gear up for some outdoor target fun with the Houston Hot 'n Cold events. These are Sunday, single-day, outdoor events! 

These are the shooting days for the 2016/2017 series: October 23 | November 27th | December 11th | January 22nd | February 26th | March 26th
First whistle at 9:00 am - $15, Proceeds split between the Buffalo Field Archery Club (location for event), and X10 JOAD / AAP Academy.

For full information, see this link.

9/24/2016: From Level IV-NTS Coach Lynda LeCompte: November 13th is now definitive for the barebow clinic.

Barebow Clinic with Rick Stonebraker

Sunday, November 13th, 2016, 9:00 am to noon, $25 At X10 Archery, 9701 Honeywell St., Houston, TX 77074
This will be a classroom and hands on style clinic where attendees will learn about the nuances and variables of barebow shooting, and how to get the best of out of your equipment and shot execution. 
8/16/2016: The TOTS 2016 Summary has been posted. Information and a summary   LINK TO THE CUMULATIVE TOTAL Page and review of the season by John Magera
8/8/2016: The TOTS Cumulatives have been updated, and provided by Shawn Harrigan.  His message to ALL TOTS archers & parents: “The TOTS Champions by division will be determined by the sum of the two highest scores shot this season along with, the doubling of the score from the TOTS Championship. We have a lot of close divisions which makes it important to keep up the practice schedule.  Also, should an archer see a discrepancy in a score, please let us know . Also, those names with a gold background and an asterisk* are those that qualify for participation in the Championship event.  LINK TO THE CHAMPIONSHIPS AND SEASON TOTAL Page.

8/7/2016: I've finished the archival process for more than 50,000 photograph images and movie clips of archers which I have taken since 1999 and posted as photo albums in the Photograph page index.  The site actually had more than 150,000 jpg images at its greatest size. I am happy to report that there are at least three TSAA members are busy with the creation of a website to replace this one, and work is moving forward apace.  Looking forward to TSAA 2.0 soon!

National Event Photographs: Total Files Listed: 41065 File(s) 10,837,134,159 bytes
State and other events: Total Files Listed: 123467 File(s) 87,017,539,628 bytes

8/2/2-16: Notice for Training Ops: From Level IV-NTS Coach Trainer Holly Avendano:
Due to low registration, the August 13-14th Level 2 Certification course, hosted at the Texas Archery Academy, is cancelled.

There is a course tentatively planned for December 17-18th that is currently open for registration.  There is also a reschedule for the tentative Level 3 NTS course to January 6-8, 2017.  (A new tournament schedule has been released showing conflicts with the previously chosen date.)
7/28/2016: Just clicked SEND for the latest newsletter, and then (of course) noticed I omitted the world "Paralympics" from the sentence dealing with Rio dropping TV coverage. NOT THE OLYMPICS, which will receive full TV coverage, I think.  It's the Paras being given the short sheets on the bed.  "Rio has just announced they will be dropping a number of sports from live TV coverage <FOR THE PARALYMPICS>, including archery, due to budget constraints.".
7/25/2016: Tiny Targets!   Scot Heath, originator of the PowerPoint macro I first posted in 2005 called, "Tiny Targets" has sent me a new version, which accomodates the changes in PowerPoint screen appearance.  What is a "Tiny Target",  you ask? 
7/23/2016: The TSAA's website will be renovated into a "2.0" version in the near future, under a project being conducted by Michael Hojnacki and Alex Meyers.  Stay tuned!
7/20/2016: Pointing out there are TWO choices for a TOTS near to you, on August 6th!  Both La Vernia and Victoria will have a TOTS event that day!  Registration is now open for both!
7/7/2016: JUST DISCOVERED there will be another TOTS event. Please add TOTS tournament on August 6th, 2016 to calendar.  The tourney will be in La Vernia, Texas. Registration is now open .  practice at 9:00 a.m. and shooting starts at 10:00 a.m.  Hosted by Bear Country Archery JOAD
6/27/2016: The results have been updated for the TOTS 2016 - thanks to Shawn Harrigan for all the work put in coordinating this season's scores!
6/23/2016: Results from the 2016 State Target Combined JOAD and Senior Championship have been posted.  101 scores were turned in for this combined JOAD and Adult Target event, which is perfectly in line with the combined totals of participation for the JOAD and Adult events over the last five years: 104, 113, 135, 120, and 106.  By all accounts this event was well-run, had great volunteer involvement, and very favorable reviews from all the participants.


6/15/2016:  By the way.   Archery is a sport that has been established to have started more than 60,007 years ago.  That puts it right at the same time as many places, they were just beginning to throw sharpened long sticks by hand.  No Atlatls.  Chipped flint arrowheads, more than 60,000 years ago.  Aside from running for your life, that makes archery one of the two or three OLDEST OLYMPIC ENDEAVORS. Of course, back then, it put food on the fire spit and cut down on getting trampled by wild animals.  But still, 60K years is a pretty neat thing (another source) and when you behold today's compound and Olympic Recurve bow rigs, you have to admit, we've come a LONNNGGGGG  way, archer. 

