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8/17/2015: VIctoria, Texas:

As of September 1, 2015 Straight Arrow Archery Learning Center will be accepting Annual Subscriptions for both youth and adults.
Benefits: * 24-hour access to the facility
* If you choose to shoot for Victoria County 4-H, start up shooting fee waived
* If you choose to shoot for South Texas JOAD annual club dues will be waived.

Annual Subscription (September 1 - August 31):
Family $300 (maximum 6 household members) after 6th $50 per person,
Individual $175

Youth under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Any of the following board members can sign you up:

Jimmy Genzer 361-571-1618 Leanne Hempel +1 (361) 550-9644
Gene or Margie Kacir
Walter Dixon +1 (361) 571-0820
Tammi Dixon 1 (361) 571-0824
Nikki Genzer 361-571-6694

Questions? Please contact any board member via phone, text, email or Facebook.
Facebook: Straight Arrow Archery Learning Center

We are also looking for private or business sponsors and we have plenty of room to advertise your sponsorship.
Straight Arrow Archery Learning Center thanks you in advance for supporting our surrounding communities youth.

We have begun an honor target for Coach Steve Overbeck. Target #1 at this weeken'd TOTS was dedicated to him, and the archers signed the target. It will be present at the Target and TOTS Championship. Coach Steve

8/27/2015:TOTS Championship Results, New Record Holders, all scores, have been posted.
8/10/2015 - results for the last regular TOTS event of 2015, shot 8/8 in Houston, have been posted.
8-8-2015: Late fee now in effect for State Target Registrations

August 22, 2015: A seminar for Level III-NTS and Level IV-NTS coaches (only). Level V Logo This one-day seminar to be conducted by Level V Coach Guy Krueger at Texas A&M Campus.

For more information, and to register for this limited-seating course, please refer to this link.

LevelII Logo Be sure to check the Training Ops page for upcoming certification courses, which include Level I, II, and III-NTS courses! LevelIII Logo

7/21/2015: Official Scores Posted for State Field

Photo Albums are uploaded now - Hints: Load one of the pages, then hit Ctrl-F and type part of an archer's name to find them. Click on their first image, then use the right-arrow key to scroll through the shot sequences. Or, just let the whole page play as a slide show, full screen. You can use the sprocket to control speed, even... :) Ron

7/8/2015: Do you need to be a member of the USAA/TSAA/NFAA to play in the State Field Championship? NO. You need to be a member (and we encourage you to join the USAA!) if you wanna win a trophy, or to be able to claim a state/national/world record. BUT! If you just want to have fun and compare your score to all the others, you may shoot as a GUEST. We have independent insurance coverage for non-members! So Sign Up, and pay the DISCOUNTED price of $30 for adults and $20 for all archers in the youth categories (anyone who is 20 years old as of 12/31/2015).

7/7/2015: Note that all registrations are linked on a single page. From the main page of the TSAA, click the EVENTS menu pull-down, then click on REGISTRATIONS. Every pending event (there are FOUR right now) can be found in this way. Addendum: 7/25 TOTS is now full. Houston/Buffalo is filling up fast. <hint>

7/6/2015: DATE CHANGE NOTICE: USA Archery Level 2 Certification Clinic with Coach Lynda Lecompte, LevelII Logo

Saturday, August 29th: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. & Sunday, August 30th: 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.. For Information, see the Training Operations Page.

7/7/2015: Here is the list of all Texans competing in the USAA National Target and Easton JOAD National Target events:
Matthew  Alford  Austin 
Bailey  Arnold  Buda 
Ramsey  Bass  Palestine 
Gus  Braendle  Helotes 
Mackenzie  Brown  Flint 
Kemper  Clamon  Palestine 
Lara  Cohen  Bryan 
James  Corral  Austin 
Allen  Dong  Allen 
Madeleine  Ducote  Houston 
Shannon  Edwards  McKinney 
Ryan  Fortenberry  Bulverde 
Catherin  Franklin  Hempstead 
Samantha  Franklin  Hempstead 
David  Franklin  Hempstead 
Nathan  Franklin  Hempstead 
Joseph  Franklin  Hempstead 
Megan  Frerich  Sinton 
Tristan  Frerich  Sinton 
Matthew  Gernert  Austin 
Kim  Hartman  Eagle Lake 
Ryland  Hartman  Eagle Lake 
William  Hartman  Eagle Lake 
Maxwell  Hartman  Eagle Lake 
Elizabeth  Haynes  Victoria 
Michael  Hojnacki  Bryan 
David  Jacks II  Fort Worth 
Melody  Jiang  Plano 
Leia  Jiang  Plano 
Jesse  Johnson  Azle 
Victoria  Kamilar  Wylie 
Sadie  Kammlah  Fredericksburg 
Collin  Klimitchek  Victoria 
Zack  Kocurek  Plano 
Mackenzie  Kormann  Southlake 
Ramsey  Lechner  Austin 
Eiliana  Lee-Wen  Austin 
Allison  Magera  Columbus 
John  Magera  Columbus 
Andrew  Mantle  Katy 
Rebekah  McLeod  Houston 
Alex  Meyer  Austin 
Mikah  Niehaus  Leander 
John  Ozyp  Pearland 
Jay  Ozyp  Pearland 
Inga  Pever  Houston 
Matthew  Requa  Houston 
Connor  Sears  Nocona 
David  Sears  Nocona 
Brett  Sims  College Station 
Katherine  Stiegel  College Station 
Richard  Stonebraker  Houston 
Kiersten  Sues  Rhome 
Hardy Trafford Louisiana
Savannah  Vanderwier  Sheffield 
Shreema  Vijayakumar  Frisco 
Shelby  Warrington  Arlington 
Wilson  Watson  San Antonio 
William  Watson  San Antonio 
Barry  Watson  San Antonio 
Shelby  Watson  San Antonio 
William  Webb  Dallas 
Bryce  Wilfert  Edna 
Madison  Woolsey  Cedar Lane 
Victor  Wunderle  San Antonio 
Kaitlyn  Young  Navasota 

Back-of-the-envelope counts(NOT OFFICIAL!) : For the just concluded National Target Championships and Easton JOAD Nationals there were some 850+ competitors. I reckon there were 66 archers from Texas (Includes 1 from LA by request) which consisted of:11 Barebow, 26 Compound, and 29 Recurve, 28 women & 38 Men. Texas tied with Georgia (the host state, which always will have a good turnout) at 66 attending, and the next higher state contingent was number one with 144 (!) Californians competing. Wow.

6/29/2015: The Girl Scouts of America have designated a merit badge for archery!
6/23/2015: Results from the JOAD Target event in Columbus are posted!

6/20/2015: The TSAA State Field event will be in Austin, at the Emma Long Park's AAC facility. For Info, photos of the venue, a Google Earth map of the venue, and of course, to register online for this event, use this link to TSAA State Field! and MAP TO THE VENUE

6/15/15 - the JOAD Target Registration is closed.

The FITA Field event hosted by the Austin Archery Club for TSAA members is an introduction for TSAA to the venue, which is excellent, very nice central Texas hill country. This will likely be the location of the TSAA State Field Championship as well, later in the summer. Registration is available for the event. I realized belatedly that there is no need for a deadline on the 2nd, as we do not have to order trophies. REGISTRATION CONTINUES THROUGH THURSDAY NIGHT. MAP TO THE VENUE

the TEXAS SHOOTOUT is an Olympic Trials event this year!
USA Archery has an overview of the process!

RESULTS for the May 30 TOTS in Columbus have been posted.. In addition Karin Magera has updated all of the records for TOTS, and we are now to the point where 2015 records are getting impressive!
5/27/2015: I have excerpted (cut out) just the pages dealing with ages, distances, divsions, all together known as categories, for archers. Check this acrobat file, created from the 2015 CLUB HANDBOOK.
5/27/2015: ATTENTION FIELD ARCHERS (AND TECHIES): Ron has posted a digital path/map (called a "track") for the June 6th FITA Field Invitational. You will need to install a free copy of either Google Earth, or the browser extension for it. Then just click on the file, and you will fly to the venue, where you can see the archer's standing places and the target bale places (ie, 1a is first shooting point, 1b is the first target bale location to shoot at). I did not include the actual bales, to keep things a little surprising, but you can see what the woods look like, and see where the venue is relative to Austin. Besides, it is cool tech. This *may* be the first time anyone has ever done this for a FITA Field archery tournament. (?). Hint. You can explore the MOON, the SKY, even MARS (want to follow the robots?).
5/24/2015: The records for the TOTS have been updated.
5/20/2015: Results for the TOTS at Buffalo Field Archery Club have been posted.


Registration information is now posted for this tournament. It is being hosted by T.H.E. JOAD club in Columbus and will be held at the Columbus Fairgrounds. Due to the dramatic increase in youth archers in Texas, we do not plan room for adults to play this time.

5/10/2015: Announcing a Judges Seminar, hosted by the TSAA in Columbus, June 12 & 13, to grow our Judge Resources for Texas and surrounding states! Click here for more information
5/10/2015: TOTS event scheduled for Columbus, May 30th! See the registration page.
5/10/2015: Just want all to be aware that Palestine JOAD is hosting an Intermediate Camp August 13-16, 2015. More information is on their website at this link.. More Info also on the Training Ops Page
5/10/2015; The Houston TOTS event is completely full at this point. We will post a note as soon as San Antonio reschedules, and as other venues are added.
5/10/2015: POSTPONED - STAY TUNED FOR AN UPDATE ON WHEN IT WILL BE HELD. CLOUT! A Clout tournament has been scheduled by Rick Stonebraker! It will be held on May 30th, and for more information go to this link.! Tom Barker demonstrates proper form for clout shootingTom Shoots The Moon
5/10/2015: Brazos County is holding a THREE-FER on May 23rd, see this link for the info and you can register online with this link.
5/10/2015: View a sample of the AAC FITA Field course for the invitational event on June 6, and then sign up to shoot!
5/7/2015: Lone Star Cup results are posted.
5/5/2015: NEW CLUB HANDBOOK from USAA is now available. The original is over 40 megabytes in size, so I saved it as a reduced size acrobat file, which takes it down to under 10 megs. Download the reduced here, and for the original you can go to the USAA website at this link. It has all the distance/target size/age division charts, and much more!
5/5/2015: The FITA Field event hosted by the Austin Archery Club for TSAA members is an introduction for TSAA to the venue, which is excellent, very nice central Texas hill country. This will likely be the location of the TSAA State Field Championship as well, later in the summer. Registration is available for the event.
5/5/2015: Holly Lawton Avendano, one of the most active and prolific coaches in Texas, is conducting another training course: See the Training Ops for more information.
June 6-7, 2015  — Saturday, Level I.   Sunday, Level II. 
Texas Archery Academy, Plano
600 Accent Drive, Suite B
Plano, TX 75075
5/1/2015:Over the last few weeks I have altered the TSAA website to the format compatible with smart phones, tablets, as well as PC computers. All of the primary pages are in a dynamic, fluid format. More of the lesser pages will be evolved over time. There are more than 50,000 html pages in the site, due to the high number of photographs - each one has its own page. I WILL BE DELETING THE OLD PHOTO ALBUMS FROM THE WEBSITE IN THE COMING WEEKS. The website has become far too large and unwieldy, and usage analysis shows that few visits are made to these older albums. If you notice a broken link, please send me the PAGE you are on where the bad link is, and tell me what you were trying to link to, I will fix what I can find. Use the webmaster link above for emails.
4/7/2015: The records of the TOTS competitors as of 2014 have been compiled by Karin Magera. Link is here. !!
4/6/2015: DATE MOVED FROM MAY TO JUNE: We are having a field shoot at the Austin Archery Club on June 6- we will need help rolling out bales and setting them in place in the days prior, marking the trail, etc.. No heavy lifting required! Likewise, June 6 we will have a TOTS event at the same location, and we look forward to volunteers helping there as well. Please stay tuned, and if you can help it would be appreciated.
4/5/2015: We have a couple small changes for TOTS distances this year. First, and most significant is that the Barebow distances will reflect the distances recently chosen for the barebow division at Outdoor Nationals by having the Senior and Masters shoot 60/50/30, the Juniors and Cadets shoot 50/30/20, and the Cubs and Bowmen shooting 30/25/20.  

The other change we made was for the 70+ archers. The 70+ compound and recurve archers will shoot 50/30/20 and the 70+ barebow archers will shoot 30/25/20. For a clearer picture of the distances for all TOTS shooters, please check the matrix table on the TOTS Info Page. NOTE: archers are encouraged to shoot "up" a division if they are not feeling challenged by the assigned distances for their age group.

3/29/2015: Results are posted for the FIRST of the 2015 TOTS events. Also, the results for the FITA II indoor (25 meter) events have been posted.

CONGRATULATIONS are in order for Daryl Ramnarace, as the first adult archer to exceed 1000 (a 1010) in a TOTS round, joining Justin Dixon who exceeded 1000 several times last year as a cadet!

3/25/2015: LONE STAR CUP ONLINE REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN. This Star FITA event is April 25 & 26, in Bryan.
3/245/2015: Tom Barker writes to summarize the results of TEXAN ARCHERS from the just-concluded USA Archery National Indoor Championships: Lonestar Archers Shine at Indoor Nationals

There were many Texas archers (at least 37!) that placed at the just released preliminary results for USA Archery’s indoor national archery tournament.  With thousands of archers shooting over dozens of venues for about 6 weeks getting all the results submitted has been a huge task for the USAA staff!  The early results show the following Texas archers placing in the FITA unless otherwise designated in the concurrent JOAD event:

First Place

  • Rick Stonebraker - Male Master Barebow
  • Wanda Newsom - Female Master Compound Fingers
  • Collin Klimitchek - Male Senior Recurve
  • Heather Koehl (adopted Texan at A&M) - Female Collegiate Recurve
  • Emily Fischer - Female Junior Compound
  • Inga Pever - Female Cub Recurve 
  • Inga Pever - Female Cub Recurve JOAD
  • Kelli Heusi - Female Cadet Recurve JOAD

Second Place

  • Mike Frizzell - Male Master Barebow
  • Michelle Gilbert (adopted Texan at A&M) -  Female Senior Recurve
  • Kelli Heusi - Female Cadet Recurve 
  • Conner Sears - Male Cub Compound

3rd Place

  • Hunter Teel - Male Collegiate Bowhunter
  • Gus Braendle - Male Cadet Recurve

A very special shout out to two JOAD barebow archers whose scores were put in with the olympic recurve (ie, bows with clickers and sights) results since there is no barebow JOAD divisions yet in USA Archery. (Barebows, remember, have no clicker, no sights, and no stabilizers!) We note that Ryland Hartman finished 30th with his BAREBOW out of 52 recurves with sights(!) in the Male Junior Recurve and Bryce Wilfert finished 5th with his barebow out of 48 in the male bowman recurve division, again proving that shooting barebow does not mean you cannot hit what you want!

Other Texans among the top 10 finishers in their divisions include 

  • Vic Wunderle, Matthew Requa and Ryan Fortenberry, Male Senior Recurve;
  • Gary Wood, Male Master Barebow; 
  • John Magera, Barry Watson, and Wilson Watson, Senior Male Barebow; 
  • Megan Tan, Senior Female Barebow;
  • MIriam Trafford, Female Junior Recurve;
  • Herbert Powers, Jr., Male Master 70+ Recurve;
  • Ethel Strother, Female Master 50+ Compound;
  • Hardy Trafford, Male Cadet Recurve
  • Savannah Vanderweir, Female Cadet Compound & JOAD Female Cadet Compound;
  • Andrew Mantle, Male Cub Recurve & JOAD Male Cub Recurve;
  • John Jordan Jeffries, JOAD Male Junior Recurve;
  • Paige Hill, JOAD Female Recurve;
  • Emily Fischer, JOAD Female Junior Compound (in addition to a non-JOAD first place);
  • Gwendolynn Murphy, JOAD Female Cadet Recurve;
  • Rishika Ann Kumar, JOAD Female Cub Recurve;
  • Connor Sears, JOAD Male Cub Compound;
  • Brooke Vandenbergh, JOAD Female Cub Compound;
  • Kemper Clamon & Shelby Smith, JOAD Female Bowman Recurve;
  • Don Ferguson, Male Senior Modern Longbow;

If we have overlooked any other placers, please do let the webmaster know and we'll insure we include you on the website summary, and thanks to Tom Barker for sifting through all the pages of results!  TO ALL the Texans shooting, congratulations on competing and we hope for your continued improvement in archery!

3/16/2015: NOTE: AN APPLICATION PROCESS HAS BEGUN FOR THE CITY OF AUSTIN TO ALLOW FOR A PERMANENT OUTDOOR OLYMPIC TARGET ARCHERY FIELD AT EMMA LONG PARK. Once we have received the authorizaion, Mitigation efforts and soil amendments will be started, in September at the soonest. For some photos, use this link to view the proposed new TSAA FITA Target Field at Emma Long Park. A TOTS is scheduled at the nearby Austin Archery Club for June 6, registration will begin soon.

3/6/2015: We have CHANGED TO a 1pm line for the FITA II indoor 25 meter shoot in Columbus March 14, and ALSO ADDED A 1PM LINE for the TOTS event in Houston.

The 9am line in Houston makes it easy for local archers, while the 1pm line takes the pressure for "dawn patrol" starts to the day for those archers that might be driving a bit of a distance for the event. After all, they don't sing about "miles and miles of Texas" for nuthin'... :)

2/21/2015: Training Ops Page - Coach Holly Avendano will conduct TWO courses (in Plano) for Level I and II Instructor certification, March 7 & 8 and Jun 6 & 7. Read more on the link. ALL COACHES - please send the webmaster a note for any classes you plan to hold in 2015!
2/16/2015: Results from the State Indoor have been posted.
2/16/2015: The TSAA's TOTS series has already started taking registrations for the 2015 inaugural event in Columbus. If any certified coaches are interested in having a TOTS in your neighborhood, contact the designer of the event, John Magera, because the TSAA can help you sponsor an event. A current listing of TOTS archers signed up for at least one event this 2015 season can be found here.
2/16/2015: USA Archery is taken registrations online for the National Indoor being held in a variety of venues across the nation over a few weekends upcoming. TO find out more information and to register, Cindy Tobin, membership coordinator at USAA, shared this tip with me: "the easiest way for someone to register for the event is to log into their USA Archery membership account and then go to the link of Tournaments on the left side under USA Archery Events.  They can select the event and then click on the Click Here to Register button." I will add that NFAA members don't have to pay anything in membership fees, in order to register and pay the same tournament fee as USAA members!
1/25/2015: The State JOAD Indoor results from Straight Arrow Archery in Victoria have been posted to the Results Page. Also, THREE potential national Star FITA records were shot during the Sunday's FITA II 25m indoor event, coupled with the 13 new state records fired by Texan JOAD Archers...!
1/23/2015: A number of spaces have opened up for the 1pm line at the State Indoor. (and an hour or so later, they are now all taken)...
1/9/2015: USA Archery is taken registrations online for the National Indoor being held in a variety of venues across the nation over a few weekends upcoming. TO find out more information and to register, Cindy Tobin, membership coordinator at USAA, shared this tip with me: "the easiest way for someone to register for the event is to log into their USA Archery membership account and then go to the link of Tournaments on the left side under USA Archery Events.  They can select the event and then click on the Click Here to Register button." I will add that NFAA members don't have to pay anything in membership fees, in order to register and pay the same fee as USAA members!
1/4/2015: Another version of the TSAA's Coaching Locator Resource map
12/29/2014: Anyone in the Houston area with a spare wheelchair to loan for a short while, please contact Lynda LeCompte. Anyone looking for a place to shoot indoors in the south Houston area, please check this website of Lynda's! X10 Archery !!
12/21/2014: THE TSAA STATE JOAD INDOOR tournament information has been published. This STAR FITA will be held in Victoria, Texas on Saturday and Sunday, January 24 & 25. 
Hosted by Straight Arrow Archery and South Texas Archery JOAD club. CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION AND INFORMATION.
12/17/2014: New coach/instructor locating resource has been created. This is the map (hint - take it to full screen for maximum options and a coaching icon key: This map includes ONLY the 83 instructors and coaches who wished to be listed, out of more than 1050 currently certified (as of 12-1-2014) instructors and coaches in Texas. Contact them via the information listed on their icon. NOTE: The icon is placed on the map by the zip code, not the street address, do not expect to find them standing at the map icon location shooting arrows at a target!! I have also mapped all of the current members of the TSAA (874, not counting at least one important archery family living just across the state line in LA!)
12/17/2014: Tom Barker has reported in the results for the Indoor tournament series for 4H Districts 11. It appears around 118 archers shot in the final event hosted at the Straight Arrow archery range in Victoria. Click here for the results page which includes a link to the finals results.
12/11/2014: "TBT" - a common term nowadays, meaning "ThrowBackThursday", an opportunity to harken back to previous years.
I am performing a TBT on the archival site I created for the NAA/US Archery "stuff",with three issues of "The US Archer" an archery magazine published by Arlyne Rhode. These are the first three issues of 1986! Fully digital, and text-searchable, these are both entertaining and highly educational - as you read it you will see that many of the concerns of archers 28 years ago are still the concerns of archers today. Browse through these acrobat files, search for a friend's (or yours!) name, and enjoy the photos and the advertisements. I particularly like seeing the "tools" of coaching that they had then which we still enjoy using today. And if you like them, be sure to subscribe to the magazine, still going strong after all these years!
US and International Archer Magazine Website
12/8/2014: CALL FOR NOMINATIONS! The TSAA will accept nominations for Board Officers, to be elected during the annual meeting held at the 2015 State Indoor tournament (date/location to be announced soon). The President must be elected from the current board members. The Vice-president, Treasurer, & Secretary are nominated of and elected from the current body of membership. Ron Carmichael is chairman of the nominating committee. Please email the webmaster with your nomination prior to midnight, December 31, 2014.
12/8/2014: Calendar updated with known events in 2015. All dates subject to change by the organizers.
11/30/2014: GREAT article for a better understanding of arrow spine, grouping, and carbon arrows by George Tekmitchov. This article is from one of the best magazines in the world for archery - Bow International. Click this link to view subscription information (both digital form and printed magazine).
11/30/2014: Results for the 4-H Indoor Tournament Series are ongoing - both schedule and results are posted, the link includes persons to contact for each event.
Longhorn Indoor Information: Date is December 5-7, 2014.
JOAD is only Sat. 6th at 8am. JOAD can select Friday at 6pm; awards will be given out after the 8am line. 

Information and registration from are here.

Level 2 Certification Class by Lynda LeCompte, Level III-NTS

December, Saturday 13th: 9am - 4pm, and December, Sunday 14th: 9am - 1pm

For more information, check the TRAINING OPS page!

10/24/2014: The Huntsman Games 2014: A writeup and photos by Rick Stonebraker. An article by the St. George newspaper (where the games were held), found by Tom Barker.
10/19/2014: The results for the 4H Indoor Tournament series - Victoria County, shot October 10 & 11 have been posted. This coming weekend (23rd -25th) Dewitt County will be the venue. Check all the dates, locations, and see results from those finished here.
10/3/2014: CLOUT! what a great word for a kind of archery! 4-H Archery is hosting a Clout Tournament, on Nov 1, 2014 10am-4pm, on the SARA- Helton Field 775/181, in Floresville (follow signs). For more information, download and share this acrobat flier.
10/2/2014: Update on the WOODLANDS FALL CLASSIC:ALL LINES ARE FULL! - then we're completely closed. - they will not last until the end of the week.  
We expect registration to completely close at the end of this week (Oct 3rd) - which is 1 full week early given the ongoing high level of interest and current pace or registrations.  If you are interested in shooting at this event please register now to make sure you get a spot.  
We're looking forward to a great event.  Remember to sign up for a BBQ box lunch for $5 and bring extra cash for extra drinks and snacks.  
Current registration includes Yeoman to Senior 70+ / Genesis to Compound / with about 10 Texas JOAD clubs represented including homeschool groups, Girl Scouts, 4H, and NFAA/TFAA archers.  Woodlands JOAD and Archery on Fire are looking forward to hosting. 
UT Dallas Archery Club is hosting an indoor tournament in conjunction with TXAA.
The location is TXAA Plano Range Facility, on October 18-19, 2014
Forms are here.!cometindoor/c1kgn , and club information is also on that site.
We are trying to get the word out so more people sign up!
10/2/2014: A new indoor archery range has opened in South Austin: Two-90 Pawn & Archery.
-9/23/2014: The District 11 4-H Indoor Tournament Schedule for 2014 has been posted here. (Link is also on the 4-H main page). Results will be added as they occur,,,,,.
9/22/2014: The results are now in for the 2014 TOTS events. The CTOTS panel shows all the scores from the season. This page shows the champions.
9/21/2014: 9/8/2014: The Woodlands JOAD Fall Classic - an indoor tournament - is being held October 20th. Use this link to read more about it, and this to register for it.
NOTE: Garth writes:
We're seeing strong early registrations for this event - overall half of the slots are filled with 3 weeks to go before the end of online registration (I would not be surprised to see us fill up and have no ability to accept day of registrations - or have a waiting list).  We want to make sure archers get in and get the time they want - so we strongly encourage people to get registered ASAP.  There is slightly more availability for the 10AM time at this point. 
Archers of all abilities and ages are welcome - including Youth, Adult and Masters categories.  We're open to JOAD, 4H, TFAA, and all other youth and adult archers - no memberships are required to shoot or for an award.  Remember to pre-order the BBQ lunch for $5 too. 
Archery on Fire is a great range / location - and Woodlands JOAD is looking forward to welcoming clubs and individuals from across Texas!
9/14/2014: Results for the Pearland Archery's TOTS event held Saturday, Oct. 13, 2014 are posted.
9/8/2014: Coach Holly has announced a number of opportunities to get Level I and Level II USAA Instructor certification. Check the Training Ops Page.
9/5/2014: just a reminder - for the TOTS final event, practice will start at 10am and shooting for score will start at 11am....
8/29/2014: Tom Barker noticed an excellent presentation/document by Neil S E Foden, from the UK's Cheshire Archery Association, that speaks volumes to CLOUT archery. It focuses on the differences between the UK version of Clout and that of the World Archery rules version. Typically, the US Clout follows WA rules for the most part.
8/27/2014: The Labor Day Weekend Clout opportunity is being postponed. Thunderstorms are forecast for the Victoria area, and it is proving to be difficult for folks to juggle BOT the holiday family events and the shoot, so the organaizers will "shoot" for holding the clout event in the fall, circa October. We will keep you posted.
8/10/2014: FROM THE TOTS ORGANIZERS: In an effort to grant more weight to the TOTS series championship event, each archer's score from the final will be doubled before it is added to the total of their three highest TOTS scores of the regular season. By adding more weight to the series' final event, this will offer an opportunity for those archers who haven't quite shown their season potential yet a chance to showcase their improved skill set, and it will give the archers who lead their division incentive to still shoot their best at the TOTS championship event. It should be a fun event for all.

Archers who have shot in three or more regular season TOTS events are eligible to shoot for the TOTS championship. Their top three scores will be carried into the finals. Archers can check their scores and standings *here* to see where they rank. Those that haven't shot three or more season TOTS events are still welcome to come shoot on a space available basis against Texas' best for bragging rights and to give notice for next years TOTS season.

8/7/2014: the Championship TOTS event has an ongoing table of attendees here (pay at the door, but register now to allow for proper planning.

8/4/2014:POSTPONED! LABOR DAY CLOUT TOURNAMENT! Why is clout suddenly so popular? Because you get to shoot arrows way up in the sky, ON PURPOSE! Check this event out, hosted by TSAA and Straight Arrow Archery, sponsored by Victoria Regional Airport Commission. If you've never tried clout, no worries, Rick Stonebraker will be running the event and will be providing tips and hints. Flyer for the event. Register using the TOTS form to let Rick know how many to plan for. (Pay at the door).

7/30/2014: TEXAS SHOOTOUT! This ranking event is in College Station, hosted by the Aggie Archery Club, on September 26-28, 2014!
7/27/2014: TOTS Update: Victoria has joined Houston as being "All full up".
7/20/2014 : First clout shoot results have been posted here.
7/16/2014: The TOTS shoots continue, with an opportunity to compete out in the Midland-Odessa region. The Houston shoot, rescheduled for September, is now full.  
7/3/2014: Coach Holly is conducting a L1 & L2 USA Archery Instructor Certification Course the weekend of August 2-3, 2014, at TXAA’s Walnut Hill (Dallas) location. Recommended.
7/2/2014: REMINDER to get the word out to all your archery friends in North/West Texas - on July 26 in Gardendale (between Midland and Odessa, TOTS will be held, hosted by West Texas JOAD, wrangled by coach Mickey Estep - The limit for the shoot is the first 30 archers.  The location will be 16941 North Hollyhock, Gardendale, Texas  79758.  Check-in at 8:30 am and start shooting by 9:30 am. Will have drinks and snacks for sale at the field, but it would probably be a good idea to pack a lunch. SIGN UP HERE FOR TOTS EVENTS
7/2/2014: The latest TOTS tournament results have been posted, and the Houston TOTS (was rain delayed) has been set! Hosted by the Buffalo Field Archery Club, 13751 Clay Road, Houston 77043 - - - the Map , Practice to start at 9am, on SEPTEMBER 13th. This will be the last TOTS event before the Championship TOTS (C-TOTS) event on September 20th in Floresville. Email Lynda LeCompte at if you have questions about the Houston event.
MORE info will be posted regarding the format for the CTOTS, which will have a few "enhancements" to make it a leeetle more interesting and challenging for the archers.
6/23/2014: THERE WILL BE A CLOUT TOURNAMENT EVENT IN JULY near College Station? If you would like more information, email Rick Stonebraker!
6/22/2014: Kevin Albers has provided the results from the TOTS event yesterday, it is posted here.
We have some weekends in July where a northern TOTS would sure be nice - anyone interested in hosting please contact John Magera.
6/18/2014: TOTS ALERT!: The event for June 28 in Columbus is now full!
6/17/2014: TOTS are happening this weekend and again soon. Please check the registration page for all of the opportunities to shoot. There are TOTS shoots happening this weekend and next weekend!  We still have slots available for both College Station and Columbus.  To register and get more information head on over to the TOTS Information Page!
6/10/2014: TAMU Archery Club will be hosting the archery portion of the Texas Games (click here for information), a single round of 60 arrows shot indoors at their new indoor facility on the A&M campus, on August 2nd (Saturday). The TOTS event formerly scheduled for that day has been MOVED one day back, to Sunday, August 3rd. See the TOTS page for more info...
6/1/2014:Unofficial Results for the National Field event have been posted by USAA
6/1/2014: The next TOTS scheduled is in the College Station area: June 21stL Brazos 4-H Club(College Station Area) - Practice will start at 9am and scoring will start at 10am.  There are food places close by, but there will be some offerings at the field.  Shooting will take place behind Sam Rayburn Middle School in the field between the track and the soccer field.  Registrations can be sent to me at this same address.  Limit will be 40 archers. See the TOTs info page for the registration link.
5/25/2014: The USA Archery National Field Championship and World Team Trials are concluded. 96 archers competed, far exceeding the number last year. Several hundred photos are in albums on Facebook, "Texas State Archery Association" - please check our albums there, TAG your friends, and share what you like. For the FULL photograph experience, please use this link.
5/22/2014: Photos from the practice day of the National Field event are albumized!
5/11/2014: Tom Barker has provided the results for the TOTS event just held at Straight Arrow Archery in Victoria. Results are here.Many more TOTS events have been added to the info page and sign-up form!!
5/8/2014: There were no cancellations - all archers registered for the National Field are paid in full and set for the event. See the list here.
5/2/2014: as of 12:01 am, a late fee for the National Field now in effect. If you have not registered, paid, you have until end of day May 8 to register & pay. Registrations not paid by then will be voided.

5/1/2014: Photos from the TSAA State Field event have been posted to this link. and Additional photos by Michael Hojnacki


4/30/2014: TOTs results are updated.
4/30/2014: Results have been posted for the State Field event.
4/15/2014: Comfort Inn Suites in Columbus is the Host Hotel for BOTH the State Field event April 26th AND the National Field Archery event in May - $75 for standard room, and $95 for suites - mention the tournament during reservations to get this great rate!
4/12/2014: The results for the Texas Senior Games' Archery competition have been posted. American 900 Round shot at the National Shooting Center in San Antonio. It is a qualifier for the 2015 National Senior Games in MN.
4/10/2014: This is the LAST day left to order an Awesome Shirt
4/5/2014: SUBSCRIBE to the newsletter - the TSAA has moved to a new software for communicating via email newsletters and you need to subscribe if you want to continue getting emails from the TSAA!
4/3/2014: The TOTS results have begun coming in, and can be found at this link.
3/26/2014: Coach Holly will conduct another Level I & II Certification weekend May 24-25, 2014, in the north Dallas area. Check the Training Ops page
3/9/2014: The Lone Star Cup tournament is now definite for MARCH 29 & 30, 2014, and registration is open.
3/9/2014: Coach Lynda LeCompte is conducting a level II course in Alvin in May. For info, check the Training Ops page.
3/8/2014: The TSAA's 32nd State Field Tournament is scheduled for April 26 & 27. Info and registration is now available
3/1/2014: Several Level II certification courses will be conducted by Level III-NTS coach, Lynda LeCompte, April 5/6, May 10/11, in the Houston area. More information to follow, stay tuned to the Training Ops page!
3/1/2014: A complete archery timer system that you can make yourself? The FaceToFace tournament in France served as the development environment for this free (!) software which is "FITA" legal, and provides diagrams and instructions on building brilliant (even in Texas daylight) LED displays. Now added to the Softwares page.
3/1/2004: Now that the Indoor Season has ended with the USAA Indoor National event, we tune our bows to the outdoors! Announcing the 2014 TOTS program!
2/28/2014: The USAA has published an adobe acrobat file listing the latest records for best archery scores.
2/16/2014: Results for the JOAD Indoor at Straight Arrow Archery in Victoria are now up, and photos to follow....a number of records were re-set.
2/10/2014, 2000hrs: The late fee for the JOAD registration is now in effect. Registration will be accepted through Wednesday at 10pm (2/12/2014).
2/7/2014: Tim Humphrey, barebow archer in TSAA for many years, has designed a pretty neat timing system, which the TSAA has been using for the last few championships. He sent us some information for the purpose of marketing it. Here's the link...
2/4/2014: All of the seating for the banquet Saturday evening during the JOAD State Indoor has been sold.
2/4/2014: The level II course in Conroe is being postponed - will post the new date when it is determined.
2/3/2014: and registration continues for the JOAD Indoor. Remember that seating for the banquet is limited, and that limit is only 10 folks away...
2/3/2014: Results for the TSAA Indoor 2014 have been posted. Thanks to James Corral and the UT Archery club for hosting this event.
1/24/2014: Tom Barker spotted this - if you are good with tools and want to make your own archery equipment!
1/15/2014: Level One and Two Courses being held soon in Conroe, Texas!
USA Archery Level One Instructor Course:  Jan 27th (Monday) 8am to 4pm  (this was a requested date by 3 people, so we are going with Monday)
Please RSVP asap but no later than Jan 19th.
USA Archery Level Two Instructor Course: Feb 8/9 8am to 4pm (both days). Please RSVP asap but no later than Jan 30th. For more information see the training ops page
1/13/2014: Board bylaws for the coming Annual meeting.
1/13/2014: Information regarding the TSAA State Indoor JOAD tournament is posted at this link. Deadline is Feb 10th to sign up. The speaker for the banquet will be Olympian medalist Vic Wunderle.
1/7/2014:Check out Jake Kaminski and the new Hoyt Recurve innovation!
1/6/2014: Registration is now active for the State Indoor, to be held at UT in Austin, at the Anna Hiss Gym. For information and to register online, use this link.
1/1/2014: Registration for this event has been extended. Chris Kamilar is running an indoor tournament in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in January. Information sheet is at this link. (Note deadline is JANUARY 20)
12/19/2013: Training opportunity in the Columbus area - a hardware clinic by John Magera. Who would benefit from this clinic?
Any archer, instructor, coach, archery parent, and anyone who wants to expand their understanding....For more info...
12/8/2013: IN the DFW area, Level I & II Archery Instructor Certification the weekends of January 18-19, 2014, and February 22-23, 2014.  Contact:Holly Lawton Avendano, USA Archery Certified Level III-NTS Archery Coach & Texas Archery Academy - Manager & College Coordinator 512-943-2026
12/7/2013: Coach Derek Davis in an ABC interview on archery!
11/22/2013: LEVEL III-NTS certification course scheduled for February 7-9, 2014 in the North Austin area. Info on the Training Ops page
11/19/2013: Chris Kamilar is running an indoor tournament in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in January. Information sheet is at this link.
11/14/2013: RESULTS FOR THE CLOUT EVENT! Fluid Grid.
11/10/2013: Results from the Longhorn Indoor - Fluid Grids: JOAD FITA Note that tables don't shrink well into cell phones.
10/12/2013: Results from the 2013 TOTS event have been posted to the Results section. The TOTS information page is found here.
10/3/2013: Results for the State Target event have been posted.
9/20/2014: The Valor Games will be held in San Antonio this Monday-Wednesday. Check their website for more information on the Archery portion.
9/18/2013: If you have an android phone, you might like this app: Tuning your recurve/compound bow, by Jake Kaminski & Jesse Broadwater!
This map shows that we continue to enjoy visiting archers from throughout the world on the TSAA site. This counts not hits, but individual archers.
Click the map for a neat perspective on where your fellow archers are! The hit count for this website for 2012 was up by more than 2 million hits over 2011, totalling just over 7.2 million hits! Thanks to all for linking to our site!

