Software is always changing - this is the blessing and the curse of our fast-paced times.  Please email the webmaster to let him know of any changes needed here, or if you know of a software product that isn't listed here but should be.

Nimes, France is host to Face2Face, a very prominent annual indoor archery championship. A product of this annual event is the ArcheryClock software, a free software that runs on a pc and can drive large LED lighting displays. The authors of the software provide schematics and diagrams so you can literally build an entire system! Thanks to Henk Jegers (one of the authors) for sending information on this neat timing solution!

Archery Timing System (OK,it is both hardware AND software) - The D-O-S system by Tim Humphrey

12/29/2011: A friend in Italy has brought to my attention new software called BOW COACH (Currently for the IPHONE only at this point).  In order to read his website and find out more about it, I've used GOOGLE TRANSLATE features - if you use this link, and on any subsequent link on the website, hover over a link with your mouse, you SHOULD/will see a popup tootip offer from Google to translate and read in English the entire link destination - very accurate, all things considered, that provides a good idea of what the software does. Use the friend link to email the Italian if you wish more information, but I suggest you pre-translate your questions into Italian for both greater success and as a courtesy.  Be sure to check out their fascinating "DIMPLEPOINT" arrow points that have documented aerodynamic benefits.  I actually saw a VW bug that was once treated this way in Austin (Keeing it Weird).  There are several downloadable documents on the performance of the dimplepoint on arrow dynamics.   I hope they are able to create an Android App version soon!

Locate an arrow in the target for scoring automatically and see it via cameras immediately!  Proving that Archery is truly a world-wide phenomena, archer/programmers in Hungary have been at work for more than 6 years, and have devised a clever and unique method for accurately scoring an arrow within seconds of it striking a typical and plain target face. In other words, you don't have to have a special target face, it works using other sensor methods as best I can tell.  It appears to me that it is like having an automated Target Plot system, in that you have a record of each arrow as it happens, and can review an entire round of arrows afterwards, giving coaches and archers alike another valuable tool for analyzing performance.  The system can broadcast the results in real-time to android phones on wi-fi, as well - what if you didn't need a scope in order to see your arrow?  I wonder if anyone is making a phone holder that mounts on risers yet?  FITA is testing this system now.

Description - an acrobat file describing the system

FALCO EYE is currently in testing with FITA, has passed preliminary in-field testing with them, and has patents pending to protect their innovative methods for scoring an arrow both quickly and accurately.

You can see their video using this link. (Recommended-it shows the system in action!) It is about 21 megabytes in size, so you may have to exercise some patience while your computer loads it.... You can also stream it from YouTube: Link

To quote from one of the developers, Szilvia Garas:
Certainly our aim is to produce products/packages for associations and clubs, even home users.The machine itself can be set up very easily,we have been testing delivery conditions but it should be able to get delivered anywhere.The software itself is very complicated but the  IT guys have created  a very simple user friendly surface which enables the user to start/stop the machine, choose target face, size,set number of arrows,set time, etc.The machine itself has only one button (a very important one) on it to make it simple.A technically oriented colleague and a very straightforward user guide should be enough to get it all set up and functioning.

"We are planning to come out to the market with these first FITA series- in terms of marketing options it is a good possibility to show the system itself to the archers via the FITA competitions and championships.  If FITA is satisfied with it they are planning to use it in most their events so hopefully you will be able to see it in the Archery TV also once they have finished testing it themselves."

Another acrobat document explaining more, with diagrams.

Please note that the diagrams are necessarily of somewhat non-specific precision on exactly HOW it all works - until both patents pending are resolved AND the testing by FITA has concluded, the designers must protect their intellectual property.  More is surely to follow, though, as this appears to be the "real deal", and possibly affordable enough that almost any size archery club or association will want to have this!   Imagine being able to sit in the stands or the background, behind the archer, and watch the arrows appear on your android smart phone in realtime! 

The Falco Eye Website

New software in Italy - check the demo out...

Archery Score Manager

the demo for your windows-based phone or pc on YouTube - FREE for the download as of July, 2011. (free offer may be withdrawn at any time).

