Welcome to the TSAA website. You got here using a QR code, probably with your cell phone.

The website is designed to be a reference utility for target, olympic, style archer (and compounders too!) in the world. What started out for just Texas has become a worldwide go-to place for a variety of things archery related.

In 2011, log stats show this website had 5,000,000+ page hits, and this map shows that we continue to enjoy visiting archers from throughout the world on the TSAA site. This counts not hits, but individual archers.
Click the map for a neat perspective on where your fellow archers are!

There is a chronological listing of "things" - events, To-Dos, tournaments, good deals found, etc...on the main page. There is a search field at the top of the page, using Google's code to search the website for a name, a score, a word. String. Stand. Tune. try any code word you want for whatever you might want to learn about. If you don't find what you need, EMAIL the webmaster and he'll try to fix it.

The documents page is especially useful. Just use the links box in gold to the left side of the screen for primary links to that, to the JOAD resources which includes a 25-page FAQ for parents of new archers.

Photos of archers in action? A "dir" for the TSAA website lists 86,317 files with the extension jpg. Figure 1/3 are thumbnails, so you should be able to find one of 50,000 photos of an archer shooting an arrow - young, old, male, female, beginner, elite, recurve, compound, from many of the championship tournaments over the last 15 years in the US as well as a few from abroad.



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