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Archery Associated Links

Thangs Change.   Over time (this web, links will change or become dead. Please let us know if any links change or no longer exist.  Contact the webmaster if you have an archery-related website to add.   Most frequently needed links for Texans are listed first.  Due to all the mighty purty logos included, this page is pretty slow to load. 

Want to learn to make your own bow? Want an excuse to get to the beautiful great white north of Canada? (British Columbia). Just looking for a well-crafted, hand-made bow? TAKE OFF, HOSER umm, ARCHER, for Ravenbeak!
Ravenbeak Natureworks
Building stunning and functional Pacific Yew Bows. Custom and stock bows available - choose from traditional English longbows, American style flatbows, or West coast paddlebows. Hand built natural bamboo arrows and other archery gear. We also teach 3 & 8 day workshops where you can build your own dream bow.

I d é - T e k n i k       B e r t i  O l s s o n

A Swedish archer/machinist, with a very unusual design for recurve bows, with many interesting items pertaining to target archery.

Archery Discussion Forums:

I've had great pleasure on several boards. The most devoted to target archery would probably be The Archery Interchange UK, a British board with lots of well, English target archers that is well-mannered, mature, and well trafficked.

Also, there is the busiest board I know of, for better and worse, the Archery Talk board. *everything* to do with pointy-stick flinging can be found, argued, cussed, and discussed here.

For US coaches (and Texas Coaches, esp.), there is a private, members-only board where there is *no* flaming, no idle churning of stupidity, etc.... You must be willing to render your name and location, phone number in a private application to join, before you can see the board. No anonymous users here.


Andrew Hood, Level IV-NTS coach, traveled from the UK to Chula Vista to get his certification as an NTS coach! Find him in the UK at this website - Feathers and Fletchings .
We are an archery club located in Hitchcock, Texas (Galveston County) in Jack Brooks Park. SALTGRASSWe have a 30 Lane 3-D range and a 28 lane spot range, we also have a lighted practice range with targets from 10 to 80 yards. Our website is and you can contact me (Dawnna Masters) at or via telephone 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Monday - Friday at713-645-0400.

Pacific Target Butts

A new Arizona-based archery club:

Paseo Archers And a great logo!

NEW LINK:   New Castle Archery

New Castle 100 Archers

Locate an NAA-associated archery club in Texas


Texas Field Archery Association (TFAA)

Austin Archery Club

The University of Texas Archery Club

Texas A & M Archery Website

Lone Star Bowhunters



Traditional Bowhunters of Texas


Clifton Archery Club

Brazos Valley 4-H webpage!

Good set of resources

Irving Bowhunters (good location in north Dallas region for shooting FITA)

Kerrville Archery and Bowhunters Association


Denton County Archers, a Traditional Archery Club (Texas)

Texas ASA Federation



The folks at this website in France are from England, living in France - they have a great site...

Coeur de Leon


The Parent Organization for Target Archery Worldwide


FITA LogoFédération Internationale De Tir à L'Arc (FITA)    International Paralympic Archery
World Archery, formerly called FITA, is the organization that has risen to the penultimate position of reference for all other target archery organizations in the world.   FITA sets the rules, the dimensions for tournaments, and maintains the world records for both Recurve and Compound bows shot under their prescribed conditions.


National Archery Organizations
United States

National Archery Association (NAA)

National Field Archery Association
Archery Trade Association


Oceania Archery Confederation

International Field Archery Association(IFAA)

International Bowhunter Organization

Paralympics Online
Archery AustraliaAustralia
(new URL 12/2002)

Australian Institute of Sport

Diamond Valley Archery Club

Austria: Austria Österreichischer Bogenschützenverband
 Belgium: Belgium Flemish Handboogliga Canada: Canada Federation Of Canadian Archers
Croatia: Croatia Hrvatski Strelicarski Savez
Cyprus: Cyprus Cyprus Archery Federation

Denmark Dansk Bueskytteforbund

Finland Suomen Jousiampujain Liitto
France: France Fédération Française de Tir ŕ l'Arc Germany: Germany Deutschen Schützenbund

Nimes Archery Club

Guatemala National Archery Association

Hong Kong:
Hong Kong Hong Kong Island Archery Association

Ireland: Ireland Irish Amateur Archery Association
Israel: Israel Israeli Archery Federation Lebanon: The Lebanon Lebanese Archery Federation

Luxembourg Fédération Luxembourgeois de Tir ŕ l'Arc

Malta:  Malta Malta Archery Association
Netherlands: Netherlands Nederlandse Handboog Bond
New Zealand:
New Zealand Archery New Zealand

Norway: Norway Norges Bueskytterforbund Poland: Poland Polski Zwiazek Luczniczy
Portugal: Portugal Federaçăo dos Arqueiros e Besteiros de Portugal 
Portuguese Olympic Archery Federation

Scottish Archery Association
SINGAPORE:  Bill Wees Agency - Bill Wee Agencies has been incorporated in Singapore since 1978 Singapore: Singapore Archery Association of Singapore
Slovenia: Slovenia Lokostrelska Zveza Slovenije Spain: Spain Real Federación Espańola de Tiro Con Arco
Sweden: Finland Svenska Bĺgskytteförbundet Trinidad & Tobago The Trinidad and Tobago Target Archery Federation
Ukraine: Ukraine Lviv Archery Federation  


Murray Elliott of the Scottish Archer Club linked below has created the ultimate compilation of recurve archery information.  His "Archer's Reference" is unsurpassed as an overall reference for archers of every level, everywhere.  Available in a number of languages!