Score manager software for archery for desktop computer, tabletpc, laptop, pocketpc and smart phone with windows mobile 5 and 6 and phone edition 2003. SScore archery manager for software for desktop computers, TabletPC, laptop, pocketpc and smart phone with windows mobile 5 and 6 and phone edition 2003. Arceri Software for scoring runs on handhelds and smartphones


SAAM Softwares

Updated 1/31/2009:

MASS FIATT : State Archery Association of Massachusetts: Free Indoor Archery Tournament Timer  
Awesome, Free (Donations welcome though), Well-designed, Effective and Efficient Indoor Tournament Software

MASS Cyclic Archery Trainer (MCAT) - Interval Timer Software - Great for training archers with the KSL Shot Cycle


After investigating the archery software currently available, it was discovered that Archery Clubs, as an organisation, were lacking a purpose built software solution that covered all aspects of their day-to-day administration. Most of the currently available archery software seems to be aimed at one or two specific areas rather than having a one stop solution.

Longbow has been created to address this gap in the archery software market and aims to minimise all the administrative duties that are performed by Archery Clubs. Longbow takes into account both FITA and GNAS shooting rules and these rules are then implemented to control award schemes, age grouping, handicap calculations etc.   Click here to go to the Information Page.  Note that there are 4 individual prices to the products.

New Software. It is free, but the pages currently are all in spanish.  I dropped the text into babelfish and got a fairly good idea of what it is.  The author is working on an english translation (I hope), but in the meantime, here it is for those archers that are bilingual (that is to say, archers everywhere in the world but the US)


Hemos desarrollado un software de ayuda al entrenamiento del arquero, utilizando las tecnologías punteras de informática. Por fin, respuestas inmediatas a tus preguntas:

      • ¿Tienes una flecha que no agrupa?
      • ¿Tiras igual la primera flecha que la quinta en cada tanda?
      • ¿Rindes más al final de la tirada o no te llega la forma física?
      • ¿Has completado tu plan de entrenamiento?
      • ¿Cual es tu record a 50 metros y qué día lo conseguiste, y con qué equipo y ajustes?
      • ¿Con ese nuevo tipo de flechas mejora la agrupación a cortas o a largas distancias? ¿... y con ese milímetro que has subido el punto de encoque?

Nuestro software son dos módulos:

 ArcheryLogBook es una aplicación desarrollada para Pocket PC (probada para versiones 2003 y 2005) que nos permite:

    • Guardar configuraciones de material de tiro y de sus ajustes (tipo de arco, flechas, cuerdas, etc).
    • Grabar las sesiones de entrenamiento, anotando gráficamente los impactos de las flechas lanzadas.
    • Proporciona información instantánea de las tendencias de agrupación para ayudar a corregir visor y para diagnosticar problemas de material o técnica de ejecución.
    • Proporciona medidas de rendimiento: puntuaciones totales y parciales y gráficas de rendimiento.
    • Válido para normas FITA en "sala" y "exterior" (todas las distancias)
    • Visualizar todas esas tiradas

 PcArcheryLogBook: es una aplicación para Windows (probada en versión XP)  que nos permite:

    • Sincronizar las base de datos de la PDA con nuestro ordenador personal.
    • Archivo permanente para acumular toda la temporada.
    • Reproducir flecha a flecha cada sesión de entrenamiento o de competición anotada con nuestro PDA y ArcheryLogBook.
    • Obtener información útil y gráfica de nuestras tiradas mediante una serie de informes.
    • Si estás haciendo la prueba de la flecha desnuda o la prueba francesa para ajustar reposaflechas o botón de presión, la mejor herramienta para saber el centro del grupo es ArcheryLogBook

De otra forma solo sabrás que hiciste 325 a 50m ¿Es eso todo lo que necesitas saber y recordar?

Visita y encontrarás ArcheryLogBook …..  y si te gusta ingrésanos por Paypal lo que puedas para ayudarnos a seguir con este proyecto.

Archery Timer Hardware and software RUREADY?