9/14/2013: WADA has added to the banned substance list, which will be published online around October 1. Did you know that getting an IV of D5W in the ER or hospital *might* be problematic for an athlete unless proper paperwork is filed? From the press release regarding the new list: "Stimulants bupropion, caffeine, nicotine, phenylephrine, phenylpropanolamine, pipradrol, pseudoephedrine (< 150 micrograms per milliliter), synephrine, and narcotics hydrocodone, mitragynine, morphine/codeine ratio, tapentadol and tramadol have all been added to the 2014 Monitoring Programme for possible in-competition abuse. In addition, glucocorticosteroids have been added to the Programme for possible out-of-competition abuse. "

Vicodin is no longer an ok drug for archers, and "glucocorticosteroids" means drugs like prednisone and medrol dospaks...

9/14/2013: A great article about the growth of, and the existence of, the sport of archery nowadays. I suggest you link to it, share it on facebook, etc.... 
9/4/2013: Level III-NTS Coaching Course announced for the second weekend in October. USA Archery lists the requirements for eligibility to take this advanced course. It will be conducted by Ron (Level IV) and Lindsey(Level III) Carmichael in Cedar Park/Northwest Austin on the Friday PM, Saturday, and Sunday of October 11/12/13, 2013. Email Ron at for the particulars.

By Charmain and Joe Nelson:

we are holding a level 2 class on September 21 and 22 at Clydes Archery in Corpus Christi. We would like to have people register with us by September 7th

If you are interested, or need more information call Joe- 361-947-4877 or Charmain at 361-946-6383 or email is always good too - Joseph Nelson
8/13/13: The last four albums of photos are all rebuilt to fix a "failure to orient" issue in the software! Check the photograph index!.
8/9/2013: A new study is out on Archers in America. There is far more archers than you would think. Tom Barker notes that while it is a huge number, it does NOT include any archers under the age of 18, which means that there are likely TWICE as many archers as listed (in the webmaster's estimations<G>)...
8/1/2013: CLOUT! The shooting of arrows like in days of yore (as in over the castle walls) at a target flat on the ground. Rick Stonebraker has announced a CLOUT tournament for Labor Day. Check it out!
7/30/2013: RESULTS from the State JOAD Target Championship have been posted..
7/27/2013: PHOTOS from the 2013 State JOAD Target Championship have been posted...
This is really a unique, first, thing for the western half of the state getting to have an Olympic style target archery shoot! Let's see if we can make it work! ANY KIDS ARE WELCOME, NOT JUST TARGET ARCHERS!

Coach Mickey Estep out in west Texas is going to host a TOT’s Match provided we can generate some interest!

West Texas TOT’s will be held on August 3rd, 2013 in Gardendale Texas (Just North of Odessa and Midland, Texas)
Map link:

Same Format as Prior TOT’s events
Practice starts at 9 am and scoring starts at 10 am.
Please email Mickey Estep or call at 432-425-5175 to register or for more detailed information and directions. $20 per shooter, Field will be limited to first 36 archers.

Please spread the word - talk to folks in your local archery shops if you are in the region - let the kids shoot!

7/18/2013: The information page for the JOAD Target event has new information on matchplay. Please check it out!  
7/10/2013: Registrations for the State JOAD are coming in. Don't forget to register!
6/21/2013: TOTs 3 Results have been posted, and the next is more than half full!
Next TOTS 1080 round (T4) will be in Victoria, TX on June 29.  Be sure to contact Tom Barker with Straight Arrow archery to sign up!

We're looking for hosts for TOTS events in North Texas, so if you're interested in hosting a TOTS event, please contact John Magera with any questions you might have.
6/14/13: The official results for the National Field Championship are released, on both the USA Archery website and on this site (results page always has links to past events). Judging from the comments emailed in from participants, we set a pretty high bar to exceed next year. Satisfaction seems to be a-ok. See the number of 5s and 6s shot, as well as the final scores for some of the world's best archers! The top recurve archer remarked about how much fun this event was, a unique compliment!
6/7/2013: 7:15PM: Results from the USA Archery National Field Round have been posted. Photos can be found on our FaceBook page as well in our album.

5/31/2013: USA Archery Level One Instructor Class
June 9, 2013 held at Archery on Fire near The Woodlands, TX from 9-5. No previous experience necessary. Please email: Coach Overbeck to RSVP or with questions.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by webmaster for beginning archers and parents of same.

5/25/2013: The Texas Outdoor Target Series One-day/three-distance shoots are on, click for information! Next scheduled TOTS events is San Antonio (June 15th)

Results from the TOTS series have been posted.

5/22/2013: LEVEL I course in Austin, Texas June 8 & 9 - See the Training Ops for more information
5/21/2013: It is midnight on the east coast, and the post offices are now closed on the west coast, so I have implemented the late fee on the online PayPal payment options for the USA Archer National Field Championships. You might still be able to register and get a shooting slot, but it is on a first-come basis and NO registrations will be accepted after 5/28/2013. Our tally is currently about 70 archers. (!)
5/14/2013: There is no archery on the Eagle Lake Field Venue during Memorial Day weekend.
5/13/2013: Photos from the State Field event are being posted to the FaceBook page for the TSAA, please tag, share, and comment! and State Field results are now posted. Photos in the form of a photoalbum, from the State Field have been posted. Enjoy and Share!

I'm pleased to inform you that we will host the second Texas Outdoor Target Series, or "TOTS" event on May 18, here in Columbus, Texas.

Virtually everthing will remain the same from the first shoot, except we will be starting an hour later to give folks more time to drive in.  Since we finished so early last time, I figured why make folks get up any earlier than they have to on a Saturday morning, right?

So we'll start practice at 9:00 a.m. and scoring at 10:00 a.m. this time.

The only other change is that I'm going to try to put all the compound archers on bales together if possible, and have them all shoot the 6-ring 80cm face at their middle distance, and the vertical 3-spot 60cm face at their shortest distance, to keep with the direction that World Archery is going with outdoor compound target competition.  A lot of our archers did this anyway at the last shoot, so it would only be a change for perhaps some of the bowmen or cubs.

We can host up to 36 archers again.

I look forward to seeing your archers once again at the Colorado County fairgrounds.

Folks can call 979-733-8838 or email me at to register.
5/7/2013: RESULTS from the record-breaking State Field Championship have been calculated and posted. There were at least TWENTY-SEVEN new records set by the 80+ archers.
5/6/2013: The second TOTS event is on.  The 18th date is a go. From Director John Magera of T.H.E. JOAD:

Same as last time.  Concessions will be available again.  Same format, except that I'm going to have all the compound archers shoot a 6-ring 80cm face at their middle distance, and a vertical 3-spot 60 at their closest distance.  I think this is consistent with what WA is trying to do for compound archery, and it will free up space on the bales and save on arrows too.  

Max. of 36 archers for Saturday.  However, I may open up a Sunday line if we get over 30 registrations.
Practice will begin at 9:00 a.m. and scoring at 10:00.  

Folks can call 979-733-8838 or email me at to register.

Fee is still $20 per archer, with $5 of that going back to TSAA for awards at the end of the season (at State Outdoor).

Feel free to call or email with questions.  John Magera
5/6/2013: Want to learn to make your own bow? Want an excuse to get to the beautiful great white north of Canada? (British Columbia). TAKE OFF, HOSER umm, ARCHER, for Ravenbeak! Ravenbeak bowyering has classes! (and bows)
5/5/2013 3:30pm - the TSAA State Field event is done with shooting, awards to follow, and photo and results uploads will happen as time permits tonite!
5/5/2013: The first day of the State Field is done, with 80 or 81 archers shooting and 800+ photos posted. Photos from the State Target event are being posted to the FaceBook page for the TSAA. Conditions were essentially perfect. Today is likely to be a mite warmer.
4/29/2013: The State Field is at 79 archers, and registrations are closed. Thanks to all!
4/24/2013: The first TOTS event is done, and by all accounts a great time was had by those that came to shoot arrows in Columbus. Thanks to John Magera for pioneering what will be an excellent learning opportunity for young Texans.

4/2/2013(STICKY): The information for the USA Archery U.S. National Field Championships for 2013 (includes the World Games Team Trial for Recurve and Barebow) is now released to the public. Check this link for full information and for online registration.

The Texas Shootout is a few days hence! Thursday, Apr. 25, 2013 (12:00 PM) - Sunday, Apr. 28, 2013 (5:00 PM) at Texas A & M University on the Penberthy Rec Sports Complex, Intramural Fields in College Station, TX 77843 . (for Gmap navigation). You can get more information on the TAMU Archery Website to one of the premier target archery events in the US!
4/14/2013: Hey, Lloyd Brown has some videos.
4/14/2013: The Texas Outdoor Target Series One-day/three-distance shoots are on, click for information! The first event is just a week away, in Columbus and being hosted by T.H.E. JOAD - check the link to see how you can attend this neat new shoot!
4/12/2013: I frequently go to a bulletin board regarding archery, in England. I enjoy the enhanced vocabulary, the diversity of opinions, the gentlemanly give-and-take the British have, and their obvious dedication to learning more about something their culture has pioneered for centuries. Their webmaster posted a globe that I hadda steal, so here it is:
4/10/2013: Three excellent archery instructors in the Houston area are holding a level I instructor course - They are very active in scouting, butI do not think you do have to be a scout to take advantage of this great opportunity. Click here for the flier and information.
4/7/2013: Archery Family Decal - T.H.E. JOAD is raising funds for the nationals - this is a decal for automobiles, bowcases, etc... Click to see a picture of the decal, then contact Tammy Hilley to order one (only $12).
4/4/2013: TOTS. The TSAA has defined a new round of archery for the benefit of our archers for the 2013 outdoor season. We've decided to call it TOTS ( Texas Outdoor Target Series). Click on this link to learn about it. We have tentative dates & times for this innovative and friendly one-day, three-distance, outdoor tournament. We are looking for a few Texans to host events in May and July, the more the better....
Columbus April 20, 
Victoria on June 29, 
Bryan in August?

Need dates for May and July at least.

If we host the JOAD state outdoor in late July (July 27-28) we can offer day 1 of that event as a another qualifying 1080 round as well, so that would be six total before September.

The idea then would be for the first day of TSAA state outdoor to serve as the final event in the outdoor target series, with awards given at the end of day 1 for that series, similar to what TFAA does at their state indoor in Waco every year to wrap up their SYWAT series.

3/26/2013: Due to conflicts with a World Cup event, the dates for the USA Archery National Field event have changed to one day earlier: June 6, 7, & 8 (Thurs/Fri/Sat).
June 6 Thursday Official Practice
June 7 Friday Practice followed by 24 unmarked targets
June 8 Saturday Practice followed by 24 marked targets

3/18/2013: Information on the TSAA State Field Championship
3/16/2013: Information on the Lone Star FITA, a four-distance, Star FITA outdoor tournament on April 6 & 7, 2013, has been posted and registrations are now active! 
3/18/2013: RSS - Subscribe to Texas Coaching Corner by Email
3/17/2013: The USA Archery USA TEAM requirements for 2013/2014 includes Para Team.
3/4/2013: TSAA President Michael Hojnacki has a new website for coordinating his archery coaching - BCS Archery!
3/4/2013: Cinnamon Creek Archery in the DFW area is holding a money purse tournament on March 23 & 24th. For more information please check this acrobat file. Mike Hojnacki and Holly Avendano will be holding an USAA Level I Instructor Certification course at Cinnamon Creek on April 20/21. Information will be posted here soon.
3/1/2013: An archery club in Philadelphia started shooting a particular round about a year before Texas Independence - in 1835. They've been keeping records of this ever since, and are trying to grow their round's popularity. You can read all about this 84-arrow, 80 yard, 122cm target (scoring by color, 9-7-5-3-1) round on their website. It is a mail-in event, to be done by 12/31/2013, and we could conduct it during the state target shoot if there is any interest by the membership.If you want a hardcopy to post as a flyer at your club, use this acrobat file!
2/26/2013: CERTIFICATION IN TEXAS IS AN ONGOING THING! The latest course I've heard about is a Level II opportunity - Steve Overbeck and Tom Barker will be doing an intermediate instructor class (level 2) in cooperation with the Pearland Parks Department in Pearland April 6,7. Contact Tom at for details.
2/26/2013: Andrew Hood, Level IV-NTS coach, traveled from the UK to Chula Vista to get his certification as an NTS coach! Find him in the UK at this website - Feathers and Fletchings .
2/24/2013: Results for the Senior Event, the State Indoor Championship, have been posted. Also the results for the JOAD Indoor. 27 records changed hands.  24 JOAD archers in the north venue, 47 at the south JOAD venue (total 71) and for the adults a total of 95, with 30 in the north, and 65 in the south venue. Links for both tournaments are on
2/24/2013: This is the 30th year of existence for the TSAA (Texas State Archery Association) - the sole state of Texas chapter for the USA Archery, National Governing Body for the Olympic Sport of archery in the United States by direction of the US Olympic Committee, National Chapter of the International Olympic Committee. We continue to proudly serve archery in all aspects for the great State of Texas as well as the world community.
2/24/2013: There is an archery discussion board in the UK called the Archery Interchange UK. Nice folks, lots of good & interestingdiscussions about archery (primarily target as opposed to hunting), and aside from some funny spelling, I find it fun.
2/17/2013: Results from the UT State Indoor event will be held until after the second half is completed in Plano on the 24th, combined, and then published as an official result.
2/17/2013: Election Results from the general meeting: Michael Hojnacki, President; Ron Carmichael, Vice-President; Karin Magera, Treasurer & Angela Spangler, Secretary (both replacing Gina Carmichael who has held the combined role for > 10 years), John Magera, JOAD Coordinator. Minutes will be posted in the next day or so.
2/7/2013: Houston has two new JOADs, as well as a Houston Area Archery Lessons and Indoor Range, opened by James Loesch. Click the link for more information on James's range. Archery is really cooking in the Houston area!
2/6/2013: MAP of Texas JOADs/Clubs including addresses and contact information, "Drive To" options.
2/2/2013: MAP of ARCHERS in Texas - 811 give or take a few, listed in a general method.(No names, addresses, emails, etc.)
1/30/2013: Map of Texas Coaches. If you are a Texas coach certified by USAA, write the webmaster with your information to get added!
1/28/2013: An alert just came in: Viking Archery the Business establishment which ran the JOAD program closed its door. Scott Whiteford is trying to keep the doors open and has registered a new JOAD club under the name of Greater Houston Archery JOAD.
The new club meets at
9701 Honeywell
Houston, TX  77074
On saturdays at 10.15 AM - please contact Scott if you can participate or give support.
1/28/2013: Announcing a Level I archery Instructor training class.  It is scheduled for Saturday, February 9th from 9 until 6 pm.  Come join us.  Cost of the course is $100.  Please let us know if you are interested.  The class is limited to a maximum of 15 people. Gander Mountain Lodge, 290
and Hwy 6, Houston, Texas. CONTACT EMAIL.
1/24/2013: A new Texas JOAD:
"Woodlands Archery JOAD" with USA archery and been chartered.  They meet at "Archery on Fire" a new indoor/field/3-D facility just east of The Woodlands.

Contact information:
Name: Woodlands Archery JOAD
Steve Overbeck Cell: 281-772-3710
1/5/2013: USA Archery has revealed an ONLINE COACHING LOCATOR feature. I note happily that some 8 of the 11 Level IIIs in Texas came through a certification course I helped with. Let's make some more! Any Level IIs interested in stepping up to the USAA Level III, check out the training ops page!
1/5/2013: Dave Cousins revealed one of the tools he enjoys using that anyone else can get as well. I think it teaches one to shoot the 10-ring where ever it is, rather than always in the center, and is much better even than even a three-spot. ON the Lancaster site. (and thanks, Dave!)
1/2/2013: For about the last ten years I have sent out either newsletters or text email newsblips and I just sent out the first one for 2013 - And for 2013 I resolve to store those blips on where else, the Blips page. If you did not get your newsblip (read the one posted to see if you might be interested) and you would like to get them, simply send an email to the
1/2/2013: Roanoke, Texas - Cinnamon Creek Ranch - an unusual name for a great archery facility in north Texas. Cinnamon Creek Ranch is a premier archery facility with indoor/outdoor ranges and pro-shop. We are located in Roanoke, TX, just minutes from the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. Archery is a rapidly growing sport in the North Texas area and Cinnamon Creek Ranch caters to both dedicated bowhunters as well as serious target archers.
3/18/2013: RSS feed for Coaching Corner

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12/17/2012: Tom Barker has sent in the results of the South Texas 4H Indoor Championship event. See those numbers here.
12/14/2012: I am happy to note that there is a new archery club in Brownwood, a couple hours northwest of Austin, on the campus of Howard Payne University!
12/1/2012: Results are posted for the JOAD event here and for the FITA round here. Photos from the Longhorn Indoor 2012 event have been posted to this location.
11/28/2012: The calendar of 2013 events has been updated with some of the major FITA-type events, some championships, and such....use the link on the left.
11/16/2012: T.H.E. JOAD of Columbus is on the Main Page of USA Archery!

Austin-area Level 3 Coaching Certification/Education course will be held the weekend of January 25, 26, and 27, 2013 in multimedia lecture room 22 of the Anna Hiss Gym Archery Range on the University of Texas Campus.

Check the Training Opportunity Page (link in the left menu column)

11/14/2012: The results for the south Texas 4H Indoor tournament at Dewitt County have been released and are now on the 4-H season calendar/results page.
11/8/2012: The USA Archery has released a JOAD Email.
11/6/2012: Results were received today for the Victoria County 4H Indoor tournament and have been posted to the 4H Master Calendar for Indoor Tournaments 2012

10/29/2012: Information and registration for the UT Longhorn Indoor can be found at this link.

The Aggie Indoor has information at this link.

10/22/2012: 4H - Jackson County Results have been posted.
10/20/2012: The USAA/NFAA Level II INstructor Certification course conducted by Lindsey and Ron Carmichael is confirmed, and the deadline for you to sign up and us being able to order sufficient course materials is rapidly approaching. The course will be Nov. 3/4, 2012 in Cedar Park (NW Austin). There is room for 3 more students at most, at this time. For full information, use this link. The order PayPals are received will determine participation.
10/11/2012: QR code for cell phones, with an intro.
Straight Arrow Archery is trying to coordinate a group order of American Whitetail TM 50 and AR 152 archery target matts for a shipment to Victoria, Texas.  We need about 20 targets to get the shipping down to a reasonable amount.
Information on the AR  152 can be found here:

Information on the TM 50 can be found here:

The quoted price to us delivered is about $150 for the TM 50 and $250 for the AR 152.  The approximation is based on the amortized shipping of at least 20 bales.  The order will be placed around November 7.  All target matts can be picked up at Straight Arrow Archery in Victoria, Texas once they arrive.  Please send to Tom Barker ( the number and type of target you want.  Payment can be made at the time of pickup.  Tom hopes he does not regret not getting a deposit from anyone ordering a target matt.
9/24/2012: It's official per this announcement today from USA Archery: "The U.S. National Field Championships – and World Games Team Trials for recurve and barebow shooters – will take place in Texas in June." For more information, I will set up an index page that will evolve with information as the event draws near. Much planning has already gone into the event - be aware that Rick Stonebraker will be heading up this project for the TSAA, and the location will be the same exotic animal ranch that has been the venue for the last 12 or so State Field Championships. To see what it is like, check the photographs index on the left, and click on any of the listings for Field tournaments. More as it develops!
9/24/2012: The indoor season for the South Texas 4H has been set and the 4H page updated with a link to the calendar of events/locations. As each set of results are provided to me I will update the calendar with the results. Pictures are encouraged! Just email them to the (There are still a number of counties with no contact information/location information - please forward to me if possible)
9/17/2012: Level IV coach Ron Carmichael and Level III coach Lindsey Carmichael will hold a level I course on a Saturday in October, a level II in November, and a Level III in the first few weeks of December, all in the Austin region. To start, the level I will be held during one long Saturday - 7am to 9pm, with frequent short breaks....go to this link for full information about the THREE upcoming certification opportunities...

9/14/2012: The scorecards for the TSAA State Target have been added up, arrow by arrow, and all records identified. Twenty-one records were set by 11 TSAA archers. The final version of the results has been posted. David Morring has shot video footage and edited together a short film of the 30th State Target event. Really well done! Here is the link to the video on vimeo.

9/11/2012: The A&M Indoor Invite tournament has been changed from Nov 9-11 to Nov 2-4. Mark your calendars!
9/11/1012: The 30th State Target Championship has been completed, the field sits empty in Plano till their hot air balloon fest this fall, and unofficial results have been posted on the results index. As soon as I can finish vetting all the arrow scores I'll update the page to indicate any new state records, and put another note right up here. Thank you to the city of Plano, to Clint Montgomery and Tony Fontana, to the many volunteers who helped us to have a successful event. We had more than 50 archers, more than 35 NASP shooters, and I found the view well worth the drive. Thanks to all.
9/7/2012: Target Assignments are done, the State Target Shoot is on! See you Sat. AM bright and early.
9/1/2012: DEADLINE is today for the 30th State Target Shoot to avoid a late fee!
8/27/2012: The hosting club for this year's Target Championship in Plano is the Texas Archery Academy.
8/12/2012: Registration is now active: 30th Annual TSAA State Target Championship- September 8th and 9th, in Plano, Texas, near the intersection of East Spring Creek Parkway and East Parker Road, just days before the Shootout - plan NOW to warm up for the Shootout with the TSAA. View Registrants
8/9/2012: Surprising Star of the Olympic Games!

8/3/2012: NBC is making every archery match available for online (internet) viewing in high definition! If you get your NBC through a cable or a satellite, chances are you can sign on at and choose to REPLAY videos of entire days of shooting. This is the most coverage ever, the best thing for archers around the US and the world to see. Check it out!

NBC: Archery most viewed sport

Updated: August 2, 2012, 1:16 PM ET
Associated Press

NEW YORK -- Archery is the new curling.

NBC said Thursday that during the first few days of its Olympics coverage, archery was the most popular sport of any that it aired on its cable networks -- bigger even than basketball. Archery averaged 1.5 million viewers when it came on TV.

NBC Sports Group chairman Mark Lazarus attributed the interest in part to the popularity of "The Hunger Games" getting young people interested in bows and arrows. American archer Brady Ellison is also a big draw.

It is reminiscent of when recent Winter Olympics telecasts fueled an interest in curling.
Copyright 2012 by The Associated Press

TO get into the mood...

7/24/2012: I have updated the JOAD page's links to information about the USA Archery pins functions, including the link to the USA Archery Programs page where all of the information can be found. Pretty pins!

7/19/2012: Who among us Texan archers remember how to write a letter?

If you have ever met or just admired from afar the Trafford family of archers, it would be a good thing if you were to write a couple of good old-fashioned letters.

TWO of the Traffords have begun serving the USA through military service. Both Rachel and Heather are in the depths of the most taxing and harsh levels of training and are doing very well. But.

In this time, they are isolated in many ways and don't have much opportunity to hear about the outside world. No Facebook (no electronics at all, OMG) . No news. No newspapers, magazines, virtually nothing except....personal letters mailed through the US Mail.

They have both given the next few years of their lives to serve us. Can you take the next few minutes, and a single postage stamp, to simply write them, tell them a little bit about what's going on in say, your neck of the woods and archery? It doesn't have to be long, just something informative and interesting, that will help them to feel linked to our community. Heather has been appointed to the Naval Academy and Rachel, to the US Air Force Academy where she is currently undergoing Survival/Escape/Evasion training.

Please take a moment to write each of these archers. Heather will still be allowed to represent the US on the team she won a place to, in France in the World Field Championships very shortly (the admiral in charge of her training has granted her unique permission to do this which is a wonderful and unusal thing), though currently she is allowed only a rubber bungy to practice with. I am sure with her lifetime of shooting that she will be competitive, but if you, reading this, could be persuaded to write letters to her and her sister, you would be doing a profoundly great thing!

Please write letters, include something good & interesting (the Olympics, for example - positive things) from the newspaper or your favorite magazine, that young ladies might enjoy perhaps, and then next week, write again. Set a reminder on your smart phone so you remember to do it again in a week, and over the next month, please write as often as you can. Mail call in the military is a BIG thing, and sending letters to Heather and to Rachael can give them a lift that helps them suceed. Write, please, and do it often!

MIDN Heather Trafford  
US Naval Academy
L Company 22 Platoon
Annapolis‎ MD‎ 21412 United States Rachaels address is;
Cadet Rachael Trafford
PO Box 4439
USAF Academy‎ CO‎ 80841 United States


7/19/2012: More positive news coverage about archery, this time up in the DFW area, where a hotspot is evolving in a BIG way! Click here to see and read about the Texas Archery Academy in Plano!

7/11/2012: From Cindy Bevilacqua: "For everyone who wants to follow Team USA Archers in London. If your cable or satellite package includes CNBC or MSNBC you can live stream the Olympics for FREE. Just follow the directions, it's pretty simple. You will need a username and password from your provider, which is easy enough to do on most providers websites. They have the schedule and replays will be available. Sign up to watch and cheer! Look out London here come Team USA! liveextra/help/index.html"

7/8/2012: Every archer becomes attached to their equipment, especially their risers. It's only natural to want to customize the appearance of all parts of the bow, and two resident athletes (Joe Fanchin and Kristin Braun) from the OTC have begun offering a customized paint solution using high-quality products and advanced techniques...check things out, and decide how creative you want to be...
6/24/2012: Trial Balloon: Coaches Corner
6/22/2012: I have finally gotten two of the NAA History books digitized and posted. Thanks to Arlyne Rhode for permission to do this.
6/15/2012: John Magera, Olympian archer and Coach, shares his knowledge with both youth and adults, in the Columbus area just west of Houston. See more information on the Training Ops page.
6/15/2012: FORTY-FIVE INTERNATIONAL TRIPS! This is an astonishing number for such a "young" archery club! READ MORE!
6/15/2012: Great video of an arrow in flight, from the side! - about 24 megs, takes a few seconds (No CGI Involved)

PERSONAL COACHING EXCELLENCE: 2008 Beijing Bronze medalist, Lindsey Carmichael, is a USA Archery level 3 coach and world class competitor. She is well versed in the National Training System (NTS) method of bow shooting and conducts private one-on-one archery classes in the North Austin/Leander/Cedar Park/Lago Vista area near North Austin in Central Texas. For more information on her career in archery please refer to Wikipedia. Ages 7 and up, no equipment or experience is necessary. Email Lindsey with "archery lesson" in the subject, for information and to inquire about a personal class.

in the South Austin area, exists the Austin Archers JOAD. In Victoria the go-to school is Straight Arrow Archery. All three provide training to excellence in archery following the USA Archery's National Training System (NTS), and supply gear for students to use..

6/4/2012: Colorado Springs, CO - NBC Olympics has announced that it will live stream all medal events from all 32 summer sports during the upcoming Olympic Games in London. Archery will enjoy full live streamed coverage, including HD-quality replays and DVR capabilities.

Fans excited about seeing archery live from the Olympic Games can get alerts for viewing schedules, and will also be able to watch from their mobile device, taking the Olympic experience with them on the go. Tablet and mobile apps will be available from For complete information, visit

6/3/2012: RESULTS and PHOTOS from the TSAA State JOAD Target event have been posted! A subset of photos can be found on the TSAA page on FaceBook!(tell your relatives, for example) Darrell Klimitchek also provided a great number of photos from the field tournament, which have been uploaded to this location.
5/31/2012: Ron Carmichael & Lindsey Carmichael will conduct a LEVEL 3 (Community Coach) Certification Course in the next month or two (TBD), depending on interest. Course will be limited to no more than 12 instructors wishing to gain the next level, coaching. If you wish to participate, you must already be a practicing instructor and able to pass the opening test. Please write to the webmaster if you wish to participate. For more information...
5/25/2012: If you have ever been to the San Diego Zoo, or to Balboa Park itself, it MIGHT get a FITA-legal, wheelchair-accessible, archery range IN BALBOA PARK! Only if enough archers who might benefit will write in to voice support for municipal support of archery. You might end up at a national ranking event in Balboa park some day, but only if you take a moment to compose a few words to support this effort, and then copy/paste it into emails to the board members that decide the fate of this archery field. Do something good for archery, read this letter from the folks in California, and remember that Balboa is in San Diego, just a few miles from ARCO OTC...

5/25/2012: You should know by now that Texas is fortunate to have a boatload of archers representing the United States in the World Archery Championships. USA Archery does not fund the archers' expenses - they get the right to represent, but they have to find the money to make the trip. Can you help with a donation (of any amount)?

Here is a summary by Brandi Brannan-Barthels:

South Texas - Archery World Field Championships France

Ten current or former members of the South Texas Archery JOAD Club will be representing the United States in Val D'Isere, France in August after earning spots on the prestigious World Archery Field Team. Many months of preparation paid off for the archers as they competed in the trials in Spokane, Washington, May 10-13, 2012. Victoria natives Hunter Barthels and Allison Williams will be shooting on the men's and women's junior compound teams respectively. Corpus Christi residents Emily Fischer will join Allison on the ladies junior compound team and sister, Katie Fischer will be shooting in the ladies junior barebow division.

Additionally, the majority of these archers shoot both TSAA as well as Texas Field Archery Association tournaments to work on improving their shooting. These archers would like to thank both organizations for allowing them these opportunities in Texas!

View the USA Archery Press Release

5/16/2012: Tom Barker spotted a nice article in Dallas about the Texas Archery Academy in Plano. Here's a different online-version.
5/15/12: Jeff Hoag, father of archer Luke, has shared a number of excellent photos from this year's State Field event.
5/15/02: This just in from the organizers of the JOAD State Target, Karen and John Magera:
"Just wanted to let you know (and ask you to help get the word out!) that there WILL be RV hookups available at the Fairgrounds.  The cost is $25/night.  Electricity (30amp only) and water is available - no sewer.  If anyone is interested, they should contact Paul Schlaudraff at 979/733-0020."

5/13/2012: This news just in, via Facebook and Tom Barker:

So proud of the current members and alumni of South Texas Archery JOAD club. Hunter Barthels, Allison Williams, Emily Fischer! Katie Fischer, Hardy Trafford, Miriam Trafford, Rachael Trafford, and Li Ping Trafford as well as Jory Schroeder will be representing in France after making the USA world field team. Special shout out too to Jeremy Minor and Heather Barthels for competing even though they got beat. They shot up an age division for the experience and no one should bet against them in two years when they apply the lessons learned this week. Also, a special recognition on how to compete to Skip Trafford who basically shot blind. No Quit doesn't even to begin to describe that mans approach. Inspiration to all of our archers. For the story on the Trafford Family, see below, and for the academy of archery excellence that these archers shoot from (mentored by Gene Kacir and Tom Barker), please check out Straight Arrow Archery.

Finally, special thanks to the parents - I still can't believe it.

05/12/2012:Longtime TSAA-participant and supporter, Skip Trafford of LA has been elected to the USAA Board of Directors! Most will know of the Trafford family, a veritible VonTrapp family of diverse excellence through and through, especially with regard to Archery in many disciplines. Here is the link to the official notice on USA Archery.Org . And for a great writeup about the entire family, please view this link to the FITA website. And also, check out this special page devoted to the Traffod Family's exploits!
5/9/2012: I have posted the results from the State Field Championship, provided by course designer and tournament director, Rick Stonebraker. Congratulations to all of the participants, and adios to the 26 records that fell during the event!
5/7/2012: One month from now, on June 2-3, plan to shoot in the TSAA STATE JOAD TARGET CHAMPIONSHIP (adults welcome). For the 11th year, registration online now operating, and we have added "payment online" as an option now as well.
5/6/2012: Results from the State Field event will be posted ASAP. Thanks to all the participants! The registration page for the JOAD Target event is being prepared and will be available very soon. Our switch to the PAYPAL payment method is complete and secure at this point. Even refunds for cancellations is quick and easy! Please mark your calendars for June 2nd and 3rd, and plan to head for Columbus, between Houston and San Antonio, for the premier youth archery event of Texas!
4/22/2012: ATTN all: relaying a message to you - My name is Emily Kennard, and I am a production coordinator for Trailblazer Studios in Raleigh, NC.  We are a full-fledged production company, producing content for cable networks, advertisement companies, and everything in-between.  You can check our website here:

I am currently researching archery in hopes of a new production featuring this intense, unique sport, which is growing in popularity. I thought your Association might be a good place to start. I was wondering if you could pass this email along to your fellow members, or if you could perhaps give me some information yourself?

We are looking for a family with an interest in archery - archery is a common interest, hobby & perhaps even way of life for the entire family.  Would you know of any family which fits this description? Or if not, do you know of someone who might?

Thanks so much for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you. Please let me know if you have questions.

