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Robin Hood Gallery

Moberly Missouri archery target park. The picture is taken from where you’d stand to shoot, about 30-40 yards from the target. Bench is 6 feet from the target.

Ann Hoyt's bow. Well, one of many...Could there  be anyone in the scope of modern archery who has a more illustrious wardrobe of gear?   Earl, you are not forgotten and your candle still burns as bright.

Taken by TexARC at the 2003 NAA National Traditional Target Championships

Along with Clout, Field, Target, now .....Amphibian Archery!
From Rome:  Giuliano Perugini in the water, because of one of most hot summers in memory and to fight the mosquitoes in love with his feet!
Picture submitted by Chiara Barbi of CUS ROMA - tiro con l'arco, with their website at  this link.

Well, not archery-related, but I find it fun: (of course, maybe they didn't want anyone stealing the plywood?


George Tekmitchov's Inner Eye for Archery

AZ Cup 2003


or, as Aya LaBrie says:
"The Denver snowstorm doesn't stop a serious archer..." (Aya has won the gold medal in the OR in BOTH the AZ Cup and Texas Shootout for 2003) and is the 2003 recipient of the prestigious NAA's Shenk Award.  Way to go, Aya!

Can you see the gold?

And what you need to do next is...are you listening to me ???

Charlie Palmer (right), Chairman of Gainesville, Florida-based Fred Bear Equipment Co., is shown presenting Actor/Director Burt Reynolds with a Fred Bear TakeDown traditional bow in recognition of the 30th Anniversary of the release of the film "Deliverance." Bear Archery provided technical consultants (including Fred Bear, himself) as well as bows, arrows and accessories used in the making of the 1972 award-winning film, in which Reynolds starred. The commemorative TakeDown is now on permanent display at the Burt Reynolds and Friends Museum, located at 100 North U.S. 1 in Jupiter, Florida. Hundreds of unique items are on display at the museum, including the canoe used in the making of Deliverance (shown behind Reynolds and Palmer). The Fred Bear Equipment Co. is represented by such well-know archery brands as Fred Bear, Jennings, Golden Eagle, Buckmasters┬«,  Brave and Satellite.

Photo Credit: The Fred Bear Equipment Company Contact: John Bell (954) 970-3394

Coach Vittorio Frangilli of Italy mentioned that in order to train for the World Field Championships in Canberra, Australia, 2002,   his son (and world champion several times over) Michele Frangilli went undercover downunder to do some special training before the event.   This picture was recently released showing Michele on location doing serious training for the World Field Event!
Rick Stonebraker was competing in the Clout competition at the US NAA Nationals in Canton during July, 2002. Shooting a recurve bow at a target on the ground 165 meters distant, 6 arrows per end, Rick managed to cut the clout flag in half, and then on the very next arrow, split the remaining stub! In the photo, you can also see all of his other arrows that are in the scoring ring!

In 2004 at the Alamo Area JOAD's Clout Tournament, Rick once again hit the clout stick from 165 meters out - unfortunately they had used a steel rebar for the stick, so the arrow was a complete writeoff!  Texas continues to routinely hold Clout tournaments each outdoor season.

These photos have been submitted by TSAA archers


Crazy Clock

And as a reminder of the seriousness of the sport (these are hardly fun):

Hand & Head Injuries    

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