Texas Youth Open Tournament

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Texas Top Gun Youth Open 2002 Tournament
Gender BowType Division Archer Distances (meters) Payment Rec'd
Female Compound NAA Yeoman  
  Garcia, Gina Nicole 20 meters Yes 
Female Compound Bowman  
  Garcia, Rebecca Renee 30 meters Yes 
  Lesak, Meagan 30 meters Yes 
  McMinn, Coral 30 meters Yes 
Female Compound Cub  
  Bradley, Jessica 50 meters Yes 
  Ellis, Whitney 50 meters  
  Garcia, Amanda C. 50 meters Yes 
  Hessong, Samantha 50 meters  
Female Compound Cadet  
  Heinsohn, Holly 70 meters Yes 
  Miller, Rachel 70 meters  
  Miller, Sarah 70 meters  
Female Compound Junior  
  Raffaelli, Cassandra 70 meters Yes 
  Raffaelli, Tamara 70 meters Yes 
Female Recurve Bowman  
  Bailey, Victoria 30 meters Yes 
  DeBord, Kayla 30 meters Yes 
  Hessong, Jessica 30 meters  
  Hickl, Kirby Jean 30 meters Yes 
  Leonardo, Karla 30 meters Yes 
  Petrosky, Simone N. 30 meters Yes 
  Reagan, Rachele 30 meters  
  Ross, Meagan 30 meters Yes 
  Wiley, Andrea 30 meters Yes 
Female Recurve Cub  
  Curtner, Catelyn 50 meters Yes 
Female Recurve Cadet  
  Miller, Amanda 70 meters  
  Morris, Allison 70 meters  
  Wallace, Mallory 70 meters Yes 
Female Recurve NAA Archer  
  Wiley, Leanne 60 meters Yes 
Female BareBow Cub  
  Garner, Andrea 50 meters Yes 
Male Compound NAA Yeoman  
  Fischer, Colton 20 meters  
  Human, Thomas 20 meters Yes 
Male Compound Bowman  
  Black, Ryan 30 meters Yes 
  Cloessner, Matthew 30 meters Yes 
  Fischer, Clayton 30 meters  
  Human, Benjamin 30 meters Yes 
  Lesak, Chad 30 meters Yes 
  Whetstine, John 30 meters Yes 
Male Compound Cub  
  Garcia, Steven 50 meters Yes 
  Human, Joseph 50 meters Yes 
  Martinez III, Robert 50 meters Yes 
  Stricklin, Nicholas 50 meters  
Male Compound Cadet  
  Black, Jonathan 70 meters Yes 
  Gilmore, Chase 70 meters  
  Mieth, Benjamin 70 meters  
  Webernick, Zachary Ray 70 meters  
Male Compound Junior  
  Barr, Chris 70 meters  
  Poncik, Garrett 70 meters Yes 
Male Recurve NAA Yeoman  
  DeBord, Clayton 20 meters Yes 
Male Recurve Bowman  
  Correa Jr, Jaime 30 meters Yes 
  Janota, Tyler 30 meters  
  Reagan, Tyler 30 meters Yes 
  Salinas, Gilbert 30 meters Yes 
  Salinas, Rolando 30 meters Yes 
  Webernick, Adam 30 meters  
Male Recurve Cub  
  Dean, Dillon 50 meters Yes 
  Durantes, Leo 50 meters  
  Dybala, Stephen 50 meters  
  Hickl, Matthew J. 50 meters Yes 
Male Recurve Junior  
  Bailey, Jordan 70 meters  
  Barker, Kevin 70 meters Yes 
  Dean, Dex Daniel 70 meters Yes 
  Krueger, Garrett 70 meters Yes 
  Reagan, Trey M. 70 meters Yes 
  Ross, Matthew 70 meters Yes 
Male Recurve NAA Archer  
  Edwards, Zachary 60 meters  
Ladies:2 Gents:8
Ladies:6 Gents:4
Ladies:6 Gents:8
Ladies:12 Gents:12
NAA Archer:
Ladies:1 Gents:1
NAA Yeoman:
Ladies:1 Gents:3
Total Ladies: 28
Total Gents: 36
Recurves: 32
Compounds: 31
Total# Overall: 64 Payment Rec'd:
Yes: 43/ No:21