Best, Emily
Emily Kennard
Trailblazer Studios
1610 Midtown Pl.
Raleigh, NC 27609
W: 919.645.6621
C: 216.394.2195
4/22/2012: The State Field in Eagle Lake is drawing near - don't forget to register now! Contact Rick Stonebraker if you want to help set up the targets - parties are being organized now...
4/22/2012: Tom Barker found this interesting tool for generating score sheets.
4/7/2012: Instructor course to be held April 28-29, 2012 in south Austin. Click here for more information.
03/26/2012: Registration Information for the TSAA State Field has been posted here. Once again we are using the PayPal option for those that do not want to mail a check.
RESULTS FROM THE State Indoor Tournament (Austin) - Feb 17-19,2012(updated 2/22/2012)
2/21/2012: Results from the State Indoor in Austin have been posted.

2/18/2012: The University of Texas Archery Club visits the Texas State NASP championships in Belton on Friday, 2/17/2012, and showed hundreds of young archers that there Is life after the genesis bow and elementary school. Coach Ron Carmichael gave micro-clinics to many parents and coaches on the NTS method and the US Collegiate Program throughout the day.

Lindsey Carmichael, UT Grad, 2004 world record setter(Athens) and 2008 Beijing medalist, provided motivational talks and demonstration shooting with Hans Huang, Renae Patowski, Will Collins, Ian Smith from the club also providing demo shooting of the KSL shot cycle way. Hundreds of autographs later, the students, while dining over an all-you-can-eat Texas-sized meal at the Round Rock Salt Lick BBQ, pronounced the day an unquestionable success. View Album

2/18/2012: The stats for the last few months are posted to this page. HELLO WORLD! There are an astounding number of countries wherein archers visit Texas. Thousands upon thosands! millions of times!
2/13/12: Asus is still holding my unreparable laptop hostage, and has offered to send me a different, discontinued and out of market alternative. wee. no really, weeeeee......
2/7/2012: JOAD State Indoor results from the North and South venues have been combined and are now posted in the results section of the website. Here's the direct link to that page.
2/2/2012: The "SCHEDULE" / "CALENDAR" page has been updated for 2012 with most of what I know is happening. If you see something needs mending or fixin', or know of something that should be included, please let me know. The dates and locations for the State Field, State JOAD Target, & State Target events will be set after the meeting we hold on the Saturday PM of the State Indoor Event.
2/2/2012: It's not too late to register to participate in the second half of the TSAA State JOAD Indoor tournament, since it is being held in both a "north" and a "south" location (Plano and Victoria). Plano is the location this weekend (Saturday, Feb 4, 2012). And don't forget to register online (and PayPal for it if you want - this new feature is working GREAT) for the State Indoor in a couple of weeks. See the gold box above.
2/1/2012: With the addition of coach Tom Barker to the faculty for the upcoming CCC course, we are taking a total of 12 (rather than 10) students, and still have several places open. If you are a USAA certified instructor and wish to "take it to the next level" and become a coach with far more tools at your disposal, you need to sign up quickly! Check this link for the information page
1/29/2012: My apologies to all who have been inconvenienced by the computer failure during our events registration. During a Coaching Seminar last week at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, my ASUS laptop that I had *everything* on, stopped charging so I had to send it in overnight to Asus. Ten days later they still have not returned it, so I have resurrected an old machine and rebuilt the functions needed to handle the registrations. I'm sooooo glad I paid more than $125 for overnight service to get the laptop to Asus, just so they could sit on it for what may be weeks. Never again will I place my trust in Asus products, even for warranty service - I've had to send it in TWICE since I bought it. <grrrr> At this point I believe all registrations are current and posted on the links above in the gold box. Please let me know at if you see a problem with your registration?
1/14/2012: We are going to give TSAA members a new payment option for tournaments.  PayPal.  In the upcoming TSAA State Indoor Championship, you can register online just as you have for the last 10 or 12 years, but now once registered, you will have the option to pay via PayPal if you wish, instead of mailing a check to us. THIS IS A PART OF THE TRIAL OF PAYPAL(and so far it is working quite well).  You still can pay by check if you wish.  For the 2012 TSAA State Indoor Championship, being held at UT in Austin, TX, click here.
1/14/2012: Some interesting graphical statistics concerning our website's traffic.
1/11/2012: Again announcing the Level 3/Community Coaching Course being held Feb. 10-12 in Austin.

1/11/2012: Further evidence of the effects Tom Barker and Gene Kacir are having on the youth of the small town of Victoria: A great writeup of TWO archers they coach who are THIS CLOSE to making the highest ranks of US Team Archers.

1/3/2012: Tom Barker noted that for 2012 Texas has a continuing influence in the US elite archery ranks:  "Victoria Haynes, Ladies Junior Compound, and Hunter Barthels, Gentleman Cadet Compound, from Victoria, Texas join Kayleigh Rogers, Ladies Junior Compound from Plano, Texas,  and Mackenzie Brown, Ladies Cadet Recurve from Flint, Texas on the elite Junior USAT team of youth archers. Congratulations to the Texas Junior USAT members."

12/29/2011: A friend in Italy has brought to my attention new software called BOW COACH (Currently for the IPHONE only at this point).  In order to read his website and find out more about it, I've used GOOGLE TRANSLATE features - if you use this link, and on any subsequent link on the website, hover over a link with your mouse, you SHOULD/will see a popup tootip offer from Google to translate and read in English the entire link destination - very accurate, all things considered, that provides a good idea of what the software does. I will add this to the SOFTWARES page ASAP, but I wanted to put this up before I head for work at the pharmacy today.  Use the friend link to email the Italian if you wish more information, but I suggest you pre-translate your questions into Italian for both greater success and as a courtesy.  Be sure to check out their fascinating "DIMPLEPOINT" arrow points that have documented aerodynamic benefits.  I actually saw a VW bug that was once treated this way in Austin (Keeing it Weird).  There are several downloadable documents on the performance of the dimplepoint on arrow dynamics.   I hope they are able to create an Android App version soon!
12/29/2011: A friend in Italy has brought to my attention new software called Bow Coach (Currently for the IPHONE only at this point).  In order to read his website and find out more about it, I've used GOOGLE TRANSLATE features - if you use this link, and on any subsequent link on the website, hover over a link with your mouse, you SHOULD/will see a popup tootip offer from Google to translate and read in English the entire link destination - very accurate, all things considered, that provides a good idea of what the software does. I will add this to the SOFTWARES page ASAP, but I wanted to put this up before I head for work at the pharmacy today.  Use the friend link to email the Italian if you wish more information, but I suggest you pre-translate your questions into Italian for both greater success and as a courtesy.  Be sure to check out their fascinating "DIMPLEPOINT" arrow points that have documented aerodynamic benefits.  I actually saw a VW bug that was once treated this way in Austin (Keeing it Weird).  There are several downloadable documents on the performance of the dimplepoint on arrow dynamics.

12/27/2011: The TSAA has posted the tournament information for the 2012 State JOAD Indoor tournament. For the 30th anniversary, it will be held in TWO locations on two successive weekends, in order to help more archers participate.  It will be held in the NORTH Texas area in PLANO, and in the SOUTH Texas area, in VICTORIA.  Since Texas is more than 790 miles in length, 770 miles in width, giving our youth archers the chance to avoid 6 hours of driving to get to the venue means we have twice the chance for participation.  Thanks to the evolution of an excellent archery center in Plano, we can now "divvy" it up and well, we have!  For more information, and to register ONLINE once again for the 13th or 14th year running, use this link please...

NOTE that you can shoot in both events, but only the first time you shoot will count towards championship in your division, the second time will be for fun if you want.

12/23/2011: For those that remember the Sag board, which is based in the Netherlands, there is another very neat, similarly useful site in the same country ; a site dedicated to digitizing old archery documents and books and sharing them with the world.  They do it on their own dime, much as I do with this site, so if you should happen to see value in what they are doing, consider dropping a coin in the till, so to speak.

Check this website out: 

and don't forget the images of the scrapbooks from the early 1900's of archery happenings in the US, including some pretty interesting photos that demonstrate well, excellent form in some cases, these I have put up on the USA Archery Records website for posterity:

12/20/2011: Just a quick note - a bit of a tease - expect the upcoming indoor state joad to be held in simulcast mode, both north and south Texas.  More to follow as the board solidifies the plans....

12/19/2011: Locate an arrow in the target for scoring automatically!  Proving that Archery is truly a world-wide phenomena, archer/programmers in Hungary have devised...(. Click here to go to the Softwares Page to view the rest of the information on what may end up being in every club's toolkit! (as well as every FITA world event!)  FALCO EYE has an excellent idea in the works.  You really want to read more on this!!!
12/14/2011: The results from the district championship for the District 11 of the Texas 4-H have been posted.  Wow.  GREAT scores, and some 120 archers got together to shoot, compete, and share in a unique experience.  Click here for the table of all of the results from all of the venues from the indoor season.
11/29/2011: Ok, I admit it. I LOVE technology. :)   

11/18/2011: A snippet of results from Guadalajara 2011 - the ParaPan American Games!

Women's Standing Recurve ParaPan Ranking Round Results:

Position/Back No./ Name /Country Code /70m 70m 70m 70m 10s Xs Score

1 13B LAYOLLE Patricia BRA 252 / 3 259 / 3 261 / 3 272 / 1 19 4 1044
2 13A FORD Eileen Mary USA 261 / 2 269 / 1 264 / 2 245 / 3 11 3 1039
3 14A HESS D'arce Raelene USA 268 / 1 243 / 4 258 / 4 260 / 2 9 3 1029
4 15A WELLS Natalie Lynn USA 229 / 4 261 / 2 269 / 1 222 / 4 13 5 981
5 14B TREMBLAY Lyne CAN 195 / 5 215 / 5 210 / 5 197 / 5 4 2 817
The US ladies go on to win Gold (13A), Silver(15A), and Bronze(14A).  Congratulations to Team USA & read more at USA Archery

11/16/2011: I've gotten a lot of emails from people that want to both take the CCC course AND to shoot at A&M, so the course that was to be held the first week of December is being postponed to February 11th. Please mark your calendar if you want to participate in this Community Coaching Certification Course. 
11/11/2011: DeWitt County 4H Indoor Results Are Posted
COMMUNITY COACHING CERTIFICATION COURSE:  In Austin, TX, at the University of Texas Archery Range on the first weekend of December  - start Friday afternoon, Dec. 2 through Sunday Dec 4th.  For full course information please refer to the USA Archery website at this location. Scroll down to the "Community Coach" information section.  Please note the requirement including the background check that MUST be performed. This course will be conducted by Ron Carmichael and Alex Meyer.  Please email the webmaster if you wish to attend, the sooner the better as seats are limited.  The cost of $250 includes all materials.  Course will be limited to a maximum of 14 candidates/students.

11/7/2011: In keeping with the bylaws of the TSAA, this is an announcement of an executive board meeting to be held at College Station during the A&M Aggie Indoor tournament.  Specific time and location will be posted here in due course. Agenda will include the submission of bids for the upcoming years' tournament hosts, and any other items submitted to the president, Mike Hojnacki, for the agenda. Email him using president "AT" (replace this with the symbol) .

11/3/2011: Results from the latest in the series of tournaments held throughout south Texas during the fall season by the Four-H district - Victoria Results, have been posted.  There were a LOT of archers for this event!
10/29/2011: Added a new applet of code to show you where all the visitors are from that visit the Texas Website.  Google Analytics shows me, the webmaster, for example that for 2011 we have had 70,000+ unique visitors (not engine bots), from just about everywhere in the world! Click here for some interesting data breakouts.
10/21/2011: The steamroller of 4H indoor archery events keeps going - the results for the Goliad County shoot have been posted, at this link.
In addition information on the changes to the archer divisions, distances, targets, etc. has been posted along with contact information of the people involved , the link is on the Seasonal Calendar
10/12/2011: The 4H archery program in south Texas is famously active, each year bringing hundreds of young athletes into contact with archery through a series of indoor tournaments hosted at venues throughout the area.  The schedule for the indoor events, which culminates in a final championship event, has been posted at this link on the 4H page. Direct Link to the schedule: 2011 Indoor Season Calendar with results
10-10-2011: Another graphic reason to NOT use arrows that are too short.....
10/9/2011: Information on the upcoming indoor Aggie Invitational (Dec. 2-3) has been posted.
10/9/2011: Just a reminder that over 1000 photos from the first stage of the Olympic Trials have been posted on the USAArcheryRecords.Org website.
9/28/2011: I have reformatted the album of pictures from the State Target Event, in order to insure that the 600 fps and 300 fps movies play properly:

9/26/2011: It's Monday and over 4 gigabyte of photos and video action clips, shot cycle photos, are being/have been uploaded from the just-concluded State Target Championship.  (It may take until the evening of Monday, Sept. 26 or even the morning of Tuesday, to get all links "alive" with the files in progess of upload at present).  If a link errors, just wait awhile and try back...

Weather started out fantastic each morning, then got kinda warm <G> by the end of shooting, winds always remained light and variable. Congratulations to all, and thanks to Paul Searle of Australia who journeyed to Texas in order to fling arrows with us.  Click here for the photo album.  (Reminder: you can download any video or photo, inluding the high-resolution version, to your computer for any non-commercial use, such as putting on your facebook page, or to study for personal improvement!)

Results are posted to this link.

9/23/11: Practice on Friday will start at the UT field at about 4:15PM - don't plan to shoot before that - the gates are not unlocked by the RecSports Department until 4pm, so that's when field setup commences. Helpers are certainly welcome and will speed up the point in time where everyone gets to shoot.  Also, field opens at 7am on Saturday and (probably) Sunday as well.
9/22/2011: If you need to create a mouth tab to help archers with physical inconveniences that prevent them from using a hand to hold the string, biting down on this small strip can be painless, to both make and use...
9/20/2011: everything is on track for the STATE TARGET International Championship (oy, we have an Aussie Gent who's come to shoot, so it's international!) in Austin this coming weekend, - the weather be a chilly 60-something in the mornings, and a balmy high near (but probably below) 90 degrees, partly cloudy, perfect fall weather shooting opportunity...  We are still getting entries, so it is not too late to sign up
9/19/2011: Interesting link to a target/backstop manufacturer, alternative: Pacific Bow Butts
9/14/2011: Thanks to Chris Faidley, who writes: "Just a thought, I was planning on staying at Bastrop State Park during the tourney, when the location was changed I moved my reservation to McKinny Falls State Park, south of Austin.....just thought you might want to know in case somebody was looking to camp"


The event is being relocated due to the heavy damage to the city of Bastrop by fire.  The University of Texas has agreed at short notice to host the event on their archery field, and the club will provide volunteers to work the event as well.


Map to the venue on Speedway near 45th street north of the UT campus

Go to the registration page for full information!

9/7/2011: The Paralympic Competition currently underway in Great Britain at Stokes-Mandeville determines the "slots" that each country gets in next year's 2012 PARALYMPICS.  This link to the BBC video coverage gives you an idea of what it looks like there. 


9/5/2011:  The fires rolling through central Texas are taking a toll on many people, particularly in the area of Bastrop where we plan to have our state tournament September 23-25.

There is a strong chance that the Tournament Director for our upcoming state championship has lost his home, including many of the tournament supplies, but due to the current situation we/he cannot tell at this point. Chaos would be an apt word to use for much of that area in Bastrop County.

We cannot know for awhile, as the authorities are not allowing any civilians into what is still a fire zone.

REGARDLESS - the tournament is still on. There is a strong chance that the venue itself is not part of the fire damage, in which case the tournament will be "all the same" - location, timing, etc.
If you have a hotel reservation, I would recommend that you contact the hotel, make sure it is still standing, etc. Note that you may have trouble getting through, due to the many powerlines and phone lines that have burned, yet the hotel itself may be just fine - for chains, calling their headquarters or main reservation lines might be wise, as would using email and websites' "contact us" options.

If we need to, we have several options for nearby locations to Bastrop so this tournament IS going to happen, but the venue itself is subject to change based on what happens/we find out, in the next few days.

We will keep you informed, please also check the main page of the TSAA at , and I will also put any updates on the registration page information at

AGAIN, AT THIS POINT NOTHING HAS CHANGED ABOUT THE TOURNAMENT, PLEASE MAINTAIN YOUR SAME PLANS, AND BE SURE TO REGISTER IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY DONE SO. More than ever, we need as early of an idea of total participants to help us insure adequate bales, stands, etc. so please do NOT put off registering until the last minute as it will just make it that much harder for us to accomodate you. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated, and if you find out later that you cannot attend, you will NOT lose any registration fee - ALL fees paid will be refunded if you decide you cannot attend for any reason, so register now, register often, and pay as soon as you can to insure we have it "all together" when it is time for the arrows to fly!

Thanks, folks!

Ron Carmichael, webmaster TSAA

8/30/2011:  I got a couple of bulletins:

USA Archery changed the name of the event "U.S. Olympic Trials - Archery/First Nomination Shoot" to "U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Archery/First Nomination Shoot".


USA changed the time of U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Archery/First Nomination Shoot.  It is now Wednesday, September 28 at 12:00pm.


8/24/2011: I often get emails with tips about archery from a variety of people.  This one was from an Italian archer, and unfortunately the site is in Italian only (so far). But I went to, dropped in the URL, and the translated information was pretty interesting, and despite the obvious flaws in the translation, there's value in the site, worth reading.  Here's the link. (as translated).
8/14/2011: SOLD 8/14/2011: Frank Pattengill has posted a for-resale compound bow kit, including a case.  Check the Resale page (link on left column), and if you have any gear that might help a starting archer out, please clean out that closet and send me a picture or two, itemized listing, and desired price?  Free listing for all USA Archery members (not just TSAA members).  TFAA members also supported in this particular endeavor.  (Oh, and anyone that does get their gear sold, please notify the webmaster so the advert can be removed. thanks!)
8/12/2011: Please note that there is NO Texas Shootout being sponsored this year, due to the fact that A&M is hosting the first stage of the US Archery's Olympic Trials instead.
8/12/2011: Tom Barker is hosting a course in Victoria at the Straight Arrow Archery Center. It is a level 1 course in Victoria on Aug. 20th from 9-5 at Straight Arrow Archery (60 Storehouse Drive).  The cost is $50.  We have 12 spots left.  Contact Tom by going to their website where you will find further information.  , use their contact info on the main page.
8/5/2011: Calendar has been updated with a few future dates, including the 2012 Shrek event.  Registrations are surprisingly robust for the TSAA State Target Championship, more than a month away!  Many archers are using this event as a warmup for the USA Archery's first stage of the Olympic Trials (the process whereby the TEAM of archer to represent the USA in London during the 2012 games will be chosen). The trials' first stage is being hosted by the Texas A&M Aggies in College Station, Texas.
8/2/2011: August 13 and 14: USA ARCHERY BASIC INSTRUCTOR COURSE (Level 1) conducted by Regional and Junior Dream Team Coach Alex Meyer for those 15+, including adults, of course. Time: 9:00-1:00. The course fee will be $100/person to include materials (excludes hotel accommodation).. If you would like to register, please send an e-mail with your name and telephone nos. to  or call 512 436 8813. Look on the Calendar on this website: at www.aajoad.comunder the dates and click the course for more important info, agenda, hotel, shopping, etc. If you miss the postmarked deadline of August 2, please call 436 8813. You can find more information on USA Archery's coaching program, levels, and certification requirements at
8/1/2011: In 6 weeks the TSAA State Target will be held in Bastrop, Texas.  There will be an additional week of practice at the same location AFTER the event for anyone wishing to acclimate to Texas Weather in order to compete at their best at the first stage of the Olympic Trials for the archery discipline in the London games.  Click here for the information page and to register online for the event. 
7/7/2011: The state records page has been updated, thanks to the work of Rick Stonebraker. Also of note is that the buckles have been awarded to the Archers and Youth Archers of the Year.  You can check the winners, the scores, and the records, all on the Records&Ranks page.

7/6/2011: Allesandro Ame' of Italy is giving away a software APP for your Windows-based PC or phone, for use in archery, in honor of the world champs being held in his home town of Turin.  I don't know for how long, so check it out now... 

Quote: "ASM has become free in honor of the 2011 World Archery Championships in Turin, my city.

Download it there are new funny features."


7/1/2011: I spotted an apparently great deal on a carbon fiber tripod with pistol grip. Not an endorsement based on personal knowledge, but it does look worth checking out. tripod
6/23/2011: Results from the State JOAD Target Championship are posted here.
6/22/2011: Photographs from the State Field event have been posted to this location.
6/9/2012: The State JOAD Target tournament is a Star FITA event.
5/12/2011: Registration for the TSAA State JOAD Target event has begun, the online link is at this location.
5/8/2011: Results from the TSAA State Field Championship have been posted to this link.
4/18/2011: uploading was taken by roadrunner and sent to never-never land.  I have restarted uploading of the photos from the event, and they should begin to be linkable to by this afternoon, depending on the speed/reliability of RoadRunner. My computer spent some 18 or 20 hours pushing up several gigabytes' of video clips, still shot sequences, etc., and then I went to verify, and there's nothing there.  <sigh>.  My apologies to anyone inconvenienced - there was one A&M mom in particular who needed certain photos - please send me your email address and I'll email you directly the photos of your archer that you needed - they came out well, he looks good and has great shot technique, btw.  send me a note at webmaster AT (replace this AT with the @ symbol in the address)
4/17/2011: Photos and videos are being uploaded now from the first day of the first "Southern Regional Intercollegiate Archery Championship" aka SRIAC 2011 (and yes, many are pronouncing it SHREK 2011) - This is the link to the Index page, but the photos may not be uploaded when you click it - there are several hundred photos in process.  So check back if you get an error page about the link ...Addendum: The second day of shooting has concluded and additional photos and video clips are being uploaded as well. 
4/14/2011: I just discovered that I failed to put the 2010 WUAC photograph link on the photographs index page.  Wow, what a bad oversight on my part and my apologies!   TO see your collegiate athletes representing the USA in Shenzhen China, and taking home gold, silver, and bronze, please check these photos - there were some truly outstanding young Americans there, carrying the flag and shooting well.    Here's a shortcut to the index file:
4/11/2011: Photographs from both the SUNBIRD events and the Lone Star FITA have been posted. 

3/31/2011: The Sunbird, part II, was even better than the first. 17 archers participated, and 7 remained at the end to shoot a total of 2 x 144 PLUS 1 x 72 arrows. Photos and results to be posted in the next few days.

High: 84° Low: 63°
Partly Cloudy
Partly cloudy and warm. Another front approaches from the west. Rain is no longer on the table at this point.  No word on when the front is to arrive (yet) but will post here.  PLEASE SEND IN YOUR EMAIL TO UTCOACH "at" GMAIL.COM IF YOU WANT TO SHOOT THIS.  WE HAVE OPENING FOR TWO YOUTH ARCHERS AT 50 METERS, AND SEVERAL MASTERS/CADETS AT 60 METERS, ALL ELSE WILL BE AT 70 METERS.  If I do not get more feedback/committments in the next two days we will probably have to cancel the event.  So let me hear from you!  LIST
3/21/2011: Minutes from the TSAA Annual Meeting have been posted and can always be found on the Board link on the left-hand menu column...
3/21/2011: Tish Posecion has volunteered to help Gina Carmichael with her workload of Treasurer/Secretary - all registrations for the upcoming FIELD CHAMPIONSHIP, for example, will be mailed to Tish in San Antonio.
3/20/2011: SUNBIRD II 2011 is happening in 6 days, on Saturday March 26th at the UT Archery Field, starting at approximately 8:30, TWO rounds of 72 arrows MINIMUM will be shot, as a Star FITA registered event.  Email Ron at this address if you wish to participate:  utarcherycoach at (replace the at with an @ symbol), cost will be a $20 donation to the UT Archery club for the days' shooting - we will shoot a minimum of 144 arrows, and if anyone wants to shoot an addition 72 arrows and there is light remaining, that will be supported as well at no additional cost. List of respondents
3/19/2011: The registration page for the State Field 2011 has been posted and is open for business. 
3/19/2011: The sleeve called the SHOT TRAINER I mentioned just below has arrived, and it's very well made, cooks great, and is a quantum leap compared to the prior formmaster.  HIGHLY recommended. 

3/8/2011: These are now available and I cannot recommend them 100% YET, simply because mine has not arrived.  BUT I have full confidence that they will/are a vast improvement over the crticially important FORM MASTER, and I've ordered mine already. If you coach, or are an archer trying to adopt the National Training System (aka, BEST METHOD) then this tool will move you much further down that difficult path.  Please note that they do not have the LARGE version ready yet, the one they have will work for younger archers, female archers(most likely), and those with short or slender arms.  ORDER ONE BEFORE THEY SELL OUT, and keep your eyes open for the April release of the larger version.

Here is the link to the website where you can get yours.  Oh yeah, it's called the SHOT TRAINER.   You don't realize it yet, but you do need it.  NOW.   Endorsed by Ron. :) :)

3/8/2011:  Wow, we already have information and results from the State Indoor Championship, updates to the Archery and Junior Archer of the year results (wherein each winner gets an AWESOME BELT BUCKLE that can not only be in four-color finish but also personalized/engraved with the athlete's name.  I am putting many things on this website OFF until the upcoming weekend when I will finally have some days off - taking vacation days from CVS - and lots will be updated.   Till then, here is a quick set of results from James Corral, Tournament director and Head Coach at UT (the guy who actually keeps it all together so that I can just drop in and coach, and then disappear back to Lago Vista to work at being a pharmacist).
3/8/2011: The Sunbird #2 is still on!  weather projections are BETTER than they were for the first one!  I will run it the same way - I will send out a note to everyone in Texas I have an email for, post a notice here and on the archery talk website, taking emails as the registration information method.  simple and easy - no one pays till they are ready to actually shoot. :)  stay tuned for more information in the coming week.
The Glade 70m Internet Archery League, from Great Britain but applies everywhere there is archery and the net:

Click HERE for a pdf document giving information about The Glade 70m Internet Archery League, a new type of FREE to enter competition that enables individuals & teams of archers to judge how they are progressing, both locally and internationally. 
Recurve, compound, longbow & barebow styles are supported, both as individuals and as teams of three.  Archers shoot six 70m rounds for a team. An archer's best three (from 6) scores are used to determine the individual rankings.
The league is open to all archers and it runs from the 1st January until 30th September in any given year. 2011 will be our third year of operation.
Get all the details, rules, previous year's results and sign-up info at:
Can you please let your club members - and any other archers who may be interested - know about this event. We really hope that you will join us on the virtual line in 2011.
2/28/2011: DeWitt 4H Archery team for the American Cancer Society's 2011 DeWitt Co. Relay For Life is hosting a 3D Archery Tournament April 16th & 17th, 2011 at the Cuero Gun Club. Click HERE for the flyer with more information.
2/28/2011: Texas Regional Games for Wounded Warriors and other athletes with physical inconveniences will be held April 15-16 in San Antonio. Please click here for the flyer and here for the schedule of events.  ARCHERY is one of the primary sports during these events.
2/20/2011: Results from the first of two SUNBIRD outdoor Star Fita Events have been posted.

2/16/2011: I found this email from awhile back in my "to do" list, to post up here.  They are hoping for a male coach due to the nature of the camp's participants, but are open to considering *any* qualified individual:

This is Alex Rotman of Camp Caribou, a boys residential summer camp located in Winslow, ME.  We offer professional instruction in a variety of sports and we are currently looking for an enthusiastic and outgoing Archery instructor to coach boys aged 7-15.  Our coaches would be required to live on our campus from 6/16/11 to 8/14/11.  It's an amazing summer job and gives great coaching experience.  If you know of anyone that may be interested in this great opportunity please let me know. 

We would prefer a male, as he would be living in the cabins with the children as their primary care supervisor along with the duties of an archery instructor.  We are also looking for someone to head our entire Archery Department, one who has knowledge of maintaining our equipment and the development of a 3.5 week curriculum.  However, if you have an outstanding female archer, looking to be our Archery Director, we will strongly look at her resume. 
Alex Rotman
Camp Caribou
Program Director

2/14/2011: I have been asked "where is the form to register with USA Archery.  Here's the link to the current form used.

2/14/2011: TSAA JOAD IDOOR CHAMPIONSHIP results have been posted.
From the DOS, Tom Barker:
" I am happy to report the results of the 2011 TSAA State JOAD and VC Invitational tournament.  We had 49 archers compete for the TSAA State JOAD titles and 45 archers in the VC invitational.  During the JOAD portion there were four TSAA state indoor JOAD records broken or tied.  They are highlighted in Red on the attached spreadsheet with the results.
Highlights included Heather Trafford breaking both of Kayla DeBord's records for 30 and 60 arrows.  Hunter Barthels tied the 30 arrow record and broke the 60 arrow record.  Finally, Colin Klimitchek broke the 30 arrow record.
For the VC invitational the participation by 10 Longhorns, 10 Aggies,  2 Victoria College, and one Richland College archer greatly enhanced the experience.  The UT archers and the two VC archers competed as seniors or novices because they have not submitted their USCA formal memberships yet.
Thanks to all who came and participated."

JOAD Results are at this link.  Overall Invitational Results are at this link.

2/14/2011:  SUNBIRD OUTDOOR TOURNAMENT 2011 AT UT IS SET FOR THIS COMING WEEKEND (2-19-2011)! Weather Projection is: High: 70° Low: 55°in the morning, so we will get started as soon as RecSports unlocks the gate, hopefully at around 8AM, setting up the target stands/bales and shooting will commence as soon as field is squared away. It will be mostly cloudy with a slight 20% chance for a shower.  If you have not been out in the sun, be prepared with sunscreen.  Register by sending a a simple email to Ron, DOS, at  See below for more information.
2/14/2011: REGISTRATION FOR THE TSAA STATE INDOOR is now active.  See the gold box above for link to information.
2/3/2011:  A new and innovative finger tab is on the market now. Definitely worth looking at.
2/14/2011: Note that collegiate archers must register for the USA Archery National Indoor using a separate location on the web.  Check the

1/31/2011:   We are still planning to have the SUNBIRD 2011, a STAR Fita Outdoor event in Austin, Texas at the University of Texas archery fields on February 19th, starting as early as is practicable on that morning.
photos from the 2007 sunbird
In Austin, we can have a frost one day, (or even snow), and then in two or three days be back in sandals, shorts, and tshirts, thanks to the effect of having the gulf of Mexico so close. We did this in 2007, shoots in January, and had a great time with wonderful weather. But we can never tell for sure what the archery gawds will do, weatherwise. We plan and hope for the best. :)

ALL arrows will be shot at the 70 meter distance, 122 cm target, though if I have cadets that typically shoot fixed at 60 meters, we'll accommodate them as well.

No trophies. Just Star FITA-qualifier, at least TWO, 72-arrow rounds and if we can get a 3rd in, we'll do that to0, on the same day.

Shooting to commence with earliest time after sunup if temps permit, and to stop when the sun goes away.

Cost will be $20 for the day, all proceeds to the University of Texas Archery Club. Limit will be one line - around 40 archers max, though we had around 2/3 of that last time we did this in 2007.

We will repeat the Sunbird 2011, part deux, on MARCH 26TH, also a Saturday, same provisions.

In either date, if it looks like it's going to be freezing, we will postpone it by a day to Sunday, though if the prognosticators say Sunday won't be any better, we will play it completely by ear and reschedule to the soonest possible Saturday. We MAY be able to set up a 3-wall tent, space heaters, and shoot/stay warm as possible, if it is a dry cold, and just shoot on Saturday 19th.

Registration will be by sending me an email with your intent - no payments till actually on the field.

We may order pizzas delivered to the field so that we can maximize shoots, also Chipotle and such are nearby and we'll have a couple of non-shooters (ie, students<G> and spousal units) that can make the food runs if need be)

I have gotten interested emails from as far away as Utah and Pennsylvania. At this point, the STAR Registrations have been submitted and the events are on.
Please let me hear from you if you plan to shoot. Not a firm committ on your part, But I need to start planning logistics.

1/19/2011: From Lorinda Cohen at A&M: Just wanted to give you guys a heads up/reminder that registration for Collegiate Indoor Nationals is done through the USCA website this year. The deadline is Feb. 18, so make sure your archers go through that website. I will take the USA Archery registrations like I normally do. Trying to avoid as much confusion as possible. Thanks.
1/15/2011: The State Field Championship has been pencilled in for April 30-May 1, subject to change based on the fantastically morphing outdoor schedule for the US.
1/6/2011: I am surprised to discover just now that USA Archery has dictated that the Texas Shootout be moved to (wait for it....drum roll......)   SEPTEMBER 29-OCTOBER 1.  Apparently they will still consider it a ranking event, though it very likely will be the LAST outdoor sanctioned shoot of the season.  Wow.  The entire schedule of events by USAA is at this location.
1/6/2011: I am strongly considering holding TWO Star FITA-registered outdoor events, aka, SUNBIRDS, at the UT outdoor field in the upcoming two months.  If you are interested in attending a one-day, 2 x 72 arrow FITA Ranking Round on either a Saturday or a Sunday, please drop me an email so I can evaluate the level of interest in these.  They will be single distance events, shot as early as the temperature permits and shot as quickly as possible.  If a third 72 arrow round can be squeezed in on the same day (depends on how fast everyone gets to and from the targets, frankly) then it will be added at no additional cost.  Probably a $20 fee, no awards other than immortalization on the website here with the bragging rights and the valuable outdoor experience early in the season.  Ron
1/3/2011: Happy New Year to all.  The registration for the TSAA State JOAD Indoor is now up and available.  Note that this year, we are combining it with the first annual Victoria College Indoor Invitational.  This makes the event virtually identical to the way the National Indoor works. JOAD archers can shoot (only on one particular time/line, 1pm on Saturday 12th), but can also register a second time and choose two OTHER times (Fri 6pm, Sat 8am, Sat 6pm, or Sun 9am) to shoot and end up shooting 60 arrows plus 120 arrows during the weekend's competitions.  The JOAD score is separate from the invitational score.  It's two events in one, and all are encouraged to participate! 
11/23/2010: The results from the Longhorn Indoor Tournament have been posted on the UT website.
11/22/2010: A few videos and photos have been added.  WUAC 2010 - The World University Archery Championships 2010 - Photos and video clips from the event in Shenzhen, China
11/202/2010: USA Archery has announced the 2011 USA Team, which for the first time now includes paralympian athletes.  Several TSAA members are included in the team listings, congratulations to all!
11/18/2010: The University of Texas Archery Club will host the USCA Southern Regional tournament in the spring!  (aka SRIAC)
USCA accepts the bid by University of Texas to host the South Region Intercollegiate Archery Championship. 
The event is already on the USCA calendar and we will update it with contact information and location.  Registration will be via a central registration.  Athlete membership and eligibility will be confirmed by USCA alleviating that burden for the host.  If clubs/athletes contact you regarding membership or eligibility information, please direct them to membership@uscollegiatearchery or 760.375.3659 M-Th 11 a.m.-4p.m PACIFIC time and we well help them out.   You will receive automatic notification when athletes register.  Registration will open on 1 February.
An announcement will go out in the Dec E-newsletter regarding UT's selection as the host.  Another announcement will go out to all South Region clubs. 
11/16/2010:  Indoor results for the 4H LaWard tournament have been posted.
11/14/2010" PEACOCK ARCHERY:  a GOING OUT OF BIDNESS KINDA OF SALE.....there is a lot for sale and many bargains to be had.  Thanks to Wanda Newsome for the tip-off and the link....


