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NOTE: Special thanks to Rick Stonebraker for inspecting all TSAA Tournament records and identifying and updating the record-breakers. . Please note that the tournament director is responsible for flagging possible records before sending in the results, to add accuracy and ease to Rick's job.

Ron Carmichael served as the record manager for a few years for the N.A.A. and wrote a summary explanation of the manner in which World Archery, the USA Archery, and Texas State Archery observe outstanding performance in archery: records. 

All records revised as tournament results are verified.  If you see an error, please notify Rick Stonebraker - you may need to fax him or scan/email your scorecard.
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TSAA Archer of the Year

  • The Texas State Archery Association (TSAA) Archer Of The Year (AOTY)

    The TSAA AOTY is determined by results from the three state championships;
  • indoor,
  • field, and
  • outdoor.

Anyone in the TSAA can compete for this prize as long as they shoot the adult distances. The four divisions are: compound ladies, compound
men, recurve ladies and recurve gentlemen.

The winner of each event gets 25 ranking points. Each point below the winner
gets 1/10 of a point deduction from 25. For example: if John shoots 1000 and
Smiddy shoots 995, then John gets 25 ranking points and Smiddy gets 24.5
ranking points. You only need to rank at two of the three state
championships. You may compete in all three if you wish but your lowest
ranking gets thrown out.

NAA Awards State Field Records - NFAA Field Rounds 83-90