Software to use with video for analysis:
V1 Home is a desktop video application designed specifically for sports analysis. Grab your camcorder and record your golf swing, tennis swing, martial arts form, or other sports motion, then use V1 Home's tools to see what needs improvement. Our software supports both analog and digital video capture using the latest IEEE-1394 (FireWire) video capture technology.

Software to Analyze Sports Video!
Archery/Scoring Software

Score Book: New concept! This *could* change the way tournaments are scored. 

accuShot has been updated

PowerPoint Macro Target Printer Utility-check it out

BowBuddy is updated (MS only)

Golden Records specializes in archery software:

Club Archery Record Keeping
Are you a Club Records Officer? Would you like to make your job of keeping records and calculating handicap reductions easier?

My Archery Personal Archery Record Keeping

How well are you shooting? Better or worse than last year? What is your average for a FITA? What score should you expect at 70m? What sightmarks do you need for an Albion?

Archery Tournament Scoring Software

You know the feeling! It is the end of a successful tournament, the day has gone well, and all that is left to do is to award the prizes. Your scoring team are getting stressed trying to put the piles of score sheets into some kind of order. You are getting stressed because it is late and everybody wants to get home. A piece of paper is pressed into your hand and you announce the results. Then someone pipes up that they got a higher score, or that Fred wasn't shooting recurve but compound. He had entered as recurve, but brought his compound instead......nightmare!

The listings below are, for the most part, a summary of information provided by the makers of each software.  As the webmaster I try to NOT endorse anything I have not used.   Target Plot is the only program that I can
Timer Software - this is a DOS-based program which runs on Windows XP and displays a color-coordinated countdown on the computer screen and any linked televisions or projectors.  it is free. 
Thanks to Stan Siatkowski for sharing it with the TSAA website, and to Randy Jones for writing it and granting permission.
Texas A&M's Anthony Kaune shared a copy of the software they use to track the entries for the Aggie Indoor.  This is an Access mdb file - you must have MS Access to run the mdb file.  Right-click to download this file.

Anthony also uses Excel to print the ranking charts.  This is the spreadsheet.  Anthony writes:
"The spreadsheet is a bit touchy in that if the user adds or removes a row on the main page it will give erroneous results on the other pages.  Data on the rows can of course be altered as needed.  I have not taken the time to fix this issue, since I know the problem and just avoid doing it.  To use the spreadsheet correctly the user will input the name and scores, do a sort based on the scores to arrange the data, and then all the other pages will be correct.  If a new addition needs to be made afterwards, the user should just fill in the addition at the bottom of the spreadsheet and then sort again to get the addition to move to the correct place."

- Palm based


ArcDOS Lite

A new Windows-based, PocketPC based version is in testing. check their website for progress and info.

From the webmaster: This software has been instrumental for me while working with my daughter.  It is extremely useful to be able to review each end separately and see exactly where the arrows were, as well as an entire round or even an entire FITA.    Ron Carmichael

accuShot, AccuShot is a FREE suite of programs for arrow and match analysis and
match data storage. It consists of a main program for the PC and two data entry programs for the Microsoft pocketPC (all pocketPCs) and the
UIQ platform (sony ericsson p9xx and motorola Axxx phones). New version includes a targetPlot CSV import, (until a palm version is released)."
On The Mark

A PocketPC Based scoring system.


TargetPlot is a tool for monitoring a shooter's performance. The visual results provide an easy comparison between different conditions and equipment.  The software can be used for archery, rifle, and pistol shooting.  Over 90 different target faces to choose from including FITA, NFAA, ISSF, and NRA.  Preload with  standard sessions for either Archery or NRA .

eScorePad is a Pocket PC scoring program for target Archery.  See the link for full information


ArcDOS Lite is a software product for the Palm handheld only.  It is a countdown timer with traffic light display and sound signal.  Different countdown sequences can be created.  A Log will automatically record the countdown actions taken by the user  


BowBuddy - the next generation of archery software for your mobile PDA.

BowBuddy is a comprehensive suite of software modules designed to assist you with recording and analyzing all aspects of your game. Use it to track performance, record scores, inventory your equipment, detail those myriad of settings, work out your classification, and even find that suspect arrow in your group. It brings together all those scraps of paper and spreadsheets into one integrated archery software package.