11/14/2010: GEORGIA: There is now a state of the art indoor range for archers in Georgia.  Thanks to the Easton Foundation and to lots of hard working volunteers, archery excellence centers are appearing all over the US.  Here's a link to a GREAT venue....
11/3/2010: Results from the Dewitt County Indoor 4H tournament have been posted.
10/27/2010: Results from the Straight Arrow Indoor Invitational 4H event, with 100+ archers shooting, posted.
10/21/2010: Results from the first Indoor 4H tournament, in Victoria, have been posted.
10/9/2010: The schedule for the 4H Indoor archery tournaments has been posted to this link on the 4H section of this website.  As the results for each event are sent to me, I will post a link to them on this same schedule page (note the column in the middle of the table for "Results"). 
10/9/2010: Photos and video clips from the World University Collegiate Championships (WUAC), just concluded in Shenzhen China, have been uploaded to the TSAA website.  12 US Athletes and 4 staff members (including this webmaster as team leader) made the trip, thanks to the funding of USCA and particularly the Jim Easton Foundation.  Upload is to this link.  You will not see any mention of this world championship team on the USA Archery website.
Competing agains 26 other countries, our college student athletes (including two resident athletes from the Olympic Training Center) brought home 6 medals (4 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze) from the 2010 World University Archery Championship.   In the ranking round 6 athletes placed in the top 10.    Congrats to all of Team USA. For a complete summary of the WUAC click here. 

10/1/2010: Bids to host the Texas State Indoor and Texas JOAD State Indoor are being accepted. By our bylaws, the deadline is December 1 to send in a bid to host either of these events.  So far we have two bids, one for each event.

If you wish to enter a host bid, check the board link at the left side of this page, for information on hosting and bidding.  Send your bid to the webmaster.

8/27/2010: I am wrapping up a week in Shenzhen, China.  As team leader, I have had the honor of watching over 12 of the finest of our US collegians from around the US shoot and shoot well.  We are leaving today for the US, along with bronze, silve, and gold medals for our performances.   It's been a hard shoot - the weather was extremely Houston-like, but winds were not a factor for most shooters.  Good hosts as well.   I'll write more when I can get to a place where net is open and I have more time.   Been VERY busy with the students' needs and getting things done.  Sure would have helped if I spoke Chinese, but we have had a good interpreter/guide assigned to us and she has done well.

9/16/2010: Results from the TSAA State Target Shoot has been posted
9/16/2010: For the first time, USA Archery and the National Field Archery Association have reached an agreement to host four major archery events in conjunction at the Easton Sports Development Archery Center in Yankton, S.D., scheduled for July 22-31. 
9/15/2010: a Texan archery range has been brought to my attention - check out the link at the top of the ArcheryLinks page on the left side of the page...
9/12/2010: Photos are being uploaded to the website from the State Target Event in Bastrop this weekend. You can find them at this link once uploading is complete. As always, the high-resolution copy of each photo can be downloaded if you want a copy to print out in good quality. (Note you will receive a broken link notice on some links until all the uploading is done - some 2.15 gigabytes' worth of photos)
9/7/2010: The State Target event is at full capacity and no more registrations can be accepted.

8/10/2010: A thought about the upcoming TSAA State Target Championship... The TSAA awards the "Archer Of The Year Award to both seniors and junior, based on results from the Field, Indoor, and Target events. This year the outcome is in play, and several collegians are also looking pretty competitive....So who is going to get one of THESE?

8/10/2010: Lots of good publicity abounds, egad! is a neat article on the Traffords

Tom Barker sent me this list of a few good people's exposure in the media!: Some local and not so local archers in our JOAD club.

8/10/2010: For the 10th year running, the ONLINE registration for the TSAA State Target Championship is now up and active. You can get all the information, <ahem> VOLUNTEER to help set up the field, and register at this link. Please do send in your checks asap - they are NEVER cashed before the end of the tournament, and if you cancel before hand we simply shred it. Register now, register often! Please encourage your friends to shoot as well.


8/8/2010: From member Rick Walker: I have a new American Whitetail center for sale.
I picked it up at the 2004 JOAD Nationals where I bought several target mats. I have this center left and it looks like it has been hit with maybe 2 dozen arrows. Fits the big 122cm target mats. I am asking $50.00

Email the webmaster and I'll forward the note to Rick.

7/25/2010: The registration page for the State Shoot will be up asap, around August 3. The tournament will be in Bastrop, just like last year. No much will be different, so plan to attend without the angst of actually dealing with the registrations. Check back this webpage for information on the shoot.....
7/16/2010: Two months to the State Outdoor - you might want to use the USA Archery Nationals as a warm-up event!

6/29/2010: A heads-up note from Tom Barker brought this to my attention: Wow - 6 members of the Texas State Archery Association are on the US National Field Team headed to the world championships in Hungary!

In addition Heather and Hunter Barthels participated in the National Field event with Heather winning her division (not a division shooting in Hungary however) and Hunter coming in 5th ( I think.) has the photos from the National event. Rain. Lots of Rain.

6/18/2010: The results from the JOAD Target Championship, held in Victoria, have been posted.

6/5/2010: Guy Krueger, Resident Athlete Admin. and Assistant Coach/USA Archery, has send out a notice about a tournament that has some interesting prizes! ie, actual money prizes for olympic style target archery. October 8-10, 2010, at the Easton Archery Range in the Olympic Training Center, Chula Vista, CA. There are two documents he sent: Info and then, the Schedule. This is being sponsored by the RoadRunner Club at ARCO

5/26/2010: DATELINE VICTORIA, TEXAS......Good things continue to happen in Victoria due to Tom Barker and Straight Arrow Archery, regarding archery resources. Read all about it here....

5/14/2010: Photos (and move clips - some 1.35 gigs, with over 600 photos) from the USIAC (U.S. Intercollegiate Archery Championship) have now been posted. A reminder to all of the collegians attending the event - you can download to your computer (ie, save to your computer) ANY photo of yourself - just use the download icon that is in the lower-right hand corner of the page holding the photo you want. The resolution will support up to about an 8x 10 with no problems. Print yourself or your favorite archer - show the world, collegiate archers shooting archery!

5/13/2010: FROM PRESIDENT OF THE TSAA: I am holding a one day FITA in Bastrop June 5th. If you are interested, contact Mike Hojnacki . Start time is 9 am. One line shooting. 10 dollars to cover target faces and such.

5/13/2010: Tom Barker wants to make sure all are aware that the JOAD tournament has room for kids of all divisions, including: we will have a Yeoman division at a distance to be determined by the skill set of the kid playing, most likely 20 or 15 meters.

5/11/2010: Results Posted for the State Field Championship. Photos and writeup pending.
5/10/2010: Fantastic video from the engineering students yet again, this time on a recurve bow!
Group Members: Evan Atherton, Daniel Pfaff, Sargam Tyagi  
Programs: PTC ProEngineer  ...
5/10/2010: Resale Page is updated.
4/27/2010: 2.4 gigabytes' worth of photos (1000+) from the Doinker Texas Shootout have been posted.
4/27/2010: Rick Stonebraker points to an interesting article on archery phsyiks of ye olde english flavour
4/26/2010: Flower Mound TX - archer in NASP

4/26/010: The Doinker Texas Shootout is done. The scores were tabulated using automated methods provided through US Archery, and can be found on the link to the company that makes the system, Ianeso. The practice day was beautiful weather, and then the qualifier was held under the usual east Texas weather conditions - though the rains somehow slipped past during the night, leaving only a few pretzeled popup tents as evidence. Brady Ellison shot 8 points off the world record during the 72-arrow Olympic Qualifying round, setting two new US records in the process despite winds that were at times very difficult, particularly on the higher womens' side of the field.

4/23/2010: Registration information is up for the State JOAD Target event, and registration continues for the State Field event. Don't miss out! See above gold box links for online registration information.

4/22/2010: Bob Pian of Arizona Archery has given me some great tips and links:

2010 Easton JOAD Nationals (USAA JOAD Outdoor Championship)
June 24, 2010 to June 27, 2010 - Des Moines, Iowa, United States

Information and links to documents:

Information, Schedule, Registration, YOG MQS Form, Waiver, Other:


2010 JOAD Regional Summer Camps
June 10, 2010 to June 13, 2010 - Chandler, Arizona as well as others.

This is a wonderful opportunity for JOADs to learn from the top archery coaches in the country.

4/13/2010: Photos from the 2010 Lone Star FITA have been posted here. Videos are included.


4/9/2010: These buckles will be awarded to the ARCHERS OF THE YEAR and the YOUTH AOTY for the TSAA, during the upcoming State Field Championship. (photo by Michael Hojnacki) - click for a larger picture). Also note that Rick Stonebraker has for years done the hard work to correlate scores and determine the annual winners of this prestigious award!
4/6/2010: The Lone Star FITA is on for this weekend and the weather will likely be perfect. It's not too late, contact James Corral to shoot: 512-420-0013
4/6/2010: The State Field ONLINE registration is now, once again, functional and available for you to register NOW! If you've already registered you do not need to register again, your entry form will be processed and sent as a confirmation back to you. Remember to print that and mail in with your payment.
4/2/2010: The Community Coaching Certification Course, scheduled for May 8-9, has been postponed to a later point in the summer, precise date to be determined.
3/29/2010: The deadline for the Lone Star FITA approaches, April 2nd! This Star FITA event will be held in Austin, sponsored by the University of Texas Archery Club, in just a little more than a week away.
3/24/2010: Summary of what will be shot at the main summer tournaments: What formats of competition??
3/18/2010: USA Archery has posted the combined results for the National Indoor Championship at this link. A Writeup is here (both of the links are to the USA Archery website!) And the writeup is really well done - it is amazing how much drama and sheer competitiveness there can be in our sport!
3/15/2010: The 76th issue of the TSAA Newsletter has been released to approximately 1300 archers around the world. Thanks for subscribing and for your feedback!
3/10/2010: We have received confirmation of availability of classroom space for the May 8-9 COMMUNITY COACHING CERTIFICATION COURSE to be held at the Anna Hiss Gym on the UT campus. We will push through on two, 10 hour days of solid focus on surpassing instructor level and becoming a coach with all that requires. Check the Training Ops page. LIMITED to 12 students
3/10/2010: Tom Barker alerted me to a great information summary for FAQs on FITA tournaments, written up by the Arizona State Archery Association. Posted on the Documents page.
3/3/2010: Results from the USA Archery National Indoor Championships are being posted by Lorinda Cohen as they become available. The College Station portion has been posted, along with a couple of other locations up in yankee-land (Andover and Des Moines), on the TAMU Archery Club website.
3/1/2010: Ron Carmichael wants you to know that an Intermediate Instructor Certification course will be conducted on March 27 & 28 at UT Austin. For more information follow this link. Limited to 15 attendees, 5 places left as of 3/18/2010. Price reduced to $100 per person. Those that have already sent in checks will be given refunds for the difference.
2/24/2010: Photos from the State JOAD Indoor have been received and posted to this location
2/14/2010: Results have been posted from the TSAA State JOAD Indoor tournament, along with a note from the tournament director, at this link. Photos will be posted asap.
2/9/2010: The iPhone-based archery scoring app has been updated. Archery Score Manager
2/7/2010: The TSAA State Indoor for 2010 wrapped up today in the Anna Hiss Gym at the University of Texas in Austin, and results are (already) posted here. Results UPDATED 2/9/2010. Photos are in the process of uploading (about 500 megs' worth of photos...) and the link will be posted here when done.
2/1/2009: Allen Floyd created an excellent whitetail target stand, and his design is now in the library of the website (the Documents page, check the NEW entries)
1/4/2009: NOTICE OF CANCELLATION DUE TO WEATHER: Youth Compound Bow Coaches Seminar at Straight Arrow Archery Learning Center in Victoria, Texas, scheduled for Saturday, January 9, IS POSTPONED TO A LATER DATE TO BE DETERMINED.
1/4/2009: There is a new way to verify a JOAD archer's classification, distances, and target size! It is a nifty excel spreadsheet. Arn McIntyre at Rockford JOAD Archery has given me permission to post it on the TSAA website, and you will be able to find links to it on our JOAD page as well as the documents page/index. I've also updated the old JOAD calculator page, which has a printable section that can help even the most confused beginning joad kid to figure things out...
1/4/2009: Happy New Year! The online registration forms for the two state indoor events are now posted and active. Registrations are being accepted. Texas State Indoor is at UT, Feb 5-7.
Texas State JOAD Indoor will be the followng weekend Feb 13 (Saturday only) in Victoria, TX at the Straight Arrow Archery Learning Center.
12/22/2009: Youth Compound Bow Coaches Seminar at Straight Arrow Archery Learning Center in Victoria, Texas, scheduled for Saturday, January 9:
Who: Coaches and Parents of youth compound archers. The purpose of this seminar is to upgrade coaches skills in how to teach youth compound archers and to assist them in purchasing equipment. This class is not intended to be a compound archer’s clinic.
Where: Straight Arrow Archery Learning Center
60 Storehouse Drive Victoria, Tx
When: Saturday January 9, 2009 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Cost: $75 (1 youth archer may accompany a parent or coach)
Class limit: We will limit the seminar to the first 10 participants. If there is more interest, we will hold additional seminars in the future. More Info/printable document
Registration: Sign up here.
12/22/2009: Registration information for the two pending TSAA Championships to be held in February 2010 will be posted here soon.
12/22/2009: District 11 Archery Championship results for 4-H in South Texas have been posted here.
12/19/2009: TSAA Board VP Jen Holmes has provided the Youth Archer Of The Year (YAOTY) information and the page has been posted here.
12/10/2009: Results from the 4H shoot at the Straight Arrow Archery Facility in Victoria have been posted.
11/25/2009: The Longhorn Indoor is pending for next weekend (Dec. 4-6), and there are still some spots open on some of the lines, particularly during the JOAD line on Saturday AM. Check here for more info


TSAA and Straight Arrow Archery of Victoria are putting together an order for WhiteTail Target Bails. These TM-50 bails are half the thickness of past bails (so twice as easy to store!), and have an easy pull nature. Shipping in bulk can reduce the costs somewhat. If you would like to buy a WT bail, contact Tom Barker before Dec. 31 (deadline!). Cost is approximately $130 per bail including shipping.

11/20/2009: Results from the 4-H indoor tournament Matagorda have been posted.
11/16/2009: My Goodness! "Leading US archery coach Lloyd Brown has been handed the responsibility of heading up Great Britain's quest for medals at the London 2012 Olympics."
11/14/2009: Results from the District 11 (South Texas) Indoor Tournament in Wharton have been posted at this link.
11/8/2009: Need 10# limbs and lightweight training bows to advance your teaching of the BEST form? QProducts has them.

11/5/2009: A Level TWO instructor certification course in Victoria will be conducted, but there are no longer any spaces.

(Keep checking this page for notice of another course to be held by Ron Carmichael in the Austin area.)

Hosted by: Tom Barker

The event will start on: 21 Nov 09 09:00

And will end on: 22 Nov 09 09:00

At Straight Arrow Archery Range

60 Storehouse Drive , Victoria TX


Email: (replace the AT with an @ symbol)

11/3/2009: Latest results from the 4-H indoor championship - this time the Laward Venue
11/2/2009: There are 261 families in Texas that are members of USA Archery.
10/26/2009: 4-H results for both Victoria and Goliad have been published.

10/21/2009: Further info on the Aggie Indoor:

The Aggie shoot is the weekend of November 7th at the Student Rec Ctr. (second floor) on campus. The JOAD line (which most of you will shoot) is on Saturday the 7th at 1 pm. There will be a 9 meter line for the Yeomen division also at 1 pm. You need to be an USA Archery member to be eligible for awards. You can find the membership application at  If you would just like to shoot to try it, email Lorinda Cohen (the tournament director) at and let her know that you are not an USA Archery member but you want to try it. All the info you need to sign up for the shoot can be found at  If you are going to shoot, I would suggest that you get your registration in as soon as possible to get a spot, as they start to fill up fast with just two weeks left till the shoot.

10/18/2009: I have received and posted the results from the second tournament of the series from the 4-H District 11 indoor series. Colorado County Results.
At least 10 more 4-H events to come!
10/11/2009: The results for the 4H 3-D shoot held in September have finally been posted. Check this page.
And for the schedule of many upcoming 4H tournaments, click here.
10/9/2009: New Rules on competitions for 2010 and beyond.
9/20/2009: I have posted more than 1000 photos from the USA Archery/NAA National Target Championship held a month ago, courtesy of Beth Luman.  You can see these photos on the USA Archery Records website in the Photo section, along with 240+ photos from the World Target Trials.   Beth has "professional photographer" in her C.V., and it shows in the high quality and technical excellence of the photos.  Check it out!  And thanks to Beth.

9/15/2009: TSAA AOTY AWARDS FOR 2009:

Ladies Compound - Jennifer Holmes
Gentlemen Recurve - Staten Holmes
Ladies Recurve - Jenny Nichols
Gentlemen Compound - Ben Miller

Thanks go to Rick Stonebraker for his tireless efforts in tabulating all of the scores for all of the participants in the various TSAA events, to identify and honor those archers who excel each year!

9/7/2009: Changes to JOAD: Among other things, and due to FITA changes, effective 1-1-2010 in the US:
"The cadets will now be able to shoot in this category until the year of their 17th birthday and juniors until their 20th birthday. This will help the transition to the true elite level and it is in line with the Youth Olympic Games.
9/2/2009: Just had a Texas-based archery business (bowyer) contact us - SiegeWork Creations.
9/1/2009: The A&M collegiate archery club is really stepping up to the plate this year, with a number of events planned:
Aggie Invite: Nov 6-8, 2009
NAA/USA Archery Indoor Nationals: Feb 25-28, 2010
Doinker Texas Shootout: Apr 23-25, 2010

USIACs (US Collegiate Archery Championship): May 13-16, 2010

So mark your calendars and plan to attend.  Note also that the National Indoors is happening on the same week as NASP plans to have the state championship.  :(

8/16/2009:  2009 District 11 4H Indoor Schedule  -  the 4H Indoor schedule is ramping up - make your plans now...
8/12/2009: Tom Barker of Victoria has gotten a center of archery excellence started.  It has huge potential, as a 4-year college is about to get started there...Check out their website and sign up for the newsletter.

8/12/2009: Search the entire Olympic database to see medalists in archer (or any other sport) throughout history.  For example this from Los Angeles 1984: Although a revenge boycott led by the Soviet Union depleted the field in certain sports, a record 140 nations took part. Joan Benoit won the inaugural women's marathon and Connie Carpenter-Phinney the first women's cycling road race. Carl Lewis won both sprints and the long jump and earned a fourth gold in the 4x100m relay. Pertti Karppinen won single sculls rowing for the third time. Sebastian Coe became the first repeat winner of the men's 1,500m. Archer Neroli Fairhall was the first paraplegic athlete to take part in a medal event. She competed in a wheelchair.

( )

8/10/2009: Fun Photos
8/9/2009: Results from the USA Archery National Target (US OPEN) have been posted here.
7/19/2009:  Photos from the State Target Championship in Bastrop have been posted. Results are at this link
7/15/2009:  New technology for archery scoring!
7/13/2009: Mike Hojnacki has provided an updated link to the map of the STATE TARGET LOCATION.

Registration for the 125th US Target National Championships being held in Hamilton, Ohio is still open.  However, a late fee of $25.00 will be applied to every entry after TODAY, July 10, 2009.  Go to USA Archery to register!

USA Archery


7/5/2009:  Don't forget to register for the State Shoot coming up in just another couple of weeks, in Bastrop!
06/27/2009: There is a benefit shoot for an archer on July 11th near Canyon Lake in central Texas, just north of San Antone. It's a major thing, a SYWAT (Shoot Your Way Across Texas) event with some fantastic door prizes for some lucky archers!!.  Help Bubba Bateman, have some fun at the same time!
6/21/2009: New software (Italian) for archery scoring using a variety of platforms.  Feedback is requested to the webmaster if you use it?  thanks.
6/15/2009: Results from the TSAA State JOAD Target Championship have been posted.
6/14/2009: Registration is now open online for the TSAA State Target Event July 18-19 in Bastrop.
6/14/2009: Fundraiser for Kiran!  At the Austin Archery Country Range!  Read more...
6/10/2009: Issue 74 of the TSAA Newsletter has been released.  Kisikdo is introduced as a successor to BEST.  I have also updated the index for the Newsletters, there are now more than 550 items from the 73 previous newsletters indexed alphabetically.
6/6/2009: TODAY (SATURDAY) is the deadline for the registering and sending payments for the TSAA JOAD Target championship shoot in Ganado!  See this: TSAA State JOAD Target (June 13-14)

The US Para archery team is currently in England, about to start competition in a world ranking event

6/4/2009:  CONGRATULATIONS :   

Mary Zorn Hamm has delivered a boy,

Carter Johnstone Hamm

on June 2, 2009, in Round Rock, in the Republic of Texas.  You can send cards, notes, archery gear, to her and him at:  122 Chandler Point Loop, Round Rock, Texas, 78665.   :) 

You can also send emails to Mary by addressing them to  MARY  at .  (be careful to use .org, NOT .com)

Yay, Mary and family!

Once again, Sun Devil Archery will be hosting a couple of qualifiers and OR rounds.  Totally casual, but legal.  No awards, and excess funds (if any) go to Sun Devil Archery.
It seems to me that it would be great practice with nice people and hopefully take some pressure off from having to shoot specific scores at Nats.
Here is the plan:

EVENT 1:  June 27-28      FITA     Papago

EVENT 2:  July 11-12       FITA/OR      Papago

EVENT 3:   July 18-19      FITA/OR       Papago (or PSE if there is enough early interest)

EVENT 4:   July 25-26      FITA/OR       Papago (or PSE if there is enough early interest)

Go to this acrobat file for the rest of the information...

5/30/2009:  The latest from Kisik Lee. Recommended.....
5/29/2009:  Colton Fischer, a 15 year old archer and wildlife photographer, shared a few of his shots (with a camera) from the recent state field tournament. View them at this page.
5/27/2009: A vacation destination that combines a rich cultural history, a non-tourist infested location, and ARCHERY. and their guest book shows they do things right. 
5/20/2009:  DON'T FORGET to register for the JOAD Target Championship!    TSAA State JOAD Target (June 13-14)
5/20/2009: The full set of photos from this year's USIAC (US Intercollegiate Archery Championship) held in Long Beach, California have been posted to this link.

5/20/2009: Photos from the 2009 USIAC in Long Beach, California have been posted to this link.

5/13/2009: Photos from the State Field have been posted.
5/11/2009:  TSAA State Field Championship Results have been posted.
5/7/2009: The registation is now open on-line for the TSAA State JOAD target championship!  Read all about it!
5/6/2009:  This bulletin from HP Coach L.D. Falks: 
"I'm happy to announce the formation of a new JOAD Club. "Virtual JOAD" in Mt. Juliet, TN. Our physical range is at 2617 N Greenhill Rd, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122, but our "virtual" range is world-wide.

This club is open to anyone, free of charge, and will promote advanced "virtual coaching techniques" that we have developed while working with the Jr. Dream Team. The only requirement to become a member of "Virtual JOAD" is to have a desire to improve your performance, that you believe in and will promote BEST Method shooting process and your goal is to advance and grow the sport of archery.

Virtual JOAD will offer online coaching by coaches who are expert in that medium. All you need is a good web cam and an internet connection to enjoy the benefits of Virtual JOAD.

For those folks who can't find a JOAD Club close to them now you have one.

Download the attached Membership Form, fill it out and email it back to me at . Coaches, if you would like to be a part of the training staff, please email me. I'm looking forward to this opportunity to help take JOAD to the next level and help grow this part of the sport. As such, you can be a member of other archery clubs, JOAD and other types, as well as Virtual JOAD. If Virtual JOAD offers something you like, then welcome aboard. Virtual JOAD will live up to it's motto: "Archery Without Boundaries".  Click here for the membership application form.  "
4/27/2009:  A few photos from the Doinker Texas Shootout have been posted.  Results are linked on the results page.
4/20/2009:  Results from the Lone Star FITA have been posted
4/11/2009:  JOAD Shooting Stars Over Texas and the city of Tyler (in northeast Texas) are sponsoring an archery tournament on June 20, the 2nd Annual Rose City 900.  !    Check out this acrobat file for more information...
4/10/2009: Rick Stonebraker posts updated information on the State Field Event.  Check the Information Page
3/24/2009: James Cosimini makes a barebow weight with a potato.  Go figure...
3/22/2009: The information for the LONE STAR FITA (April 18-19) has been posted as an acrobat file on the UT Archery website at this location
3/18/2009:  The compilation of results from all of the various venues for the National Indoor Championship have been posted on the USA Archery website at this link.
3/16/2009: Jane Johnson tipped me off to an excellent story about two of the greats of archery, Joe and Helen Thornton.
Local Archival Copy
3/16/2009: Further information on the World Indoor Championships: great publicity about a great archer and about archery!  Staten Holmes writeup and video in San Antonio, TX
3/8/2009: Perfect 240 world record and 4 team gold medals for otherworldly Americans! 
Americans and especially Texans did well at the World Indoor Championships. Mary Hamm overcomes kicking baby to shoot perfect Team score of 240 score during competition!  Kudos to our youngest archers there - Kayla Debord, as well as to Mary, Staten Holmes, Vic Wunderle, and all the USA Team!  A special tip of the bow to Heather Trafford, part-time Texan who is part of the Illustrious Trafford archery family of Louisiana, who also represented the US and is a member of the elite USA Archery  Junior Dream Team.
3/8/2009: Minutes from the TSAA general meeting of 2009 have been posted.

3/5/2009:  The first stage in a project to retain historical information about archery in the US and the NAA in particular has been done.  Check this link, please.

And congratulations to Denise Parker, now the Executive Officer for USA Archery (was "acting EO") - based on decisions made this last week by the Board of Governors.

2/28/2009: The USA Archery/NAA's national target championship has been moved from Colorado Springs to Hamilton, Ohio.  The dates remain the same.  Here is the note from the acting Chief Executive.   Map of Venue
2/22/2009:  Rick Stonebraker has updated the State Indoor Results page with a notation of the 20 records he identified that have been set (indicated by a yellow background).  He has also updated the pages on our RECORDS Index for the JOAD Indoor champions and records, as well as the State Indoor records and and champions. 
2/17/2009: Results from the State Indoor have been posted..  Photos are being uploaded at this link.  The process of uploading should be finished by 8am on Tuesday the 17th. 
2/13/2009:  Easton Archery Foundation and NADA are looking for a good coach for a professional position in a new archery center of excellence. Check the Training Ops Page!! (updated 2/16/2009)
2/8/2009: TSAA State JOAD Indoor Results.

1/31/2009:  Congratulations to Kayla Debord! Click here for some great media coverage of a great archer! 

Lindsey Carmichael was recently honored as Lago Vista Citizen of the Year, and met the Texas governor at a ceremony honoring Texas Paralympians.

1/31/2009:   There will be BEST mini-clinics held during the SENIOR indoor event.   Check the registration page for more information on how YOU can get some BEST training!
1/31/2009:  The Massachusetts Timer has been updated.  This program, written by Richard Hart, is a very incredible tool for runing tournaments.  They use it for the National Indoors evet they run in Mass.   Best of all, they provide it for free (donation to the organization are appreciated).   Read more here!

1/21/2009: Remember that the NAA National Indoor Tournament is coming soon.  The two TSAA events listed in the gold box above are warmups for that event.  Be sure to register for the JOAD (seniors allowed on a space-available basis, so parents can shoot as well), and the senior event. 

Here is the basic info on the National Indoor for Texas, being held at

College Station, TX – February 26 – March 1, 2009
TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR INFO: Lorinda Cohen, 979.218.0629, ,
for more informaiton go to
***Participants must pay with check or money order to TAMU Target Archers***
SEND ENTRY TO: TAMU Target Archers, C/O Lorinda Cohen, 914 East 29th Street, Bryon, TX 77803
FORMAT: One-Spot and Triangular 3-Spot available.

1/21/2009:   Congratulations to the 24 archers chosen by performance to represent the US at the World Indoor Championships held in Poland in March 2009!   In addition to Heather Trafford of Louisiana (a frequent archer at our many Texas shooting events), there are three Texans on this team:  Staten Holmes, Mary Hamm, and Kayla Debord!  These are some of America' finest competitors!  For full information on the Team Trials please visit this link.

1/21/2009: Texas has NASP!  The National Archery in Schools Program has gotten more bows into more hands than any other program in history. There is a tournament coming up at the end of February.

12/8/2008:  Tara Robey and Lorinda Cohen have founded a new website dedicated to a new way to promote archery throughout the world.  Click here to read more about Archery House

10/25/2008:   Bids for 2009 TSAA State Indoor are now being accepted. The dates are typically two weeks prior to the NAA National Indoor, which will be held at A&M on Feb 27 - March 1.

Bids for 2009 TSAA State JOAD Indoor are now being accepted. The dates are at your discretion. Be sure and look at the 4-H calendar to avoid conflicts.

Bids are accepted for the TSAA State Field 2009 but tentatively, the event will be held at the Blaschke Exotic Deer Ranch in Eagle Lake on Mothers' Day weekend, probably the second weekend of May.

Bids are accepted for the TSAA State Target to be held in the July timeframe. Tentatively Mike Hojnacki has agreed to host the event.

The election of officers will be held the evening of the TSAA State Indoor the two major positions open are President and Vice-President. Both the President (Rick Stonebraker) and Vice-President (Tom Barker) have agreed to assist in whomever occupies these positions. Meaning if you decide to run and accept the positions, feel free to ask for assistance/guidance/help at any time. Share the knowledge, don't make new mistakes, learn from ours.


You can find bid information on the Board page, and bids can be emailed to the webmaster.

Rick Stonebraker

10/22/2008: Story about National Coach Kisik Lee in the New York Times Nov 18, 2008
11/18/2008: Roadrunner Archery Club JOAD is the latest JOAD I know of, this one at the ARCO Olympic Training Center.  This is a most powerful concept, since they teach the BEST method from day one, minute one, of any young archers's sagittarial experience!!!!  They are also marketing the B.E.S.T. Beginnings in Archery DVD , found here !!  I recommend this completely and whole-heartedly!
11/9/2008: They've done it again! Cal Archery Collegiate Club Video!
11/4/2008:  NBC Sports to Broadcast
2008 Paralympic Games Documentary
NBC Sports will air a 90-minute documentary about the 2008 Paralympic Games on Sunday, November 9,
2:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. ET.
The show will feature a number of U.S. athletes as they train for and compete in the Games in Beijing.
Additionally, Universal Sports Network (An NBC website devoted to sports they won't bother to broadcast on TV)  will air 4-hour Paralympic Games programs each night, November 10-16, 7:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. ET.
10/30/2008:  Results for the 2008 Aggie Indoor have been posted by Lorinda Cohen at A&M
10/24/2008:  Several indoor tournaments have been held for the District 11, 4H archers in south Texas. The calendar and results are at this link.  More results will be posted as they come in, and guests are welcome to participate!
10/14/2008:  Ron has released 71st TSAA Newsletter.   And is hoping for writing contributions from TSAA members for the next issue.  Please email to webmaster.  If you have anything to contribute, archery ideas, topics, you name it, feel free to contribute!
10/6/2008:  The USOC has awarded the webmaster, Ron Carmichael, The Order of Ikkos and given him a Medallion for his work as a coach for a Paralympian Medallist (namely,  Lindsey Carmichael).  Click here for the photo of this unexpected honor.
10/3/2008: Photos are posted from the FACE-TO-FACE archery matches at the Paralympics. You can use the search tool at the bottom of this page to search for an archer's last name, to see if any photos are available.  (I could not be at both stadiums at the same time so not all archers have photos. :(  )
9/13/2008: Lindsey Carmichael has won the bronze medal for USA in Beijing.  Photos on her website
9/22/2008: Bob Ryder, longtime coach and coordinator of all things collegiate archery, retires.
9/22/2008: Based on a tip from Tom Barker:  Congratulations to the two young Texan archers making the JR USAT (Archery Team):   Tyler Shardt (mens recurve junior) and Kayla DeBord (ladies recurve junior.)  Benjamin Human (mens compound junior) just missed by a narrow margin.
9/22/2008: Alex Meyer will conduct a Level II course in Austin, TX, on Oct 10-12.
9/22/2008: I've updated the archery links page with Joe Tapley's website URL.
9/16/2008: More info from Beijing:  Article from the US Paralympic Offices on Lindsey Carmichael.    And a very nice note on her blog from another reviewer.   I have also updated a photos file on her website, (uploading now, check back if links don't work right away)
9/12/2008:  Lindsey has won two matches, and is on to the quarterfinals today at 3PM.   Photos finally posted at this link.  Click here for a blawg.

8/28/2008:  Lindsey is headed to Beijing.   She has a way with words.   This puts the two together.  Nice video clips...

8/28/2008: News bulletin on video coverage of the Paras.  There will be live tv coverage in virtually every country in Europe and throughout the world, yet none to speak of in the US.  Athletes are being told to insure they have nothing with the Olympic rings on it during their Beijing stay, to insure there is no confusion.
8/27/2008: The 2008 4H Indoor Tournament calendar for the busiest 4H district in the US (as far as archery is concerned!) ha been posted...
8/26/2008: Josh Smith is trying to get to Turkey to compete.  Check this out....
8/25/2008:  The Olympics are over, but there are plenty of great videos edited by NBC and posted to their web site.
8/16/2008: The TSAA Archer of the Year
8/16/2008: An awesome treatise on the dynamics and physics of the compound bow.   Well worth the look-see!
8/16/2008: A finger sling is integral to advancing in archery skills - one does not hold a bow, one leans against it. Once the arrow is loosed, the finger sling prevents the bow from falling to the ground.  A video showing how to tie  a finger sling using a shoe lace has been added to the Documents section of our site. Thanks to James Cosimini of Brandeis Archery for providing this video.
8/15/2008: The next major archery event for the US will be at the same venue as the just-completed Olympic Competition, for the Paralympics.  Ranking Rounds begin on September 9th.  I will post photos and blawg from Beijing (hopefully, if the censors permit it).  here is the link for the Para Archery home page.  Watch this space for more.
8/11/2008: Results from Qualifying and Team Rounds at Olympics.
8/11/2008: Results from the National Target Championship event have been posted.  Photos are located at this link.
8/4/2008: Link to the NBC Olympics ARCHERY COVERAGE
8/1/2008:  KSL Clinic Postponed
7/31/2008: Schedule for archery coverage during the Olympics in Beijing
7/31/2008: The Arizona-California archery feud continues, with the trials event for the Duel In The Desert to be held in October.
7/24/008: Kisik Lee will conduct a clinic at Chula Vista directly after the Olympics in Beijing.  (Aug 18-25) - this is an updated version of the earlier acrobat file and contains more specifics about the camp.
7/24/2008:  Photos and video clips of archers from the 2008 TSAA 26th Annual State Target Championship event have been posted. There were a record 71 archers participating.
7/19/2008: Results from the State Target Event (photos will be uploaded as soon as the director of shooting recovers.)
7/15/2008:  Photos from the state JOAD target event have been sent in.
7/9/2008: A great promo video about paralympians in the UK - Paul McCartney is supporting them, apparently....good stuff!

