USA Archery Level One Instructor Course:  Jan 27th (Monday) 8am to 4pm  (this was a requested date by 3 people, so we are going with Monday)
Please RSVP asap but no later than Jan 19th.
USA Archery Level Two Instructor Course: Feb 8/9 8am to 4pm (both days). Please RSVP asap but no later than Jan 30th.

Both classes will be held at:

  Archery on Fire
18500 Trails End Rd.
Conroe, TX  77385

Recurve archery equipment will be provided, you are welcome to bring your own gear.

Cost of class: Level One - $75, Level Two $150 (including materials)  If you need these classes to work with kids and the price is a problem just call me and we will easily work something out to provide this training.

For Level One's, just come eager to learn and we will have fun!  JOAD archers at or above age 15 may attend for certification.
For Level Two's, please review your Level One booklet, come with questions and be prepared to shoot arrows especially on day two.  If you are interested in advanced reading there is always "Archery" by USA Archery. More in line with Level 3's, it will provide very detailed descriptions of the NTS shot cycle.

For both: Please visit USA Archery at to become a member, renew, or print your membership card and complete the application for a background check.

Woodlands JOAD parent volunteers are highly encouraged to become certified level one / level two; you need not be an expert archer, just willing to learn the basics.

Disclosure 1. I am in no way an expert on compound archery, so if that is what you are looking for, I will try to coordinate to have someone assist me.
Disclosure 2. I begin chemotherapy on Jan 17th, these classes are scheduled with a positive attitude and by the grace of God I will try to be up for them.

Instructor Information:

Steve Overbeck
USA Archery Level III Coach

Upcoming seminars offered by Coach Holly Avendano

Level 1 Logo Level II Icon
August 23, 2015 — Sunday, Level I.
Texas Archery Academy, Plano
600 Accent Drive, Suite B
Plano, TX 75075
August 29, 2015 — Saturday, Level II.
Texas Archery Academy, Plano
600 Accent Drive, Suite B
Plano, TX 75075


TSAA Hosts an advanced

Level III-NTS & IV-NTS Seminar
August 22, 2015

Instructor: Guy Krueger, National Assistant Head Coach, Women's Head Coach, and High Performance Manager

Level V logo


FROM COACH MICKEY ESTEP IN WEST TEXAS: I have a few people out here in West Texas and the Panhandle that have asked if I would conduct a Level II Archery Certification Class. I am going to schedule one for June 27 and 28th in Monahans, Texas at a cost of $100 per student, which includes all USA Archery class materials.

Registration Deadline of June 8th.
I want to see if maybe there might be any others interested out this direction.
Just have them contact me for more details or registration information - phone 432-425-5175 or at my email address, Mickey Estep.


Below are upcoming seminars offered by Coach Holly Avendano.

June 6-7, 2015  — Saturday, Level I.   Sunday, Level II. 
Texas Archery Academy, Plano 600 Accent Drive, Suite B Plano, TX 75075

You must attend the Level I or be previously Level I Certified to attend the Level II seminars.  (This means that you can attend Level I and II during the same weekend.) The seminars will last 8AM-6PM with an hour for lunch and several breaks throughout.

The exam will be administered starting at 5PM each day followed by a period of Q&A/discussion - 6pm is an approximate end time. Each course session is $125/day.  Class materials are included in this price.  USAA/NFAA membership and background check are NOT included in this price.  These seminars will be at the Texas Archery Academy's indoor facilities. Please respond to me directly ( if you'll be in attendance.  Deadline for registration is one week before each seminar.  

You must register ahead of time to attend these seminars. The background check and membership forms to USA Archery are available online as well as in class.  (A membership and background check are REQUIRED for L2 and have separate fees -- please bring your checkbook as 3rd parties do the background checks.)  If you are already a member of USA Archery or NFAA, please have your member # handy during class. Additionally, once your paperwork has gone through at USA Archery, you MUST do the SafeSport Initiative trainings online (free) for USA Archery. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Please respond with the date of the seminar and which level of certification you will attend (L1, L2, or both).

Holly Avendano
Texas Archery Academy

Palestine JOAD hosts USAA Intermediate Archer Camp

August 12-16, 2015, in Palestine, TX.

This four-day camp is for archers who would like to prepare to compete and/or take their archery skills to the next level! During the camp participants will learn the National Training System (NTS), learn about the mental aspects of sport, goal setting and receive individual instruction from Elite Coaching Staff.



Archery Equipment Clinic
With John Magera
Columbus, TX
Map to the venue
Saturday, Jan 25th.
$10 cost, includes lunch and benefits T.H.E. JOAD club, Columbus TX.

Who would benefit from this clinic?
Any archer, instructor, coach, archery parent, and anyone who wants to expand their understanding of the Olympic style recurve bow. Compound archers and coaches will also benefit greatly from this in depth look at a corner of the archery world that is rapidly growing.

- archery styles & equipment
- choosing your equipment
- setting up a recurve bow
- tuning a recurve bow
- maintenance
- Q&A & hands on, time permitting

Questions to and Register at


Level 3-NTS Coaching Certification/Education course will be held the weekend of February 7, 8, & 9, 2014 in the North Austin/Cedar Park area.

This course will be conducted by USAA Level IV-NTS coach Ron Carmichael and Level III-NTS coach Lindsey Carmichael.

The course fee is $350 and includes course manual and building use fees. In addition each candidate must have a copy of the book "Archery" by USA Archery.

LEVEL III candidates must have been practicing, active, Level II for one year, or else be able to "pass out" of an extensive examination and be able to show a 3-year history of active archery instruction. A Level III Coaching Course will be held on a 3-day weekend with substantial pre-study homework assigned (involving primarily the Archery book mentioned above).

The USA Archery Level III-NTS coaching certification course is based on specific criteria.  No one can acquire a level III-NTS level without demonstrating a complete command of the elements of the National Training System.  This will NOT be a typical 3-day cram-it-all-in-and-wonder course. You will have a great working knowledge that will serve you well.
Candidates will NOT be guaranteed a coaching certificate just by showing up and passing the written test. A comprehensive and practical verbal test on the NTS will also be a part of this course. By the end of the course you should be prepared to "stand and deliver" a complete and thorough summary of the NTS method, and be able to correctly identify and remediate flaws.
There is extensive pre-course preparation required,  "homework" like you may never have experienced for any other coaching or instructor course.  
I propose to begin your learning course early, over a period of at least a month, instead of all during one weekend.  The 3-day meeting weekend will be a CONFIRMATION and a REINFORCEMENT for what you should acquire during that month of study.  For example, if you show up on Friday without knowing what the elements are of the NTS, then you will have a harder time passing the course. 
The course will also deal with the many differences between being an instructor and being a coach. The course will include actual shooting only to the point of establishing your ability to utilize the NTS yourself, and to teach it to others. This is a coaching course, not a shooting seminar.
AGAIN: HOW do you prepare properly to be an NTS-qualified coach?
Buy a copy of USA Archery's ARCHERY magazine (Amazon has it).  STUDY it like it is the most important textbook you have ever had in school.  USE a highlighter.  Begin employing what you glean from the book in your own shooting method as much as possible.

If you cannot know for sure what the relevant things in the book are, you need to assume that *every* sentence in the book concerning the NTS has some impact to being a better NTS coach.  


If you are still interested in this course, please email me (Ron) to let me know. The course may fill up at some point, so please pencil yourself in asap. Payment will not be required until January 15, at which time the registration will be closed and course materials will be ordered. <hint> BUY THE BOOK NOW even if you do not plan to attend the course, and start working through it, line by line.

Thanks, Ron








Level 2 Certification Class by Lynda LeCompte, Level III-NTS

December, Saturday 13th: 9am - 4pm 
December, Sunday 14th: 9am - 1pm

Pearland Recreation Center and Natatorium
4141 Bailey Rd
Pearland, TX 77584


Cost $125
  • You will learn much more than is on the regular schedule, including: 
    • Shot process in detail, i.e, NTS
    • Safety
    • Range set-up
    • Equipment setup, tuning and repair
    • Fitting equipment to an archer
    • How to teach archery
    • How to teach a Level 1 Instructor Course
    • How to setup and run a JOAD program
    • A look at other programming ideas 
  • Length of Course: 12 hours 
  • Prerequisites: Minimum age: 18, USA Archery or NFAA membership, Successful background screen, successful completion of SafeSport training
  • Certification period: Three years.
  • Instructors with a successful background screen are eligible for insurance benefits. 
  • No certification will be processed without membership and a successful background screen.