BowBuddy was developed with Microsoft .Net utalizing XML storage technology to ensure it's compatibility and portability with a wide range of devices.

If your mobile device, or PDA, supports Microsoft CE or Microsoft Pocket PC then Bow Buddy is the software for you.


Innovative software helps improve your scores.
Quickly and easily make super accurate sight tapes.
Set all your fixed sight pins with a pin gap template.
Create handy sight scale reference charts for target sights.
Create angle cut charts for shooting up and down hill.
Easily view data for any point in your arrow's trajectory.
Practice "what if" scenarios on images of 3D and paper targets.

Improved shaft selection features and displays.
Visually simulate the effects of steep angle tree stand shots.
Learn the secret of how to accurately estimate unmarked distances.
Print sight tapes on plain paper or a variety of mailing labels.
Print handy McKenzie, Delta, and Rinehart 3D target cards.
OnTarget 2 Website

There are three different versions of OnTarget2! software...Shaft Selector (SS), Tapes And Charts (TAC), and Software For Archers (SFA). Each version of software is a stand alone product, so make your selection based on the features you need.
BOWMATE: An Archery Tool for the Palm OS -

Score Book by Ken Thorup

Score Book is score sheets for your Pocket PC.  You can enter your own and/or other archers' scores in Score Book using a Windows-based Pocket PC based handheld (no Palm) for an easy overview of your progress at archery events.
Compare your scores against a set goal and against other archers' scores at events.  It can provide instant publication of scores. 
Score Book features the ability to share your score sheet(s) live with other users of Score Book on a wireless network.
Your scored points are published on the wireless network as they are entered on your Pocket PC. This will make other users of Score Book able to view a fully updated version of your score sheet(s) on their own Pocket PC.
The publication of a score sheet is optional. You may choose to view score sheets published by others without publishing your own sheet as well.    To be able to use this wireless network feature, your Pocket PC must be able to create a Wi-Fi (wireless) network connection.
Free trial version available:  Try out Score Book on your Pocket PC for free.  The trial version is identical to the licensed version except that scores can be entered for the first distance only.

Click here to visit the Score Book Home Page

DOS-based Tournament Software This is a single zip file with a series of DOS-based (ie, simple) compilation of software that will let you print rosters, shooting sheets, double-elim, round-robins, etc. The original programs are from
DOCUMENTS for these files is


Archers Advantage(PC-based)

AAPalm (Palm-based)

"Archer's Advantage provides accurate sight settings for any archer using a sliding (Freestyle) sight. After entering setup information that characterizes your equipment, Archer's Advantage will accurately calculate Arrow Speed from any two Sight Settings and print out Sight Tapes calibrated in Yards or Meters. These Sight Tapes provide you with exact sight settings in one yard or one meter increments."


AAPalm provides fast accurate sight settings for any archer using a sliding sight.  It works equally well for both recurve and compound bows.  Supports up to eight bows.  Provides the following sight setting functions:

Provides Sight Settings for Ranges Marked in Yards

Provides Sight Settings for Ranges Marked in Feet

Provides Sight Settings for Ranges Marked in Meters

Can be sighted in using to Ranges marked in Yards or Meters

Adjusts accurately for Uphill & Downhill Shots

The Score Form displays a Target, Arrow Holes & Scoring Information.  It provides the following functions:

Keeps Score for a variety of scoring rounds

Counts X's

Tracks Arrow Holes, by Arrow Number for up to 6 Arrows per End

If you have no interest in using AAPalm to set your sights, you might consider TargetPlot for advanced performance tr

Archery Suite for the PALM

 The Archery Suite allows archers to score a round of archery (and much much more).

1. Scoring of a round is achieved by touching a virtual target on the screen or by selecting an arrow value from a (user definable) grid. The grid can be operated one-handed, not requiring the stylus. Distance profile, scores, and totals are available at all times.
2. The round to be scored is selected from a list. This list is under the archers control. New rounds can be added or unused ones deleted.
3. The scores for the current round and previously scored rounds can be viewed and print formatted. Distance, round, and multi-round totals can be viewed and personal best rounds can be found.
4. The suite is Lefty compatible.