7/15/2008: Results from the WUAC (World University Archery Championships as Adobe Acrobat files can be found on the FITA website.

7/8/2008: Current Ranking for the TSAA Youth Archer Of The Year
7/5/2008: The level 2 course Tom Barker and Ron Carmichael tried to conduct in June is going to have to be put off until this fall. There are just too many conflicts for July, August, and September.  We will send out a notice just as soon as we can figure out a good date.  Ron
7/5/2008: We would like to invite everyone to our annual American Round. It will be on Aug 30-31 and I'm attaching a link to our webpage. Just look at "events" for information or call Roger or Preble Peacock at PHONE #254-933-3337. Thanks for your assistance and we'll see you at the State Target in a couple of weeks.
Jim Maynard  254-220-2332 
6/29/2008:  The TSAA State JOAD Target Championship concluded today, and here are the results.
6/27/2008: There is a very active 4-H program in Texas that promotes archery, exposing many hundreds of kids to it each year.   I have just heard of another 4-H program, in Georgia, that also promotes archery.  Here is the link to the Forsyth Archery website!
6/26/2008: How does a Compound Bow work?  Engineering students' project.  WOW.
6/26/2008: Paralympian Medalist Archer Kevin Stone interviewed by NBC.
6/23/2008: Current Ranking for the TSAA Youth Archer Of The Year
6/23/2008:  The Lake Side Shoot was a great success and the shooters had a unique archery experience!  Photos and writeup by Rick Stonebraker.

6/19/2008: RESCHEDULED CERTIFICATION COURSE!  LEVEL II Instructor Certification!   Pending approval from the UT Rec Sports, on JULY 26 & 27TH, UT Archery Club will be hosting a certification
workshop for anyone interested in being a Level 2 Archery Instructor, at the Anna Hiss Gym on the UT campus.  This is ideal for those that work with new archers, camp instructors, etc.   

6/12/2008: Acrobat File you can fill out before printing, for the 124th USA Target National Target Championship
6/10/2008: I regret to announce that Jonah Stone, Kevin Stones' trusty sidekick and service dog of more than 11 years, expired on 6-11-2008.  He has touched the lives of many.  For more information about this fascinating canine, please read this
6/10/2008: Super coverage seems likely, from Beijing by NBC, on archery!
6/10/2008: Tournament Announcement for June 21 & 22nd - this is a fun shoot in Lake Somerville, TX
6/10/2008: Rose City 900 Tournament Results and Photos Posted
6/2/2008:  Sundevil Archery in Arizona has some USAT qualifiers!  June and July, multiple dates.
5/29/2008: FITA has discovered how cool JAlbum is (the photograph album-making tool that I have been using on TSAA for over a year now and they even use the same skin we do, Chameleon - go figure!)  And there are photos from the 3rd world cup in Antalya, Turkey - Brady Ellison survives a one arrow shoot off (10 to 9) to advance to the gold medal round on May 31st.!  Results Page
5/25/2008:  The tournament information page and the online registration are now active for the TSAA STATE JOAD TARGET CHAMPIONSHIP  and also for the STATE TARGET CHAMPIONSHIP
5/19/2008: More photos from the State Field Shoot, by Rick Stonebraker
5/17/2008:  Jim Gatto is at the USIAC (Collegiate National Championship of 2008) in Atlantic City, and has taken some photos - they can be viewed at this page.
5/9/2008:  The University of Connecticut's Archery Club has a new website!
5/8/2008: Results from the TSAA State Field Championship have been posted, along with photos from a number of archers.
5/4/2008: The location for the archery competition in Beijing
5/3/08: Another opportunity to shoot a FITA tournament (900 round) outdoors, this one is in Tyler on June 7th!  The 1st Annual Rose City 900. 
5/1/2008:  Keep It Fun.    Tom Barker of Victoria, Texas and the South Texaas JOAD, often writes a column for his local paper on topics related to coaching, archery, and his very active JOADful of kids.   This article is one of his best. 
5/1/1008: Edward Vargas, Level 3 Certified and Regional High Performance Coach, will be teaching both a Basic and an Intermediate Level Coaching Certification courses in Louisiana at Dry Creek Baptist Church on May 19 – 21, 2008.  For information contact Frank Bogard at
JOAD Tune Up Tournament in Dallas Area!
Hosted by the Elm Fork & Texins Archery Club
July 4-6, 2008

Check this link for more information!
Location: ELM FORK Shooting Sports, 10751 Luna Road, Dallas, Texas 75220
4/29/2008:  The IPC has released their magazine, the Paralympian - which has an article on Archery. 

4/27/2008: Photos and video clips from the Texas Shootout (Sponsored by DOINKER PRODUCTS) has been shot.  Great weather and temps, almost no wind in the afternoon of the qualifying day.  The OR rounds were blessed with much more interesting weather conditions.  Photos are here.  Note that video clips are large, and have a filmstrip in the upperleft corner of the thumbnail. Broadband definitely helps! 

ADDENDUM:  Any archer in one of these videos will be able to diagnose the final part of his or her shot mechanism in very good detail. I would urge that he or she remember that any percieved flaws these videos reveal are only a small part of what is otherwise probably very good archery. Don't focus on, don't see only, the bad. There is also good to be seen. And if you feel you see something needing improvement, seek out a High Performance BEST coach for some good help.  Ron Carmichael

4/18/2008: Summary of Particpants for the State Field Championship in Eagle Lake over the last few years has been compiled by TSAA President Rick Stonebraker. Some have shot 6 years in a row, in this Eagle Lake State Field Alumni.   (I added my estimation of Rick's own participation statistics - he has probably shot in *every* TSAA state field championship event ever held in Texas, since our charter in 1983.
4/18/2008: Schedule for the Paralympics has been posted as an excel file at this link.
4/14/2008: The criteria, awards and deadlines for the 2008 Clarke Sinclair Memorial Archery Scholarships are posted at:
4/12/2008: ALL of the photos, including those from the final day of shooting (Saturday, 12th) I have taken during the AZ Cup 2008 have added to this index page ..  Official Results  
4/7/08: Results from Day 5 of the second Olympic Archery Trials
4/7/08:  USA Archery announces the passing of Ann Weber Hoyt
4/2/2008:  The video promo on the Beijing Olys, archery style.
03-31-2008: There is information available on the Oklahoma website concerning this summer's NATIONAL JOAD TARGET CHAMPIONSHIP at this link.
3/29/2008:  Lloyd Brown has long been an excellent coach as well as a student of archers - he learns from observing. He has a new website,  ArcheryCoach.Com, and he also has been nice enough to once again share some great video footage of high-quality archers.  These he took with a high-speed camera.   You can view these on the High Speed Video Page at this link.
3/278/08: This announcement from USA Archery names the team of coaches that will take our archers to Beijing
3/27/08: Eric Bennett of the US Paralympic 2008 Team sends this link,to the 360 degree video for the venue in Beijing where the medal matches will be held.

3/16/2008: The current standings for Texas YOUTH ARCHER OF THE YEAR are listed on this page.

3/14/2008: Austin has a new JOAD:  Austin JOAD Archers.
Alex and Racae Meyer, who previously ran the JOAD for 13 years at Archery Country, are the coaches. This is the best place in Austin for young archers to get started and progress to national levels. They will be holding classes this coming weekend! For more info see this link.  
3/14/2008: Information has been posted, along with the usual online registration capability, for the 2008 State Field Championship. We are fortunate again that it will be held at the Exotic Animal Ranch in Eagle Lake, TX.  If you want to help get the word out, please print a copy of this flier and take it to your archery shop!    Here is the link to the information page.
3/3/2008: Results are already posted for the portion of the National Indoors held at College Station just this last weekend!
3/3/2008: The NAA / USA Archery has had their first meeting of the reconstituted Board of Governors.  Here is an acrobat file of the news release, and here is a memo from the BOARD CHAIR..

3/3/2008: A really sweetheart deal has just been posted on the "For Resale" page - a full, right-hand, bow setup kit including an SKB double-bow wheeled case.  VERY NICE condition - the webmaster has seen this gear and it is in very good shape.

Check the "For Resale" page, linked to the left....

2/18/2008:  Results from the TSAA State Indoor, ending yesterday in Austin, Texas at the University of Texas, have been posted. A few Photos have also been uploaded.
2/3/2008: A Collegiate Archery Championship, Western Region, Tournament has been announced.  It will be in April, in Phoenix.  Follow the link for more information.
2/3/2008: Photographs from the JOAD State Indoor have been posted.  These were taken by James Massey and are really quite good - composure, exposure, and subject matter are all well done.   Thanks to James for providing these to the TSAA!
1/31/08:  Results of Several Outdoor Star FITA tournaments held in January in Austin at UT have been posted.
1/28/08: AGGIE Get-together during the National Indoor
1/21/2008: RESULTS for the TSAA 2008 State JOAD Indoor Championship are now posted.

2nd Annual Shooting Stars over Texas Invitational
(this is an acrobat file with all the info)
Saturday, February 2nd, 2008
Southside Baptist Church
8875 Old Jacksonville Highway
Tyler, TX FITA Indoor Round

The Shooting Stars Website

1/17/2008: There IS JOAD archery in the DFW area!  In addition to Jack Milchanowski's excellent Eagle Mountain Flaming Arrows in Fort Worth, I have just learned of The Texins Archery Club, in north Dallas!   They've been on the campus of Texas Instruments for literally YEARs, and the number of times I have had no place to refer interested Dallas parents to is countless. If you need a JOAD in the Dallas area check this place out!
1/11/2008: The Olympics 2008 in Beijing (with link to the Paralympics)
1/10/2008: Review of Archery Book: Denise Parker's book
1/2/2008: Richard Hart has added a metronomic function to the Cyclic Archery Timer.  It just keeps getting better and better.
1/2/2008: Training Opportunity, Georgia, for June 2008  Intermediate & Advanced Archery Camp
12/30/07: Richard Hart's Cyclic Archer Training Timer (MASS CATT) has a further enhancement that makes it easier to use - you can now set the number of arrows (ie, in your quiver), and it will pause automatically at that point so that you can pull, and resume without losing the total count of arrows shot.  So if you set a training goal (ahem, a GOOD idea according to the coach writing this) you can use this software to help get that goal. 
12/29/2007: Congratulations to groom Michele Frangilli and bride Sandrine Vandionant , who tied the knot in Italy today.  Photo  More Information
12/29/2007:  Richard Hart has updated his SAAM cyclic archer trainer software.  If you read our latest newsletter you already have a free copy (What, you don't subscribe to the FREE newsletter?) of his very useful software.    The newsletter has the link to the page explaining the software and how to get a copy for yourself! (hint: check the TSAA newsletter archive link above)
12/26/2007: :  Woodley Park Archery STAR FITA OUTDOOR EVENT TO BE HELD JAN 26-27, 2008
12/22/2007: The 64th issue of the TSAA Newsletter is nearing completion, and there are several things in it that you won't want to miss.  If you have not been getting the newsletter (maybe your email changed recently?) then you should click here to subscribe.   It is free and you will likely find something in each issue of interest - I try to cast a wide net regarding the articles' subjects.  And you can always UNSUBSCRIBE if you don't find it worth the electrons. 
12/22/2007:  ONLINE REGISTRATION for the 26th TSAA State JOAD Indoor tournament has been enabled.  Full Information can be had at this link.  Thanks to the Texas A&M Archery club and the Brazos County JOAD/4H for sponsoring and doing the heavy lifting for this event. 

2nd Annual Shooting Stars over Texas Invitational
(this is an acrobat file with all the info)
Saturday, February 2nd, 2008
Southside Baptist Church
8875 Old Jacksonville Highway
Tyler, TX FITA Indoor Round

The Shooting Stars Website

12/15/2007: I regret to report the passing of Jack Aborn:
This arrived in my email box:   "This is E.G. LeBre and I regret to inform all of you of the sudden passing of Jack Aborn, the long time national judge. Last Saturday, Dec. 8th, Jack suffered a stroke and as this past week was progressing, he was improving to the point he was released from the ICU to a private room. It was then planned that on Friday, Dec 14th, he would be moved to a rehab and start that phase. His daughter was with him on Friday morning when he suddenly passed away. At this point in time we have no further news as to the cause and when there will be a funeral.
Jack truly enjoyed working the events with all of you and he selflessly contributed to our sport for many years. Personally I have lost a best friend, but equally important the archery community has lost a great friend and supporter. 
I wish to apologize for this general email but as you can see the number of folks on the list is rather lengthy. I realize that there are some who are not included due to I not having their email or I may even have an incorrect email, so if I may impose please let them know, thank you in advance.
If there are any questions at all please contact at my email.
Thank you and be well,
(State Archery Association of Massachusetts)
12/13/2007: Results from the 4-H Indoor Tournament Season - Tiger Sharks - have been posted.
12/9/2007: Sunbird 2007:  Results are posted including photos
12/9/2007:  4-H Indoor Tournament Season - Results from Victoria are posted
11/27/2007: 4-H Results for East Matagorda Indoor Tournament have been posted.
11/27/2007: Information on LUNCH for the Sunbird tournament participants has been posted on the tournament information page, along with hotel info. 

11/23/2007: DEADLINE FOR THE SUNBIRD TOURNAMENT POSTMARK HAS BEEN EXTENDED SINCE THE DEADLINE WAS ON A HOLIDAY - you can register for this event THROUGH THIS COMING MONDAY WITHOUT A PENALTY, there is a $20 late fee for doing so after Monday, November 26th.  Be sure to get your check postmarked by then to avoid the late fee!

11/23/2007: Latest TSAA Newsletter has been posted.
11/23/2007: Results from the Longhorn Indoor have been posted.   Also, the Aggie Indoor Results are available here.
11/22/2007: Edward Vargas, an NAA Level 3 Coach and a Regional High Performance Coach will be offering a Level 1 course on Jan 11 & 12, and a Level 2 on Feb 8-10.  The cost of the Level 1 is $50 per person and limited to 10 people.  The cost of the Level 2 is $100 per person and limited to 10 people.  The location will be SureShot Archery in Humble, TX.  For information please contact Edward at:
11/19/2007: Reminder that BIDS are due soon (Dec 1) for the 2008 TSAA season of events.  Want to host a tournament in Texas?  Check the Bid information.
11/19/2007: Larry Skinner has a new website devoted to his coaching.
11/15/2007: Results from the 4-H Indoor event for Wharton County are posted.
11/7/2007: News release from the organizers of the AZ Cup on the 2008 edition.
11/7/2007: Results for the 4-H Indoor event for LaWard shoot are posted.
11/6/2007: A few photos of a few archers from DUAL IN THE DESERT 2007
11/1/2007: The first UT Sunbird Tournament 2007 is on.   If you want to shoot outdoors in December, and to shoot a LOT of arrows in a 3-day event, this is it.  FOUR ,  72-arrow,  70 meter FITA rounds will be held starting on December 7.  For the full information and online registration form, check this link...
10/30/2007: 4H - Goliad results posted
10/24/2007: information on the UT Longhorn Indoor has been posted!
10/9/2007: Photos from the IPC have been posted....cheongju,Korea
9/30/2007: The Paralympic World Championships begin in just a couple of days.   Last time, in 2003, they were held in Madrid, Spain.  This time around, they are being held in Cheongjiu, Korea

UPDATE: 9/30/2007: Further results from the 2008 US Olympic Trial have been posted. 

FINAL RESULTS : an acrobat file with the final score rankings for the participants of the trials process.

Earlier Partial Ranking Results:

Round Robin Matches 1 - 8 Men 0-%20Men.pdf

Round Robin Matches 1 - 8 Women

Photos by Gary Holstein are available at this link.

Photos by Julie Nichols (Brady Ellison's mom) at this link.

9/27/2007: Results from the first (of many) 4-H Indoor tournaments - Fort Bend - have been posted. Use this link to the tournament schedule/result page.
9/23/2007: the latest TSAA newsletter has been released. Have YOU subscribed lately? It's free! use the link above to subscribe to this long-running missive on archery-related matters both Texan and Worldly.
9/23/2007: Photos and Results have been posted: BUFFALO FIELD ARCHERY CLUB FITA FIELD INVITATIONAL, Houston TX, September 15-16, 2007
9/16/2007: David Liu of UT Archery shot photos of the annual Texas Target Championship - they can be found at this link on his website.
9/14/2007: Shooting Stars Over Texas JOAD schedule has been posted at this link. (North East Texas). They also have a new website - if you are in southeast OK, western Arkansas, western Louisiana, or north east Texas, check it out!

9/13/2007: Aggie Invitational Tournament Information can be found at this link. The dates are Oct. 19-21, 2007

9/13/2007: The TSAA board is soliciting bids for the upcoming indoor JOAD and Senior tournaments. We expect the range of time to be considered for the event to be January thorugh February.  New Years day to be avoided on the front end and the Indoor Nationals on the back end of the time frame, with Vegas Festival shoot on Feb 22-24 and the ATA show on Jan 10-12 as weekends to absolutely avoid. It would be preferable to not hold the events on the eve of the national indoors. See this link for information on the bid process, and you can email the webmaster if you have particular questions. The board will make the award decision on the tournaments by December 1st.
8/24/2007:  Shooting Stars Announces BEST Seminar for Sept. 13 & 15
8/23/2007:  Very little interest shown in this event so the idea is tabled.....there is the prospect of holding a STAR Fita event in the first few weeks of October, a one day, Saturday event wherein the archers would shoot at least 2, 72-arrow 70 meter rounds.  One goal would be to serve as a fundraiser for UT, another would be to provide an opportunity for archers to shoot qualifying scores prior to going to the indoor setup for the winter.  Please be thinking about it.  If you think you might be interested in such an event please send me an email using this link.
September 15-16, 2007, No membership required.
Co-sponsored by BFAC and the TSAA
Shoot one day or two - $15 entry fee each day
Shotgun Starts on both days: Saturday at 11:00 A.M. - Sunday at 10:00 A.M.
24 Targets, 3 Arrows each Target, Marked distances, Scoring is 5,4,3,2,1
If you haven't shot a FITA Field, now is the time !!!
Check back for registration information and additional details.


8/17/2007: Test Archery Event in Beijing begins in a few days.
Final FITA Scores for as many Texans as I can identify in short time frame.  Email me with any I missed please: (and I have added several archers I missed the first time through, and made their lines BOLD). sorry about the errors and thanks for letting me know!

Saturday, August 11, 2007
Dist 5/ Dist 6/ Dist 7/ Dist 8 /2nd Fita/1st FITA/Total FITAs/Xs/10s

ARST Recurve Female
1. Lindsey Carmichael 237 278 244 317 1076 912 1988 31 10
2. Lori Dupree 200 224 186 263 873 844 1717 16 7
ARST Recurve Male
3. Steven Bosson 177 248 278 326 1029 1117 2146 31 7
Bowman Recurve Female
2. Mackenzie Brown 311 310 296 308 1225 1215 2440 54 14
4. Heather Barthels 170 202 133 205 710 727 1437 6 1
Bowman Compound Male
2. Reece David 340 353 338 345 1376 1369 2745 142 64
3. Hunter Barthels 341 351 340 348 1380 1360 2740 113 59
Cadet Compound Female
2. Coral McMinn 322 326 327 336 1311 1316 2627 101 30
Cadet Recurve Female
1. Kayla DeBord 316 316 320 331 1283 1262 2545 79 28
Cadet Compound Male
3. Benjamin Human 330 346 337 354 1367 1330 2697 154 62
6. Justin Locke 313 332 331 349 1325 1318 2643 120 41
Cub Compound Male
1. Clayton DeBord 350 356 353 359 1418 1408 2826 218 114
3. Chad Lesak 313 328 311 342 1294 1303 2597 90 38
4. Thomas Human 302 304 325 331 1262 1278 2540 90 23
Junior Compound Female
8. Meagan Lesak 304 299 322 344 1269 1271 2540 89 28
Junior Recurve Male
4. Tyler Schardt 252 306 291 333 1182 1191 2373 58 18
14. Jordan Brown 250 284 267 322 1123 1053 2176 36 13
Master 50+ Barebow Male
Mike Frizzell 165 261 268 318 1012 1018 2030 25 5
Master 60+ Recurve Male
6.Jerry Hendrickson 102 217 202 277 798 916 1714 14 6
Senior Recurve Female
13. Debbie Krienke 284 307 279 327 1197 1240 2437 68 15
16. Jennifer Comedy-Holmes 288 309 278 337 1212 1199 2411 65 21
18. Teresa Meyers 281 285 273 333 1172 1192 2364 58 19
34. Lindsey Carmichael 237 278 244 317 1076 912 1988 31 10
40. Kathleen Varadi 74 178 247 249 748 980 1728 14 4
Senior Recurve Male
Brady Ellison 315 333 340 355 1343 1357 2700 149 54
Richard Johnson 283 323 323 350 1279 1319 2598 109 44
Dakota Sinclair 293 327 320 345 1285 1308 2593 106 45
Jason McKittrick 273 319 325 349 1266 1326 2592 116 46
Scott McKechnie 287 325 325 349 1286 1287 2573 94 35
Tyler Domenech 287 325 328 350 1290 1279 2569 107 34
Joseph McGlyn 270 316 326 351 1263 1303 2566 104 38
Vic Wunderle 266 315 332 356 1269 1295 2564 111 37
9. (Guy)Richard Krueger 269 311 338 354 1272 1277 2549 116 48
10. Shawn Rice 282 317 315 343 1257 1266 2523 93 44
Peter Carney 279 317 328 347 1271 1252 2523 92 36
Jacob Wukie 270 319 326 339 1254 1258 2512 86 34
Ted A. Holland 252 318 318 342 1230 1278 2508 85 30
14. Tim Meyers 251 316 322 341 1230 1273 2503 82 22
50. Josh Anderson 196 251 287 330 1064 1188 2252 59 20

8/9/2007: Photographs by Gary Holstein are being added to the master index for the National Target 2007 photos on the USA Archery Records Website. Upload should be done by 8pm CST (give or take a few minutes)
8/8/2007:  123rd National Target Championship - a rambling kind of blog. Link to the first FITA results added.
8/8/2007: AOTY for Female Compound has been corrected to reflect that Megan Lesak achieved the highest scores for this honor.  Belated Congratulations to Megan, and again to all the other AOTY/YAOTY
8/3/2007:   The Sixty-first  TSAA Newsletter has been released.  Check this page for an index of this and all prior issues.
8/3/2007:  YAOTY and AOTY for 2007 have been determined.  Thanks to Rick Stonebraker (AOTY) and Tom Barker (YOATY) for their work compiling the numbers and ranking all the participants of the TSAA event participants.
8/2/2007:  information on the process to get to our new NAA board of governors...recommended reading on the best hope for our organization....
8/2/2007:  The summary of notes from the JOAD 2007 National meeting have been posted on the JOAD page.
7/31/2007:  ALL NAA MEMBERS SHOULD BE AWARE OF THE CONTENT OF THIS THREAD ON THE ARCHERY TALK BOARD.    2ND THREAD OF IMPORTANCE.  Talk to your board member if you have questions or issues.  PS:  The annual election of board members has postponed.
7/31/2007:  The 4H 2007 Indoor Tournament series calendar has been posted on the 4H page.
7/29/2007: Bob Pian of Arizona Archery sends a heads-up on the:
2008 USA Archery Olympic Trials First Nomination Shoot
Start Date:
Thursday, September 27, 2007
End Date: Sunday, September 30, 2007
Location: Earl O'Neal Sports Complex
City/State: Conyers, GA
7/26/2007: Starting a JOAD program?  Need financial support? Check the HOSFORD INVITATION
7/23/2007:  There will be an American 900 round shoot on August 18 & 19th in Belton at the Heritage Park
7/22/2007: Final results from the 2007 TSAA State Target Championship.  Photos also posted.
7/19/2007:  Gary Holstein has provided a link to the EXCELLENT photos he took at the recent JOAD National event held at Chula Vista. 
7/18/2007:  NEW MAP FOR TARGET CHAMPIONSHIP AREA  -ACROBAT file with restaurants, hotels, venue, etc...  be sure to check the registration page for the latest updates as well
7/16/2007: NOTICE TO ALL ARCHERS:   THE TSAA STATE TARGET EVENT HAS BEEN RE-LOCATED TO THE OPTIMIST SPORTS COMPLEX IN FAR NORTHWEST AUSTIN.  This is a huge complex of well-maintained football, baseball, softball, and soccer fields. It is convenient to 183 and I-35, has a variety of hotels and restaurants nearby as well as entertainment options.  well watered, mowed, no fire ants or stickers, a very nice venue for our event.  TO view the google map of the venue, use this link:    and to view a layout map, use this link:   The shooting line will be on the left edge (North) of fields 22e and 22w, shooting into 23 . 
7/8/2007: Thanks to Bill Coady of Texas A&M for the heads up for this link from the FITA Website: 
This morning started Qualifications for the Compound archers –both Men and Women. The Outdoor Archery World Championships are taking place until Sunday 15 July at the Festwiese of Leipzig, Germany. Under a sunny sky the day finished with a World Record by the American ladies in the team competition: with a total of 4157 points, they beat their own previous record by 5 points! In the team Anschutz was superb shooting 1408 points.  Use the link to FITA for more....
7/2/2007:  OR Results from the JOAD National Championships have been posted.
6/30/2007: RESULTS OF THE JOAD NATIONAL TARGET CHAMPIONSHIPS - rev.a posted to correct an error (three Bowman divisions left out of original post) Corrected 7/1/2007 2:46pm cst
6/20/2007:  Ezra Wheeler sent me a link, that I hadn't thought to pass on  till he did.  This is worth taking a look.  Works best with MS IE, but it also works with FireFox.  FITA's ARCHERYTV
6/20/2007: AZ Archery has announced a number of qualifiers for USAT/Olympic Trials: June 30-July 1…July 7-8…July 14-15…July 21-22… July 28-29 -  see this acrobat file for more information
6/19/2007:   JOAD Target results have been posted.
6/18/2007:  USOC Coaching Newsletter:  Kisik Lee
6/10/2007:  New source for custom-style bow grips promoting the BEST approach  Jager Archery
6/4/2007:  The upcoming State JOAD continues to grow in numbers.  Don't miss out on the premier JOAD target event of the Season!    Also, Campers are welcome at the Target Championship in Lago Vista (on the shores of 66-mile-long Lake Travis).   The lake is COMPLETELY FULL (1.13 million acre feet/368,537,481,000 gallons) at this point, which makes the lake a very desirable destination!  Check the registration page.
5/31/20 07: TYAOTY So Far - Intermediate rankings of the TSAA Youth Archer of the Year Award

Registration deadline is June 1!     26TH U.S.A. JUNIOR OLYMPIC ARCHERY DEVELOPMENT (JOAD) NATIONAL TARGET CHAMPIONSHIPS  (acrobat file)  June 28 - July 1, 2007   U.S. Olympic Training Center, Chula Vista, CA

5/20/2007: Final Photos Posted from the USIAC
5/19/2007: USIAC 2007 Day 2 photos posted 
5/18/2007:  Special Notice:  TFAA/TSAA reciprocal agreement:  The TSAA encourages all current TFAA members to shoot at all TSAA events!  For only $15 per year ($25 per family) current TFAA members can register for a full year's worth of coverage as TSAA associate members.  This enables you to compete with trophies awarded, provided you register (separately) for the actual event.  If you and your family want to become a TSAA Associate, FILL OUT, PRINT, AND SUBMIT THIS ACROBAT FORM WITH YOUR TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION FORM AND PAYMENT...  Note that this does not have anything to do with NFAA/NAA memberships.
5/18/2007: USIAC Day 1 (Long Distances) have been posted.
5/17/2007:  USIAC Practice Day Photos have been posted.   More to follow.
5/16/2007: Texas Shootout Photos have been reposted using a new album software.  Check it out!
5/16/2007: Bob Pian has announced on another website that NADA has activated a new official JOAD website.  It has a similar logo to the USA Archery website, and contains the latest JOAD Handbook and a variety of information related to JOAD archery.  This is a continuation of the decentralization, the distribution, of services to the membership of the NAA from the NAA offices to supporters of olympic-style archery outside of Colorado Springs.  This is the link to that new website.
5/15/2007: Field Tournament Photos have been posted using a new photo album process.
5/12/2007: okay, I am trying yet another photo feature.    Feel free to use the comment feature on the various albums.
5/8/2007: TSAA State Field Results Posted, Records and Champions pages updated
5/8/2007:  NPR (National Public Radio): Article on Chinese Bowyer
5/8/2007: Tom Barker is one cool icon in the field of archery.
5/4/2007:  Latest "Find" of archery-related teaching tools by Tom Barker - the Morin Trainer
5/3/2007: Announcing the TSAA Youth Archer of the Year ("YAOTY") award for 2007
4/30/2007: The Texas Shootout 2007 Photographs & Results (There are more than 400 megabytes worth of photos to be uploaded so the pages will not all be loaded until the PM of Tuesday.  If you don't see all the pics check back later! )
4/30/2007: The IFAA, in cooperation with the NFAA-USA and its member club, Buffalo Field Archery Club (BFAC), have acted to organize this event. BFAC is one of the oldest clubs in Texas located on the west side of Houston. BFAC has 2 28-target field courses on extremely flat terrain. With a canopy of foliage on almost every target, it’s an ideal place for any archer, young or old, to come shoot. BFAC is proud to be hosting the 2007 NAFAC and hopes you can join them for a great tournament served up with some good ol’ fashion Texas hospitality. For the most current updates on this event please visit this webpage.
4/26/2007:  Registration Information has been posted for the TSAA State JOAD Target event and the State Target (senior) event. 
4/25/2007:  BEST SEMINAR AT COLLEGE STATION   May 11-13, 2007
4/22/2007: Lone Star FITA Results
4/12/2007:  Another fine writeup article by Tom Barker
4/11/2007: I have ported all of the photographs from the NATIONAL tournaments that were on the TSAA website, over to the USA Archery Records Website.
4/4/2007:  Photos from the 3rd Texas Youth Open have been posted.
3/26/2007: Software Page Updates:  RuReady Archery Timer  and Video Sports analysis software
3/21/2007: Alan Carter from Australia has graciously provided a diagram of a target stand that is designed to be easily moved.  The acrobat file contains photos that will enable anyone to reproduce the stand.  Measurements are metric.  Thanks, Alan!
3/20/2007:  The very active Shooting Stars Over Texas JOAD has posted their upcoming schedule. (acrobat file)
3/18/2007: Link of the Month has been updated.
3/17/2007: Results for the World Indoor Championships in Ismir, Turkey have been posted and can be found on the FITA website.  Choose the "Championship" link at the top of the page.
3/17/2007: Latest Newsletter (#59) has been released. You can find it in the Newsletter Archives (link at the top of the page). 
3/14/2007:  Communication from the President of the NAA.   I don't know WHEN I have seen MORE INFORMATION ON THE NAA OPERATIONS AND FUNCTIONS AND MISSION than this message contains. FIVE STAR RATING!
3/10/2007:  Deadlines for events are approaching...check the Calendar page for more information
3/10/2007: The JOAD Shooting Stars Over Texas held a shoot recently.  Results are here.
3/8/2007: The results of the NAA National Indoor Championship are being posted at this link.  There are a few pending from this upcoming weekend, then all will be correlated and revealed....
3/8/2007: Announcing (egad, yet another, again already?!? heavens to murgatroyd, evennnn) the TSAA State Field Championship tournament!  to be held May 5 & 6th in Eagle Lake, TX on an Exotic Animal Ranch (no, you do not get to shoot the water buffalo or camels!)
3/7/2007: Announcing (yes, more outdoor archery fun!) the Lone Star FITA! To be held at UT on April 14-15th.
3/6/2007: Announcing the 3rd TEXAS YOUTH OPEN TOP GUN COMPETITION in Victoria, Texas to be held on March 31-April 1. 
3/3/2007: Traditional Photo gallery also updated with National Photos
3/2/2007: Further trial of New Photo Gallery Feature - photos from the USA Archery National Indoor Tournament in College Station, 2007
2/24/2007: The results page for the State Indoor has been updated to reflect the EIGHTEEN state records that were set.  Thanks to Rick Stonebraker, the keeper of the records, for the update.
2/12/2007: The results for the 25th Annual TSAA State Indoor Championship have been published.  Thanks to James Corral and the UT Archery Club for putting on the event!
2/10/2007: The folks at the Arizona Archery Association have a PRICELESS resource in Barbara Noble, who has created a series of VIDEO FILES that provide a wealth of instruction on a variety of subjects.  Here is the link, courtesy of the Arizona Archery Association!
2/8/2007: THERE HAS BEEN A CHANGE N THE VENUE DUE TO AN UNEXPECTEDLY HIGH TURNOUT!  PLEASE CHECK THE LINK.....The folks at the Shooting Stars JOAD and Gander Moutain Club in northeast Texas are putting on an invitational indoor in February, in Tyler!  Get information on this Feb 17th tournament by using this link.
2/7/2007: Reminder - the State Indoor is this weekend in Austin!
2/7/2007: TSAA AOTY (Archer of the Year) for Texas has been determined by Rick Stonebraker.  Thanks, Rick!
2006 USA Archery Coaches of the Year Announced
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 30, 2007Coach of Year 2006
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - USA Archery is pleased to announce the selections for the 2006 Coach of the Year Awards. Dee Wilde (Pocatello, Idaho) was selected as National Coach of the Year, while Linda Beck (Maple Lake, Minn.) was selected as Developmental Coach of the Year and Tom Barker (Victoria, Texas) is the Volunteer Coach of the Year.
1/25/2007:  USA Archery's National Head Coach Kisik Lee will conduct a BEST seminar at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs in March.  YOU are invited!   For more information, check this acrobat file on the USA Archery website.
1/23/2007:  Trial of New Photo Gallery Feature for the State JOAD Indoor Photographs.  All photos courtesy of James Massey. Please let the webmaster know what you think of the new photo feature?  thanks.
1/20/2007: The results of the 2007 TSAA State Indoor JOAD tournament are posted.  Photos to follow...
1/19/2007: Bob Romero has teamed up with RU Ready to devise an archery-specific timing system that uses wireless technology and large digital displays good for both indoors and outdoors. 
1/15/2007: OKlahoma Indoor tournament information - Feb 16-18, 2007.
1/15/2007:  I have received photos of the teams, and also the results (in 8 separate spreadsheets).  The photos are posted now as well as the results.  Use this link.
1/11/2007:  The results of the WITT will be posted as available at this link.  Photos by Tom Barker are now posted for the practice day and first day of competition.  Unofficial results are available, and will be replaced by official postings as soon as possible.
1/10/2007: the WITT has had a fairly low turnout - there are, for example, only FOUR female recurves out of the 70+ entries.  It is not too late to attend this event. The event when held prior to the Olympic year has not included funding for the archers - this is NOT new this year.  The lucky few who prevail will get to represent the US in Turkey.  Think of it as a unique vacation in a land with history going back 3 thousand years or more.    Check this page for more information
1/7/2007: The folks at the Shooting Stars JOAD and Gander Moutain Club in northeast Texas are putting on an invitational indoor in February, in Tyler!  Get information on this Feb 17th tournament by using this link.
1/1/2007:  An interesting website documenting the English Warbow (those brits, yew know) has been identified.  And happy new year to all!
12/28/2006:  The usual online Registration for the TSAA 25th STATE INDOOR at UT on Feb 9-11 has been posted.  Register soon, register often, and tell your shooting buds!
12/28/2006: At this point the bulk of migration of the website content to a new server/ISP is done (as far as I can tell).  I would appreciate anyone writing me if you see anything * wrong with the website's content - broken links, missing pages, errors of any kind - please write the webmaster.  
12/24/2006: Registration for the TSAA 25th annual State JOAD  (Jan 19-20th) has been posted.
12/22 & 12/23:  The TSAA website is being migrated, all 2.7 gigabyte's worth, to a new server:
Total Files:   85035 File(s) 2,748,173,436 bytes    This should be accomplished soon....please bear with me as this is kinda HUGE upload....might take an extra day or two...
12/19/2006: Calhoun!  The 4H indoor season for 2006 culminated in the championship event held in Port Lavaca at the Calhoun County Fairgrounds.  Click here for results. 
12/16/2006: The TSAA State Indoor has been chosen by the board for Feb 9-11th, at the UT AH Gym (same locale as the Longhorn Indoor).  The JOAD Indoor will be at the venue for the Aggie Indoor, in College Station.  It will be run by Brazos County JOAD on January 19th and 20th in College Station with David Anderson as TD.   Information and online registration forms will be posted here as soon as plans are in place.
12-14-2006: I just discovered this new way to support the USA Archery program.  It works by portal technology.  If you shop online at any number of online websites, you first simply navigate to that site through a software portal sitting on your computer's desktop, that gives to USA Archery financial credit just for you using their free portal.  Yu download the portal software from this link, it installs to your desktop, and then you just click on the shopping bag to shop.  This is a safe way to help out the organization.  For more information on how this works, read at this link.
Both of the most popular internet browsers have been updated recently.  They represent an improvement in security as well as features, such as tabbing.  I recommend FireFox since it has been proven to be more secure than MS IE.  Regardless, use this link to choose an upgrade.
12/12/2006: The 4-H district in South Texas has a fantastic series of indoor tournaments every year - The latest results are from the Tiger Shark JOAD in Blessing, TX.    The final, District Championship shoot is this weekend in Port Lavaca at the Calhoun County Fairgrounds.  See the Schedule HERE for information.
12/8/2006: Results from the 4-H Bay City Indoor Tournament have been posted.
12/4/2006: Kathy Eissinger of A&M has posted information on the Texas Shootout.   Click HERE.  For photos from last year's event, use this link.
11/23/2006:  Results from Goliad 4-H Indoor Tournament.
11/22/2006: Registration information for the 4-H tournament at Calhoun coming up.....
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11/21/2006: Paralympic Searchable Database
11/21/2006:  UT Longhorn Indoor Results Posted
11/14/2006: Results from the 4H indoor at LaWard have been posted.
11/8/2006: Schedule of upcoming events has been updated through 2007.   Pleas let me know of anything missing, or if you know a link to an international event please send it to me.
11-7-2006:   Results from 4H Indoor at Colorado County have been posted.
11-4-2006: The US Indoor World Team Trials have been moved to the 2005 location - Hillsboro, TX  !!  Here's the information
10/27/2006: Acrobat Files: Optimal Diet for Archers/Athletes from the USADA website.  Info on Dietary Supplements
10/26/2006:  Rick Stonebraker has forwarded an update from the Dubai Archers.  For the original writeup on Dubai Archery, click here.  For a printable acrobat version of the update use this link.
10/24/2006: 4H Indoor Tournament Regstration Information: Goliad is the next shoot   Schedule of all shoots  LaWard Reg Info
10/23/2006: Great photos from the Yucutan's World Cup
10/23/2006: Aggie Indoor Results posted.
10/20/2006:  4-H Indoor Tournaments:  Victoria Results received and posted.
10/17/2006: The HUGE   4-H Indoor Tournament series continues. Registration Form for Columbus has been added at this link.
10/16/2006: Southern Region BEST Seminar at College Station Oct 27-28th has been announced.  DEADLINE SUNDAY OCTOBER 22ND!
10/10/2006:  Repaired the Texas Shootout 2006 Results page so that it works on MS IE.
10/5/2006:  NAA Board of Governors Meeting Proposals: check these out and then write your REP with your input!
10/5/2006: National Archery in Schools Program - Basic Archery Instructor Training Session in Lewisville (near Dallas), TX
The course will be held on Friday, October 13, 7:45am-4:45pm in Lewisville.  We need about 9 more people if you know of anyone who will be in the Dallas area on the 13th.  Thanks!