Lynda LeCompte USA Archery Level 3 NTS Coach

Youth Director, Buffalo Field Archery Club



Coach Holly is conducting Level I and II courses in the North Dallas area:
She writes,

The class originally scheduled for October 12th will now be held on November 16th.  This is a Level 2 Session.

I'm planning to do Level I & II Archery Instructor Certification intensives the following dates and locations:

Saturday, September 6, 2014 —  Level 1 @ TXAA Walnut Hill, 9500 N Central Expy #100, Dallas, TX 75231

Sunday, September 7, 2014 —  Level 2 @ TXAA Walnut Hill, 9500 N Central Expy #100, Dallas, TX 75231

Saturday, October 4, 2014 —  Level 1 @ TXAA Plano, 600 Accent Dr, B, Plano, TX 75075

Sunday, October 12, 2014 —  Rescheduled: The class originally scheduled for October 12th will now be held on November 16th.  This is a Level 2 Session.

Saturday, November 15, 2014 —  Level 1 @ TXAA McKinney, 1720 W University Dr #200, McKinney, TX 75069

Saturday, November 22, 2014 —  Level 2 @ TXAA McKinney, 1720 W University Dr #200, McKinney, TX 75069 

Saturday, December 13, 2014 —  Level 1 @ TXAA San Antonio, 8446 Gault Ln, San Antonio, TX 78209

Sunday, December 14, 2014 —  Level 2 @ TXAA San Antonio, 8446 Gault Ln, San Antonio, TX 78209

You must attend the Level I or be previously Level I Certified to attend my Level II seminars.  (Meaning you can attend Level I and II the same weekend.)

The seminars will last 8AM-6PM with an hour for lunch and several breaks throughout.  The exam will be administered starting at 5PM each day followed by a period of Q&A/discussion; 6pm is an approximate end time.  

Each course session is $100.  Class materials are included in this price.  USAA/NFAA membership and background check are NOT included in this price. 

These seminars will be at the Texas Archery Academy's indoor facilities.

Please respond to me directly ( if you'll be in attendance.  Limit of 12 seats per Level 2 seminar.  Deadline for registration is 10 business days before each seminar.  You must register with me ahead of time to attend these seminars.

The background check and membership forms to USA Archery are available online as well as in class.  (A membership and background check are REQUIRED for L2 and have separate fees -- please bring your checkbook as 3rd parties do the background checks.)  If you are already a member of USA Archery or NFAA, please have your member # handy during class.

Additionally, once your paperwork has gone through at USA Archery, you MUST do the SafeSport Initiative trainings online for USA Archery.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Please respond with the dates of the seminars and which level of certification you will attend.



I'm planning to do Level I & II Archery Instructor Certification intensives the weekend of May 24-25, 2014.

Level I is all day Saturday.  Level II is all day Sunday.  You must attend the Level I or be previously Level I Certified to attend Level II seminars.  (Meaning you can attend Level I and II the same weekend.)

The seminars will last 8AM-5PM with an hour for lunch and several breaks throughout.  The exam will be administered starting at 5PM each day followed by a period of Q&A/discussion.  

If you need both L1 and L2, the cost is $175.  If you only need L1, the cost is $100.  Class materials are included in this price.  USAA/NFAA membership and background check are NOT included in this price.  If you are simply RENEWING your L2, the cost is $75.

These seminars will be at the Texas Archery Academy's new indoor facility at 9500 N. Central Expwy. #100, Dallas, TX 75231.   (This location is hard to see from the road.  Enter the shopping complex underneath the Spec's Liquor store.  We are literally underneath Spec's and behind DaVita Dialysis.)

Please respond to me directly ( if you'll be in attendance.  Limit of 12 seats per weekend for L2 session.  Deadline for registration is 7 days before each seminar so that I can ensure I have appropriate numbers of class materials.

The background check and membership forms to USA Archery are available online as well as in class.  (A membership and background check are REQUIRED for L2 and have separate fees -- please bring extra checks as 3rd parties do the background checks.)  If you are already a member of USA Archery or NFAA, please have your member # handy during class.

Additionally, once your paperwork has gone through at USA Archery, you MUST do the SafeSport Initiative trainings online for USA Archery.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Please respond with the weekend seminar and which level of certification you will attend.

LEVEL I course in Austin, Texas June 8 & 9



Austin-area Level 3 Coaching Certification/Education course will be held the weekend of January 25, 26, and 27, 2013 in multimedia lecture room 22 of the Anna Hiss Gym Archery Range on the University of Texas Campus.

This course will be conducted by USAA Level IV coach Ron Carmichael and Level III coach Lindsey Carmichael.

The course fee is $300 and includes all materials and building use fees. There will be a limit of 14 people based on date payment recieved via PayPal link on the information page.

LEVEL III candidates must have been a practicing, active, Level II for one year, or else be able to "pass out" of an extensive examination and be able to show a 3-year history of active archery instruction. A Level III Coaching Course will be held on a 3-day weekend with substantial pre-study homework assigned.

Those who have recently taken the Level II course AND can document they have already been teaching archery for 3 years are eligible and capable of taking the Level III. Cost for the Level III will be $300 and includes all materials and the building usage fees.

Link to the Level III signup and information page

Yet More Personal Coaching Excellence, near Houston in Columbus, Texas:

John Magera, Olympian. That pretty much sums it up! I am pleased to post this information on John's archery instruction services for T.H.E. JOAD and adult archers as well, in Columbus Texas:

John's CV as of June, 2012 is as follows:

2004 U.S. Olympic team member (Athens)
2005 U.S. Archery team member
2006 Asst. U.S. team coach at Turkish Grand Prix event
2006-2007 Junior Dream Team coach
2007 Regional High Performance coach (BEST Method)
2007 nominee for NAA developmental coach of the year
2012 U.S. Olympic shadow team member
7 years experience as a JOAD and Adult Achievement Program coach
Students have achieved:  1 Olympic team, 2 U.S. archery teams, 6 national championships, 8 U.S. records, and numerous state championships and state records.
Along with a capable group of volunteer parents, I manage T.H.E. JOAD club in Columbus, Texas (meet every Monday evening Jan. - July) and work with several top-10 U.S. ranked archers from the Houston and San Antonio areas, as available (usually on Saturdays).
My fees for coaching juniors (under 18) are only accepted as a donation to T.H.E. JOAD club.  Fees for adult archers are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. 
I can be reached by email at, or by calling 979-733-8838

Another coach, from the Northwest Austin area:

2008 Beijing Bronze Medalist, Lindsey Carmichael

Lindsey is a USA Archery level 3 coach and world class competitor. She is well versed in the National Training System (NTS) method of bow shooting and together with Level 4 Coach Ron Carmichael, conducts private one-on-one archery classes in the North Austin/Leander/Cedar Park/Lago Vista area. For more information on her career in archery please refer to Wikipedia.

Ages 7 and up, no equipment or experience is necessary.

Email Lindsey with "archery lesson" in the subject, for information and to inquire about a personal class.

A Level 3 NTS/Community Coaching Certification Course is slated for July (TBD) at UT in Austin, Texas.

It will be conducted by TWO experienced coaches, Lindsey Carmichael and Ron Carmichael.  It will be limited to no more than 12 coaching candidates.  Write Ron at if you want to attend this, right away! Help Texas continue to grow as a greenhouse of archery excellence!

The CCC is designed to teach basic archery coaching skills above and beyond the "instructing" type of certification. If you want to be a better coach to yourself or to your archers, this course will give you the tools.

While instructors insure safety and can teach the basics of archery, coaches are also capably responsible for the overall development of an individual or groups of archers into a more complete and competitive athlete(s).

This Community Coaching Certification Course focuses on Level 2, Intermediate Instructors who are looking to advance their knowledge and techniques to the higher level required to attain this higher level of competency. Certified Community Coaches will also be able to train/certify Intermediate Instructors.

In general you will receive instruction according to a designated course curriculum. Generally, the topics we will cover in this course include:

Introduction and Coaching Challenges, the Philosophy of "coaching"

  • Coaching Philosophies in depth, defining and understanding goals well enough to set them appropriately
  • Mental Aspects of Archery, especially dealing with the Archery Shot Execution - the shot cycle
  • Periodization and creating effective and customized training cycles - Athletic Training Cycles
  • Goal Setting & Acquiring - Reaching Each Goal
  • Preparing for Competition
  • Equipment Selection  & Preparation
  • Training Intermediate Instructors
  • Resources Online, Nutrition, Medication and Drug Knowledge, and other aspects, bringing them all together
  • The course fee is $250.00 and includes extensive support as well as digital and print materials.
    Class size is limited to no more than 12, insuring an excellent ratio for student-teacher.

