Maps Defined in Google Maps For Various Archery Venues

Coach/instructor locating resource: This map includes ONLY the 83 instructors and coaches who wished to be listed, out of more than 1050 currently certified instructors and coaches in Texas. Contact them via the information listed on their icon. NOTE: The icon is placed on the map by the zip code, not the street address, do not expect to find them standing at the map icon location shooting arrows at a target!

ATTENTION FIELD ARCHERS (AND TECHIES): Ron has posted a digital path/map (called a "track") for the June 6th, 2015 FITA Field Invitational. You will need to install a free copy of either Google Earth, or the browser extension for it. Then just click on the file, and you will fly to the venue, where you can see the archer's standing places and the target bale places (ie, 1a is first shooting point, 1b is the first target bale location to shoot at). I did not include the actual bales, to keep things a little surprising, but you can see what the woods look like, and see where the venue is relative to Austin. Besides, it is cool tech. This *may* be the first time anyone has ever done this for a FITA Field archery tournament. (?). Hint. You can explore the MOON, the SKY, even MARS (want to follow the robots?). MAP TO USE TO DRIVE TO VENUE.

State and 4-H Indoor Archery Venues

Austin Archery Club in Emma Long Park, Austin - Field Archery Venue


Fort Bend County (Rosenberg)


LaWard - picture of map

Lolita - interactive map

Port Lavaca (Calhoun County Fairgrounds)
(venue is slightly lower on map than arrow, on CR-101)

New venue for indoor archery events at A&M - College Station

UT Indoor Venue at Anna Hiss Gym Basement (includes satellite photograph)

Texas State Outdoor (Target) Venue for 2001   

2002 State Field Venue near Columbus

2001 State Field Venue in Longview, TX


Arizona Cup - "BAAR" - Phoenix     Google Earthlink

Past JOAD National Target - 2001 - Carver, MA

National Target Championships - 2001 - Canton, Michigan