More information about NASP: /activea.asp  
Cost:   FREE  
Registration:   contact Steve Hall of TPWD at or  512-389-4568.  

10/4/2006: 4H schedule has changed for the Columbus shoot.  4H Indoor Tournament Schedule
10/3/2006:  Information on the Texas Longhorn Indoor has been posted at this link.
10/3/2006: Southern Region BEST Seminar at College Station Oct 27-28th has been announced.
9/28/2006:  4-H Indoor Season Results Page updated with Fort Bend Results.
9/16/2006: Video remarkable
9/14/2006: 2006 4H Indoor Tournament Schedule  has just been posted.     Division Breakdown
8/28/2006: Information on the Aggie Indoor Tournament has been posted by Kathy Eissinger at this link.
8/24/2006: Excellent montage of high-speed video of a compound bow in action.  Thanks to professional Jason Shannon for sharing this.  His website has some really great video products.  There is a chance he will also do a recurve episode.  Check out his site and enjoy!
8/19/2006:  Notice of an archery tournament in Nimes, France has been received - 10th anniversary with over 80,000 dollars in prize money!
7/30/2006: The NAA National Target Championships Photo Index
7/23/2006:  Information on the 2006 Duel in the Desert Trials/Desert Open has been provided at this link.  THIS EVENT WILL BE IPC-SANCTIONED.
7/25/2006: Thanks to Lloyd Brown for a heads-up on this excellent article concerning archery.
7/20/2006: Link added to the State Target 2006 Photos
7/19/2006: New collegiate listing added.
6/24/2006  Results from the Texas State Target Championship, shot today in San Antonio, are posted.
6/22/2006: The USA Archery High Performance Manager, Tom Parrish, has released a spreadsheet-based TRAINING GUIDE.
6/10/2006: The US Collegiate team has departed today for Bratislava, Slovakia.  The website is at this link.   More Info is at this link.  and official results will be at this link
6/9/2006: Photos from the TSAA State JOAD Target event are posted.
6/6/2006: Tom Parrish, HPM of the USA Archery, sent us information on a grant process for archer/athletes from the USOC.
6/4/2006: TSAA's State JOAD target had 43 JOAD archers participate, and 18 records were set or tied.
5/25/2006:  Results from the 2006 USIAC are posted, converted from spreadsheets from UCLA.
5/20/2006: PHOTOS from USIAC have now been uploaded.  enjoy.  use the link here
5/16/2006:  The next newsletter is being put together.   All members (and indeed, all archers) are invited to submit stories, anecdotes, photos, writeups, training hints, anything "Sagittarial", for inclusion.   Email your contributions to the webmaster.
5/16/2006: Results of the State Field event have been posted.  Rick Stonebraker has also furnished updated Field Champion and Field Record files, and photos have been provided by Norm, Rick, and Tom Barker.  Additional Photos by Norm McCord
5/10/2005: State Target Registration ONLINE is now up and available.  Use This Link to celebrate our 7th year of online tournament registrations!
5/2/2006: Results from the Texas Shootout are posted, along with a few more photos.  Thanks to the Aggies for yet another fine event!
4/29/2006: Texas Shootout Photos
4/27/2006:  Attention Summer Camps!  Training Opportunity for Instructors
4/25/2006: Update Info on the Shooting Stars JOAD TOURNAMENT ANNOUNCED for May 20th!  Located in north-east Texas, in TYLER.  Click here for more information.
4/16/2006: Great publicity for archery: Sun Devil and Lindsay Pian.  Check the videos page.
4/13/2006: NEW JOAD TOURNAMENT ANNOUNCED for May 20th!  Located in north-east Texas, in TYLER.  Click here for more information.
4/11/2006: The online registration form for the TSAA State JOAD Target Championship (June 3-4) is now up and active. 
IN addition, the TSAA State Field Championship (May 13-14) registration form is also available for use.  These are the two largest archery events of the year for Texas archers.  Register soon, register often!
4/7/2006: AZ Cup 2006 Photos Posted
4/4/2006: Denis Baudet of Canada gave me a link to a great place for specific exercises, complete with video clips.  Very good stuff.
3/22/2006: Loesch TrueBackTension added to bidness ads page
3/17/2006:  Meeting Minutes for 2006 General Meeting Posted.  Constitution has been updated based on actions of the Board at the general meeting. 

"The Executive Committee, by a simple majority, may accept bids for the next year's tournaments with a bid deadline of no later than Dec 1 of each year for the Indoor State and/or Indoor JOAD tournaments. For the outdoor tournaments, i.e. Field, Outdoor JOAD target and Outdoor State Target the bid deadline will be 2 weeks prior to the State Indoor tournament ."

3/15/2006:  On Sunday March 19 at 1:00 p.m. Rick Stonebraker will be at the South Texas Archery JOAD practice to teach anyone interested how to shoot an unmarked field round. Anyone interested is asked to come.  Practice is held at Tom Barker's house, 416 Lakeshore Drive, Victoria, Tx 77905.  Email Tom at for more info.
3/14/2006  Korean Training Continues To Evolve
3/11/2006:  Newsletter Issue #58 has been released, and newsletter index updated.
3/11/2006: NEW FITA Rulebook! Becomes effective April 1, 2006
3/10/2006:  City Back Pack Photos from newsletter
3/10/2006: NASP (National Archery In Schools Programs) in Texas has established a training agenda for instructors. Other states: please send me your agendas as well!
3/5/2006: The organizers of the AZ Cup have posted information on the upcoming Kisik Lee Seminar being held during the Cup.
2/27/2006: Training Opportunities have grown much richer.  Check the link to the left, and see the calendar (AZ Cup, Texas Shootout)
2/26/2006:  Results from the Victoria Indoor JOAD Invitational have been posted.
2/23/2006: I have added a temporary banner for the upcoming Winter Paralympics TV coverage. 
2/20/2006: The Univerity of Texas announces the Lone Star FITA, on April 1-2. (No Foolin' - it is a STAR FITA)
2/19/2006: I have had a lot of people ask for T Shirts, sweatshirts, and stickers with the world-recognizable TSAA logo.   You can now order all of these and more.  Use this link to access an online order center.
2/17/2006: State Record Holders and Champions for Texas 2006 have been updated thanks to the efforts of Rick Stonebraker.  Records Page
2/10/2006: There is now a new listing on the Texas Archery Shops Page:  Lubbock !

Coach Kim's Seminar - Updated information on the Training Ops Page

2/7/2006: The results and photos from the 2006 Texas State Indoor Tournament have been posted.
2/7/2006: Edward Vargas, Level 3 certified NAA Coach, will be teaching a Level 2 certification course in his store from Friday, Feb. 24, to Sunday Feb. 26.  The cost of the course is $100.  Those interested please contact him at: 281-540-2265, or at  Please bring your own archery equipment for the shooting portion of the class.  If you don’t have the appropriate equipment, some will be provided.  Prior Level 1 certification is not required by course guidelines.  However, it is highly recommended to get your Level 1 first, especially if you will be coaching children.
2/3/2006: Google does neat things with maps.  Enterprising techies have taken the API from Google and made something called Frappr.  I'ved used this free service to create three waycool maps:  Texas Archers     US Archers    and   Archers of the World

Listing yourself is benign - you will NOT be spammed as a result.   It allows you to list a photo as well.  Recommended, and I hope all that read this will check it out and participate. PS- There is also one for the UK archers - and Texas is only a little behind them in quantities.  Go Texas!

2/2/2006: UPDATED:   Great chance for more fun shooting!:  JOAD Invitational in  Victoria, Texas as a warmup to the Indoor Nationals has been announced.
2/1/2006: USIAC (United States Intercollegiate Archery Championship) is being hosted this year by UCLA.  See the Collegiate page for their latest bulletin!
2/1/2006: Results from the JOAD Indoor have been posted.
2/1/2006: Training Opportunity in San Antonio, TX with USA Archery JOAD Chairman Kevin Eldredge.
1/30/2006: A few photos from the JOAD Indoor have been posted.  Results will be posted as soon as available.
1/24/2006: The TSAA is making a DADS available at a very reasonable price.  Use the link to check it out. 
1/23/2006: Find/add Yourself - Texas Archers (choose "add yourself to map") - this is way cool.  There is ALSO a map for archers around the US.
1/23/2006: ATTN: Level II, III, IV coaches and archers: We have a rare and excellent opportunity in the East Region, to meet and learn from Korea's top coach, Coach Kim, who runs an archery school for students in Korea along with coaching Korea's top archers! He has many proven ways to work with archers and loves to share his coaching techniques. Coaches who attended Coach Kim's seminar in Chula Vista last year were extremely enthusiastic, and several US coaches who attended Kim's school in Korea were also duly impressed! You must take advantage of this opportunity while he is here.  To read more, check the TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES LINK
1/20/2006: Link of the Month has been updated, also added information on Johnson custom bow grips to the Texas Bidness Ads Page
1/20/2006: The latest issue of the NAA XFILES JOAD Newsletter has been published.
1/13/2006: You can use the  new JOAD clubs functions to register your JOAD and search for JOADs near you.  
1/2/2006: Happy New Year!   Tom Barker is conducting a Level II course!   For more information, see this link.
12/31/2005:  The latest newsletter, the last of the 2005 year, has been posted
12/30/2005: After substantial updates, the on-line registration for the TSAA State Indoor Tournament has been cautiously posted.  Hopefully all the bugs have been ironed out.   You will need to enter a number into a field before you can click SUBMIT, as a measure to reduce false entries due to the online gambling idbots.  See the INDOOR form for full information.    The JOAD registration form has also been posted.
12/21/2005:  CHANGE ON DATES:  The Columbus JOAD will sponsor the JOAD Indoor Championship on January 27-28th.   The University of Texas will host the State Indoor Championship the following weekend, on February 3,4,5.  Information will be posted here and emailed to all TSAA newsletter subscribers as soon as it is available. 

BTW concerning the newsletter - If you have not subscribed, or if you have not gotten an issue recently, you might want to use this use this link to subscribe or re-up for the free newsletter.  (You do not have to be a TSAA member). A number of members have changed their emails and not told us, or else have set up email filters such as Earthlink's spam blocker, that prevent our newsletter from arriving!  Don't miss out.

12/20/2005: the 4-H Indoor Season has culminated in the championship held this last weekend in Columbus, TX.  The results are at this link.
12/20/2005: Bob Pian of Arizona Archery has sent me a heads-up:
The Collegiate Call-in Results are now available on
REMINDER - The District 11 4-H invitational Indoor Tournament Championship is Dec. 15-16-17 in Columbus.  
12/10/2005: The latest results for the 4-H Season now include the TIGER SHARKS Tournament.
12/5/2005: The 4-H Indoor Season returns from holiday break - Results for Fort Bend are at this link.
11/20/2005: BIDS are being accepted for hosting of the 2006 TSAA State Indoor and State JOAD Indoor events.  The DEADLINE for the bids is December 1, 2005. This is a great way for your club to have fun and make some money.  For more information please see this link.
11/20/2005: APRIL 2006 RECRUITING EVENT at Arizona State University

High School Juniors and Seniors (and parents)... We know that choosing the correct college or university is a big decision. You have to think about academic opportunities, costs, and your archery future. We would like to help make this process as easy for you as possible.

Therefore, Sun Devil Archery at ASU will be hosting two days of recruiting events on April 3rd and 4th, 2006 (Monday and Tuesday). The AZ Cup (a USAT qualifier) is scheduled for the 5th-9th... so come out a couple of days early and get to know the ASU-Tempe campus and our program. We will schedule:

* housing
* campus tours
* practice with the team
* parents question and answer sessions with our Boosters
* and more...

If you are interested, contact us.
We can't wait to meet you and show you what we have to offer!
11/19/2005: Kathy Eissinger of US Collegiate Archery has coordinated the 2005-2006 Collegiate Archery Call in Tournament.
2005-2006 Collegiate Archery Indoor Call in Tournament.
All collegiate archers are invited to take part in the Collegiate Archery Call in Tournament hosted by Sun Devil Archery and Arizona Junior & Collegiate Archery.
NAA 300 rounds at 18 meters to be scored in November 2005, January 2006, and February 2006.
Score to be submitted on line no later than seven days after the competition month.

November 2005 scores due December 7.
January 2006 scores due February 7.
February 2006 scores due March 7.
For more information and to submit scores visit: collegiate archery
11/6/2005: The Aggie Indoor Results have been posted by Kathy Eissinger (we missed you there, Kathy!) at this link.
11/4/2005: The Texas Shootout web page is up and running. As per USA Archery rules for USAT events, this year will be a double 70 meter round followed by an OR round on sunday. There will be a team round for interested people on Saturday night. There will also be the usual banquet Saturday night included in your entry fee.  We hope to see you there!
11/3/2005:  The latest TSAA Newsletter has been posted, Issue 52.  It has a travelogue by Rick Stonebraker, who recently returned from conducting an archery instructors course in.......Dubai.   Photos are included!
10/26/2005: NASP (National Archery In Schools Program's 1st Annual Archery in the Schools Texas State Championship (pdf file)
10/23/2005: The 4-H Indoor Season happens nearly every weekend! - Results for Goliad are at this link.
10/20/2005: AZ Cup Information is up, and the date is now firm.
10/16/2005: The 4-H Indoor Season continues - Results for LaWard are at this link.
10/14/2005: A PSE Job Posting has been added to the "resale" page.  Making archery into a livelihood - what a great idea!
10/10/2005: The 4-H Indoor Season kicked off this weekend - they hold a series of indoor tournaments, 8 or more over the next couple of months.  Results for Victoria are at this link.
10/6/2005: The NAA has announced that Kisik Lee, formerly head coach of Australia, has accepted the position of Head National Coach.  Read more in the latest TSAA Newsletter Issue here.
10/4/2005: A very important document has been made available, regarding archery safety.  From ArcherySport Foundation.  "Insight: Is Archery a Safe Sport?  YES" 
10/3/2005:  LATE BREAKING SCHEDULE CHANGE: due to Hurricane Rita, the BEST seminar in Victoria was prudently cancelled.  We will conduct this seminar this coming SUNDAY, 10/9, in Victoria.  Please respond to Tom Barker if you will be attending, or have additional questions.  Here's the information:
ATTENTION JOAD COACHES:  Victoria Best Seminar
Tom Barker and Ron Carmichael, recently certified Level III NAA coaches, will be conducting a one day seminar in Victoria near the airport.  The exact meeting place at the airport is yet to be determined.
The subject of the seminar will the BEST archery method now being taught in the NAA instructor and coach certification programs.  BEST stands for Biomechanically Efficient Shooting Technique.  Much of this is what is covered in Kisik Lee’s book Total Archery.  We will cover application of the concepts in the book and some exercises to strengthen the proper shooting muscles for beginning and intermediate archers.
The seminar is geared toward the level 1 and 2 instructors and intermediate archers.  The goal is to help level 1 and 2 instructors obtain a good foundation in proper shooting mechanics to head off bad habits and reinforce proper form.  This is basically a continuing education opportunity for current level 1 and 2 instructors who may not have had a chance to be exposed to the BEST method.
Weather permitting we may be able to shoot some outside at close distances to reinforce the technique.
The cost is $25 per family.  The time will be 9 am until about 4 or 5, at the 4H activities center at the Victoria airport (MAP).  There will be one hour lunch break about noon.  Please email Tom Barker for more information on this opportunity - you MUST pre-register.
9/12/2005: Calendar Updated - Baja Tournament added.
9/8/2005:  Guy Krueger is organizing BEST seminars around the country.  Check here for more information.
9/7/2005: ATTENTION JOAD COACHES:  Victoria Best Seminar
Ron Carmichael, Chelsea Barker, and Tom Barker, recently certified Level III NAA coaches, will be conducting a one day seminar on September 24 in Victoria near the airport.  The exact meeting place at the airport is yet to be determined.
The subject of the seminar will the BEST archery method now being taught in the NAA instructor and coach certification programs.  BEST stands for Biomechanically Efficient Shooting Technique.  Much of this is what is covered in Kisik Lee’s book Total Archery.  We will cover application of the concepts in the book and some exercises to strengthen the proper shooting muscles for beginning and intermediate archers.
The seminar is geared toward the level 1 and 2 instructors and intermediate archers.  The goal is to help level 1 and 2 instructors obtain a good foundation in proper shooting mechanics to head off bad habits and reinforce proper form.  This is basically a continuing education opportunity for current level 1 and 2 instructors who may not have had a chance to be exposed to the BEST method.
Weather permitting we may be able to shoot some outside at close distances to reinforce the technique.
The cost is $25 per family.  The time will be 9 am until about 4 or 5.  There will be one hour lunch break about noon. .  Please email Tom Barker for more information on this opportunity - you MUST pre-register. 
8/31/2005:  ALERT  The Clout Tournament in San Antonio has been cancelled.  ALERT
8/29/2005: The latest newsletter, number 51, has been released.
8/28/2005: The 4-H Indoor Shooting Calendar has been posted on the 4H Pages.
8/27/2005: The website for the Aggie Invitational up and running.
Dates are Nov. 4-6, 2005. Registration forms and signup information can be found on the website. As always, people can email to reserve a spot and it will be held for one week. After that point in time it will be given to someone on the waiting list if there is a waiting list if the entry form and payment have not been received. Hotel information is still up in the air but will be posted as soon as it is available.
8/24/2005:  Link to scapular exercises for the BEST Method

 Operation Iraq Archery Clubs (Updated)


8/16/2005:  Announcing the 2nd TSAA Clout Tournament in San Antonio. Date for tournament is Sunday, September 25, 2005 from 12noon- 4pm. 
8/14/2005:  Senior Games Archery Information.   General Information
8/9/2005:  Another use for 2514s has  been updated.   Enjoy.
8/7/2005: Zack Kolda Benefit Shoot. The shoot will take place at the Austin Archery Club range on Sunday September 18th.  California walk up start beginning at 8:00am. 
8/5/2005:  NAA Nationals:  Index of Photos - Final updates have been made. 
7/24/2005:  I have elevated the Collegiate Info Page to "border" status.  You will now be able to find information on Collegiate Archery in the left-hand Index of the primary pages of the TSAA.   Please send the webmaster any information for a college club that is not listed.
7/13/2005: MurderBall.   Recommended.  one week later, STILL RECOMMENDED.
7/12/2005:  Cost for an elite paralympian to make Bejing, by Aaron Cross.
7/7/2005: Archery Excellence Center of Madrid - This place has to be seen to be believed. Check out the Image Gallery!
7/5/2005:  A 1-year old collegiate archery summary article has been moved from the XFiles Archives to its very own page, and updated in the process. 
7/4/2005: the 50th TSAA Newsletter has been released.  Check the archives for your copy.  In this issue, I have altered the format to accommodate the needs of the net today.  No graphics, a shorter format with hyperlinks to the full articles.  
7/4/2005: Level I Instruction includes a manual.  Larry Sullivan has created a GREAT powerpoint version that is a must for anyone involved in the training process.  This is only the first version and more are sure to come.  You will need a copy of MS Powerpoint, or else a PowerPoint Viewer.  There are three files in the zip, put them all in the same folder before running the presentation. Thanks to the USA Archery folks for permission to post these.
9/23/2005: To all NAA members:  If you see anything below of note or concern, please contact your NAA Board member representative

The proposals for the upcoming NAA Board Meeting to be held in Colorado Springs NEXT weekend (Sept. 30 & Oct. 1). 




1. USAT - Use 70 meter ranking rounds on odd number years and FITA ranking rounds on even number years. 

1. USAT - Use 70 meter ranking rounds on EVEN number years and FITA ranking rounds on ODD number years.


2. USAT  - Eliminate 12 minute test as a requirement for USAT and Jr. USAT. 

3.  Allow archers with disabilities to compete in both AR and able-bodied classes with a single registration fee, and rnake AR athletes with their able-bodied competitors for target reassignment and ranking purposes. 

4.  Include both Men and Women on Training Camp and International Team Staffs. 

5.  Consider funding a 1 hour archery program for ESPN, HBO or anyone else who will air it. 

6.  Develop JOAD Programs at the State Level with requirements and incentives. (this is a long proposal with some great ideas - just too much to write here). 

7.  Limiting BOG candidates to running for only one position at a time. (for example, not both Athlete and Regional Rep.) 

8.  Proposal to change FITA rule for allowable riser length for US Longbow rules from 18 inches to 24 inches. 

9.  Change the NAA Board Composition, removing 4 of the 8 regional representatives and replacing with representatives from Coaches, Judges, JOAD Leaders and the College Division. 

10.  Add a State Team championship to Nationals. 

11.  Include Sport Science Committee expenses in the 2006 budget. 

12.  Developing Scoring Software for USAT qualifiers to standardize results and help tournament organizers. 

13.  Revise Tournament bid package and Create oversight committee or person to maintain consistency and quality in NAA tournaments. 

14.  Olympic Team Trials - Use best 72 arrow USAT qualifier within 3 months prior to the trials, along with 72 arrows at the trials to make the cut for the round robins.  Use total of all scores to determine top 4 finishers.   Require Olympic Round and Team Round participation at a USAT qualifier in a 12 month period prior to the trials.  Have the National Coach select 3 of the top four archers for the team, based on his observation of the athletes. 

15.  To encourage participation in Team Rounds.  Require team round participation in at least one USAT qualifier to be eligible for USAT. 

16.  Move the National Indoor Championships earlier in the year so archers have more time to prepare for outdoor distances prior to the first USAT qualifier.

17.  Support Copanarco by sending teams to more Copanarco events.  This would improve our relations with Copanarco, which determines World Ranking Event status. 

18.  Offer Collegiate Division at US National Target Champ. and encourage Collegiate divisions at all NAA Sanctioned events. 

19.  Provide more information about USADA (Drug Testing) to athletes at NAA events and training camps. 

20.  Propose to FITA a rule change allowing one to three distances of a FITA to be shot in one day, finishing the remainder on the second day.  This allows more flexibility to tournament directors vs. one day or two day FITA. 

21.  Propose to FITA better methods to update and inform members of rule changes, when they were made and why. 

22.  Provide tournament banners with USAT sponsors to all NAA Major Events. 

Other issues that will be discussed include:

The Budget

NADA Contract

Strategic Plan and Goals for 2006


Pan Am and Olympic Trials Process and Timeline

World University Games Selection Process

Involving ParaOlympics in all NAA Programs

And committee reports.


6/14/2005: Records Page and Attendance Statistics updated.
6/2/2005: Results of the Texas State JOAD Target Championship have been posted.  Photos
6/7/2005: The results are now available for the Texas Target Championship. Photos
6/5/2005:   Jeramiah "jim" Wimberly, Jr. - A tribute
5/29/2005: The Gold Cup 2005 was VERY well run, and the New Jersey weather cooperated (except for 30 meters).  You see some photos in two separate groups using these links.  (warning, large pages will take time to load) : Group A   Group B  Results:Gold Cup Website
5/25/2005: USIAC:    FINAL OR Brackets (XLS file)    Final Results Summary (pdf)
5/24/2005: Toxik Software, a British outfit, has a number of programs to serve archers in various ways.   Check the TSAA Software page where their products are listed, along with many more products. 
5/20/2005: USIAC Practice Day Photos  Day 1  Day 2 Men   Day 2 Team & Women  FITA RESULTS IN HTML   EXCEL   Final Day Photos: OR     Photos by Lloyd Brown
5/19/2005: Southern Illinois Cup  - a Jr. USAT Qualifier June 3-5, 2005   Acrobat Info with Registration Form   Just the Registration Form (DOC) - the late fee for registrations has  been waived.
5/16/2005: Photos from the US World Target Team Trials held in Disneyworld's Wide World of Sports, FL

5/7/2005: Operation Iraq Archery Clubs


4/26/2005: A Level 1 NAA Instructors Course will be held in Humble, TX.
4/21/2005: The registrations are now up and operating for the TSAA State JOAD Target Shoot
4/19/2005:  The seminar at UT  scheduled for May 13-15, by the president of WinWin,  is definitely cancelled.  I had hoped to arrange another mentor of equal expertise but the timing is not right.  Apologies are in order to anyone planning to attend this event. 
4/18/2005: Registration form and info for the TSAA State Target event have been posted
4/17/2005: John Blaschke and Tom Barker provided additional Field Photos
4/14/2005: Results of the TSAA State Field and Photos have been published.
4/14/2005: What does the AZ Cup look like this year?   Photos from Day 1    Day 2
4/4/2005: Results and photos of the Texas Shootout have been posted.  OR Scores and Brackets added 4/7/2005.

WIN AND WIN SHOOTER SCHOOL AND COACH SEMINAR TO BE HELD AT U.T., AUSTIN - Only the second time that Kyung Rae, PARK, President Win&Win, has conducted such events.

The NAA will confer re-certification to any NAA Coach, Level III or IV, taking and completing this course.

ALSO: Another shooter school has been announced, this one on the west coast, for April

3/27/2005: A new TSAA Newsletter has been sent.  This one is a big one for the future of US Archery.
3/16/2005: Results for all of the individual sites conducting the NAA's National Indoor Championship are up.  .
3/13/2005: Results for the Top Gun Youth Open Shoot in Victoria have been posted, along with a few photos.  Tom Barker has also provided an explanation of how the ranking and handicapping is accomplished for tournaments of this sort. 
3/13/2005: The online registration form for the STATE FIELD 2005 has been posted.  UPDATED WITH UNMARKED AND HOTEL INFORMATION 3/21/2005
3/10/2005: Kathy Eissinger sent this notice about a "Spots and Dots"  Fund Raiser for the Texas A&M Archery Team Tournament on March 19 & 20 - check this link for more information (it is an acrobat file). 
3/7/2005: Basically I need an archery instructor for the summer. Our summer camp serves about 300 kids per week. Archery is set up as one of the rotations that the children go through everyday. Last year the archery range was open from 9:30 am to about 1 pm, but the job is 40 per week. Our camp will run from May 31st to August 18th. We will have all camp staff training the week before the 31st. Thanks for your help.
Carlos Marquina, Teen Programs & Summer Camp Coordinator, Near Clear Lake (Houston Area), TX
E.A. Smith YMCA, 281- 486- 9622
2/22/2005: An additional link for the preliminary results of the NAA's National Indoor Championship, College Station/Southern Region venue, has been posted.
2/21/2005: There is a SECRET 4-H Indoor event Tom Barker just sent me a notice about.  CHECK HERE!(2005 Texas 4-H Indoor Archery Match Bay City, Texas, March 18-19, 2005)
2/18/2005: The organizers of the State JOAD Indoor event have provided a summary of the event.  Check the results page.
2/17/2005: The folks in Victoria have seen the need and addressed it.  There will be a FUN but serious archery tournament in March, the Texas Youth Open "Top Gun" !  Use the link to read more. 
2/15/2005: A French translation of the TUNING FOR TENS document has been posted.  Thanks to French archer Dominique Durante!    (acrobat file)
36th NAA National Indoor Championships - February 18-20 or 25-27, March 4-6 or 11-13, 2005: College Station   All Sites(pdf)
2/13/2005: Minutes from the Annual Meeting have been posted.  Includes reports from Treasurer,Hosford,JOAD, and Webmaster.
2/12/2005: From Kathy Eissinger on the National Indoors: I have updated the website with the latest info from the NAA concerning memberships for those of you that are signed up for the tournament. Please take a moment to check your name if you are shooting and verify the status of your membership. If there is a yes by your name your are okay at least through Feb. If it says Feb., your membership expired Feb 1st and the NAA has not received a renewal from you, if it says no, you either don't have one, it has expired or you have your membership in a region outside of the south. Please be prepared to show a current membership card for the NAA or NFAA or purchase a membership at the tournament. We will have forms there for that purpose.  (ARC Addendum- note that the NAA's Dress Code Policy will be in force at this event)
2/11/2005:  State Indoor Championship PHOTOS ADDED
2/7/2005:  State Indoor Championship Results have been posted!  
1/31/2005: Results from the TSAA's State JOAD Indoor championship are posted.   2/1/2005: A few PHOTOS are posted    Additional Photos posted 2/8/2005
1/25/2005: CALL FOR AGENDA ITEMS! The annual meeting will be held on the Saturday afternoon during the State Indoor Tournament at UT.  Please send any topics you wish discussed during this meeting to the secretary
1/24/2005: The TSAA State Field Championship date has changed, to April 9-10, 2005.   Check the calendar for information on many upcoming state and national events.
1/18/2005: The USA Archery's "World Indoor Team Trials" (WITT) was held this last weekend in Hillsboro.  Results were posted within about one hour of conclusion of the awards ceremony.   Results, pictures and video clips of some of the archers are available at these links.   RESULTS   PHOTOS  NEWS RELEASE
12/30/2004: the BRITISH UNIVERSITY TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS 2005 ~ NOTTINGHAM UNIVERSITY ~ will use the Werner Beiter Targeting system, called "Hit or Miss".   Check it out!
12/29/2004: A List of all archers registered for the upcoming World Indoor Team Trials in Hillsboro can be found at this link.
12/16/2004: For the State JOAD Indoor:  Notice for Adults:  If any open slots remain on the day of the deadline they can be taken by adults for $10 per archer.  No awards will be given (shoot for practice, pride, and fun), just use the online registration and add a comment, and pay at the door.  Check for open slots using this link.
12/7/2004: Latest Newsletter has been released - check the Newsletter Archives.  If you did not receive a copy you need to Re-Subscribe. (have you changed your email address lately?)
12/7/2004: The State Indoor Championship will be held on the UT campus in the Anna Hiss gym in February 2005.  For full information, please use this link.   List of registrants
12/7/2004:  From Kathy Eissinger:   Information is now up for the 2005 Texas Shootout. The dates are April 1-3, 2005. The format this year will be practice on Friday, a single line FITA on Saturday with a team round to follow for anyone who hasn't had enough arrows yet with a banquet following that and then an OR round on Sunday. Information on hotels, schedule of events, registration forms, airports, car rentals and location can all be found on line at    Click on Texas Shootout.
12/6/2004: The Board has voted and the State JOAD Indoor Championship will be held in Columbus January 28th & 29th.  For information and the ON-LINE registration form, please follow this link.   To view registered archers.
11/30/2004 Aya LaBrie has created another intriguing archery related calendar for 2005 using artistically rendered photos.  SEE the art and info here.   Makes a great gift and supports an archer!
11/30/2004: Results of 4-H Indoor Tourneys:   Calhoun County (11/4-6/2004) ;   Tiger Sharks JOAD (11/11-13/2004);  Goliad County (11/18-20/2004).
11/24/2004:  International Paralympic Newsletter Released
11/23/2004: New Website Page:  JOAD Robin Hoods
11/22/2004: The results of the Longhorn Indoor event have already been posted.  James Corral and the UT Club members put on a smooth, well-coordinated event as always.  For the UT Club Website's results page, use this link, and this is a link to the Adobe Acrobat file (pdf) of results.
11/15/2004: The 4H archery program in Texas has always been a very strong one for several reasons: volunteerism by parents, participation by youth, and inclusionism (is that a word?) by the 4H coordinators.   In the spirit of inclusion the "4H Indoor Southern Regional Championship" name is being changed to the "4H Indoor Southern Regional Invitational.  Now youth archers from all over the state and even Mexico that want to come and play, can.  There will be guest division for non-4H members.   In other words, a youth doesn't have to be a 4H member to shoot with, learn about what a great thing, 4H archery is.   For more information on the series of 4H tournaments being held through December, check the 4-H Archery Page  and especially the schedule page for the green cells that indicate 4H tourneys leading up to the final tourney.
11/14/2004: Fun Photos Page has been updated.  Ciao!
11/3/2004: The results from the Aggie Invitational Indoor have been posted at this link.  Deadline for the Longhorn Indoor draws near.
11/3/2004: The TSAA's Archers of the Year have been determined.  Congratulations to the four: Staten Holmes, Kelly Shand, Adam Guggisberg, and Amber Dawson.   Summary of all TSAA archers including the worksheet - you can review your scores.
11/2/2004: BOSQUE COUNTY 4H SHOOT: A fun shoot is being held near Waco, in Clifton, NOVEMBER 6.
It is being held at the Armory at the Park. For info, call Robert Senter at 254-597-0256 or Dan Fowler at 254-435-2972.  
10/26/2004: Bids for the TSAA Indoor Tournament are due by Dec. 1st.   Bid Information can be found from the Board Page using the link on the left hand side of this page.
10/26/2004: Results of the Bay City 4-H Indoor Tournament have been posted. 
10-26-2004: Clout Photos Posted from the tournament held this last weekend in San Antonio
10/19/2004: Please note that there is a NEW form for the World Indoor Trials.  Get the newest!

