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For more than 15 years the TSAA has maintained a list of emails for archers, in order to share information about archery by sending periodic emails about events, new gear, training opportunities, and archery interests.

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Sent July 8th 2015

Do you need to be a member of the USAA/TSAA/NFAA to play on the State Field Championship course? NO. Please tell your shooting buddies TODAY, the signup deadline is in just a few days! You do need to be a member (and we surely encourage you to join the USAA!) if you wanna win a trophy, or to be able to claim a state/national/world record, shooting in the official tournament. BUT! If you are curious about how a FITA Field Tournament is different from say, a 3-D event, this is an acid test opportunity to see how...


Sent July 7th 2015

I'm writing to insure everyone knows there are FOUR events the TSAA is conducting  for which you can now register online. If you want to play in a TOTS, the two remaining events are filling up fast. <hint>.  As for the State Field Championship, I guess we are back to the good old days, with not so many archers, at all. I am baffled.  There are only some 11 people signed up for the State Field Championship being held in ten days?  wow.  I did NOT anticipate this.  These are the cool...

TWO Corrections!

Sent June 29th 2015

I apparently caused more than one heart attack in laying out 244 arrows for one day, and quite naturally so.  ACTUALLY: The State Target event is a TOTAL of 144 arrows on Saturday - 72 in the morning will serve as the first half of the Texas State Target AND as the championship round for the TOTS round.  Awards to TOTS champions will be awarded during an extended lunch, followed by the second 72 arrow round of the State Target.  Sunday will be a series of OR head-to-head matchplay. SECONDLY:  ...

TOTS events, the Website, and more

Sent June 29th 2015

FREE SLIDE SHOW!   The TSAA home page now has more than 1300 photos that participate in the automatic slide show.  Anytime you load http://www.texasarchery.org , it will have the drop-down menus which work on any platform.  BUT it also displays a photo on the main screen.  It picks one at random from the 1367 images I've uploaded, and then scrolls in order from that image.  Since most of the images are part of shot sequences, you get a stop-action viewing of archers making shots.  IF you ...


Sent June 14th 2015

Just a quick reminder.  Tomorrow, MONDAY, JUNE 15, 2015,  at 8pm is the deadline for registrations for the 2015 JOAD Target Championship being held in Columbus at the fairgrounds, hosted by T.H.E. JOAD club this coming weekend- June 20/21.  This is a Star FITA, USAA-sanctioned event.   All must be members of the USAA, or else can be NFAA (but you must get the FREE online single-event registration done for it - see the information page at the link below).  If you are an NFAA member you...

Texas State Archery Association's Newsletter FONT FIXED

Sent May 29th 2015

Bad Font!   Thanks to some feedback from readers, I realized that one font I had in yesterday's message was really lousy on cell phones.  Looked good on PC screens, but otherwise darn near impossible to read.  So here is that section with a more friendly font.  Apologies! The FITA Field Invitational on JUNE 6! This first-time-at the Austin Archery Club near Austin still has a disturbing number of openings at 8am, 9am, and 10am start times.  It's a 12-target layout, and this is going to be a ...

Texas State Archery Association's Newsletter Message

Sent May 28th 2015

A very big THANKS is in order! I wish to thank Shawn Harrigan for his contributions to the sport, to archers, and to the TSAA! - running a TOTS event at the Buffalo Archery Club in Houston, which saw some 30+ new records set. Certainly an accomplishment for a first-time Tourney Organizer.    And for assisting the TSAA in acquiring TWO twenty-foot storage containers for the safe, weatherproof, secure storage of our targets, bales, and gear for holding tournaments.  These huge metal boxes weight more...

Texas State Archery Association's Newsletter Time To Register!

Sent May 20th 2015

FIRST, the field archery tournament in central Texas is ON!   Saturday June 6th, the Austin Archery Club will host the TSAA for this "try-it-out" field event on their spaciously beautiful hill country acreage (nearly 500 acres).  This will be two rounds on 12 marked-distance FITA targets.  California Start means archers sign up for a particular Tee-Off time of 8am, 9am, or 10am, start on Target #1, and go through the woods and over the limestone, shooting at target from 5 meters to 60 meters (...

Texas State Archery Association's NewsletterJUDGE SEMINAR & NEW TOTS

Sent May 11th 2015

JUDGE SEMINAR SCHEDULED USAA Judge Michael Hollmann has worked with USAA to host a seminar for the purpose of educating archers and parents about archery judges, and to certify Level 1 judges, AND to certify National judges as well.  This 2-day event has a modest fee of $25 for each day, includes lunch, and will provide the opportunity for you to become a judge.   The TSAA promotes archery, and this is an important part of that mission - without judges we cannot hold sanctioned events! Texans would not be ab...

Texas State Archery Association's NewsletterWhat is happening?

Sent May 10th 2015

TSAA WEBSITE: (the below image is just a snapshot of the actual website) First, as you can see in this picture of the site, the TSAA's website looks a LITTLE DIFFERENT. I have changed it to accomodate smart phones, tablets, and desktop displays.  The drop down menus on the real site (not this picture, though) contain links to all of the same content, and the site now meets the requirements of the Google search engine.  There is also a random photo display on the main page - you can maximize the image to...

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