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District 11 of Texas is the leader of Archery Shooting Sports in Texas, having provided State, National, and World Champions in Olympic Target Archery. 

The 4-H pledge:

4-H creates better adults by mentoring youth in the real world!!
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Every year District 11 creates an opportunity for many hundreds of youth in the South/South-East portion of Texs to SHOOT in a SHOOTING SPORT that requires a growth in maturity and intelligence, through the opportunity to compete in a series of indoor archery tournament opportunities.

2016-2017 Indoor season


Victoria County            Nikki Genzer       
Colorado County          Paul Schlaudraff   
Goliad County               David Schoelner   
Dewitt County              Kenneth Webb   
Matagorda County      Sharon Huffman   
Jackson County            Allan Pokluda      
Calhoun County           Ray Wildes          
Wharton County          Doug Skow            or
Linda Skow         
Aransas County            Joe Harris           



District 11 County 4H Invitationals 2016
Date County Venue PDFs
Sept. 29/Oct 1 Victoria Straight Arrow Results
Oct. 13 & 15 Jackson Lolita Results
Oct. 20 & 22 Colorado Columbus Fair Grounds Results
Oct. 27 & 29 Dewitt Cuero Fair Grounds Results
Nov. 3 & 5 Goliad Straight Arrow Results
Nov. 17, 18, 19 Matagorda Bay City Fair Grounds Results
Dec. 2, 3, 4 Aggie Invitationals A&M College Station Results
Dec. 8 & 10 Dist.11 Championship Straight Arrow (register on 4-H Connect) Results
Mar 24-25 State 4-H Championship Bay City Fair Grounds (register on 4-H Connect)  


From 4-H Leaders in District 11, 2002:  Each year, usually starting in September and carrying through Christmas, hundreds of Texas youth are introduced to the sport of archery. Some go through a course of six to eight weeks' duration, some will find their niche, and play the archery game of their favoring.

Be it J.O.A.D./F.I.T.A., Field, 3-D, Clout, or Flight, be it T.S.A.A., T.F.A.A., L.S.B.A., or I.B.O., they "Stay & Play" for many years. Some have become great Junior Leaders and youth roll models.  As many of you well know, some have evolved into great archers, becoming  State, National, and even International Champions.   Furthermore, some of the "Early Years" Kids are now and will be in the future returning the favor by becoming leaders and coaches for new and existing programs around the state. In the true sense of what 4-H is, we have a great CROP to harvest. Let us cherish our yield, and continue to sew our seed wisely, for the future can be good.

There is a harmony of interests between the TSAA and the 4H Shooting Sports Program and in particular the Archery Project as evidenced by the increase in participation in both programs. 4H is very good at introduction to basic archery. The TSAA is the perfect avenue for helping those youngsters that discover through 4H that archery is their thing to flourish and develop expertise. One could not exist (or not as well) without the other.

The meteoric growth in participation in both programs speaks to the synergy of TSAA and 4H. The critical success factor for the growth and retention of the 4H program is the qualified instructors who were all trained under the NAA/TSAA Level 1 training program. Many instructors have gone on to Level 2 or beyond so as to certify additional instructors. A second critical success factor for the growth in youth participation is the inclusionary attitude of the TSAA members to accommodate youth archers.

The TSAA benefits obviously from the incremental revenue of these youth members, but also it is refreshing atmosphere to have all the youth participants in the tournaments.
Words from Ben Dybala and Tom Barker, February 2002. Adapted for the web.

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