6/15/2016: The registration has closed for the TSAA Combined State Target Championship, at 114 archers!   A RECORD by nearly 20 archers!  To support our growth, the board of the TSAA has acquired an additional 26 new American Whitetail 8" by 52" bales for the event, which were delivered to Palestine today, in time for the event!

6/7/2016: The Tejas Bowmen Archery Club in Corpus Christi has announced they will host a TOTS EVENT, in July!  Plans are being firmed up for July 30 & 31, at this location. Want to combine some archery with some beach time? Padre Island National Seashore and Port Aransas are both less than an hour away! Please stay tuned to the TOTS INFO PAGE!
5/28/2016:  2016, the year the rains just would not stop. I announce with reluctance the need for the postponement of a TOTS event: May 28, the Woodlands. With more than 7 inches of rain in the recent days this area of Texas just is not a good place to shoot archery.  People are too busy fighting for too many things right now.  OUr thoughts are with all the families in the region.  ENOUGH RAIN! 
5/22/2016: The TWO Collegiate Archery Championships have both concluded.  The USA Archery has pulled ahead in numbers of attendees (over 300) and numbers of schools (more than 40), with the "National Outdoor Collegiate Championship" aka NOCC. It is a very good thing they are restoring support (albeit slowly) to the collegiate archery program.  The organization that stepped up when USAA wasn't funding Collegiate archery at a level that some felt was adequate, US Collegiate Archery, has retained the abbreviation "USIAC" (United States Intercollegiate Archery Championship), and had about a third of the archers, and far fewer schools in attendance. REGARDLESS of which camp you favor, congratulations are in order to ALL the collegians flinging arrows and gathering together.  That's more than FOUR hundred college students, often on a frayed shoestring budget and self-funded in travel AND hotel, which is certainly a HUGE number of archers to consider.  And perhaps 50 different schools represented?  Supporting them is a very important opportunity for both businesses and organizations. I would like to also congratulate the Aggies - Texas A&M - for their 18th National Championship taken at the NOCC.  A&M has a superb program of support for a very wide range of student athletic endeavors, with archery really bringing the trophies home year after year. 
5/18/2016: TSAJI - The TSAA has an initiative to promote "Archery For All".   Few sports are able encourage ALL to participate by adjusting the way the sport is performed.  Archery can and SHOULD be that sport.  It is a work in progress, but literally anyone that wants to play can, in Texas. Read our position paper on the Texas Special Archery JOAD Initiative. (TSAJI)
5/10/2016: Mickey Estep, Level III-NTS coach, is hold a USA ARCHERY LEVEL I AND LEVEL II INSTRUCTION CERTIFICATION course, June 25 and 26, 2016 in Midland, Texas

FOR more information, please see this link.

5/6/2016: The deluge that hit Houston has forced the cancellation of several TOTS events, including the May 21st event.  Stay tuned, we hope to have more events scheduled for other venues that do not require the archer to tread water to shoot. TOTS 2016 Info Page
5/2/2016: I just realized I did not put up a link to the few photos from the precipitation-laden State Field I manage to take.  HERE IS THE LINK TO THE STATE FIELD PHOTOGRAPHS.
5/2/2016: The registration for the State Target event has been opened on Archery Event.  Information starts on this page.
4/27/2016: Records have been flagged for the State Field Event.
4/21/2016: Here is the TOTS primary information page for 2016. JOAD and 4-H and Club leaders/parents: TOTS is a way for clubs to MAKE MONEY for bales, targets, bows, etc.! The majority of each shooting fee stays in the club! TOTS EVENTS ARE EASY TO DO! Contact John Magera about hosting a TOTS because the TSAA will HELP! These are the cumulative results.
4/21/2016: There is a tournament scheduled for June 11 & 12, in north Dallas, by the North Dallas JOAD. The TSAA is very happy to congratulate coach Kamilar and all the folks in the JOAD for putting on this event. Here is the flyer for it. Remember that the TSAA State Target is one week later, so their event serves as a great warmup prep for the TSAA Target Championship in Palestine on June 18 & 19 !!
4/21/2016: The TOTS event scheduled for the Buffalo Bayou on May 5th is postponed, due to the historic flooding Houston is experiencing. The field will NOT be seeing sky before then. Stay tuned. If you signed up already, Shawn has sent you an email about this, and would appreciate your emailing him back so he knows that you are informed. All other TOTS are ongoing, and we are hoping for venues in San Antonio and other parts of the state. Contact John Magera if you are interested in making some money for your club as well as helping kids get some quality arrow air time!
4/18/2016: Our friends in Louisiana are getting more active in the archery organization - seems it's getting more popular there, as it is here in Texas!
ON MAY 7, 2016, Caddo archers is holding a USAA-sanctioned shoot in conjunction with a city celebration! This is being held in OIL CITY, Louisiana, and I'm linking to a flyer with more information. Emite Rose is the Level III-NTS Coach who wrote to let me know about this, and I hope many Texans cross the Red River for some fun shooting and great Louisiana hospitality and festivities.
4/16/2016: The first day of the TSAA State Field Championship has been completed, and the results are listed here.
3/26/2016: Got a nice email from a collegiate archery coach:

We sponsor Women’s Archery as a Varsity Sport (with athletic scholarships) and are a USCA Archery member, saw your list and thought I might see about getting added.  Thank you. Midway Kentucky

Rusty Kennedy, Athletic Director

3/22/2016: What will I shoot during the State Field Tournament? I've adapted a matrix created by Rick Stonebraker, and you can view it here.
3/20/2016: Target stand for FITA-Style field target has been designed in great detail for use in field events. Very robust, protects from rain and lasts for many years, by Dan Zinn.