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Archers listed by shooting distances

Texas Top Gun Youth Open 2002 Registrations
Distances Archer Gender BowType Division
20 meters
  Garcia, Gina Nicole Female Compound NAA Yeoman
  DeBord, Clayton Male Recurve NAA Yeoman
  Fischer, Colton Male Compound NAA Yeoman
  Human, Thomas Male Compound NAA Yeoman
30 meters
  Bailey, Victoria Female Recurve Bowman
  DeBord, Kayla Female Recurve Bowman
  Garcia, Rebecca Renee Female Compound Bowman
  Hessong, Jessica Female Recurve Bowman
  Hickl, Kirby Jean Female Recurve Bowman
  Leonardo, Karla Female Recurve Bowman
  Lesak, Meagan Female Compound Bowman
  McMinn, Coral Female Compound Bowman
  Petrosky, Simone Female Recurve Bowman
  Reagan, Rachele Female Recurve Bowman
  Ross, Meagan Female Recurve Bowman
  Wiley, Andrea Female Recurve Bowman
  Black, Ryan Male Compound Bowman
  Cloessner, Matthew Male Compound Bowman
  Correa Jr, Jaime Male Recurve Bowman
  Fischer, Clayton Male Compound Bowman
  Human, Benjamin Male Compound Bowman
  Janota, Tyler Male Recurve Bowman
  Lesak, Chad Male Compound Bowman
  Reagan, Tyler Male Recurve Bowman
  Salinas, Gilbert Male Recurve Bowman
  Salinas, Rolando Male Recurve Bowman
  Webernick, Adam Male Recurve Bowman
  Whetstine, John Male Compound Bowman
50 meters
  Bradley, Jessica Female Compound Cub
  Curtner, Catelyn Female Recurve Cub
  Ellis, Whitney Female Compound Cub
  Garcia, Amanda Female Compound Cub
  Garner, Andrea Female BareBow Cub
  Hessong, Samantha Female Compound Cub
  Dean, Dillon Male Recurve Cub
  Durantes, Leo Male Recurve Cub
  Dybala, Stephen Male Recurve Cub
  Garcia, Steven Male Compound Cub
  Hickl, Matthew Male Recurve Cub
  Human, Joseph Male Compound Cub
  Martinez III, Robert Male Compound Cub
  Stricklin, Nicholas Male Compound Cub
60 meters
  Wiley, Leanne Female Recurve NAA Archer
  Edwards, Zachary Male Recurve NAA Archer
70 meters
  Heinsohn, Holly Female Compound Cadet
  Miller, Amanda Female Recurve Cadet
  Miller, Rachel Female Compound Cadet
  Miller, Sarah Female Compound Cadet
  Morris, Allison Female Recurve Cadet
  Raffaelli, Cassandra Female Compound Junior
  Raffaelli, Tamara Female Compound Junior
  Wallace, Mallory Female Recurve Cadet
  Bailey, Jordan Male Recurve Junior
  Barker, Kevin Male Recurve Junior
  Barr, Chris Male Compound Junior
  Black, Jonathan Male Compound Cadet
  Dean, Dex Daniel Male Recurve Junior
  Gilmore, Chase Male Compound Cadet
  Krueger, Garrett Male Recurve Junior
  Mieth, Benjamin Male Compound Cadet
  Poncik, Garrett Male Compound Junior
  Reagan, Trey Male Recurve Junior
  Ross, Matthew Male Recurve Junior
  Webernick, Zachary Ray Male Compound Cadet
Ladies:2 Gents:8
Ladies:6 Gents:4
Ladies:6 Gents:8
Ladies:12 Gents:12
Total Ladies:28
Total Gents:36
NAA Archer:
Ladies:1 Gents:1
NAA Yeoman:
Ladies:1 Gents:3

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