Please contact Ron Carmichael at 512-797-4127 (cell) for more information, as soon as possible, or write using the email address at the top paragraph of the page...

This is a very intensively satisfying way to gain a lot of information quickly, which can greatly improve your abilities as both an archer and as an archery coach, taught in a classroom setting with two very highly qualified archery coach instructors.

It will held in the Anna Hiss Gym on the UT Campus. Registrants will be sent a map with their confirmation, and will also get instructions on how to submit their background check information which is required by USA Archery for all elite coaches.  This background check is simple, straightforward, inexpensive, and absolutely required.

Course Schedule:

Friday, 4pm to 8pm
Saturday, 9am to 7pm with appropriate breaks (again, we may use more time, for example, over dinner at a nearby restaurant)
Sunday, 9am to approximately 5pm - we will take longer if necessary to insure success.

All Materials will be provided.

Your Teachers:

Level 3 coach Lindsey Carmichael became the first American woman in 34 years to achieve a medal for Team USA in Beijing, in singles competition, when she shot the highest recurve matchplay score of the day in winning bronze. She also set a world record and several paralympian records in Athens in the 2004 games. She is a veteran of many state, national, and international events, having competed as both an able-bodied and paralympian level archer, several years an All-American as well as Academic All-American, and member of the US Archery Team from 2004 through 2008. Her highest able-bodied ranking in USA was 8th, and 4th in the world as a paralympian.

Regional High Performance Coach/level 4 coach Ron Carmichael has been a coach for more than 11 years, has a firm grounding in the National Training System, as a pharmacist an equally firm grasp of additional topics concerning nutrition, supplementation, and USADA compliance aspects, and has coached at the University of Texas for 7 years. He was team leader for the USA Collegiate Team championship team to the World University Archery Championships in Shenzhen, China in 2010, as a member of the International Training Staff was assistant team leader to the first stage of the World Cup 2009 in the Dominican Republic.  He coached the first American woman to medal in singles archery competition in 34 years for Team USA, during the Beijing Paralympics. He is one of only two archery coaches ever to have been awarded the IKKOS medal by the USOC for excellence in archery coaching. He is also an expert in the use of photography as a coaching tool.

Together these two coaches will insure you are completely prepared for dealing with the advanced nature of not just instructing, but truly coaching, athletes.




Click here to go to US ArcheryHouse.Com

Our ultimate goal/game plan is to help market the sport of archery, by acting as an agent to aid coaches and athletes.

For athletes:
Lorinda Cohen & Tara Robey feel a need to positively promote the sport. They want to market the sport more the the entertainment world. In return, the entertainment industry will hopefully use our resources for help. We plan to act somewhat like a sport's agent to our U.S. Athletes. We want to provide athletes with an avenue for income, publicity, and enhance future opportunities.

For coaches:
In the same manner, we will help market all coaches by promoting them to the archery community.  Our goals on the local level is to create programs and development for youth? We advocate the BEST Method by getting involved with the Olympic Archery in Schools and surrounding B.E.S.T. youth programs.

Austin-area Level 2 and 3 to be held between October and December 2012

Level IV coach Ron Carmichael and Level III coach Lindsey Carmichael will hold a level II course on Saturday/Sunday, November 3 & 4, 2012.

Level II

Click on the link above for full explanation of the Level II course. This one builds upon the level I, and greatly enhances the knowledgeset of the instructor. (If you wish to self-teach yourself to be a better archer the Level I and II courses provide you with excellent tools to be the best self-taught archer you can be.)

To express interest in these courses send an email to UTArcheryCoach with "CERTIFICATION" as the subject of the email. Please include your name, phone number, DOB, the course level desired, and of course, email address, and a brief description of your archery background, and your interests.
It's not a committment to attend, just a "hey, I am seriously interested". Those that taken the Level I within the last 3 years is eligible.
Cost for Level II includes course materials and is $150. Date is definite as November 3rd, 8am to 6pm and Nov. 4th 9am to 1pm.


Austin-area Level 1, 2, and 3 to be held between October and December


THREE OPPORTUNITIES - Level 1 on October 6th, Level II on November 3rd & 4th, and Level III in Nov/December of 2012. Each course will be limitied in number of students and held in the Austin area.

Costs include all materials: Level 1 = $100 , Level 2 = $150 , Level 3 = $250

IF you are the parent of an archer and wish to be a positive part of her or his development, taking a Level I coach is the right start for you.

Level IV coach Ron Carmichael and Level III coach Lindsey Carmichael will hold a level I course on a Saturday in October. This will be held in one long day - 8 am to 7pm, with short breaks. Here is the description:

Level 1 Instructor (formerly Basic) A Level 1 Instructor is most closely associated with a "grassroots" program that is short-term in scope and focused on introducing basic archery skills to beginners. It is also highly appropriate for parents of young archers showing potential and interest in growth in the sport. Being a level I instructor/parent will help avoid pitfalls and deadends, and insure wise decision-making processes. Also a level I helps those involved with such programs as camps, Scouting, 4-H, and Parks and Recreation....

  • Course content: Range safety, range set-up, basic equipment setup and repair, and how to teach the basic steps of shooting.
  • Length of Course: 10 hours
  • Prerequisites**: Minimum age: 15
  • Course Cost: Certification fee plus instructor fees - $100 includes all course materials.
  • Certification period: Three years
  • Any Level 1 Instructor who wants individual insurance coverage will need to become a member of USA Archery and complete a background check (ed. note: the USAA membership is highly recommended but not required)

Level II Courses build upon the level I, and greatly enhance the knowledgeset of the instructor.

To express interest in these courses send an email to UTArcheryCoach with "CERTIFICATION" as the subject of the email. Please include your name, phone number, DOB, the course level desired, and of course, email address, and a brief description of your archery background. It's not a committment to attend, just a "hey, I am seriously interested". Those that take the Level I will be eligible to take the Level II course in November, as will anyone having had the level I within the last 3 years. Cost for Level II includes course materials and is $150. Date is fairly definite as November 3rd, 8am to 6pm and Nov. 4th 9am to 1pm.

LEVEL III candidates must have been a practicing, active, Level II for one year, or else be able to "pass out" of an extensive examination and be able to show a 3-year history of active archery instruction. A Level III Coaching Course will be held on a 2-day weekend in the last part of November/first few weeks of December. Exact date is still pending. Those who take the Level II AND have already been teaching archery for 3 years will be eligible and capable of taking the Level III. Cost for the Level III will be $250 and includes all materials.

  • Again, get on the select mailing list notifications by sending me an email with your particulars and which course you want to start with.




Course instructor: Alex Meyer,
USA Archery Level 4 Regional High Performance Coach, USA Archery International Training Staff (ITS), USA Archery Junior Dream Team (JDT) Coach, University of Texas at Austin Archery Training Coach, Head Coach at Archery Training Center, Inc.

Start date: April 28, 2012 9:00 am

End date: April 29, 2012 1:00 pm

Course location: 10203 Old Manchaca Road, Austin, TX 78748

Registration: By mail or by phone

Mailed entries: Postmarked no later than April 13, 2012.
Registrations by phone using credit cards: April 19.

Fee: $100/person by check payable to Archery Training Center, Inc. or by credit card (+2.75% fee).
Course fee includes materials.

Contact: Racae Meyer :

Phone: 512 436 8813

Mail registration to:
Archery Training Center, Inc.
4201 Monterey Oaks Blvd.
Austin, TX 78749

Duration: 8 hours, held on two days.

Capacity: The maximum number of students is 20.

Agenda (may vary depending on participants' knowledge and experience)
Saturday, April 28
  9:00       Introduction and Course Requirements
                Participants fill out Data Sheets
                Course materials passed out to participants
  9:15       Safety/Orientation Class (Activity/Demo) - 45 min.
10:00       Archery Range Setup (Lecture/Demo) - 30 min.
10:30       The Steps of Shooting (Lecture/Demo) - 30 min.
11:00       Teaching Techniques (Lecture/Demo) - 30 in.
11:30      10-minute break

11:40       Skills Development Activity - 30 min.
12:10       Class Plans and Activities (Lecture/Activity) - 40 min.
12:50       Review, questions, discussion
  1:00       End of day

Sunday, April 29

9:00         Equipment (Lecture/Demo) - 60 min.
10:00       Group Instruction Activity/Discussion - 90 min.
11:30      10-minute break

11:40       Closed Book Final Examination - 60 min.
12:40       Course Evaluation Forms Completion
12:50       Award of Certification Cards
1:00         End of course.