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (October 4, 2004) - USA Archery is proud to announce that the 2005 World Indoor Trials will be held January 13-16, 2005 in Hillsboro, Texas.  The Texas 10's JOAD Club will host the tournament at the Hillsboro Community Center.
Any questions should be directed to the Tournament Director, Linda Misenheimer.  An acrobat file of the registration form along with additional information can be downloaded using this link

The registration form has  been revised to reflect a different shooting schedule.  Be sure that you are working off of this acrobat copy of the schedule!  Be sure that the following phrase appears on your copy, top of the 4th page (General Tournament Information):

**Please note tournament format change as required by NAA effective 10/25/04**.

10/17/2004: IT IS NOT TOO LATE!  The Clout Tournament event is next weekend, 10/24/2004, in San Antonio.  You can find out more at this link: Clout Tournament  (acrobat file of information)  MAP to Clout Venue
10/11/2004:  Rick Stonebraker will be conducting an NAA Level 1 course in November and a Level 2 course in December.  These will be held at Sugarland Archery in Houston, TX.  Details posted on the training opportunity page (see links to the left).
10/9/2004:  Reg. form and info is on the UT Web site now. Spread the word.
9/26/2004:  A few photos from Athens 2004   Photos from the last day - team competition.
9/26/2004: UPDATED: Clout Tournament in San Antonio in October  (acrobat file of information)  MAP to Clout Venue
9/23/2004: They are posted so it is "official",  Lindsey Carmichael set a new Paralympic record in Athens at the Paralympics, exceeding the old record by 34 points, and exceeded the current world record by 13 points, by registering a 603 for the ranking round. She tied with another archer but she had 3 more Xs and thus was ranked number one going into the matchplay. 
She then shot a paralympic record of 145 (18 arrows) in her first match before shooting three 5s in the 12 arrow round, coming up 7 points short against her competitor from Thailand 98 to 91 in the 1/4 round.  Here is the link to the results !!!   and to the records broken.
9/13/2004: Kathy Eissinger has sent a number of tournament dates for the calendar, which has been updated with many events for 2005.  Thanks as always, Kathy!
9/12/2004: Obituary for Clarke Robert Zurn-Sinclair
9/11/2004: Kathy Eissinger has announced the Aggie Invitational:  "Dates for the tourney are October 29-31st. The tournament has filled the past couple years so get your entries in early.  Remember that this will only hold your place for a week while you mail in the form with the money.  Also, another change this year is that in addition to white or navy on bottom, you may also wear khaki!"
9/10/2004: The latest TSAA Newsletter is released.
8/27/2004:Norman McMinn is teaching a level 1 & 2 course Sept. 10-12 at the  Rockwall YMCA. Contact Jered Kimmel at 214- 631-0520 ext. 2215 or e-mail Norman
8/26/2004: Archery Software:  New Handheld PC software for target scoring - this one is based on Windows' PocketPC Operating System.    Also, on this same day, I received notice about  "On the MARK", another PocketPC based scoring system.   The link above takes you to the full page on all software I know about. If you know of another software please let me know.   
8/20/2004: Mike Hojnacki reminds you to get your FITA Star pins - use this link for the form.
8/16/2004: Results of State Target Championship have been posted.
8/15/2004: Guy Krueger conducted an excellent recurve archery seminar a year ago which attracted archers from around the country.  Present Olympian John Magera attended.  Guy has announced another seminar, which includes MORE information than the last.   Check this seminar out! 
8/13/2004:  Links to Olympic Results:
Athens2004: Men
Athens2004: Women
NBC: Mens
BBC Overall Results

And the NAA's site has been re-vamped - it has the bulletins sent out by Mary Beth Vorwerk. 

8/12/2004: Olympic Bulletins from Mary Beth Vorwerk of the NAA have been received and posted HERE.
7/26/2004: NAA Target Championship Photos and AVIs(movies)  Index
7/16/2004:The Hosford Guidelines are available here.
7/4/2004: TSAA State Target Championship is August 13-15 in Bastrop.  More information at this link.  View currently registered archers
6/29/2004:  JOAD/TSAA messageboard is retired. 
6/17/2004:  Olympic Trials Dialog on the ArcheryTalk board   Sagittarius Board
6/9/2004: Several bulletins from the NAA have been received.   Click here to check the page.
6/6/2004:Tentative schedule for the TSAA State Target Championship is August 13-15 in Bastrop.  More information to follow ASAP.
5/27/2004: Issue 40 of the TSAA Newsletter has been published! Check the Archives above, and if you didn't get a copy then SUBSCRIBE!  (it's free)
5/20/2004: State 4H Archery Information
5/18/2004: World University Championship Team, All-American Team Selected
5/17/2004: The results from the State JOAD Target event have been posted Photos
5/14/2004:  The latest NAA JOAD newsletter, the X Files, has been issued.  Click here to get your free copy: Subscribe: NAA's JOAD XFILES NEWSLETTER
5/8/2004: Photos from the State Field have been posted.  Field Results have been updated.  Rick Stonebraker has furnished an updated Field Records page and indicates that 36 records were set at this event!!
5/7/2004: Several NAA Bulletins have been received.  Check this page
5/4/2004:  State Field Results are posted
5/3/2004: The State JOAD Target event will be an OR Qualifier.
4/27/2004: The registration for the Field event is now closed.   You can still view the information page here
4/27/2004:  An NAA level one instructors class will be held at the Pal of Texas youth ranch in Hamilton, TX on May 22. Linda Misenhemer and Norm McMinn will conduct the class, and it is limited to the first 12 students. phone (817) 866-2529 to register. Cost is $30, includes materials.
4/21/2004: The Irving Bowhunters Association has furnished info on monthly American Round Shoots.
4/21/2004:  A&M's varsity archery program at risk.  Archery has begun to grow throughout the US - now is not the time to "step backwards".  Contribute.
4/21/2004: STATE TARGET JOAD EVENT - The Corder Family Inns is ready to accept people's reservations for the TSAA State JOAD.  A block of rooms have been set aside for our archers for the nights of May 14th and 15th for the JOAD tournament.  Ask for the Texas State Archery Association rate of $50 + tax.    Click here for the flier.
4/18/2004: Texas Shootout Pictures Olympic Round  OR Photos   RESULTS POSTED ON A&M SITE  Mirrored Site
4/17/2004: Pictures from the Texas Shootout (Photos from the first day)
4/15/2004: Brazos Valley 4-H now has a webpage!
4/14/2004: I've posted some photos from the AZ Cup.  
4/12/2004: THE REGISTRATION FOR THE STATE JOAD EVENT is now up on the website and can be accessed at this link.  It will be May 15-16 2004 and is hosted by South Texas Archery JOAD Club.  This will be the last warm up before the Junior World Trials and the beginning of the busy summer outdoor tournaments.  We will be shooting a full FITA over two days. Bonus:  Adults that want to come and shoot may do so for a nominal $15 fee.  There will be no awards for the adults shooting.  Adults may shoot everything at the Olympic round distances or the FITA with the youth archers. 
4/5/2004: You know you are an archer/bowhunter if....
4/2/2004: Photos from the Lone Star.
4/2/2004:  The AZ Cup's second day was cancelled due to heavy persistent rains, strong winds, and temps of 55 degrees.   Ranking for the OR will be made using the first day's score.  (plus 6 arrows shot in the rain on day 2)
Notable archers:
recurve females:  Kathie Loesch, 7th(597); Lindsey Carmichael, 21st(572); Kelly Shand, 23rd(570); Sage Adams, 34th, (549)
recurve males: Kuy Krueger, 17th, (630); Anthony Kaune, 41st(597); Kevin Barker, 64th (554)
compound male: Brad Rega, 6th, (662); Travis Lafayette, 9th, (660); Tom Parrish, 32nd (636)
compound female: Mary Zorn, 1st, (661); Amanda Raffaelli, 14th, (591)

Please let me know if I missed anyone!   Ron

3/31/2004: The NAA Board of Governors has authorized the wearing of Khaki pants and skirts, in addition to White and Navy Blue.   The new rule takes effect May 1, 2004.
3/30/2004:  The chart summarizing all of the NAA divisions/categories/distances, for both indoor and outdoor, has been updated and a new acrobat version (for easy color printing) has been created.  
3/29/2004:  For those who know, respect, and admire Aya LaBrie for her dedication to competitive archery, please check this link, and write to her with your support.
3/28/2004: Lone Star OR:  Final Placements     RANKING ROUND    Results from the Lone Star OR   Male Recurve Results   Female Recurve Results    Male Compound Results    Female Compound Results
Great Picture by Tom Barker:  Male Recurve Winners: Tim Meyers, 3rd/Kevin Barker,2nd/ and Tyler Janota, FIRST PLACE: For a more complete photo, see the Male Recurve Page


3/27/2004:  Larry Anika has 24 photos from the Lone Star OR that you can easily view at this link.
3/25/2004:  Chris Shull Interviewed on NPR.  Great coverage and exposure for archery!  From the NPR Website: "March 25, 2004 -- With the Athens summer Olympics less than five months away, there's a growing sense of urgency about construction delays in Greece and mounting security challenges. But for thousands of athletes, the only timetables that matter are the training schedules that build in intensity as the August games approach. In the first of a series, NPR's Tom Goldman profiles one of those athletes. At 24, Chris Shull is the fourth-ranked archer in the United States, and he's bringing a new vibe to a sport that was once almost dropped from the Olympics. "  (Photo by Tom Goldman)

3/24/2004:  NAA Bulletin released summarizing the Indoor Nats, 2004.  Three Texans take titles: Holly Heinsohn, Tim Meyers, and Lindsey Carmichael

There has been a change in the location of the Lone Star event - it will be held on the UT Practice field next to the Intramural fields.    Use this map to locate and obtain driving instructions.  Email Kristine if you have any questions.
3/23/2004: From Kathy Eissinger at Texas A&M: If anyone is looking for a chance to shoot a qualifying score, Texas A &M has registered two qualifiers with the NAA. The first will be Thursday April 8th at 4 p.m. at the practice field on the A&M campus (by the tennis courts). The second will be Thursday April 15th on the Texas Shootout field at 6 p.m. Cost for each is $15. You can pay when you show up. If you plan to come please let me know via email so we have enough targets set up. Also, the deadline for the Texas Shootout is approaching - it is April 2nd. Registration forms are on the web at
3/18/2004: The two-week voting period for the Hosford Committee election has closed, and based on the votes the person replacing Tom Parrish will be Kathy Adams.
TSAA Secretary Gina Carmichael, and Ron Carmichael, TSAA webmaster, each independently received copies of all votes sent through the website's voting page. Upon careful comparison of these two sets of votes it was clear that the same numbers of votes were received by both, and so they certify that the results are:
Kathy Adams, 14 votes, and
Skip Dawson, 11 votes
To those TSAA members that took the time to express their opinions, your efforts are appreciated by the board. And special thanks are extended to Skip Dawson for volunteering to serve, and of course, to Kathy Adams as well.
3/17/2004:  Information and online registration for the 2004 TSAA State Field Tournament is now available at this link. 
There will be a State Field practice session April 11th, Blashke's Deer Farm Site of the TSAA State Field Time: TBD (to be determined) Let me know if you are interested in attending a Field warm-up session. There will be an unmarked field round at this years State Field but it will not be [part of the championship. This unmarked field will prepare archers who like to compete on the national level and others who just want to enjoy a "different" kind of archery. Some of the things that will be covered is how to "guesstimate" unknown distances on a FITA field course. Targets will be set-up to practice up and down shots and how to prepare for "uneven" terrain. Contact Rick Stonebraker if you are interested and for further details.
3/16/2004:   From the new President of the TSAA, Michael Hojnacki:
The Texas State Archery Association would like to announce its Archers of the Year for 2003. This award is given to the top Male and Female archers from State Tournament rankings each year.
This year's recipients are:
Male Compound - Adam Guggisberg
Female Compound - Lyndsey Kubecka
Male Recurve - Staten Holmes
Female Recurve - Kristin Milchanowski
3/13/2004: Attention all Juniors! Some of the top Texas shooters are holding a tuning seminar in the Austin Area April 10th. This will be a one day seminar starting at 9:00 am and running to 3:00 pm, in Paige Texas. The seminar is limited to the first 12 confirmed Juniors who sign up. We will be hosting additional tuning seminars in the Houston and Dallas area in the coming months, so we are really asking to limit the attendance to the area the seminar is in. Please send an email to Mike.   Please list your age, bow type and weight, arrows and what you would like to achieve and learn at this seminar. Again, this is for junior archers in the Austin/San Antonio area.. If you have any questions, email me at the above address.
3/13/2004: Fort Bend Archery is holding a tournament!  Click here for more information on this event.
3/13/2004: Concordia Archery Tournaments Foundation announces: The Face 2 Face Archery Tournament 2004, Amsterdam , The Netherlands. This indoor tournament for top archers will be held from 9-12 December in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The successful tournament was earlier held in the Netherlands (1992-1997) and major archers (Rick MC Kinney, Justin Huish) participated. An article about the Face 2 Face and it special format (round robin) will appear in Archery Focus magazine. Our intention is to attract world's best archers for this annual tournament. The organizers wish to welcome all US archers that wish to compete with the best, against the best! This is the link to the website
3/8/2004:  Mary Zorn had a good weekend at the National Indoors held at A&M.   She shot three new national records:  Collegiate Compound Single 18m, Double 18 meters, and Senior Competitive double 18 meters.   She managed to also tie the WORLD Senior Compound Single 18meter record! (293 291 [584] 297 296 [593] TOTAL:1177 )    Link to the Results  Thanks to Kathy Eissinger and Frank Thomas are in order for a great tourney, and to Jack Milchanowski for DOS'ing the event.  
2/16/2004: Rick Stonebraker sent photos from the State JOAD Indoor - they have been added at this link.
2/12/2004: Minutes from the 2004 General Meeting have been posted.  The revised and approved Constitution has been posted as an acrobat file.
2/9/2004: James Loesch will conduct a LEVEL I certification course at Sugarland Archery ON FEB 15.  Recommended for all intermediate to advanced JOAD archers and especially their parents!
2/8/2004:  The results of the JOAD State Indoor Championship, held in Bay City, TX have been posted at this link.  Pictures are at this link.
2/3/2004:  Jack Milchanowski and Rick Stonebraker have gone over the 22nd State Indoor results, and Rick reports there were 12 new records established and 31 previous records
were broken. Click here for the results.   Pictures are posted at this link.
1/28/2003:  VERY IMPORTANT CHANGES TO THE DRESS CODE FOR CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS BY FITA: sooner or later this may affect all tournaments in the U.S. Check this link.
1/27/2004: This link will take you to the actual registration (acrobat) form.  This link will take you to the registration info (acrobat file) for the State 4H match in Bay City March 12th,13th. which will be held in Bay City at the
Matagorda County Fairgrounds on March 12-13. March 12th is a preshoot for those that cannot make the Saturday event. There will be both 9 meter and 18 meter lines. Sign up is at the extension office. For more information, contact Ronald A. Howard Jr, PhD, Professor and Extension Specialist 4-H Youth,  Phone: 979-845-1214 Fax: 979-845-6495 E-mail:
1/26/2004: As graceful as sculpture, yet packing enough power to pierce armor, the recurved bow was the top cavalry weapon of pre-industrial Asia.   Over centuries, Arab, Persian and Turkish bowyers learned to join wood,  horn and sinew and to shape bows with tips that "recurved" forward.  The results were compact enough to be used with accuracy from a galloping horse.  Now, American bowyer Lukas Novotny is try to find out how they did it. Click here
1/26/2004: A new map link for the State JOAD Indoor has been created:   BAY CITY FAIRGROUNDS
Rick Stonebraker has begun updating the TSAA State Records and Champions pages -  the INDOOR records and champions have been published today. Check the new INDEX here
1/12/2004:  The registration information for the Lone Star FITA has been - wait a minute! - It's an Olympic Year!  So the FITA is a "not-so-FITA" event.  Instead of shooting a "FITA" of 4 different distances(144 arrows total), this year only the LSF will be conducted in the Olympic style - the morning will be an Olympic Qualifier for ranking, followed by single-elimination OR head-to-head process.   Go to the registration page for more information.
1/10/2004: The TSAA website was relocated today to an new ISP host, over (just) a one hour period.  This should result in much lower outages than we have experienced recently and much faster web response time.  At least, I have noticed the pages loading with more "pop" and the ISP provides a much higher degree of control and autonomy over the site.   All webpage hit counters have been reset as a result of the relocation.  Tournament photographers will be able to upload their photos to designated locations with their browsers as well.  PLEASE email me if you find anything amiss after this transfer, using this link.  I am in the process of curing hundreds of link errors, so your help AND patience is appreciated.  Ron
1/8/2004:  The NAA has announced the Coaches of the Year and the Athletes/Teams for 2003.  Click here to go to the NAA Releases.
1/5/2004: For those wishing to hold a qualifying event for 2004, leading up to the US Olympic Archery Trials, use this Excel spreadsheet form provided by the NAA to file a request for sanctioning.
1/5/2004: From Judge Rick Stonebraker, concerning targets at national indoor and world indoor tournaments:
FITA Rule Rounds and faces. Has been revised and states: “For the Indoor Match Round, the triple 40 cm faces will be used. In the Elimination and Final Rounds the faces will be set in pairs on each target butt. Vertical triple faces will be mandatory for the Indoor World Championship. The use of single or triple faces in all other competitions is the choice of the organizers, who can allow the competitors in the same class and division to shoot on a different type of face.”
1/1/2004: Most Extreme Archery Challenge   by Tom Barker - Archery causes many to rise to the challenge. 
1/1/2004: Formaster imagery has been posted.  There are several ways to use a Formaster in training, this displays one way to use a RIGID version of the Formaster.
12/31/2003:  Happy New Year.   The last newsletter of 2003 has been sent out.  If you didnt' get a copy, you need to subscribe using the link above.  If you have subscribed and still did not get a copy, make sure your anti-spam utility is not rejecting emails from us!  Check the Newsletter Archives for this issue.
12/28/2003: Tom Parrish is accumulating a set of records on U.S. recurve archers who have achieved 1300 or better in a STAR FITA.  If you have, or know someone who has, gotten through 1300 then please contact him.  Check this link for information and his email address.
12/19/2004: 4-H District 2003 Indoor Tournament series draw to a close with these Championship Results. 
12/15/2004: Registrations for the State Indoor in Fort Worth and the State JOAD Indoor in Bay City (Matagorda Fair Grounds) have both been posted.  See the red Quickfind box above.
12/15/2004:  A few photos from the Arizona Fall STAR FITA held in Phoenix at a neat park near the airport have been posted.  In addition a tournament writeup and the scores are available at this link.
12/14/2003: La Ward Results for the District 11 4-H Archery Indoor Tourney Series have been received and posted at this link.  Kudos to all the kids and the parents who made it happen and made it a great participatory event.
12/7/2003: Kathy Eissinger has the Southern Region's registration for the National Indoors up on the A&M website - A&M's webmaster unfortunately requires MSIE for full function and support, but I was able to view the pages with Netscape 7.1 well enough. Here's the link to the registration information page.  The Texas Shootout Information has also been posted.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE NO HOTEL ROOMS OTHER THAN THE MANOR HOUSE RESERVED BY TAMU ARCHERS FOR THIS EVENT.  See the information page AT THIS LINK .   

Another Note:  Even though it says on the registration form that seniors, collegiates, juniors, cadets, masters etc. may only use a

  3-spot, Tom Parrish confirmed that they can use either a 3-spot or single spot as in the past. They just need to shoot the whole tournament at

  whatever they sthart shooting at. FITA does require that any world records claims be shot on the three-spot.   

11/24/2003: YOUTH ARCHERY ENRICHMENT - events in Victoria scheduled  - you should book soon - space is limited!  
11/24/2003: Results for the JOAD portion Longhorn Indoor have been posted.  Click HERE  for the FITA portion.  This picture has Kevin Barker (285), Cassie Raffaelli (285) and Kenny Holcomb (287) who all shot NAA silver olympian scores on Sunday morning.  Travis Lafayette shot a couple of NAA gold olympians (290+) during the JOAD round on Saturday. Simone Petrosky fired her first 30-point end this tourney as well.
11/20/2003results for the 4-H indoor tournament in Goliad County have been posted.
11/14/2003:  Tom and Chelsea Barker will be conducting several courses for LEVEL ONE NAA INSTRUCTOR.  Check the Training Opportunities page (on the left side of this page).
11/10/2003:  Kathy Eissinger of A&M has released the results of the Aggie Invitational which finished yesterday.
11/5/2003Results for the 4-H indoor tournament in Fort Bend County have been posted.
11/2/2004Results for the 4-H indoor tournament in Bay City (East Matagorda) have been posted.
11/2/2004: ARCHERS in TEXAS - I maintain a contact database list of archers with their emails and addresses, based on a number of sources.   Each few months the NAA sends the TSAA secretary (Gina Carmichael) a paper list of those people that have renewed their memberships or joined new.  And we sit down and type them all back into digital form so we can track their expiration dates, etc..  I thought it would be interesting to see where they are.   Click here for a look.
10/31/2003: Distance Converter has been added to the JOAD page to help archers (or their parents) visualize distances better.
10/30/2003Flames Near ARCO in Chula Vista
10/28/2003 Aya LaBrie has created an intriguing calendar using artistically rendered photos.   SEE the art and info here.
10/23/2003: Results from 4-H Colorado County's Indoor have been posted
10/22/2003: US Olympic Archery Trials Information - maps, hotels, and NAA news release
10/19/2003:   The results from the first 4-H 2003 Indoor Season, held last week in Victoria, are up!  See all the scores for this series of events at this link.  Please note that last year's event had 67 archers, and this year 142 turned up and out!   Maybe they should rename this the "Parents Scramble"!
10/16/2003: The TSAA STATE INDOOR has been set.  It will be held at the Sokol Gym in west Fort Worth on the last weekend in January and the first of Feb. (Jan 30,31 & Feb 1).   The organizer is Jack Milchanowski.   Folks, a great deal of effort was expended in trying to find the most neutral time with the least number of conflicts and this is it!  I will post an online registration after the Longhorn and Aggie Indoor events, and will send out a notice when it's available.   (Yahoo Interactive Map)   You can view last year's indoor photos at this link
10/14/2003: Norm Boyd has furnished a 4-H divisions chart.   It's available as both an Excel file and as an acrobat file.  He's also put together a great Excel Workbook for Tourney Directors
10/13/2003:  Jay Barrs brings this RECURVE SHOOT to our attention.  It's in Sweden, Malmo to be precise.  Sweden is one of the nicest countries to visit.  Go to THIS LINK to see the website with information on the event.  Oh yeah, this tourney offers a purse of around 10,000 EUROs. 
10/13/2003  The first 4-H Indoor tournament of 2003, one in a series of SEVEN that culminate in a championship event just before Christmas, was held this last weekend.   Last year 67 kids shot in this event, this year 151 showed up to share in the fun!  Click here to check the schedule and results (will be posted as soon as available)
10/7/2003:  It dawned on me belatedly that I failed to put some recent events on the calendar even though I emailed out notices of those events - my apologies - my attention has been somewhat elsewhere but regardless I'll try to be more attentive in the future.  Please send me complete who/what/where/why info and I'll put it on both the calendar AND on a new "TRAINING" page.  This new page will hopefully consist of any educational opportunity around the state.  You can also post notices up on the message board yourself, and I encourage that.   To assist archers around the state in raising their game and helping parents to better support their kids I have created a NEW PAGE which is displayed in the left border:  "Texas Training Opportunities".  Keep an eye on this page for future opportunities.
10/6/2003:  Rick Stonebraker concluded a level II NAA instructors course recently. PHOTO   Congrats to the newly certified and recertified.   Rick holds these certification courses from time to time, so keep an eye out for the next one.  There's not a better way for a parent to be able to help their child to enjoy archery than take one of Rick's courses and thereby gain a better understanding of archery.  
10/6/2003: Guy Krueger is organizing a Coach and Archer seminar for December 20-21.
10/1/2003:  University of Texas has a new website.    The Calendar has been updated with all of the upcoming 4-H tournaments.  JOAD guests are welcome!
9/28/2003: Added photos to the Disabled Archery website from the 4th IPC World Championship held recently in Madrid, Spain, wherein Lindsey Carmichael managed a 4th place finish after defeating a 3-time world champion Korean archer as well as her teammate. 
9/23/2003: Guy makes strings! 
9/21/2003:   The Aggie Invitational tourney information has been posted.  See the quicklink in the red box above.
9/20/2003: The State Target event was abbreviated due to a storm blowing through.  The results are here.  Writeup to follow.
9/19/2003;  All registrations for the Longhorn are being received and properly processed, but as I am not able to reach my usual email host  I cannot send the usual "You registration has been processed".   Check the Current Registrations link to view your time slots and make sure you have what you intended.  Note that with the registration of the mighty A&M team, several slots are now completely full.   You will still get a confirmation page on your screen when you click SUBMIT for the registration info - be sure to print that screen to mail with your registration fee.
9/16/2003: the New, Improved, Sagittarius Board
8/30/2003: NEW PHOTOS ADDED  Lloyd Brown has sent some pictures from the U.S. activities at the PanAm games. UPDATED 8/30 AM with more pics, same link.  Results of these games are posted asap on the NAA's website.
8/3/2003: An unofficial, html-based version of the NAA's 119th Target Championship results are available. Note that it is based on the results as published by the NAA as of 8/3/2003, 2200 hrs.  If subsequent updates are released by the NAA they may not be reflected in the html version.  The purpose of the html version is to allow search engines to access the archer's scores.  (see the  engine at the bottom of this page for example)
7/30/2003:  Holly does it again - "double 70 meters" new record.  Texan Mary Zorn also sets FITA World Record with a 360 at 30 meters.  (yes, folks, that is a perfect outdoor 30 meter score).   Pictures of the NAA event are posted on index page here.    Texan Male recurve and Female Compound Teams RULE the Team Event.

Pictures by Ronnie Bennett

7/22/2003:  NAA Bulletin: U.S. wins six medals at World Target Championships
7/15/2003:  The author of a very good story on the JOAD Nationals in Denver has graciously provided us with a copy of the story and permission to include it with the coverage on the JOAD National Target Championship in Denver.  Here is the story by Shawna Hickman of the Centennial Citizen Newspaper.
7/13/2003: 4H Invitational Championship - New Mexico
7/13/2003: More pics of JOAD Nationals 2003 by Tom Barker
7/11/2003: NADA and the U.S. Air Force team up to bring archery to bases
7/10/2003: NAA releases bulletin on the upcoming National Target Championship in Reading, PA
7/6/2003: A few more pictures of the State Field, by Ronnie Bennett     National JOAD Photos by Ronnie Bennett
7/6/2003: A full roster of the results of the NAA JOAD National Target Championship with Texans highlighted has been posted.  The Adobe Acrobat file of results from the NAA is also available    National JOAD Photos by Ronnie Bennett
7/6/2003:  All archers should be aware of the NAA ATHLETE CODE OF CONDUCT.
7/2/2003:  4H results of the outdoor season
7/1/2003: A few days ago, while at the NAA National JOAD Target Championship, I had the pleasure of spending a short time with Darrell Pace, who gave me a quick lesson in shooting pool. He's a self-confident, friendly, approachable, and congenial kind of person, fun to talk to, and I enjoyed the game of 8-ball, for sure.
Just a few days later I was browsing a bookstore in the Cucamonga Community Library in California, and came across a book staring me plumb in the face - Games of the XXIIIrd Olympiad of 1984 (Los Angeles). Eagerly opening the book to page 46, I read about archery at this Olympiad, and the gold medal winner - Darrell Pace - and it reminded me that in addition to being a normal, regular ol' guy, Darrell Pace is nothing of the sort - a two-time gold medal winner (and much more)! Read the entire, short, well composed writeup on archery at this event, using this link .
6/29/2003: NAA National JOAD Target Championship Last day - some OR pictures   Day 1    Photos Practice Day   
6/24/2003: Results of the TSAA State JOAD    PHOTOS
6/17/2003: NAA Bulletin: Four Teams Selected Following World/Pan Am Trials
6/15/2003: The 2003 State JOAD Target Championships were concluded today.  See and read all about it!
6/12/2003: Info for the Texas State Target Championship has been posted. Includes ONLINE registration as usual, and maps of the venue.   This looks to be a different event.  Check it out, and get your friends involved!
6/12/2003: The best slow-motion, high-speed videos yet, and a neat bow to boot.
6/8/2003: I've created a new, separate page for archery softwares.
6/2/2003:  USIAC OR Elimination Round Results added to prior 2003 USIAC results: Acrobat Files for OR Elimination Round Results: Female Compound   Female Recurve  Male Compound   Male Recurve
5/28/2003: 4H Outdoor Tournament Schedule has been released
5/21/2003: NAA News Release Concerning the USIAC 2003
5/20/2003: Texas Shootout OR Results
5/19/2003: USIAC 2003 - ALL AMERICANS NAMED!
5/18/2003: Writeup and pics from the Mexico Grand Prix by Guy Krueger (gold medalist)
5/13/2003: PHOTOS from the State Field 2003        Results of the State Field Championship have been posted .
5/13/2003: Butch Johnson Wins Gold at European Grand Prix in Croatia
5/6/2004: Information on the State 4-H Outdoor Tournament has been posted.
5/4/2003: Information on the STATE JOAD Tournament has been posted.
5/2/2003: The NAA has posted the registration information for the 2003 National Target Championships to be held in Reading, PA. Click here for the info
5/1/2003: The NAA has released a bulletin regarding the coaching staff for the 2003 PanAm Games AND for the 2004 Olympic Games.   Click here to go to the NAA Releases.
4/27/2003   Texas Shootout
The Aggies have once again hosted a premier and excellent event - they arranged a great field and made sure the weather was perfect.   The temps ranged from a brisk 65 in the mornings at 7am to around 80 or 84 at the height of the day.  Winds were always light and consistent, never more than about 10 mph, and usually closer to 5mph or dead calm. By the time of the fajita dinner at 7pm on the day of the FITA, Kathy Eissinger had the results of the shooting available as a handout for all four disciplines.    RESULTS have been posted!    NAA's RELEASE FOR THE SHOOTOUT  
5/1/2003:  Rick Stonebraker has provided pictures from the Shootout.

