The mission of the TSAA is the ongoing education about and the promotion of archery in the Lone Star State, in association with U.S. Archery, the national association and National Govening Body of the U.S. Olympic Committee.
The USAA purpose:  To promote all disciplines within the sport of archery with the ultimate goal of producing Olympic & World Champions and to provide enjoyment for all, in this family sport, for a lifetime.

bulletGOALS: Organize tournaments, share information, provide resources and a means of coordination between the various archery groups in the Lone Star State.
Your Participation is Requestedl

This board is the product of archers who volunteer.   Primarily Texans, but always, archers.  If you are a Texan archer, then you should participate in forming this board's content!   We ask only that you join US Archery (which automatically joins you in the TSAA).    And then tell us about your archery - tournament writeups, things you have learned and want to share with others, archery humor, archery suggestions, and anything else related to archery in Texas.  If you are having a tournament or a fun shoot, or anything in between, let us know!  Send your messages to the webmaster.  For info on what is needed in a submission,
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