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For more than 15 years the TSAA has maintained a list of emails for archers, in order to share information about archery by sending periodic emails about events, new gear, training opportunities, and archery interests.

This newsletter will be sent periodically in the future, ONLY if you subscribe. The goal of the newsletter service is to inform about archery-related topics. Please note: AS ALWAYS, you can opt out at any time with a single email response and there has never been any charge for this. Also, the TSAA does NOT put any advertisements on the website. We may list items we find of interest, but we do not take money from any archery company for any "mentions", either. Please let any archers you know about this free newsletter service if you think they might be interested in subscribing. Remember, it is free, and you opt out any time you want! Your email account has never been, is never, shared beyond the TSAA family! http://wwww.texasarchery.org is the TSAA website.

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Legal Stuff: Your information is never be shared outside of the TSAA - we, a non-profit state chapter of the USA Archery, do not sell or share your information with any other organization. The purpose of this newsletter service is to be able to contact you, to share information, regarding archery, archery tournaments, coaching opportunities, most anything about archery world-wide (but also especially in Texas) that you might find useful and to give you a reply conduit to easily contact us. Contact us at any time with any concerns or questions.


Texas State Archery Association's Newsletter State Field Championships and other dates

Sent January 19th 2016

I have confirmation that the Austin Archery Club will make the dates of April 16 - 17, 2016, available for our State Field event.  It will be at the same location as last year, Emma Long Park's Austin Archery Club.  It should be slightly cooler than last year, less sun intensity, but the same beautiful natural hill country, and with any luck the wildflowers will be blooming and the spring-fed creeks will all be springing forth.  I hope to make the course slightly shorter, and of course, to balance each 1...

Texas State Archery Association's Newsletter Rick Stonebraker's Barebow Seminar

Sent January 18th 2016

*Rick Stonebraker Presents...* A seminar on barebow archery. Barebow archery is exploding! With droves of archers finding fascination with the nuances of barebow tuning and shooting form, we are excited to host this seminar, where you will learn much more about barebow archery, from one of the champions. The seminar is aimed at archers, instructors and coaches. Learn about: Barebow rules Tuning String walking Gap Shooting Training and more... Rick Stonebraker is the author of the well known "Tuning for...

Texas State Archery Association's Newsletter STATE INDOOR REGISTRATION AND CALENDAR

Sent January 7th 2016

TSAA STATE INDOOR INFORMATION - Feb. 12th, 13th & 14th as well as 20th & 21st , 2016 in 3 venues. The State Indoor Championship is being held in THREE locations, two on the same weekend, in Bryan and Victoria, and the following weekend in Houston.  The results from all three venues will be combined to determine the results overall.  NOTE: ARCHERS MAY SHOOT ON BOTH WEEKENDS IF THEY WISH AND SPACE PERMITS, BUT ONLY THEIR FIRST WEEKEND SCORE WILL COUNT TOWARDS FINAL SCORES.  Weeken...

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Good Will To All

Sent December 24th 2015

Copyright, Ron Carmichael, 121st National Target The Texas State Archery Association board wishes all TSAA members and our archery friends around the world who subscribe to this, a happy experience with loved ones during this Christmas & New Year holiday, and may each of us have a great step into the year 2016.   Here's hoping you find that piece of archery gear under the tree that you wouldn't buy for yourself, but surely do need just to shoot better.   That your gatherings with friends and famil...


Sent December 6th 2015

WE, you, are the Texas State Archery Association.   An organization of more than one THOUSAND, FOUR HUNDRED members throughout Texas.  We want to, we NEED to, involve MORE of our members in making the TSAA a vital, powerful, organization. We also need the newsletter to be a product of more than just one person!  Do you have anything you want to write, contribute, to make it a better and more diverse source of information?  It is high time it became more than a one-person operation!&n...

Do You Treasure The TSAA?

Sent November 15th 2015

The board of the TSAA consists of the Pres, Vice-Pres, Secretary, Treasurer, and JOAD Coordinator.  These are the five unpaid volunteers who serve the entire membership of the USAA members who reside in Texas. As of Friday, by the way, there are 1274 TSAA/USAA memberships, with more than 500 as FAMILY memberships!   Our board is elected for two-year terms, and we are half-way through the tenure for the Treasurer.  As life happens, our current treasurer is in need of relief, so the TSAA is seek...

Last reminder for Hardy's Workshop.

Sent October 17th 2015

Time is short.  This is your last chance to get a seat!  ANYONE SIGNING UP also can get an hour of time with Hardy on either Thursday or Friday, as long as there are time slots untaken.  If you have been waffling, decide now - use the PayPal and then email Ron with your desired timeslot. I'll get you as close to that time as possible, and write you back.   LANCASTER ARCHERY    AND THE TSAA ARE PROUD TO PROVIDE A TWO-DAY RECURVE ARCHERY WORKSHOP CONDUCTED BY HARDY WARD! This wor...


Sent October 6th 2015

LANCASTER ARCHERY   AND THE TSAA ARE PROUD TO PROVIDE A TWO-DAY RECURVE ARCHERY WORKSHOP CONDUCTED BY HARDY WARD! This workshop will be in Bryan, Texas, adjacent to the Michael Hojnacki Farm (map to where we have held the Lone Star Cup several times).  DATE: October 24 & 25 (Sat Sun) with private lessons available on 23 & 24.   Hardy Ward has been the Taiwan Head Coach for many years, and is one of the most respected coaches in the world.  Seriously.  Thanks to Lancas...

UPDATE: Coach Hardy Ward's Shoot Straight Workshop: NOW ONLY $100 for 2 days. (!)