Past Training Opportunities  Back to current


The instructor course teaches the fundamentals designed to insure a basic knowledge and level of safety and how to teach these to others..

The prerequisites are that you have to be a Intermediate Instructor for one year (NASP BAIT’s also qualify) or a Basic Instructor for two years and be able to pass the “test-in” test (NAST BAI’s also qualify).

The CCC goes to a higher plain of awareness, beginning the process of converting the instructor into an actual "coach".

To me, the title of "coach"is an honorific as well as several other things - to be worthy of such takes a dedication to learning more than just how to teach to hold a bow. When done properly, a "coach" is no less significant than "doctor", "minister", etc...

It also goes to how you nurture and provide the athlete with a philosophy, your philosophy as well as expertise, integrated deeply with their goals which they do not even know they have. Being a "COACH" is a tremendous honor and responsibility. If you take this CCC with me I will give you the right start to becoming a coach.

COURSE LIMITED TO 12 STUDENTS. You must be an Intermediate Coach

Day 1
•Coaching Challenges
•Mental Aspects of Archery
•Archery Shot Execution
•Biomechanically Efficient Shooting Techniques (National Training System)
•Coaching Philosophy
Day 2
•Review Shot Execution and NTS
•Training Cycles
•Goal Setting
•Preparing For Competition
•Equipment Selection and Preparation
•How to Conduct an Intermediate Instructor Course
•Course Review & Graduation

Email with your particulars to sign up for the course. You will spend $250, two ten-hour days of solid intensive learning, and come out with a new outlook on how to teach.

This course is taught by Ron Carmichael, a high performance coach for USA Archery and one of two archery coaches in the USA to have been granted the Order of Ikkos by the USOC. He adheres to and is a student of the philosophy of the Kisk Lee Shot Cycle and all that it covers.

It is also useful, but not required, to study the latest book by K. Lee, "Inside the Archer". Copies can be ordered through, or .




Ron Carmichael will conduct an Intermediate Instructors course for 15 individuals. This course will be March 27 & 28, 2010 from 9:30am to 6:30pm each day and will be held on campus in the Anna Hiss Gym at the University of Texas. (1 hr for lunch)

This class is intended for people that have at least 6 months' archery experience, who will be working with established archery program such as JOAD, NASP, Parks and Recreation programs, College Archery, Scouts, 4-H, and similar Camps. The cost is $100. This price includes two 8 hour classes, materials, and equipment.  To register, send an email to Ron, utarcherycoach AT (replace the AT with @).

Expand your training!  Become a Certified Intermediate Archery Instructor 

This is a 2-Day course, you'll learn how to teach the specific steps of shooting, to identify and correct form errors, to conduct training exercises using the official "Drills & Skills" student guidebook, and to teach a Basic Instructor course for your staff or as part of the NADA referral network.

"Intermediate Instructor"  is a joint certification of USA Archery and National Field Archery Association.  It's geared towards leaders of camps, schools, recreation and youth agencies, and archery clubs.  
Intermediate Instructor Drills and Skills

Course Requirements:
- Previous Basic Instructor training, or have at least 6-months experience in the sport of archery. - Membership in either USA Archery or NFAA (must be a current member in standing PRIOR to this course)

Course Content:

  • - Intermediate teaching techniques.
  • - Steps of Shooting
  • - Class schedules and exercises.
  • - How to teach a Basic Instructor Course.
  • - Sample lesson plans.
  • - How to teach more "Drills & Skills" to archers.

This course is a pre-requisite for the Community Coach Course I will conduct later in the spring. Stay tuned for more details...

Level II Course in Alvin

May 10th - 11th 9am-5pm

AT: Big Kountry Shooting, 1204 FM 1462, ALVIN, TX. 77511

Instructor: Lynda LeCompte , E-Mail

Phone 281.795.6556 , Course Fee $100

Minimum age: 18, USA Archery or NFAA membership, Successful background screen, successful completion of

SafeSport training.

Course Cost: $100

Register online at

Course Level

Level 1 Instructor

Course Date (s)

June 8 and June 9, 2013

Course Start Time

9:00 am June 8

Course End Time

1:00 pm June 9

Course Address

Archery Training Center, Inc./ Austin JOAD Archers/Austin Target Archers

10203 OLD Manchaca Rd.




TX, 78748

Contact Person

JDT Level 4 NTS Coach Alex Meyer

                    E-Mail or


512 203 2368 or 512 925 7794

Day 1: 9:00 am -1:00 pm June 8

Day 2: 9:00 am -1:00 pm June 9

Registration: Postmarked or e-mailed no later than May 29: By mail to Archery Training Center, Inc., PO Box 93216, Austin, TX 78709-3216 or By e-mail to
Fee (materials are included): Payable in advance through one of the following methods:
$100/person by check payable to Archery Training Center, Inc.
$103/person by credit card: By phone 512 436 8813 or in person
$103/person by Paypal: Use e-mail: with your name, contact info and course
Capacity/Age: The maximum number of students is limited to 20. Minimum age: 15 years old.

September 21 & 28, 2003 - Sugar Land Level II Cert.
November 15-16 - Archery Country - Compound Archer Seminar
November 22-23 - Salt Lake City - Guy Krueger
December 6-7th, 2003 - NYC - Dave Cousins
December 20-21,2003 - Victoria Seminars For Coaches/Archers - Guy Krueger
December 27-29, 2003 - Level II Cert  near Baltimore, MD
December 28, 2003 - Tom Barker, Victoria - Level I Cert
January 4th, 2004 - Tom Barker, Victoria - Level I  Cert
January 10&11 AND 17 & 18 - Mike KoistInen - PHOENIX AZ - Level II Cert
January 18-19 - Michael Braden - Compound Seminar
February 7-8 - Sandra & Curtis Horton - Level 2 Cert near Fort Worth
Feb 15 - LEVEL 1 Certification Course - James Loesch - Houston
9/18/2004- Guy Krueger  - Baytown

Larry Skinner's Website

Image of Larry Skinner at Target

I finally took the plunge into the digital age and started a website for myself!

I have been coaching for a long time and I wanted a way to reach out to the archery community. Please feel free to look around and explore. For those archers looking for a coach, look no further! I am fully qualified to teach Recurve, Compound, Traditional, Long Bow and pretty much any other discipline you can throw at me. I have taught archers from beginner to World and Olympic team members. Take a look at my Current link to see some of the archers I have been coaching. I live in a quiet town in Missouri where I have a fully equipped Training Facility that allows for shooting throughout the year. If you are interested in learning how to shoot please see my Contact page and get back to me however you see fit. Thanks for stopping by! Larry Skinner, Coach

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Here are links to acrobat documents on the USOC website - these are COACHING tips.

Spring  2004 *
Winter 2003 *
Summer 2003 *
Spring 2003 *
Fall 2002
Spring 2002 *
Fall 2001*
Summer 2001 *
Spring 2001 *
Winter 2001 *
Fall 2000*

Coaching Ethics - USOC Coaching Ethics Code

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NASP (National Archery In Schools Programs) in Texas has established a training agenda for instructors. Other states: please send me your agendas as well!

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bullet USOC Coaching Ethics Code

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MEMO To:                   Instructors         From:               Michelle Horne, Project Coordinator Date:                April 2006 Regarding:        ACCESS Classes                 NADA would like to invite you to the first ACCESS Classes (Archery Coaches Continuing Education Seminar Series)!  We are offering these classes to any Level 2 Intermediate and above instructors who may be interested. 

NADA has created a series of neutral regional instructor courses designed for Level 2 instructors and above to make them stronger at their craft.  ACCESS is a number of training modules, that combine the latest coaching techniques with re-curve and compound bows. There are a dozen top level coaches to act as official facilitators of ACCESS to teach courses in their geographical area.  Our new program web site,, is up and running, to handle online registration.  Get a jump start and call today to register!  Participants will be able to register for single or multiple classes. For further information please contact NADA at 352-472-2388, email at, or visit our new website.