The TOTS events are shapping up to be super (see below) and the registration is at this location.

2/23/2016:: Level 2 courses offered by Level IV-NTS Coaches in DFW and Houston areas! See our Training Ops Page!

2/14/2016: The STATE FIELD CHAMPIONSHIP will be April 16 & 17, 2016, at the same location as last year, Emma Long Park in Austin, at the Austin Archery Club. Mark your calendars, set your phone reminders.  It will be nice and cool, and the flowers should be in full bloom. LINK FOR INFO IS HERE.   
ONLINE REGISTRATION LINK is at bottom of information page.
Printable Flyer For Clubs and Shops To Post

2/14/2016: TOTS is gelling!   We have a number of dates set for 2016, with more to come.  Here is our preliminary set of dates for the 2016 TEXAS OUTDOOR TARGET SERIES, featureing the Texas 1080 round.


Columbus Fairground


Straight Arrow, Victoria


Buffalo Field, Houston


Columbus Fairground


Buffalo Field, Houston


Straight Arrow, Victoria


Again, these are not all of the events. We will set up an online registration that lets each site know who is coming towards them for the Saturday Fun!  As with past events you will need to "pay at the door" as you check in.  But it is VITALLY important that you let them know you will be there to shoot, that's what our registration process is for.  MORE to follow. 

1/22/2016: 4H Archery is having a nation-wide (National State of Texas, that is) shoot in March and April!  Four locations, but the registration is going on now, so all 4H pointy stick flingers need to check this link ASAP!

FEB. 13 & 14 and FEB 20 & 21:  TSAA State Indoor: Multiple Locations- Bryan, Houston, and Victoria
USA Archery is once again supporting collegiate archery in an active way.  For questions about USA Archery’s Collegiate Archery Program, please contact Program Manager Callie Grieser at collegearchery@usarchery.org. You can also view information on the USAA website. (http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Archery/Archers/Collegiate-Archery-Program)

4H District 11 Indoor Championship Results Posted To 4H Page

The Armless Archer Comes To Texas To Set Guinness World Record by Rick Stonebraker

1/22/2016: 4-H is having a statewide shoot in FOUR locations all over Texas, in March and April!  One is in Bay City. If you are 4-H and fling pointy sticks, this is something you do not want to miss! 

X10 Archery is our first FEATURED JOAD for our Newsletter.

Results continue to come in and be posted for the 4-H Indoor tournament series!

4-H Wilson County Archery Project is hosting a
Halloween Clout Tournament in the San Antone area!!
October 31, 2015 10 am-noon check in begins at 9 am SARA- Helton Field 775/181 in Floresville...Check this link for full information

The Hardy Ward workshop details are now firm. Lancaster Archery and the TSAA are sponsoring a 2-day workshop in Bryan on October 23 & 24th for recurve archers and coaches.  Limited to the first 25, since he will be spending hands-on time with shooters. See this link for full information.  We are subsidizing this so the 2-day fee is only $100! 

The Aggie Indoor Invitational is now up on the TAMU Archery website:  2015 Aggie Invite Registration Info (read all info)

Jan 22-24,2016: Texas Cup in DFW area. Hosted by: North Dallas JOAD
Coach Holly sent a link to a HORSE ARCHERY OPPORTUNITY based in New Braunfels. Apparently they provide the horse! :)  Worth checking out for a family weekend event!
The USAA Level III-NTS course by Coach Ron Carmichael scheduled originally for September has been pushed back to OCTOBER 2,3 & 4, due to renovations at the PAC venue.  All information regarding the course can be seen on the CERTIFICATION OPS page, including Level I & II courses scheduled by Coach Holly Avendano.
8/26/2015: The Records for the TOTS has been updated and posted. Thanks to Karin Magera for collating the scores throughout the season and creating the summary of records!
8/19/2015: Photos from the State Target Championship/TOTS Championship have been put into an album.
8/18/2015: Results from the TSAA State Target Outdoor Championship have been posted.
  Click Here for all of the past What's New Items  
You can now access the JOAD Resources page directly by simply going to http://www.joad.org.  A gentleman in Alaska  has held that domain for a couple of years but hadn't put up a page, and graciously allowed the transfer of this domain name.   His last name?    BOWMAN.   His first name?  JOAD.   And no, he is not an archer.  Just one heck of a nice guy, who found the coincidence as strange as I did.  Joad Bowman.   The world is indeed an interesting place, and thanks to Joad for transferring the domain.   
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