Sent September 26th 2015

This newsletter was interrupted during sending by a windows update (thanks, Microsoft) - You may get it twice - my apologies!  UPDATE: Coach Hardy Ward's Shoot Straight Workshop: NOW ONLY $100 for 2 days. (!) The TSAA, in conjunction with Lancaster Archery, will be assisting in the overhead for Hardy's travel expenses.   Hardy (and the TSAA board) feels it is far more important to reach as many archers and coaches and parents as possible, and to support that, the TSAA is happy to announce the cost for t...

UPDATE: Coach Hardy Ward's Shoot Straight Workshop: NOW ONLY $100 for 2 days. (!)

Sent September 26th 2015

The TSAA, in conjunction with Lancaster Archery, will be assisting in the overhead for Hardy's travel expenses.   Hardy (and the TSAA board) feels it is far more important to reach as many archers and coaches and parents as possible, and to support that, the TSAA is happy to announce the cost for the TWO-DAY workshop will be only $100 instead of $300.  All other information remations the same and we are very interested in hosting events not only in Bryan, but also Austin and Midland-Odessa, and DFW. &nb...

Texas State Archery Association's Newsletter Coach Hardy Ward's Shoot Straight Workshop

Sent September 23rd 2015

The TSAA is proud to announce a series of workshops throughout Texas by World-Renowned Archery Coach Hardy Ward in October & November.  He is conducting a workshop first at Lancaster Archery in Pennsylvania, and then bringing his knowledge south to Texas. Hardy is a World Champion recurve archer and master archer, well-known and respected around the world for his coaching ability.  He will provide a hands-on Olympic Recurve shooting workshop to both elite and intermediate archers as well a...

TSAA's Shop Now Open For Business

Sent September 8th 2015

As promised during the State Target & TOTS Championship, the TSAA is open for business on CafePress, with a series of T-shirts, mugs, sweatshirts, stickers, and much more, ALL with yet another unique motto for Texas Archers.  Please check it out, and pass it on?  Please share via FB with your friends!  ...

Memorial Services Scheduled For Coach Steve Overbeck

Sent August 4th 2015

DEAR ARCHER:  I would encourage you all to please consider paying respects to Steve and his family at the memorial service - it will mean a lot not only to his family, but to you as well.  Such gatherings are as much for those who are still here as they are for those who have departed. We are postponing the start of the Texas Outdoor Target Series tournament in Houston by a few hours to avoid conflicting with Coach Steve's memorial service.  The start time for the TOTS tournament will be 3PM for pr...

Texas State Archery Association's Newsletter Coach Seminar and

Sent July 29th 2015

The TSAA is sponsoring a high-level technical seminar for USAA coaches that are certified Level III-NTS or Level IV-NTS. Texan Guy Krueger is a Level V-NTS coach, National Assistant Head Coach, Women's Head Coach, and High Performance Manager, and will be at Texas A&M on August 22nd for the express purpose of sharing his expertise and knowledge of the National Training System and the techniques currently being used to coach archery at the Olympic Training Center.  This is going to be an information-rich, hig...

Coach Steve Overbeck

Sent July 28th 2015

I am very saddened by the news I share with you today. Yesterday, coach, friend, and archer Steve Overbeck, while at home with friends and family and under hospice care, ended his long and spirited battle with cancer.   He was always quick with a smile, and seemed to have the same effect on those around him.  As a coach, he excelled in communicating in a calm and effective way.  That probably had something to do with his prior career as a pilot for Delta.  He was the example of many good thing...


Sent July 8th 2015

Do you need to be a member of the USAA/TSAA/NFAA to play on the State Field Championship course? NO. Please tell your shooting buddies TODAY, the signup deadline is in just a few days! You do need to be a member (and we surely encourage you to join the USAA!) if you wanna win a trophy, or to be able to claim a state/national/world record, shooting in the official tournament. BUT! If you are curious about how a FITA Field Tournament is different from say, a 3-D event, this is an acid test opportunity to see how...


Sent July 7th 2015

I'm writing to insure everyone knows there are FOUR events the TSAA is conducting  for which you can now register online. If you want to play in a TOTS, the two remaining events are filling up fast. <hint>.  As for the State Field Championship, I guess we are back to the good old days, with not so many archers, at all. I am baffled.  There are only some 11 people signed up for the State Field Championship being held in ten days?  wow.  I did NOT anticipate this.  These are the cool...

TWO Corrections!

Sent June 29th 2015

I apparently caused more than one heart attack in laying out 244 arrows for one day, and quite naturally so.  ACTUALLY: The State Target event is a TOTAL of 144 arrows on Saturday - 72 in the morning will serve as the first half of the Texas State Target AND as the championship round for the TOTS round.  Awards to TOTS champions will be awarded during an extended lunch, followed by the second 72 arrow round of the State Target.  Sunday will be a series of OR head-to-head matchplay. SECONDLY:  ...

TOTS events, the Website, and more

Sent June 29th 2015

FREE SLIDE SHOW!   The TSAA home page now has more than 1300 photos that participate in the automatic slide show.  Anytime you load http://www.texasarchery.org , it will have the drop-down menus which work on any platform.  BUT it also displays a photo on the main screen.  It picks one at random from the 1367 images I've uploaded, and then scrolls in order from that image.  Since most of the images are part of shot sequences, you get a stop-action viewing of archers making shots.  IF you ...


Sent June 14th 2015

Just a quick reminder.  Tomorrow, MONDAY, JUNE 15, 2015,  at 8pm is the deadline for registrations for the 2015 JOAD Target Championship being held in Columbus at the fairgrounds, hosted by T.H.E. JOAD club this coming weekend- June 20/21.  This is a Star FITA, USAA-sanctioned event.   All must be members of the USAA, or else can be NFAA (but you must get the FREE online single-event registration done for it - see the information page at the link below).  If you are an NFAA member you...

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