  Prices:             1 day class- $200.00      2 day class- $300.00      3 ½ day class- $350.00   Units of Modules: Unit 1- Shooting & Form Analysis, Teaching Optimal Form                              Unit 2- Compound Bow Dynamics, Tuning Examined, Archery Crafts                              Unit 3- Aiming & Sighting, The Release, The Mental Side   Schedule: Date                            Location                     Facilitator                   Topic 4/22/2006                              Lancaster Archery Supply Randy Ravago                     Unit 1                                                                                     Lancaster, PA   5/4/2006                                                Gene’s Custom Strings      Bill Holzmer                          Unit 1                                                 & Archery Equipment                                                 Spooner, WI                                 5/5/2006                                                Gene’s Custom Strings      Bill Holzmer                          Unit 2                                                 Spooner, WI   5/6/2006                                                Gene’s Custom Strings      Bill Holzmer                          Unit 3                                                 Spooner, WI   5/6/2006                                                Camp Carter YMCA            Tim Humphrey                     Unit 1                                                 Ft. Worth TX.     5/13/2006                              Camp Carter YMCA            Tim Humphrey                     Unit 2                                                 Ft. Worth, TX   5/20/06                                  The Archery Center of        Claudia Stevenson             Unit 1                                                 Nevada County                    Steve Ruis

Grass Valley, CA  

5/21/06                                  The Archery Center             Claudia Stevenson             Unit 2                                                 Grass Valley, CA                 Steve Ruis                 5/26/2006                              Fletchers Corner                  Ray Caba                              Unit 1                                                 Cape May Court House, NJ   5/27/2006                              Fletcher’s Corner                 Ray Caba                              Unit 2                                                 Cape May Court House, NJ     5/28/2006                              Fletcher’s Corner                 Ray Caba                              Unit 3                                                 Cape May Court House, NJ   Current ACCESS modules   Unit 1 Shooting Form Analysis             The facilitator will be actually coaching the participants (so they can experience being professionally coached- many participants have not been), videotaping them shooting for later analysis, and leading the video sessions using the videotape of the participants as well as stock video clips on the accompanying disk.    Teaching Optimal Form-             This module is a key module for the ACCESS series.  In it, the most favorable and forgiving archery form is described and exercises to teach it are shared.              This module is scheduled for at least a half day of instruction time and spent on the range trying those elements of optimum form with which the participants may be unfamiliar.    Unit 2 Compound Bow Dynamics-             This is a topic in which it is expected that participants’ understanding will be widely varied.  Some re-curve bow archers do no understand compound bows at all.  Even some compound bow archers do no understand compound bows at all.  This module will bring everyone to the same level.              This module is scheduled for three hours of instruction time, with about the last hour spent showing the use of a bow press (inserting peep sites, replacing bow strings, adjusting cable lengths, etc.)   Tuning Examined-             This module is scheduled for 4.5 hours of instruction time, including the “Bow Tuning Game” at the end.  Each of the tuning principals (re-curve, compound, and arrow tuning) with its accompanying chart should be discussed in detail.   Archery Crafts-             This module will be demonstrating and guiding the participants in performing:  Arrow assembly (fletching, gluing on nocks, inserting points, & inserts) Arrow disassembly (stripping vanes, removing nocks, points, & inserts) Arrow straightening (use of straightener, stripping jig) Bow string work( instead of focusing on making a whole new bow string, we will have the participants make a center serving, tie on a nocking point locator, and create a D- loop)             It is scheduled for a total of 4.0 hours of instruction time.     Unit 3 Aiming and Sighting             In this module the topic is aiming and sighting, a topic which it is expected that the participants understanding will be widely varied.  This module will bring everyone to the same page.              This module is scheduled for 2.5 hours of instruction time with about the last hour spent on the range trying out those methods of aiming of which the participants are unfamiliar.   The Release             This module topic is the release (both fingers and with release aids) which is expected the participants understanding is widely varied.  Some re-curve archers have never experienced release aids.  Some compound archers start with a release and have not shot fingers or have not tried a “live” release with a re-curve.  Many archers do not know the basic traditional aiming techniques (gap shooting, sting walking).             This module is scheduled for 4.5 hours of instruction time with the last hour spent on the range trying out those methods of releasing which are new to the participants.   The Mental Side             This module shows you the benefit of how your brain works when you participate in archery.             It can be expected the participants understanding of this topic will be widely varied.  The module text can be used as a guide by actually having them do some of the exercises. The participants will stand and mentally shoot two ends at their home range (vividly visualizing and feel their shots, the wind, the sun, the smells, everything) Have them write out a shot sequence.    NADA 25145 NW 8th Pl, Suite 60 Newberry, FL 32669 352-472-2388 352-472-2375 FAX www.teacharchery, org  

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The go archery! ProgramThe go archery! ™  program was developed to promote archery recreation classes throughout the country.  It’s divided into a series of 1 hour classes that can conducted daily, or spread over a series of weeks.  To ensure a prosperous growth for the sport of archery, the go archery! ™  program is designed to provide archery instructors with class schedules, and business plans should they choose to facilitate this program in area recreation centers or other portable venues.  Either as a volunteer instructor, or as paid facilitator, go archery! can be instrumental in providing a consistent training method for teaching new archers form and execution.  Teaching archery can be a very rewarding occupation.  The first chapter helps you get a go archery! recreation class started. The go archery! Instruction Method go archery! ™  was developed to address the need to find a better way to teach new archers in the United States.  Every new archer should learn good foundation skills in their early weeks of training so they could enjoy a lifetime participating in the sport of archery.Archery is taught in the United States as well as in other successful countries, such as Korea.  In Korea, kids who are enrolled in archery programs start by practicing three hours per day, six days per week.  For the first three to six months they don’t even shoot a bow.  They only go through the motions, or drills.  The kids learn to shoot first without a bow, and then slowly work in to shooting arrows only after they have perfected the drills. In the United States, we tend take the other extreme.  To keep the kids interested and attract them to the sport of archery, we put a bow in their hands right away and get them shooting as quickly as possible.  There are not very many kids in the United States that would stick with archery if they had to go through the Korean system.  There are just too many other sports or activities competing for their time.The go archery! ™  method of instruction utilizes proven Korean methods merged with American reality.  We offer the drills and skills for archers to learn and practice at home.  Those that are really interested in learning proper shooting technique will now have the tools to learn proper shooting form if they want to put in the effort. go archery! ™  puts a strong emphasis on keeping the student focused on their form and the process of shooting the shot, rather than the outcome and score.  It is important to repeat this to your students as they progress, especially when you first put up a target face or introduce an aiming method.  This focus on form and execution can help them enjoy a lifelong career in the sport of archery, regardless of which style of the sport they may follow. go archery!  Drills and SkillsThe foundation of the go archery! ™  program is the Drills & Skills booklet.  This booklet is intended as a handout or student manual for everyone in your recreation classes.  It contains their sign-off sheet so they can be rewarded as they progress through the each drill and skill.  Each page contains a detailed description of the drill or skill to be learned, along with colorful photos showing the correct technique.  Every student knows what is expected of them before the drill or skill can be signed off as accomplished.The go archery! curriculum is designed to provide better instruction for those who are new to the sport of archery.  The Drills & Skills are taught in a progression so students learn proper shooting technique before bad habits are learned.  The go archery! ™  lessons plans help the instructor introduce each shooting drill and skill in an organized format.  Each class also follows a similar format, creating good practice habits for your new archery students.  Chapter 6 discusses these plans in detail.Another great feature of the go archery! ™  method is accountability.  The signing off on the successful learning and mastering of shooting drills and skills makes the Instructor accountable to the archer and the archer accountable to the instructor.  The drills and skills must be learned correctly before the students can be signed off.  As the instructor, it is important that you make sure the student has learned or mastered these skills before you sign off in their book.  They must perform the drills or skills perfectly and consistently.  This way they will know when the need to continue working on the drill or skill and what they need to do to accomplish the task.  Chapter 9 explains each drill and skill along with information on how to teach and evaluate the skills. go archery!™ is a trademark of NADA.  For further program information, or questions about the go archery!™  website, contact NADA. National Alliance for the Development of Archery (NADA)
25145 NW 8th Place, Suite 60
Newberry, FL  32669
(352) 472-2388  phone
(352) 472-2375  fax

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Level 1 NAA Coaches course to be held in Humble, TexasSure Shot ArcheryEd Vargas, level 3 NAA coach, is going to be doing a level 1 at his store on Saturday, May 21.
The address to the store is:
1213 B East 1st Street
Humble, TX 77338

The phone number is 281-540-2265 and his email address is .

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USA Archery :  Level 3 & 4 Coach Course CALENDAR



Attention: Summer Camp Instructors
Edward Vargas, a NAA Level 3 instructor, will be teaching a Level 1 certification course at SureShot Archery in Humble, TX, on May 28, 2007 from 8 am to 5 pm.  The NAA Level 1 course is the perfect course for Summer Camp Instructors because it includes training time with young, inexperienced students, exactly what you will be doing at camp.  For more information or to register for the course please call 281-540-2265 or email



The Georgia Archery Association (GAA) will host a camp for intermediate and
advanced archers beginning on Sunday afternoon, June 8, 2008 and conclude on
Thursday morning, June 12, 2008 at Georgia College & State University in
Milledgeville, GA.