CARMAN STABLES - West Dunbartonshire, Scotland 

Canberra Archery Association

Elsewhere Around the World

I've had great pleasure on several boards. The most devoted to target archery would probably be The Archery Interchange UK, a British board with lots of well, English target archers that is well-mannered, mature, and well trafficked.
Canadian - Federation of Canadian Archery (FCA)
Copanarco, Pan American Archery Federation
Archery Central - UK
British Blind Sport    St. Dunstan's VI Archery
British Paralympic Association
International paralympic Committee
The International Olympic Committee (I.O.C)
The British Olympic Association (B.O.A)
The Archery Society of New South Wales , Australia
The Simon Archery Foundation The Manchester Museum
Burton Bridge Archers, The Washlands Sports Club, Meadow Road, Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire
Mary Rose Trust - Portsmouth
GNAS National Field Committee
Civil Service Archery Association
Northern Ireland Civil Service Sports Association
Invicta Coaching Group - Kent
Southern Coun ties Coaching Group
UK Archery League System

United States Clubs


Papago Archery Club, Phoenix


California State Archery Association  - SAC


Saddleback Archery, San Juan Capistrano


Golden High Country Archers, Golden CO


Florida Archery Association


Northern Illinois University Archery Club - email


Louisiana Field Archery Association (NFAA)


Rapids Archery Club, Andover, Minnesota


New England School of Archery


New Jersey Archery Association


Nassau Bowmen, Inc. - Wantagh, NY  - email


Suffolk Archers and Bow Hunters - Huntington Station, NY

NY Ti Yogi Bowmen of Hyde Park  Established to foster , expand and perpetuate archery. We hold 3-D , field and youth events at our club.

Gwyntarian Archers Guild


Archery Program at Bull Run, Northern Virginia Regional Park
While centered in Northern Virginia, coaching programs can be developed for those outside the Washington, DC area


Washington State Archery Association


Queen Ann Archers



The Arizona State Archery website has some nifty info and resources, esp. JOAD

Chicagoland JOAD   (Includes Neuqua site founded by the late Don Branson)

Colorado Springs JOAD, Colorado


Link of the Month (or since  whenever it was last upated) - and for the sake of brevity, I'm just going to label all those found by Tom Barker over the years with a "TB")

Great set of items regarding archery, by Kleanthes Koniaris   Thanks to para archer LONNIE CHRISTIAN for the tip on this website!
Al Wills, aka "Archery Guy" has a HUGE library of books and bows!
Werner Beiter's HighSpeed SlowMotion Videos of Archers - updated
English Warbows website - kind of a cradle of it all
US Collegiate Archery Website: Loretta Sinclair does this in honor of Clarke
KiSik Lee & Robert de Bondt's Website
Archery Link Exchange
Link to scapular exercises for the BEST Method
A great site dealing with a VERY popular form of archery in Europe:  FIELD ARCHERY.  Go figger
Archery Excellence Center of Madrid - a facility for archery non pareil
Interesting series of cliches - that are still full of "strooth".
Johnson Bow Grips  - replacement bowgrips that adhere to the best methods of shooting
ARCHERY SEARCH WEBSITE - locate an archery shop or resource
Archery on skis
PRIMITIVE ARCHERY?  What's so primitive about archery!  A message board on the topic
Instinctive Archery Exhibitions - Shot an aspirin in mid-air lately?
Joe Tapley found this great site - a digital archery manual-the english translation is a bit off at times, but the information is VERY GOOD.(local copy)
Quintessential Productions-great manuals and videos NOT JUST FOR BEGINNERS
The FIZZIKS of Archery - complicated things explained simply   (TB)
Visually Impaired Archery! & St. Dunstan's VI Archery (TB)
Everything you want to know about releases from the Connecticut Archery Association (TB)
Greenhorn Bows - since 1898
ARROWMASTER - a way to select arrows
Fletch Tape instead of glue!
Gwyntarian Archers Guild - "Renny" Group in Ohio - It's different
History of Archery - good reading!
Worldwide Archery Link Summary
Centenary Queensland Archery - Quite a broad wealth of archery info
Summary of Bow Manufacturers
Steve Ellison's   TENZONE  site - name says it all
Balbardie Archers - Scotland
Women's Archery Site (not just for femmes)
The Arizona State Archery website has some nifty info and resources, esp. JOAD
Tom Barker of the South Texas Archery JOAD found a nifty site with mpeg videos of the various aspects of archery.  This is an astonishing site.
Korean Archery 
Joe Tapley's Archery Science Page
ARC Systems - new lightweight and inexpensive recurve sights and more
Tom Barker's Pick from the Yew Kay: LinksArchers
Bowstring-making tutorial
Theraband (stretch material for warmups)

