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For more than 14 years the TSAA has maintained a list of emails for archers, in order to share information about archery by sending periodic emails about events, new gear, training opportunities, and archery interests. You are getting this because you are currently a part of the old list, and we want to make sure you wish to be a part of the NEW list. (the old list will be deleted) We are changing to a new system called Pro Dada Mail, which will help us do a better job. This newsletter will be sent periodically in the future, ONLY if you subscribe in response to this message. If you do not want to be on the list simply do nothing - we will delete you from the list. The goal of the newsletter service is to inform about archery-related topics. Please note: AS ALWAYS, you can opt out at any time with a single email response and there has never been any charge for this. Please let any archers you know about this free newsletter service if you think they might be interested in subscribing. Remember, it is free, and you opt out any time you want! Your email account has never been, is never, shared beyond the TSAA family! http://wwww.texasarchery.org is the TSAA website.

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Your information is never be shared outside of the TSAA - we, a non-profit state chapter of the USA Archery, do not sell or share your information with any other organization. The purpose of this newsletter service is to be able to contact you, to share information, regarding archery, archery tournaments, coaching opportunities, most anything about archery world-wide (but also especially in Texas) that you might find useful and to give you a reply conduit to easily contact us. Contact us at any time with any concerns or questions.


Texas State Archery Association's Newsletter List Fall Updates On Texas Archery

Sent November 21st 2014

World Archery put a page up on their site, to try an explain the workings of the "Set" competitions that have been in use for more than a year now.  Coaches, parents, and archers, review this if you plan to be involved with competitions for the USA:  "...The new Set System, the Compound Round, the official introduction of Mixed Team and the other decisions have one goal: keep our competitions fair and make them even more exciting for the athletes, the fans, the media and the partners of archery...

Texas State Archery Association's Newsletter List : Pending and Past

Sent September 8th 2014

First, in case you have not heard, Brady Ellison just won the Grand Prix Final held in Switzerland, barely more than a week after winning the World Field Championships.  Two distinctly different styles of archery, and somehow I think if there were a World Clout Championship event tomorrow his skills might prevail there, as well.  For more information, check the USA Archery site, and for links to videos, stories, and photos, the World Archery Site... We hope to have in the next newsletter, a writeup on the ma...

Texas State Archery Association's Newsletter List Message

Sent August 5th 2014

WANT TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE TSAA PAINLESSLY? Do you shop online at Amazon?  If you do, there is a simple way to share a small part of the transaction (at no extra cost to you) with the TSAA.  Seriously. Amazon has a program I have registered the TSAA for, one that gets the TSAA FREE MONEY. (yikes!)  - When you sign up for SMILE at Amazon, a small portion of each purchase you make gets donated to a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization of your choice. (ahem:  the TSAA) You can read all about it by going ...

Texas State Archery Association's Newsletter List Message

Sent July 13th 2014

Shooting Opportunities! *CLOUT *SHOOT EVENT*! Saturday July 19th. 2014 in Bryan, Texas, hosted by the Brazos 4H JOAD Archery club* *Clout is shooting old-style, in a high, over-the-castle-wall, method.  The archer aims at a target ON the ground that is as much as 180 meters away.  It is surprising just how accurate an archer can get with just a little practice!  For those that haven't shot a clout event before, Rick Stonebraker will provide some tips and how-to information on the morning of the event.&...

Texas State Archery Association's Newsletter List Message

Sent June 10th 2014

The Target Championship and the JOAD Target Championship for the Texas State Archery Association were held simultaneously as two lines in Columbus, Texas June 7 & 8, 2014. It was a very dynamic mix of archery demands.  Coaches Tom Barker and John Magera (in alphabetical order) provided this summary of the event: It's not bragging, if you can really do it.    Babe Ruth said that. (yep, that's Babe Ruth).  I bet you thought a Texan said that and yes, we just did, because....... Those of us ...

Texas State Archery Association's Newsletter List Message

Sent May 28th 2014

US TEAM SELECTED FOR WORLD FIELD CHAMPIONSHIPS! For the full story, check the USA Archery website. Congratulations are in order for all of the archers for their performance at the National Field Championship this last weekend. It was a challenging course with lots of sun, humidity, and not a few mosquitoes! We were extremely fortunate as far as weather goes – the venue had more than FIVE inches of rain fall in just hours, the day after competition finished! If it had hit a day earlier, just think of how much fun they...

Texas State Archery Association's Newsletter List National Field Notice and "Archery For Boomers"

Sent April 30th 2014

Only Two Topics For This Message: First and foremost: The late fee hike/deadline for registration in the USA Archery National Field Championship is midnight Thursday, May 1 (today, if the sun is up). If you wish to compete at this event, you need to register & pay.  If you've ALREADY registered and not yet paid, you can use PayPal for that to avoid an extra $50 fee which is required if received (not mailed, RECEIVED) after midnight, May 1. Here is the link to the registration/PayPal options.  For the i...

Texas State Archery Association's Newsletter List Some Brief Reminders About Deadlines for the Field Archery Tournaments!

Sent April 17th 2014

JOIN THE 75.   The deadline for registration and payment for the TSAA State Field tournament in Eagle Lake is Friday (tomorrow), April 18th, 2014, and there are 75 archers signed up at this point.   You can click on this link to go straight to the online registration and tournament information page.  If you have already registered, and want to pay, then you can use this link to PayPal for that. JOIN THE 55. The next deadline looming is for the USA Archery National Field Championships, some 14 days away...

Texas State Archery Association's Newsletter List Message

Sent April 5th 2014

We'll keep this as short as possible.  First, Archer, thank you for subscribing to the Newsletter. IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER, first things first: The deadline to place an order for one of the TSAA's 2014 National Field (Awesome) shirts is April 10th - 5 days from this writing.  Once we turn in the order to Toxofil, there won't be any more ordered.  Currently we have 30 shirts ordered, so the price will be NO MORE than $54 VNeck/$58 Polo each, hand-delivered onsite to the Field venue. Best guess is we wil...




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