The camp is open to anyone age thirteen and older.  The camp will be limited
to 20 participants. Archers must bring their own equipment and should have
some prior experience in competition.  The camp is open to both recurve and
compound archers. The use of the Biomechanically Efficient Shooting
Technique (B.E.S.T. Method) will be the central focus of the camp.

We will have Regional High Performance Program Coaches (Level IV) available
who have been certified by USA Archery National Head Coach, Kisik Lee.

The accommodations will be at a three year old dormitory facility on the
school campus.  The school is located approximately 30 miles east of Macon,
GA.  The cost for the camp will be $325 per person.  This will include
instruction, video recording and analysis, archer’s personal record and
workbook, room (double occupancy), three meals per day at the school’s
cafeteria and a facility use fee.  Participants will arrive Sunday afternoon
and depart on Thursday morning.

Some of the topics to be covered are:

Proper use of the BEST Method        Sports Psychology
Dartfish Analysis of Skills         Nutrition and Physical Fitness
Goal Setting                 Equipment Setup & Tuning
Practice Techniques            Tournament Preparation
String Making                Personal Training Plan

The GAA hopes you will join us for this inaugural event that we hope will
become an ongoing program of advancing the sport of archery at the
competitive level.  Our aim is to help you become a better archer and a
future champion in your division. While I can’t guarantee you a gold medal
at the next Olympic Games, I can guarantee you will leave with a better
understanding of what it takes to be a top level archer and you will
definitely have fun!

Go to the GAA web site at and click on Calendar and Events
to get the application form.  Applications need to be postmarked by February
1, 2008.

B.E.S.T. Regards
Jim White - RHPC - Level IV
(770) 9998-7496


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REGIONAL TRAINING SEMINAR with National Head Coach – Kisik Lee  March 25, 2006

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
@ Lancaster Archery Supply in Lancaster, PA

Recommended and Open to all archers and archery coaches; registration is limited, so register today! Contact LAS for registration: 800-829-7408.

Seminar Cost: $50 per seat
(to include coffee/donuts, refreshments and lunch on site)

Presentations by USA Archery National Head Coach, Kisik Lee and USA Archery High Performance Director, Tom Parrish. Coach Lee is regarded as the best Olympic Recurve Archery Coach of all time, having produced the majority of the Olympic Medal Winners since 1984.

Seminar Topics: USA Archery High Performance Program; Coach & Athlete Development; Coach Lee’s training system – The BEST Method (Biomechanically Efficient Shooting Technique) and other topics.

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with National Head Coach - Kisik Lee 

Kisik Lee and Tom Parrish will present BEST mini-seminars at the Arizona Cup and the Texas Shootout, a more in-depth seminar in Colorado Springs and at Lancaster Archery in Pennsylvania. 

What: This seminar is part of the USA Archery High Performance Program and is the first in a series of coach training seminars designed and presented by National Head Coach, Kisik Lee, in an effort to train coaches around the country. The training will focus on the BEST Shot Technique (Coach Lee’s system), Sports Science for archery and effective coaching methods.

Why: 1) To train USA Archery Coaches in Coach Lee’s system.
2) From this and future seminars, Coach Lee, hopes to identify a set of Regional High Performance Coaches. These coaches must be available for periodic one-on-one training with Coach Lee at the OTC in Chula Vista, CA and once trained will act as the High Performance Coaches in their home region. They will be responsible for conducting seminars and helping train other coaches and athletes within their home region, as well as being the liaison between Coach Lee and the people in their region. Coach Lee is looking for people who are willing and able to commit to the High Performance Program; people who are dedicated, enthusiastic, open minded, energetic, knowledgeable of recurve archery shooting (it’s a bonus if you can competently demonstrate proper technique), and have a good understanding of sport science.

When: March 30 – April 2, 2006
Where: Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, CO
Cost: Admission is free.
Transportation to the seminar is the responsibility of the attendees.
Room & Board at the OTC will provided for up to 30 people.
Shuttle service will be provided by the OTC to and from the Colorado Springs Airport.

Schedule: Thursday, March 30
All day Arrivals
6:00 – 7:00 p.m. Dinner in OTC Dining Hall
7:00 – 8:00 p.m. Intro Meeting: Intro to HPP (Rm TBD)

Friday, March 31
6:30 – 7:45 a.m. Breakfast (OTC Dining Hall)
8:00 a.m. – Noon Sports Science Presentations (Rm TBD)
Noon – 1:00 p.m Lunch (OTC Dining Hall)
1:00 – 6:00 p.m. Coach Lee’s Presentations (practical sessions)
6:00 – 7:00 p.m. Dinner (OTC Dining Hall)
7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Q & A

Saturday, April 1
6:30 – 7:45 a.m. Breakfast (OTC Dining Hall)
8:00 a.m. – Noon Continue BEST method training (practical sessions)
Noon – 1:00 p.m. Lunch (OTC Dining Hall)
1:00 – 6:00 p.m. Continue Sessions
After 6 p.m. Attendees can stay for dinner, but are free to depart anytime Saturday evening or Sunday morning.
Registration: Contact the NAA for information.

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UPDATED 2/10/2006:  Greetings Archers and Coaches!   Attached you will find the registration form for the March 17-20 clinic and seminar with Coach Kim.   This seminar is recommended for recurve bow shooting and coaching. Archers should be at the Intermediate/Advanced level and coaches should be Level 2 and above.   There has been a large interest in this seminar for both archers and coaches. The archers will be limited to 30 for each session and accepted on a first-come basis.   During the shooting clinics, Coach Kim will observe and coach the archers while explaining to coaches what to look for and how to help improve the archer's form. He will also give group instructions. In the afternoon seminars on Saturday and Sunday, we will meet in a small auditorium, using a Powerpoint demonstration and "Dartfish" analysis, along with lots of other information.   On the registration form, be sure to sign up for the reception and dinner with Coach Kim and his wife. This will be held at the Summerfield Suites hotel at the corner of Park Ave and Columbia Turnpike in Morristown.   There are gourmet box lunches for purchase on the registration form, which must be ordered ahead of time.   The Summerfield Suites is an elegant Hyatt hotel with a kitchen and living room in the suite, and it includes a free hot breakfast! There is a sleeper sofa as well as a King size bed in most suites. For more than three people, ask for a double-room suite or for two double beds in the single suite. Call early as there is a limited number of those rooms.   We are happy to have such a large number of interested coaches and archers and we hope you will be pleased with this seminar.   Sincerely, Jackie Fiala NJ School of Archery, LLC 973-701-1251 973-809-8182

Document/registration on seminar  _______________________________________________________

Preliminary announcement:

Greetings! Please read this through and then pass it on to coaches and archers who may be interested.   We have a rare and excellent opportunity in the East Region, to meet and learn from Korea's top coach, Coach Kim, who runs an archery school for students in Korea along with coaching Korea's top archers! He has many proven ways to work with archers and loves to share his coaching techniques. Coaches who attended Coach Kim's seminar in Chula Vista last year were extremely enthusiastic, and several US coaches who attended Kim's school in Korea were also duly impressed! You must take advantage of this opportunity while he is here.    There will be a three to four day clinic at the Morristown/Beard School in Morristown, NJ on Friday, March 17 through Monday, March 20! We need a reply from you by email ASAP so we  can plan accordingly. We are limiting the number of archers for this clinic so please let us know if you plan to shoot or how many archers you will be bringing.   We will begin on Friday afternoon and go through Sunday afternoon, with additional archer coaching on Monday at a nearby range for those who are interested.   Tentative agenda: Friday afternoon, archers will work with Coach Kim upon arrival at the school with coaches observing.(Bring your video camera!) Friday evening, 7-9, coaches forum, introductions, questions and more. Saturday and Sunday, from 9 AM - noon, archers will shoot with coaches attending while Coach Kim helps coaches work with archers. (12-1 lunch break) Saturday and Sunday, 1-4 Coaches' seminar including use of Dartfish software and much more. 6 pm Saturday, dinner with Coach Kim Sunday, all day - same as Saturday, but with more advanced coaching techniques for elite coaches and archers 4 pm Sunday, coaches depart unless you plan to participate in archers' clinic on Monday Monday, 9 am - 4 archers' clinic and private lessons   Tentative cost: Coaches: $125 for one day,  $200 for two days, $275 for three days, and $300 for four days. Archers: $75 for one three hour shooting session, $125 per full day (shooting and coaching clinic), or for two sessions of shooting. $200 for two full days or $150 for three shooting sessions. (There is a lot to do in Morristown (Gen. Washington's headquarters) if you are not interested in the coaching clinic, but want to attend more than one day of shooting.   We are asking the NAA to make this a Level 3 and 4 recertification course.   There will also be a Level 2 Instructor course if there are 6 or more interested coaches, finishing on Monday morning(?). Please pass this on to any coaches who may be interested.   We are currently looking into a group rate on hotel rooms in the area and will send information, including directions,once you have indicated that you will be attending. Hotels we are considering are Hamilton Park Inn, Summerfield Suites and Best Western.   Newark airport, which is a Continental Airlines hub, is only 25 minutes away. If you need to fly, go on to check the flights, or check Travelocity. Plan to arrive Friday morning for arrival at the school by midday. We will try to provide transportation if needed. Coach Kim will also be coaching Friday morning for any archers who can make it.   Any questions call or email Jackie Fiala 973-701-1251 973-809-8182 (cell)  

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Win & Win Instructors / Shooters School

Greatree Archery and the UT Archery Club, together with the TSAA, present the second Win & Win instructors school in North America.  The school will take place at the University of Texas.  The course is limited to 50 students.  All new instructors will be required to take a written test.  The coach's certification will be for 10 years.