4/23/2003: Just for Fun: George Tekmitchov of Hoyt, USA- now we know how he keeps coming up with great archery gear! 
4/23/2003:  4-H information on summer events has been posted, including a calendar, latest sporting news, tournament registration, and hotel information.  Special information from the Helotes 4-H area is here.
4/19/2003: JOAD Clubs can now enter their information directly into an online database to help the public to find THEM.  Go here
4/19/2003: The TSAA Message Board has been reestablished using new software.   Previous messages have been migrated. The link is me know if you have trouble with it, please.
4/17/2003: NAA Bulletin - Arizona Cup and Croatia Grand Prix Team
4/12/2003:  PHOTOS FROM THE AZCUP   Day2  PonyTailTeam
4/11/2003: Arizona Cup 2003 - surround pic - broadband recommended
4/9/2003: Information on the SASP (Special Athlete Support Program) of  the NAA & USOC
4/7/2003: Bulletin from the NAA regarding Office Restructuring
4/6/2003:   Results of the Lone Star FITA 2003 have been posted.  The event was near perfect conditions - light winds, partly cloudy, temps in the 70s and low 80s, just noisy parrots but the hawk kept them fairly well behaved. 
4/02/2003: The JOAD 2003/2004 Handbook is now available in Acrobat PDF Form.
3/27/2003: The results of the National Indoors have been posted
3/27/2003: There are significant changes to the World Target/Pan Am Team Trials.
3/201/2003: Tom, Marcia, and Kevin Barker furnished us with some pictures from the World Indoor Championships in Nimes, France along with a good descriptive writeup of the trip.   Click here.
3/18/2003: Questionnaire for those that might attend the State Field Event this summer.  Photos from the awesome field event last year (same site for this year)
4-H INDOOR CHAMPIONSHIPS - results have been posted here.
3/17/2003: The results of the NAA Nationals - Southern Region - have been posted.  Full Nationwide results will be posted when certified and made available by the NAA.
The results of some of the World Indoor Tournament Championship in Nimes, France are available as Acrobat files at the following link:   NIMES RESULTS
3/4/2003: NAA BULLETIN:  Tom Parrish joins USA Archery as HPD!
2/28/2003: World/Pan Am Trials Information and registration form posted
2/28/2003 : Map of TSAA NAA Members and subscribers in Texas
2/16/2003: 4H 2003 Indoor Archery Match Tournament Entry & Information Form
2/13/2003: The NAA has released the dates and preliminary information for the Jr. USAT training camp.
2//2003: RESULTS OF TODAY'S 21st State Indoor Championships have been posted.   Photos
2/8/2002: A table of softwares for archery has been updated, on the Archery Links Page, here.  There are a lot of programs out there to help both the archer and the tournament organizer/director.
2/6/2003: The first issue of the JOAD Newsletter has been released.  Please let your friends know about it - forward a copy to them, and be sure if you coach a JOAD that your students know that they can subscribe for free!  Use the link at the top of this page to subscribe and to see the previous issue.
2/4/2003: Map of State Indoor Participants 
2/2/2003: The results of the 2003 State Indoor JOAD tournament have been released by the tourney directors.  You can review the results of this year's event AT THIS LOCATION.   PHOTOS by Tom Barker are here   Additional Photos by Rick Stonebraker
1/31/2003:   Krueger Archery Supplies has provided a new price list for equipment.   Note that you can submit your order online!
1/28/2003: Information on the 2003 JOAD Nationals has been posted.
1/13/2003: Tom Parrish will conduct an NAA Level II COACHES COURSE  in Austin  IN MARCH (14-16TH).  It's an excellent way to become a better archer or coach, and for parents to learn how to nurture their young archers.
1/8/2003: The TSAA annual meeting will be held Saturday, Feb.8, between the afternoon and evening lines during the State Indoor.   As usual we will hold elections for Board Officers.   Anyone wishing to volunteer either themselves or someone else for service to the TSAA, or to request a subject be placed on the agenda, please write an email to the President.
1/8/2003: The A &M Website now has information posted for the National Indoor Tournament being held regionally around the US.  And while you are on the Aggie site, you can also check the info posted concerning the Texas Shootout.
12/29/2002: Another website devote to archery has found a great niche - a LIBRARY of ARCHERY.  Warning - they chose to use frames so your browser must support them for best results.    This site has archery artwork (old prints), a summary of books with ISBNs. descriptions, etc.
12/23/2002: Andrea Garner is our "Attagirl" archer  this time around.
12/23/2002: The criteria for both the senior and junior United States Archery Team   (USAT) are posted in html and as MS DOCS: Jr.USAT  Sr.USAT.
12/20/2002: Summary of the 4H indoor season.  Once again the 4H District 11 Archery program exposes hundreds of kids to the joys and benefits of archery.  The numbers tell the tale!
12/19/2002: Texas State Archery/NAA  Events break 1000 in 2002!
12/15/2002: The FINALS for the Four-H Indoor Season were held the weekend of 12/14/2002 and are available here.
12/9/2002: 2002 Final Texas Archer Rankings have been posted. (200 seconds over 28.8 connect)
12/8/2002: 4-H Saga of Indoor Tournaments continues: LaWard Results.  NOTICE: Next week is the Championships, to be held in Lolita.
11/27/2002: 4H Tourneys Continue: Victoria Results
11/25/2002: Longhorn Indoor Results: FITA     JOAD
11/25/2002: Aggie Indoor Results FITA    JOAD
11/20/2002: COMPOS SUI - an article by Tom Barker.  Did you know that District 11 4-H does not discriminate on the basis of gender?   It's unique!
11/17/2002:Calhoun County Results for 4H District 11 archery
11/17/2002: Murray Elliot, author of the fabulous Archer's Reference, has just given me permission to post on the TSAA website the NEW version, Version FIVE, of his reference.
11/9/2002: Fort Bend Results - The 4-H indoor tournament was held in Rosenberg (Fort Bend) this time.  Next week the fun moves to Port Lavaca.    Jump to the Information Page for 2002 4-H Indoor Tourneys
11/5/2002: Link of the Month this time is a do-it-yourself compendium page: make your own arrow cutter, quiver, spine tester, bows, arrows, etc.  
11/4/2002:  The results of the Texas Aggie Invitational 2002 have been posted here.
10/31/2002: The tournament director has released the registration information for the 21st Texas State Indoor Championship to be held in February.    For information and the online registration form click here.   View Current Registrants   For the State JOAD Indoor, click here
10/29/2002: The NAA has released the Registration form for the 2003 World Indoor ArcheryTeam Trials (WIATT) and asked that it be posted.  (removed
1/6/2003 webmaster)
10/29/2002: 4-H Indoor tournament - East Matagorda Results           PHOTOS from East Matagorda event
10/23/2002:   4-H Indoor tournament - Colorado County Results
10/22/2002: Information on the World Indoor Archery Team Trials at James Madison University has been posted on the calendar
10/16/2002: The online registration form for the 26th Longhorn Indoor Archery Tournament has been posted. Fill out this form on your screen, click the submit button, then PRINT the screen and send it in with your check.  This is a very popular event that has set new attendance records in the last years - don't delay or you might not get to shoot!   View the current registrants
10/13/2002:  Results and Pictures of the 2002 District 11 4-H Invitational Tournament held in Goliad     Photos
9/21/2002: Message Board Software Updated, and the link has changed.  Please note the new link: .   The old link should still work, but if you have trouble try the new one.  Also, you can NOW preview some of the current discussions by pressing PgDn to the Board Ticker....
9/16/2002: KLEZ, PLEZ - explanation of the KLEZ virus and why you didn't send that email!
8/28/2002: Great writeup from the 2002 IBO World Championship in West Virginia by Kathy Heinsohn
8/23/2002: Photos from Nymbrk Junior World Team Championships
8/6/2002: An excellent writeup from Kristine Ehrich and Chris Shull on the WUAC has been posted here
7/03/2002 - the 118th National Championships and Grand Prix finished with a very fancy banquet - some of the archers really transcended the light fantastic with their outfits, and MJ Rogers of ARCO was the Master of Ceremonies for the banquet.  A very fitting end to a wonderful week of archery.  Results will be posted on the NAA website ASAP.  Major KUDOS are in order for the NAA crew for their work and to the voice of NAA FORs, George Tekmitchov for his admirably professional announcing of the Olympic Rounds.  George, where DO you get those snappy lines?
7/28/2002 Index Page of 118th NAA National Target Championship Photos  (Including Day 2).  Click on the NAA Emblem above to go to the NAA website for the latest official results.
7 /21/2002 & 6/25/2002: How to score arrows - tips for the young archer (UPDATED 7/21/2002)
7/20/2002: 21st JOAD National Championship Results have been posted
7/20/2002: Tuning for the Plunger -  TexARC's Titrational Adjustment (TATA) - It's not bodacious but it may help tune your recurve!
7/19/2002: A few pictures and some writeup from the 21st NAA National JOAD Target Championship in Cincinnati, OH
7/10/2002: FITA now acknowledges records in the Master Classes by Rick Stonebraker
7/10/2002: Rick Stonebraker initiated a dialogue concerning the height of target stands for JOAD classes.
7/6/2002: The Combined State Senior Target, JOAD State Target, and Gulf Coast JOAD Regional Championships were held in Victoria, TX.  Tourney Index Page
6/28/2002: Be Careful what you wish for, by Tim Humphrey
6/27/2002: Several new bulletins from the NAA
6/24/2002: The Texas Top Gun Youth Open 2002 was held in Victoria this last weekend - around 60 kids had a blast at a BBQ and got to shoot some arrows as well.  Photos by Tom Barker and Ed DeBee with writeup   RESULTS
6/19/2002:  Arrowmaster  - a new way to pick your best-performing arrows!
6/11/2002: News Release by the NAA concerning the new U.S. Junior World Team Trials   A few photos from this event.   A larger photo (requires newer browsers)  second page of photos
6/4/2002: Results of the Informal FITA are posted here.
5/20/2002: An informal FITA tournament has been scheduled for the weekend of JUNE 1.  It will be held at the same location that the State Field was, and will not involve awards, just good experience, recognition up here and in the newsletter, and of course, good fun.   Also a chance to see some pretty exotic animals!  CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION.
5/15/2002: The State 4-H archery tournament information has been posted to this location (includes a registration form for your chapter to use).
5/14/2002: The writeup (including comments from many of the archers), 100+ photos and results for the TSAA Field tournament have been posted here.
5/8/2002: Karl Nelson reminded us of some new versions of files we have on the Documents page - FITA rulebooks (MANY CHANGES THERE), Hoyt, Easton, and Mathews bow manuals.   Check the documents page!
5/7/2002: A 3D archery range by the name of Whitetail Country has opened up near Palestine, between Tyler and College Station.
5/2/2002: Karl Nelson has accumulated an acrobat document summary of particular information (rev.a-4) on JOAD.
5/1/2002: NAA news release - concerns youth archery and FITA
4/27/2002: Pictures from the Practice day, FITA ROUND, and FOR Rounds  at the Texas Shootout in College Station. Results can be found through this link.
4/23/2002: The NAA has released information regarding the summer's JOAD training camps.   You can find information at this link
4/20/2002: Don't forget to support your TEXAS archery suppliers and resources, and also your fellow archers trying to either FIND or SELL their extra equipment. Check the Businesses  and For Resale  pages, and if YOU have some gear that others might need, please send the webmaster info, including a picture if you have one.  TSAA does NOT charge for these listings, since our goal is to carry archery TO the Texan archer and promote the growth of archery in Texas.  If you are NOT a Texan Archer, you can always post a "for sale" / "wanted to buy" advertisement on the TSAA JOAD &Archery Message Board's WantAd Section and the Professional Services Section, again no charge.
4/12/2002: Final rankings for the Lone Star FITA were released by Tom Parrish and are at this link
4/12/2002: The NAA has released a news bulletin regarding tomorrow's Arizona Cup.
4/11/2002: The NAA announced the resignation of Rick Mack today. Click here to go to the NAA Releases page for the release.
4/7/2002: The Lone Star FITA was concluded today.  Pictures are HERE  and preliminary results are posted here .
3/29/2002: Jim Krueger has revised the JOAD equipment offering and added a second listing of new equipment for COLLEGE clubs.  Click here to check it out.
3/25/2002: Lyle McElhaney, webmaster of the NAA, put together a nifty chart of all the NAA divisions, and related information concerning target faces and distances.  You can download a copy from our website as a printable, viewable, PDF file.
3/23/2002: The fabulous Murray's Guide has been updated!   Murray Elliott of the Balbardie Scotland Archery Club has been putting together the wisdom of many archers into a well-edited summary guide for some time.  He has just released the latest version, number FOUR, and has graciously agreed to allow us to post a copy for download on the TSAA website.
3/20/2002: The information for the State Field Tournament has been posted
3/18/2002: The results of the 4H State Indoor Tournament have been posted!  This was the largest 4H archery tournament in the U.S. There were 145 kids and about 170 entries. (Some took their sights off to shoot barebow, some shot compound and recurve, some shot 9 meters then tried 18 meters. A couple who did all of the above. We had one archer who shoot a 286 and then a 292 with his compound.) Since this was the end of the indoor season many are ready to come play outdoors. Reaching the longer distances will be a challenge for many of the first year
3/12/2002: Newsletters    NE Calendar(links on this page are not active yet)  Archive
3/12/2002: Dangers of EPO, from the NAA Offices
3/11/2002: Warning: this link has NOTHING to do with archery.   But it's fun.   Fun Age Calculator (best if you are over age of 25 or so)
3/10/2002: The results of the National Indoor Championships shot in College Station at A &M have been posted.  The Aggie Website Link uses FRAMES and is here .  If your browser does not support frames, you can use this local link to view a simple page of the results.  We will send a notice to all registrants for our email list when the NAA releases the full certified results.
3/07/2002: Fun reading about why 2514s should be illegal
3/03/2002: Pictures from the NAA Regional NATIONAL INDOOR Index of Thumbnails Page One 
2/28/2002: From time to time we hear of "good works" and positive stories regarding our JOAD archers. Their stories will be stored on this link here.
2/28/2002: The location of the Lone Star FITA has changed slightly.   Please check the primary information page for information on this and on the type of shooting that will be held on Sunday.  Here's the link
2/18/2002: The information and registration form for the Texas Top Gun Youth Open  (Olympic-Style) Tournament has been posted.  This outdoor tournament will provide the young archer with valuable experience in shooting the newer Olympic style qualifying/ranking round and a FOR-style double elimination round as well.   For more information, click HERE   To see pictures from last year's events at this site, click HERE
2/18/2002: The TSAA Pins have been made and are available to those that participate in one of the three state championships (Indoor, Field, and Target).  Additional Pins can be purchased from either Gina Carmichael or Rick Stonebraker during any tournament you can catch them at.  Here's a picture of the VERY sharp looking pin.  These will be quite a swappable item at national and international events!
2/17/2002: Registrations are already coming in for both the LONE STAR FITA and the Texas State/State JOAD/Gulf Coast Regional Target Championships (held combined).  View current regs for  LSF    Info on LSF    State SENIORS   State&GCC JOADS   Info on State Combined
2/15/2002: The fun shoot for 4H was a great success and perhaps the best place to get a good hot dog in the state!  Check here
2/10/02: The State Indoor Championship concluded today..  A record number of archers participated!  Click HERE for the results and a link to the photos.
2/9/2002: The TSAA has today received confirmation from the Texas Comptroller's office:  We are finally, officially, a tax-exempt, non-profit entity under the NAA's general umbrella and need no longer pay tax for our purchases, such as target butts, equipment, etc. nor for our bank account fees.
2/3/2002: The attendance numbers for all championship tournaments since the formation of the TSAA in 1983 are graphed for your enjoyment.  A lot of the growth can be credited DIRECTLY to the Texas 4-H
1/22/2002:  The TSAA Message Board and JOAD Discussion Board has been updated to a newer, friendlier (hopefully!) version.   Please have a look.  1/20/2002: The JOAD State Indoor Championship was held in Bay City - 70 archers drove more than 7 hours in some cases to attend, and the venue was the Matagorda Rodeo Arena.  Results  Photos
1/5/2002:   FUN SHOOT on February 16 !!!  On State Match 3D range - for kids only (parents or helping adults needed):  Feb. 16, show up and learn to shoot a 3D range and get hot dogs to boot.   what a deal!   Click HERE for details.
12/30/2001: There is now an online registration form to use for only the Texas site of NAA National Indoor.  This facilitates planning of the event and provides you with a printed registration form. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE FORM
12/22/2002: The NAA has posted the general information page for the upcoming INDOOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.   It will be hold in multiple locations, generally on the same weekends, to enable more archers to participate without incurring high travel costs and missing school.  Click HERE*for the NAA website.  FOR THE TEXAS SITE registration form and information, CLICK HERE
12/21/2001: Rick Stonebraker has compiled a new issue of the Annual Newsletter.  It is available on-line in the Acrobat Format.  If you do not already have acrobat reader installed on your computer, it is FREE, from Adobe.  The acrobat form is more secure and transportable than the DOC form.
12/18/2001: District 11 of the 4H, is perhaps the largest 4H district in the US, and has one of the most active archery programs.  The best archery picture I have seen for the year comes from District 11 -    More pictures are posted with a writeup of the tournament HERE, and results are posted HERE.
12/6/2002: Registration forms and Tourney Info for BOTH the State Indoor and JOAD State Indoor Championships have been posted - check the Calendar!
11/22/2002:  The JOAD Division Calculator has been updated to accommodate the new rules, which are to go into effect on January 1, 2002.   .
11/22/2002: Ann Bakken has sent us a chart with the new JOAD rules' distances and targets.  If you find it useful, drop her a note!
11/21/2001:  The NAA posted today a report of the changes in rules made to the JOAD program a month ago at their meeting.   The TSAA message board has the rules as separate messages for your review, questions, and comments.
11/18/2001: The 25th Longhorn Indoor concluded today.   A super tournament that required SIX shooting times.  Click here for the summary page.
10/23/2001: JOAD Division Helper - after wracking my brain and plagiarizing original blocks of code from real programmers, I have a page that will help JOAD parents and archers determine what division they are in now.  When the new changes have been implemented, I'll update this page so it will again show you what division you fall in for the new division ranks.  (It includes the current known proposals, which may change.
10/21/2001: The Texas A&M Indoor tourney was completed today, and results were posted to the net within minutes of the end.   Photos are HERE  and results are HERE. This was a GREAT tournament.  You shoulda been there, and if you were, congratulations!10/18/2001: The Texas State 4H Coordinator has forwarded to the website some information on the 2002 Texas Shooting Sports Team, coaching application, rules of conduct, and archer/shooter application.  Click HERE
10/9/2001: Reminder from the judge/President: the new FITA arrow size restriction is now in place. The arrow shaft size cannot exceed 9.3 mm.
Ballpark is that the 24xx size shaft is not acceptable but most 23xx shafts are acceptable but for the 2317 which is over the 9.3mm size. In fact, the 2317 is 9.35mm.  
Note: Arrows cannot exceed 9.3 mm in diameter.  Arrows beginning with 24 and greater are not allowed.
Arrows beginning with 23 are allowed except the 2317 which at 9.35 mm is too large.
10/6/2001: A new listing has been created of all known Archery JOAD clubs, camps, and schools in Texas.   The listing can be found on the JOAD Resources page(see top of this page for link).
09/24/2001: The reference library of scores and champions for the TSAA has received an overhaul thanks to the spreadsheet that Tom Parrish has maintained over many years. 
09/24/2001: (registration closed due to max attendence) Longhorn Indoor Invitational ON-LINE Registration Form is posted for your use.   Fill in the fields, PRINT THE FORM, SUBMIT the form, and then snail-mail the form with your check.   This Online submission enables the Tournament Director to plan on your attendance and helps you get a confirmed slot in the event. (Space is limited and later registrations MAY not be accepted if all slots fill up).  Also it eliminates problems with hard-to-read-handwriting <G>.
09/13/2001: Information from A&M on the Aggie Indoor.  This filled up completely last year, so register early!!
09/06/2001: 1999 pictures have been removed from the website.
08/27/2001: The website currently has around 130 megabytes' of photographs from various tournaments.   On or about Labor Day I will be culling most of these off of the website, and archiving them to CD ROM.  Anyone wishing a picture or two should Right-click on the image and choose SAVE IMAGE to make a copy on your local hard drive.  Thanks.   Also, there are some interesting pictures posted of what happens when a shaft meets a hand during an incorrect overdraw situation.  Not for the squeamish
08/26/2001: Arizona Archery hosts a "call-in" tourney each indoor season.  This is a GREAT way for your JOAD archer to participate in a competition that has all of the positive benefits with none of the stresses.   Here's the information on the 2001 event.
08/25/2001:   Don Branson of NYAD/Neuqua JOAD archers, long time coach and promoter of archery to the youth of Illinois and surrounding area, has passed away after an illness.  His website on the net can be found at .   His legacy lives on in the many, many archers he introduced to the discipline.  Well done, Don.
08/24/2001:   Bill Kellick is no longer at the NAA, but his replacement is Desirae Frieherr.  Desirae has sent the US Archery Team appointments (USAT Senior and Junior)
08/24/2001: Information on the 4H indoor archery season for South Texas has been provided by Tom Barker.  These 4H'ers have a LOT of archery shoots!  If you are anywhere near South Texas this is worth checking out, and if you know of any kids that might be able to attend, please pass the word.
08/03/2001:   Tom Barker of the South Texas JOAD has sent in some clout pictures.  If you have pics from the NAA Nats, send them to me for inclusion on the web!  address to:
08/03/2001:   Writeup on the NFAA 2001 Championship by Rick Stonebraker is available HERE.   Kathy Eissinger of TAMU, Rick Stonebraker of NASA, and Tom Parrish of UT  have provided us with a calendar of events for the indoor season as well as most of the beginning of the 2002 outdoor season.  Click on Calendar at the top of this page.
07/29/2001-08/2/2001:   PHOTO Page from the NAA Nationals  RESULTS ON THE NAA WEBSITE(thanks to Lyle, the NAA Webmaster 
07/20/2001:    Message board has been created:  JOAD Committee Proposals need discussion, suggestions, Questions&Answers. This is your chance to participate in the process!  FULL NAME is required during registration.  Also post your own want ads and for-resale adverts.
07/13/2001: Preliminary pictures from the opening day of the 20th NAA JOAD National Target Championship!   FINAL Pictures  Tom Barker's Photos
07/08/2001: Final 2001 STATE RANKINGS have been published.  If you spot any errors, I blame the computer.  But let Rick Stonebraker and Ron  know so it can be fixed!
07/01/2001: Preliminary RESULTS OF THE TEXAS STATE TARGET CHAMPIONSHIPS.  74 archers competed (!) - setting an all-time record for the number of contestants in any past Texas State Championship!   23 State Records are Reset!    Photos (will take 300 secs at 28.8K) are here.
06/27/2001: Registration is up slightly for the 2001 TSAA State Target Tournament
06/26/2001:   SWAP MEET!  Archers - unload that unwanted/unused/outgrown archery equipment at the first annual TSAA State Target Swap Meet, in Victoria during the Tournament the weekend of 6/30 - 7/1!  Click here for a very partial list.  Have gear? Send a quick email to the webmaster with what you will have, we'll add it to the list!
06/23/2001:   Jim Krueger, NAA Southern Regional JOAD Coordinator, has provided a preliminary document concerning the new JOAD Handbook.  Coaches and Parents of Pre-Cadets will be especially interested in this.
06/22/2001: Guy Krueger of A &M and Blessing, Texas, was recently chosen to represent the U.S. in Korea at an international tournament.  He has been able to provide us with an interesting, informative, and entertaining summary of his trip.   Click here for the story.
06/19/2001: Results of the Gulf Coast Championship/TSAA State JOAD Tournament are posted. Around 25 state records were set.     Results are HERE.  Photographs are HERE.
06/19/2001:     Attention college students - (or anyone else that might have some unused equipment!) If you have any equipment sitting unwanted, unused, or under-appreciated, please let us know so that we can post it on the For Resale page - If you are in need of something particular, let us know and we can post a wanted ad.  
06/06/2001:   Any news releases sent to the webmaster by the NAA can be found HERE!
6/5/2001:   The preliminary Standings for 2001 are posted on the Records Page
5/31/2001: Rick Stonebraker has written a summary of the trip to a JOAD level 2 camp... click to link
5/28/2001:   Bill Frank of the University of Texas Archery Club has given us his doc files for making scorecards for use in FITA outdoor tournaments, as well as for FOR individual and FOR Team events.   They can be found on the documents/Scoresheets link.  These were used in the 2001 USIAC hosted by the UT Archery Club. 
5/28/2001:   Several new ads have been placed on the "for resale" page - X10 arrows, ACEs, and CTMcKinneys, and there are several new WANTED TO BUYs as well...
5/20/2001: Instructions on constructing a bowstring making jig have been posted HERE.  The design uses easily found components and results in a collapsible and easily stored jig.  Please email the author(webmaster)  with any suggestions, improvements, or questions.
5/19/2001:   The USIAC finished today in Austin.  Results have been posted.
5/9/2001: There is a TEXAS TRADITIONAL LONGBOW STATE TOURNAMENT being held in Fort Worth at the end of May (Memorial Day)   - there will be 250 archers attending this event.  This will be an interesting event, two rounds of 50 lifesize 3D targets in the field!   Click here to view the information we have received on this event, including a map to location.  
5/7/2001:   The Texas State Field Championship has been concluded.   Several records were broken and high number of archers attended.  Here is the write-up and the results.
4/30/2001: Several archers have sent in new ADs for equipment for sale - also some "wanteds".   Check the resale page 
4/28/2001: I've changed the logo slightly for the TSAA.   Getting "Texas State Archery Association" into a picture in a balanced way turned out to be a bit of a PITA!  Anyway, it's pictured at the top of this page.  
AS A FUND RAISER in preparation for the 20th anniversary of the TSAA (next year) I have added a new page for a special-issue TSAA T-Shirt/Sweatshirt edition for sale.   Want to tell the world what sport you belong to?  Want to carry TEXAS with you to far-away tournaments?   What, you are already far away but just want a great looking T-Shirt that carries the unique DOUBLE panache of ARCHERY & TEXAS ??    click here to see the order form and more info.
4/22/2001: FINAL FOR & FITA RESULTS AND PICTURES OF THE TEXAS SHOOTOUT 2001 at Texas A&M (who hosted an excellent, smooth-run, well-organized event).  Folks, I (the webmaster) have been attending tournaments for only two years but have seen several NAA national JOAD tournaments.  This was by far the best tournament I have EVER been to.  Kathy Eissinger and Frank Thomas of Texas A&M are the archery coaches who organized and coordinated the event.  In addition they enlisted help from a number of assets at TAMU to lay out a perfect field complete with traditional Aggie coloration, all support facilities necessary, an able crew to do the hard work, a great officiating crew that included Jane Johnson (past NAA president), Jack Milchanowski as the DOS, George Tekmitchov as the smooth announcer during the finals of the FITA Olympic Elimination Rounds (FOR), and the NAA furnished excellent LCD clock displays and arrow/score displays.   Chris Harrell of A&M provided the TSAA with the results which you will find at the link above.  The wind was beyond anyone's control of course, and the archers prevailed to turn in excellent scores and even have a good time doing so.
4/20/2001: SEARCH the TSAA website AND the NAA Website AND the web easily using the search tool at the bottom of this page.  I am making every effort to identify archers in pictures by naming the pictures. These should show up in the search once they are indexed by google.  If your picture doesn't have your name in a tournament's photos - email me the DCP name and I'll update it!
4/18/2001: Applying Mylar Vanes to carbon arrows: a pictorial, by A.Ron Carmichael - on a page FULL of useful archery documents contributed mainly by archers.
4/14/2001: Kathy Eissinger of Texas A &M Archery has issued a notice of change of location for the Texas Shootout - the mapblast location shows it's approximate position, which is the area that A&M uses for lacrosse. 
4/12/2001: Rob DiStefano has made many bowstrings over his career.  He has thoughtfully re-done his previous documents on how to make a bowstring, and has added a neat page on how to make your own bowstring-making jig! Click here.
4/5/2001: The Tournament Information on the 117th National Target Championships in Canton, Michigan, July 28-August 3, 2001 is now posted on the NAA website at this link
12/16/2000: PARALYMPICS 2000 - by Rick Stonebraker - A travelogue of the 2000 Paralympics held in Sydney, Australia.  Click HERE to go to the photographs of the trip.  
4/2/2001:   Results of the Lone Star FITA are now posted.   PHOTOS are here (115 seconds to load at 28k)
3/30/2001: Information on the 2001 TSAA STATE FIELD Tournament has been posted.  If you have never looked at field archery, you might be surprised by the challenge and experience!
3/23/2001:   There is now a registration form online for the State Target 2001 as well as the Lone Star FITA, the Texas Shootout, and the Gulf Coast Championship/TSAA State JOAD.  Check the calendar for links to all of these.
3/23/2001: Easton has released a new tuning guide.  This is a 1.5 megabyte size file. Either click on the link to view it, or RIGHT-CLICK on it and choose to SAVE it to your hard drive before viewing.(recommended)
3/21/2001: There is a mail-in league associated with the Sagittarius board - the outdoor session starts April 1 - click here for info.  Incidentally, if you are not familiar with the Sag board, you should take a look at it.  The archives there contain information from the best archers in the world.  It is a very unique location on the net, in that there is very little in the way of bad manners (hint).  If you do go there, do as the Romans do. 
3/15/2001: National Indoor results have been posted.    Click here for the NAA website results page.  Click here for the list of TEXANS
3/15/2001: CHANGE OF VENUE - The Texas State Outdoor Tournament will be held in Victoria on June 30-July 1. This venue is also the site 2 weeks earlier for the June 16-17 Gulf Coast Regional JOAD/TSAA State JOAD
NOTE TO ALL ARCHERS:   Effective April 1, 2001, the maximum allowable arrow size for all FITA disciplines will be reduced from a maximum outside diameter of 11mm to 9.3mm. This
means that any arrows larger than a 23 diameter will no longer be considered legal equipment as per the FITA Constitution and Rules. Please note that the size
2317 arrow shaft does not comply with the new standard since the outside diameter of that shaft is slightly larger than 9.3mm. Careful attention will be given to
arrow size during equipment control once this new rule goes into effect. NAA judges will gauge any arrows that are suspected to be larger than the maximum
3/14/2001: If you are going to College Station for the qualifier shoot on Sunday March 18, be sure to plan on wet fields due to the rains this week - rain and mud-proof gear is in order, and perhaps some mosquito repellant.
3/12/2001:   JOAD National Outdoor for 2001  - Information including a registration form has been posted on the NAA Website.  Click here for a map.

02/28/2001:   JOAD Resources Page  (in the navigation bar at the top of the page) now has extensive information on various aspects of JOAD Archery.  Jim Krueger, Tom Barker, Alex & Racae Meyer and A.Ron Carmichael have teamed up to provide an FAQ summary.  Explanations, Definitions, Suggestions, and Opinions.    If you have a question that is NOT answered in this FAQ, we want to add both it and the answer!  SO read the FAQ, and send additional questions to the webmaster
02/21/2001:   The archery club at Texas A&M has announced there will be TWO weekend shoots in March.  A FULL FITA will be shot on Sunday, March 18 and again on Saturday, March 24.  On March 25 there will be an Olympic Round-type Round Robin event.  For more information click here
02/20/2001:   MAPS for various archery venues around the state can be found on a separate page now. (they were on the general archery links page).  Check the top of this page in the header.  And if there are any other locations that should be included, go to , mark a map with the appropriate location, and EMAIL it to and I'll add it! 
02/12/2001:   TEXAS STATE INDOOR TOURNAMENT    Congratulations are in order for record-breaking Texas Archers:  Kathy Loesch, Lyndsey Marzec, Ed DeBee, Lindsey Carmichael, Ellis Gibson, Mary Zorn, Sage Adams, and Amanda Raffaelli!  123 Archers, including 61 youth/JOAD archers, participated in what was a well organized, smoothly run, and fun-for-all event.  PHOTOS are now posted as well as a tournament summary by Rick Stonebraker.   All the related pages (Texas Records, Champions, Results, etc.) have been updated.  Check the Records & Ranks.
02/09/2001: The archers of TSAA can elect to be listed in the directory of email contacts.   If you wish to be included in this directory, Register and indicate this.  All emails are modified to inhibit spam harvesting.
01/20/2001: A new design drawing for target stands by John Scott of Beaumont - this support will hold 48" and 52" buttresses at very near FITA specifications.
01/02/2001: Table of Contents - A listing of all of the pages in a TOC - first draft
12/16/2000: PARALYMPICS 2000 - by Rick Stonebraker - A travelogue of the 2000 Paralympics held in Sydney, Australia.  Click HERE to go to the photographs of the trip.

12/14/2000: The TSAA Millennial Newsletter is now available for download, and is being mailed out via US Postal Service to those members that are not on the web.
12/7/2000: Register for Newsletter please send us your information/choices.
12/7/2000: NEW VERSION of the classic Archer's Reference by Murray Elliott of Balbardie Archery, Scotland - this is a self-extracting zip of an acrobat PDF file.
11/20/2000: How to make a CHEAP target stand/buttress/target for outdoor use - ARC's deer-proof target
11/19/2000:   There is a callin or mailin tournament being conducted on the Arizona State website.  If you have a JOAD and want more info, click here
11/19/2000:   A tournament is being held at Viking Archery in Houston on December 3 - register by contacting:  James Loesch, SWAC ,4706 Pleasant Trail, Fresno, TX 77545, (281)431-5908
11/14/2000: Several new scoresheet templates from the collegiate tourneys (A &M/U.T.) are available in both acrobat and jpg formats.
11/14/2000: Jim Krueger has summarized information from several NAA publications to assist archers and parents in understanding the criteria for the JOAD Olympian rankings and team membership criteria.  This link will take you to the Documents page of our website.
11/13/2000:   Results of the University of Texas Longhorn Invitational Indoor tournament are HERE.
11/9/2000:   The A&M website has been updated by Stacy Grange and has information on the upcoming State Indoor to be held in March.
11/6/2000:   A new section has been created, wherein bidnesses (that's TEXAN for businesses) can place their own ads for archery-related products.  For more information contact the webmaster.
11/5/2000:   The Aggieland Invitational just completed, and it was an excellent (as usual) tournament with a very large turnout.  For results, click here
10/5/2000: NOW PRINT IT EASIER AND BETTER!   Adobe Acrobat (PDF) versions of Rick Stonebraker's TUNING FOR TENS posted to the Rick's Personal Page
10/5/2000: Kathy Eissinger of Texas A &M participated in the World Field Championship in Cortina, Italy, and this is her account of the experience.
10/4/2000: Tom Barker of the South Texas Archery JOAD found a nifty site with mpeg videos of the various aspects of archery.   This is an astonishing site. It was constructed by students as a project, apparently.
9/25/2000:   World University Championships: Guy Krueger's writeup of the event & Link to Results
9/25/2000: Photographs from tournaments around Texas are re-posted.
9/22/2000: The Texas 4-H Shooting Sports Program Announces The 2001 Archery Postal League

9/21/2000: Link to the A&M Archery site's information on the Aggieland Invitational Tournament including registration form.  
9/13/2000: NFAA National Field Championship write-up/travelogue  by the winner of the event
9/10/2000: Registration form for NAA Level-2 coaches course in Fort Worth, conducted by Jane Johnson
8/18/2000:    NEW OVERRIDING LINK OF THE MONTH! - FITA unveils new website!  This site promises to be MUCH more friendly to navigate and get to the information - records, standings, etc.... you'll want to bookmark this!
8/17/2000:    LINK OF THE MONTH:  The mechanics and science of archery - everything you never thought about in archery - Joe Tapley's page   (Hint: Right-click the link and start a new window so you don't lose this page
8/14/2000:    Several JOADS and clubs have been added.  Check the pages! 
8/10/2000:  Entry form for the U.T. Archery Club Invitational Indoor on November 10-12 has been posted. This is a first - it is an ONLINE entry form.  Fill it out, click submit, and you are entered!   Print a copy, snail-mail it, and you are entered as well.   Deadline is November 1, 2000.
8/10/2000: Score Sheet examples - furnished by Jim Krueger,  Excel spreadsheet file and MS DOC file  FITA Rules Scoresheets for outdoors, team tournaments. 
8/8/2000: Photos from 4H tournament in San Antonio, July 2000 and more photos of the JOAD Nationals in Conyers, GA.  Taken by Jim Krueger.
8/8/2000: New Link of the month:  ARC Systems archery equipment
8/5/2000:  President of TSAA Rick Stonebraker wins the 2000 NFAA Field Championship!
7/16/00: Final results of the 19th NAA JOAD National Championships, Conyers Georgia- this link is on the NAA website - (hint: start in a NEW window using right-click)  -  Texas Archer Breakout is at this link
7/9/00: Pictures from the National JOAD Outdoor Tournament, well attended and represented by Texas JOAD archers.  
6/30/00: The ULTIMATE  tuning guide for recurve archers:  Tuning for Tens  by Rick Stonebraker
6/24/00: Results and Pictures from the Southern Regional JOAD Tournament in Victoria, TX
6/24/00: 2000 State Rankings - including Indoor, Field, and Target
6/20/00: Texas State Outdoor Target Tournament Scores have been released by the Tourney Director and posted, and all records in the Texas State Target Pages for record holders and champions have been updated as well.  22 state records were broken including an astounding performance by Travis Lafayette, shooting a 1400 as a JOAD Junior Compound archer.
6/17/00: Pictures from the Texas State Outdoor Tournament/State JOAD Outdoor Tournament
6/15/00: New items for sale!  X10 Arrows, Elan riser, more
6/11/2000:  Werner Beiter's High-Speed, Slow-Motion Archery Videos
6/7/00: Bowstring making tutorial and other interesting info on archery.
6/6/00:  Stretch bands for warmup!:  Theraband
5/12/00: 18th State Field Tournament results (11 records set) posted!
Results of Texas 2000 Shootout Posted - see Tourney Results (includes pictures)

New: Documents: State Records - archery records accumulated since 1983 are posted in easy-to-print and easy-to-review web tables.  Includes Adult and JOAD record holders.

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