Java-Driven Shaft Selection Utility at Steve Jackson's Website


Archery Focus Magazine - The Official Publication of the NAA - Traditional & Modern Archery, Tournament Archery and Bow Hunting - Online Magazine Available Bow International - Magazine & Bownet Website
The Glade Magazine

Primitive Archer

The US & International Archer  

Businesses and Sources

GreaTree Archery - Source for WinWin Products

The most comprehensive listing of archery links in the world - Kilhavn's Webpages-click here!

Aim Archery - Target Matts made of Rice - portable

Alternative Sporting Services Archery Shop

American Whitetail Target Buttresses - ethafoam material

ARC Systems - new lightweight and inexpensive recurve sights and more

Archer's Gallery

Archer's Nook - Canadian Mail Order

Archers Advantage

Archers - a list of many archers from the US National Archery Association

Archery & Hunting Links

Archery FAQs


Archery for beginers

Archery From A to Z

Archery Indoor World Championship - Italy - 2001

Archery Links

Archery Sport of Champions

Archery Warehouse

Archery Manufacturers and Merchants Organization (AMO) - not a link but a good number:  Call the ARCHERY HOTLINE 1-800-461-2728 to learn how to get into archery - find
Ranges, Bowhunting Instruction, Seasons and Regulations ( no technical questions ).
9AM-9PM MST, Monday - Friday

Arrow Speed Calculator

Australian Archery

Arrow Energy Calculator

Arrow Selector
  Evaluate your arrows - Arrowmaster

Baxter's Mail Order Archery - Georgiab,USA

Beiter Home Page - Archery Products, Precision molded plastics

Borders Bows   Sid's email


Bowman Archery Mail Order - USA

Bowstring Information - BCY, Inc - Fibers Division

Bowstring Information - Brownell

Making your own bowstrings by Rob DiStefano

Canadian Archery MailOrder Business


Carbon Tech Arrows

Cavalier Archery Equipment

Countdown Display Timers


Custom Bow Grips - Loesch

Download Easton Tuning Guide(pdf)version 3

Easton Archery

Easton Shaft Charts

FastFlight Archery - Mail Order - USA


English Warbows


FITA Rules online

FS Discount Archery - US Mail Order

Flemish Bowstrings

Custom Flemish Bowstrings
Tammy Palmer
PO Box 251
Juliaetta, ID 83535

Great Plains Traditional Bow Company, Pampas TX

Home Site of the National Archery Association, the US National Governing Body for Archery in the Olympic Games

Greenhorn Bows - since 1898

High-Speed/Slow Motion shot executions

Hoyt USA - World Class Archery Products

Instinctive Archery Exhibitions
Frank Addington, Jr.

K-1 Archery Online Store


Korean Archery

Kudlacek/Genesis Stabilizers

Lancaster LAS's On-Line Catalog - US Mail Order

League Manager

Loesch Custom Bow Handles & Coaching

Manufacturers of Archery Equipment

MBAO _ Beman Arrows 28-32_ Spine & Shaft Selector Charts

Murray's Comprehensive Archery Reference Guide

Northern Youth Archery Development

Outdoors -- Archery & Bowhunting Web Sites -- http___maxpages.com_archery_Archery_Links

Paul's Archery Web Site UK

PDQ Archery (West Houston)

Quicks, the Archery Specialists - Welcome

Sagittarius Archery Discussion Blackboard

Sagittarius Archery Links

Saunders USA 

Samick Sports (Korea)


Scott's Indoor Archery - Mail Order - Jacksonville,IL - USA

Shibuya Archery

Singapore StoreFront Archery

SpinWings - mylar-type fletchings

SPORT ARCO E FRECCE - CAM - Memories of the 24 Hours 99

Spot-Hogg Archery Products

Stick-on Target Repair Kits

Stickbow Target Archery Forum

My company, 60X Custom Strings, was able to secure some inventory, equipment and customers from tailormaid, at

1047 SR 268
Cowansville, Pa 16218
Stanley Hipps Target Bales
TQ Bows 

TargetPlot Home Page

Terry's Archery - Mail Order - North Carolina,USA
TWO MORROWS  Mail order Archery Source Traditional Archery Supply

Whitetail Target Buttresses

Win & Win Archery in Korea


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