Information on Instructor : 

Kyung Rae, PARK

Kevin Eldredge, USArchery's JOAD Chairman, will be in San Antonio to teach a Level 2 coaching certification class on Friday, March 31, 2006 5pm thru Sunday, April 2, 2006 1pm; cost $100; limited to 10 people; must have current Level 1 certification to take this class.
Bring your own archery equipment to do the shooting portion of this class.

Call Kathy Adams to sign up and get directions to class location; hotel info, etc.@ 210-695-9117 or email

Instructors School Contents :

  1. Proper Recurve Tuning

  2. Training Program for Students

  3. Proper Shooting Form

  4. Secrets of the Famous Korean Archers

  5. Mental Aspect of Korean Archery

  6. Choosing the Right Recurve for Your Students

University of Texas, Austin
Anna Hiss Gym (AHG)
Dean Keaton Street at Witchita
Austin, TX 
Driving Directions

Contact: (512)267-9451 (Ron Carmichael)

Nearest airport is Austin Bergstrom International (ABIA), 15 minutes away, all major airlines

Hotels: (All of these are within 10 minutes or so of the venue)
Super 8 Motel North
8128 No. Interstate 35
Austin, TX
Rates Starting From: $45

Marriott Hotels Resorts Suites: Austin Marriott at the Capitol - closest (walking distance) to world-famous 6th street.
(512) 478-1111  701 E 11th St
Austin, TX 78701

La Quinta Inn Austin Highland Mall/Airport
5812 I-35 North, Austin, TX 78751
Starting Rates: $50

Holiday Inn
(512) 448-2444
3401 N I H 35
Austin, TX 78722

When :
Instructors School : May 13th & 14th  (9 am
4 pm)
Shooters School : May 15th (10 am
4 pm)

Cost :
Shooters School : $150.00
Instructors School : $250.00 per person. 

Application must be accompanied by a non-refundable deposit of $100.00.  Full payment must made before May 6th  unless other arrangements have been made before deadline.

Equipment :  Bring your own archery equipment

For registration using online form, click on this link

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                National Archery Association of the United States

                1 Olympic Plaza, Colorado Springs, CO  80909 * (719) 866-4576 * FAX (719) 632-4733


From:               USA Archery
To:                   Archery Coaches and Athletes
Regarding:        USA Archery Coaching and Shooters Seminar

We invite you to attend a special USA Archery coaching seminar and shooters school conducted by famed Korean Olympic archery coach Hyung-tak KIM.  This event is hosted by the National Archery Association.

The seminar and shooters school will be conducted at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California, April 8-10, 2005, and will be supervised on-site by Lloyd Brown, 2-time US Olympic Archery Team Coach.  The coaching seminar is from April 8 th, 9:00AM-6:00PM and April 9th, 9:00AM to Noon.  The Shooters School immediately follows on April 9th, from 2:00PM to 6:00PM and on April 10th from 9:00 AM to 5:00PM.

Costs are:         Coaching Seminar: $150
                        Shooters School: $150
                        On-site lodging and meals: $40 per day

The Coaches Seminar qualifies NAA Level 3 and 4 Coaches for Re-Certification.

This seminar will offer a rare experience into the Korean coaching philosophy by the man who for years has dominated the Korean archery scene.  Participants will learn the Korean shooting form, and how to teach this form.  In addition, Coach KIM will discuss effective training programs, secrets of famous Korean archers, and the mental aspect of Korean archery.  He will also discuss choosing the proper equipment for young archers.

The Shooters School is open to all competitive recurve archers and will provide individual and group instructions from Coach KIM.

All participants are encouraged to bring their own equipment.  To secure a position in the Coaching Seminar or the Shooters School, participants are to send in a non-refundable deposit of $100 for each seminar to Lloyd Brown, indicating the seminar(s) they wish to attend.  Call or send an e-mail to guarantee space at the Olympic Training Center.  The balance is due at the start of the seminar.  Make checks payable to The National Archery Association.

Lloyd Brown                                                   
3089-C Clairemont Dr. #207
San Diego, CA  92117

(858) ARCHERY phone
(619) 275-0865 fax 

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There will be a level one in November followed by a level two in December.
By the rules, it is not necessary to be a level one to take the level two HOWEVER,
if you plan to teach a level one, it is highly recommended to take the level
one before taking the level two.
NOTE that these two courses are now full (10/15/2004) but that you can send a note to Rick if you wish to take part in future courses.  Send note to Rick via email if you are interested in future courses.
The course will be conducted at the Sugarland Indoor Archery Range in Houston, Texas.

Level One:  Nov. 7.
Sugarland Archery
8:30 a.m.
Minimum age is 15.

Fee includes all paperwork.
Class limited to 12 participants.

Level Two
Two days
Dec. 5 & Dec. 12
Minimum age is 18 with a year's archery experience.
Must be an NAA member. NAA membership application available in the packet.
NAA membership is $50 a year.
Should already have taken a Level One prior to taking Level Two. Very
difficult to teach a Level One course without having taken the Level One

Fee include all paperwork.
Class limited to 12 participants.

If you take both courses the combined fee is $100.

Directions to Sugarland Archery at this link.

Rick Stonebraker
Level Four National Instructor

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November 15-16, 2003
Michael Braden, accomplished compound archer and 2003 NFAA Shooter of the year, is conducting a clinic in Austin in November

Michael writes: "To all interested, I wanted to get the word out that I am coaching and doing seminars. I have two seminars scheduled soon, the first will be October 25-26, at Sportsman's Archery (801-562-0093), in Salt Lake City, Utah. And the second will be November 15-16, at Archery Country (512-452-1222), in Austin Texas."

The Seminar will be 8am-6pm on Saturday November 15, and 8am-12noon on Sunday November 16th. The cost is $175 per person and you need to send a $50 dollar deposit to Archery Country to hold you a spot. I am limiting the spots to only 12 archers.

This is a seminar for beginning to advanced archers.  Each shooter's form will be analyzed on a one-on-one basis.

Subjects covered:
1. Form Mechanics
2. Shot Execution
3. Aim Techniques
4. Practice Routine
5. Mental Confidence
Accomplishments: Michael has been involved in archery for 14 years and has shot competitively for 11. He joined the Professional ranks in 1996 and is an accomplished archer in both spot target shooting and 3-D shooting. He is a two time National Champion and Certified NAA Level 3 Coach.  He is a member of the Hoyt Pro Staff.

For information contact Archery Country at 512-452-1222 or else email Michael Braden.

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NOV.22 -23,2003


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DECEMBER 6-7, 2003I

Dave Cousins is coming to NY on December 6&7th to conduct his comprehensive 2 day seminar.

Get the registration form and information on this event at: Proline Archery, NY

Location: Pro Line Archery Lanes, Inc.
95-11 101st Ave.
Ozone Park, NY 11416
email: Joe at
Date: December 6th & 7th, 2003 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Join us as Professional Archer, Dave Cousins, conducts a comprehensive two-day seminar on archery shooting form, technique and, equipment set-up. This seminar will provide specific insight on how fundamental changes can translate into major improvements! Reserve your place now, seating is limited to twenty people. Reservation and advance payment are required at time of registration.
The registration fee for this seminar is $275.00 per person. Cancellations must be made 5 days prior to the seminar. Cancellations received after December 1st will be made, less a $100.00 cancellation fee. No refunds or credit will be made for cancellations received on December 6th.
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December 20-21,2003
Seminar for the Experienced Recurve Archer and Coach
for questions email Guy Krueger

Do you or your archer experience ups and downs? Do you think you would have more fun by winning more? Do you want to make shooting in competitions EASY? If so, this seminar is for you! This seminar will be a 2-day clinic covering everything an archer and coach needs to know to make it to that next level!