ARROWMASTER - GREAT program for analyzing arrow behavior and statistical analysis of your shooting!  by Jukka Ojala, Finland

TimeMaster - shooting timer

ArcMaster competition/member register management system

"TimeMaster is a very simple program for the shooting director of archery tournaments. The original idea has been developed in a finnish archery club, Arcus. Last year (2002) there appeared a danish application by Jens Fudge using the same principles: showing remaining seconds on the screen, generating the beeps using a soundcard, and using TV sets to produce a bigger display.
What's different in TimeMaster is that it shows the seconds as black digits on a red/green/yellow background. It also shows the order of shooting: A/B, A/B/C or AB/CD. "
ArrowMaster tracks and helps analyze arrows and performance
ArcMaster is designed to allow rapid entry of scores, and then generate ranking sheets, leader board info, and OR draws.  VERY nice:

"From the very beginning the main goal was to create an user-friendly system, where the most important phases of running a competition would be as easy to handle as possible. These phases include

bulletadding the participants of the competition
bulletassigning the target order
bulletprinting score cards
bulletscore entry
bulletprinting results"



This is a page with several examples of scoresheets for use and adaptation.  Thanks to Jim Krueger and Steve Lomas for providing these.  Some of these Excel spreadsheets are for printing blank forms while others are able to tally/total  scores as you go.

ArcherSoft TimeIT

Ingenious system uses televisions as the displays for this timer system.  "Archersoft TimeIt is a program developed for the shooting director of archery tournaments. The program times the shooting, and shows not only Red, Green and Yellow colours, it shows the actual time left. The shooting director directs the shooting from a pc, the image from the pc is sent to ordinary tv-sets, where they are visible to the archers. From the soundcard in the pc, the sound is also generated with one, two or three beeps. "

IDAHO ARCHERY - ESC (Electronic Score Card) 2.5 for the PALM OS

Electronic Score Card or ESC for short is a simple and easy way for you to track your shoot scores.  You simply add the names of each archer you wish to keep scores for and then add the shoots for that archer.  ESC will allow you to add each targets score and it will do the work of adding it all up for you, plus it tracks your averages.   You can even track the conditions of the shoots... Do you shoot better in open country with calm weather, or in mountain style shoots.  Need an easy visual clue as to how well you did at the shoots you attend?  ESC highlights shoots in the summary that you did well at.  You can even keep track of how much all your shooting is costing you (whether that's good or bad).

Archery Range Management System - ARMS

from Creekwood Archery, Brockport,NY

"This is the software that we use to run our entire business. It is up to version 29 and has been used for over 5 years. IT IS SUPER - You will think you have ten extra ARMS running your business.


bulletKeeps track of each customer's total history
bulletKeeps track of shooting times for:

Regular customers at one rate.
League customers at another rate.
Separates indoor & outdoor shooting times.
We also have a tower customers can shoot off at a different rate
All items for each sale are combined:

bulletShooting Times - Can stop & start
bulletTaxable Items - Single & Multiple Quantities
bulletNon-Taxable Items
bulletTax is figured and totaled
bulletSales Slip is printed
bulletNotes can be added
bulletSizes & colors can be keyed in
bulletKeeps track of costs, mark-up, pricing and inventory
bulletIt tracks sales of each item.
bulletKeeps track of all your vendors & distributors
bulletKeeps track of any open accounts
bulletTracks daily sales - taxable & non-taxable
bulletPrints mailing labels
bulletDoes barcode label printing and scanning."


Archery Scorekeeper
(Professional Tournament Scorekeeping Solutions)

by FrostFeather Technologies

Archery Scorekeeper simplifies tournament registration, tracking, scoring and merging of archery tournament data. Generates HTML webpage code.
Full copy $200.    Email Author (Jeff LeBlanc)  Download Trial Version


By Norm Boyd of District 11, South Texas.  Makes posting results to website much easier.