This seminar is brought to you by, Guy Krueger, well-known and regarded Texas Archer  - 2003 Pan Am Games Silver Medallist and member of the 2003 US World Team. Guy made the US World Team in 2001, but soon realized that there should be an easier way to get to that level. Since then, he has spent two years learning the easiest way to shoot. In that time, he has trained with some of the top Korean coaches and archers. The following are a few of his most recent accomplishments:

2003 Pan Am Games Team Gold and Individual Silver Medallist
2003 US World Outdoor and Indoor Teams
2000 World University Champion and 2002 World University Bronze Medallist

Archers Seminar

The Archers Seminar will be conducted on both Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 20-21, from 2pm to 5pm. The purpose of this seminar is for recurve archers to receive coaching advice from top-level archer Guy Krueger. Archers will receive coaching, equipment and training tips, and video analysis. Recommended skill level of archer is age 12 to adult with at least a few years experience. .

Coaching Seminar

The coaching seminar will take an in depth look at the Korean methods of shooting and training. The course will explore the logical reasons to shoot with correct bone alignment, how to get correct bone alignment, details and how to's of every aspect of the shot, and training regiments. There will also be analysis of video footage of the world's best archers. Those attending the Coaches seminar will also be welcomed to stay for the Archers seminar to watch, learn more coaching information, and test their new knowledge of technique.

Cost: Archers Seminar $50/archer
Coaches Seminar $100/person
Both Seminars $120/person
Family Plans: (2 or more from same family) Archers seminar $40/person
Coaches seminar $85/person
Both Seminars $100/person

Schedule: Saturday December 20, 200 Sunday December 21, 2003
9am - 1pm Coaches clinic part 1 9am - 1pm Coaches clinic part 2
2pm - 5pm Archers clinic part 1 2pm - 5pm Archers clinic part 2

Location: 4-H Activities Center VICTORIA, TX (red star on maps)
Experienced Recurve Archers and Coaches Seminar
Victoria, TX
December 20-21, 2003
Registration Form
Sign up now, while space is available!



City:__________________________ State:_________ Zip:____________

Date of Birth______/_____/_______ Years Shooting__________

Archers Seminar($50)___    Coaches Seminar($100)___    Both($120)___

Family Plan:
Archers Seminar($40/person)___   Coaches Seminar($85/person)___   Both($100/person)____

Total amount enclosed________
Method of Payment: cash check(payable to Krueger Archery Supplies) credit card

Card: Mastercard Visa

Name on Card:_______________________________________________________

Card Number:______________________________________________________

Expiration date:__________________________

Send to Krueger Archery Supplies
PO Box 627
Blessing, TX 77419
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1. Take US-59 S
2. Take the US-59-BR S/ FM-1686 ramp toward TELFERNER/ VICTORIA. 0.3 miles
3. Merge onto US-59 BR S. 1.7 miles
4. Turn RIGHT onto HANGER DR S. 0.6 miles
5. Turn SHARP RIGHT onto FOSTER FIELD DR. 0.14 miles
6. Turn LEFT onto AVIATION DR. 0.06 miles
7. Turn RIGHT onto HANGER DR N. 0.25 miles

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Level II Coaches Course

Ridgely Middle School
121 E. Ridgely Road
Timonium, MD  21093 (just north of Baltimore, MD)

Deadline for registration:  December 7, 2003 
Cost: $100 (includes materials)
contact Ted Light - 410-252-8292
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Level I Archery Instructors Class

When: Sunday December 28th or Sunday January 4th 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (Pick one)
Instructor: Chelsea and Tom Barker, NAA Level II instructors
Where: South Texas Archery, 304 East Water Street, Victoria, TX 77905
Cost: $30 fee
What to Bring: A pencil and an open mind. We will supply all equipment.
Who: This is the NAA level 1 archery instructors class for 4H, scouts, summer camps, and YMCA instructors. No prior experience is required. The minimum age is 15, so this is good for youth leaders.

Content: Some of the items covered include: - the nine steps to the 10 ring - safety orientation - equipment selection and inspection (both recurve and compound) - how to teach archery - how to run a scout or 4H archery program - history of archery - common errors and correction - resources for more information

Contact: Tom Barker, 361-578-0973, for more information or to reserve a spot.
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January 10 & 11, Also Jan 17 & 18, 2004
Phoenix Arizona

Mike Koistinen will be conducting a four day NAA Level 2 Coach Instructor Certification class on January 10th and 11th, 17th and 18th at the Arizona State Fair Grounds (Game and Fish Building) and at a local archery range.

This class is great for those that want to: teach,  coach, volunteer,  become a judge,  organizer and  especially for those that want to improve their target archery knowledge.

 4-H, Scouting, NFAA and NAA programs will want to take advantage of the opportunity.  

For more information,  Click Here


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Feb. 7-8, 2004

In preparation for the archery in schools program and anyone wishing to start a JOAD program or just
wanting to learn more about archery. We are hosting a level 2 coaching course Feb 7-8 It will be in Grandview Tx 30 min. south of Fort Worth on I35W. 

The class will be taught by level 4 and NFAA master coaches Sandra and Curtis Horton. The class will run
from 7:00am- 8:00pm both Sat. and Sun. The cost will be $50.00 and will include lunch both Sat. and Sun.
We will be covering level one on Sat a.m. so there is no prerequisite for this course. Please sign up
before Jan. 15 so we can order books and other materials.


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LEVEL I Southwest Houston

I am holding a Level 1 at Sugarland Archery on Feb 15th. Contact is Tom Loesch at (713)270-4145 for more information and scheduling.

(ed.note: Level 1 courses are very useful for beginning archers and especially for their parents, to educate them enough to be able to work with their kids and support them. It makes for a better parent-child relationship in the sport and increases the enjoyment for the archer. )

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Old Training Episodes:

Print a copy of this Seminar Flyer as an acrobat file if you wish to register

Olympic Style Archery Seminar

Do you desire a high level of performance and consistency?  Are you coaching a young archer who has the potential to make the Jr. USAT Team?  Are you a coach or archer looking to make shooting easier? 

            Who: Coaches and intermediate archers (ages 16 and up) striving to reach that next level.
            What does the seminar offer? 

You will have the opportunity to learn the methods of top level archers throughout the world.

ü      Perfect technique and form.

ü      Biomechanics of shooting.

ü      Mental approach.

ü      Training methods.

ü      Equipment setup.

ü      New equipment information.

ü      Tuning and fine-tuning procedures.

ü      Problem solving.

Hands on training will also be given in proper equipment setup, fine tuning methods, and correct bone alignment so that you can use this information to teach others.

(Note: this seminar will be different from the last in that there will be no shooting portion, there will be more hands on learning, and there is newer information.)

            Why Attend?  I am the number 2 ranked archer on the US Archery Team, and although I did not make the Olympic Team, I have made the past 2 World Teams, the last World Indoor Team, Silver and Gold Medals at the Pan Am Games, Top 3 finishes at the last 2 Outdoor Nationals, 3rd at the NAA Indoor Nationals, and I am the 2000 World University Champion and 2002 World University Bronze Medalist.  It should also be noted that an archer, John Magera, in my last seminar made the U.S. Olympic Team

            Where:  Bay City Fairgrounds – Multi Purpose Building
          When: September 18, 2004, 9am-5:30pm(with 1 hour lunch break)
          Cost: Special TSAA and Texas 4-H price of
$75(similar seminars run $250!), non-TSAA members $150

For Registration or information: Print a copy of this Seminar Flyer as an acrobat file if you wish to register

Send payment to Guy Krueger, P.O. Box 627, Blessing, Texas 77419
Phone 361-588-7247 or 619-227-5814



Head Coach for Korean National Archery Team (1984 1991)


Head Coach for Korean Olympic Team


1st Place World Championship 1985 Team Coach


1st Place Asia Games Team & Individuals 1986 Coach


1st Place 1988 Seoul Olympics Mens Team


2nd Place 1988 Seoul Olympics Mens Individuals


1st Place Men & Women team World Championship 1991 in Poland


Conducted over 40 seminars for International Archery Coachs Association (IOC / FITA / NAA)


President of Win & Win Archery Co., Ltd (1991 Present)