Eagle Lake (Southeast of Columbus) TX.
April 26 & 27, 2014

Course Designer and Tournament Director: Rick Stonebraker

Competition: Saturday April 26 - Start time 9:00 am    
  Sunday April 27 - Start time 9:00 am    
Tournament Particulars
In Preparation For

This event can serve in preparation for the 2014 National Field Championship to be hosted by the TSAA at this same venue on May 22-25, 2014.

Setting Up the Venue

WORK PARTY FOR FIELD PREPARATION: Saturdays in March and early April.
Plan to stay Saturday night if you wish. This is a work party and a fun time. B-B-Q lunch at Austin's in Eagle Lake or bring your own grub.
Fun Breaks: bring your favorite weapon(firearm).  We work awhile, then play awhile.  Contact Rick Stonebraker to volunteer and for details. He needs a head count of those attending.
FINAL FIELD PREP is Thurs April 24 and Friday, April 25.  Appreciate help setting shooting stakes on Thurs and the matts on the day before the event. Lodging free at work parties, bring your own needs.


A full, hot-grill concession stand will be available duringall days of competition. Lunch & snacks will be provided by chef Lupe & Chrissy Nevarez of the South Texas Archery JOAD club.

Can't Do A Whole Weekend? One-day shooting is available (either Saturday or Sunday).  $20  - no awards. Indicate in the comment box field of the entry form to shoot only one day. Must shoot both days to be eligible for the AOTY award.
Cost $40 for Adults divisions, $30 for Jr., Cadet, Cub, Bowman, Yeoman

DEADLINE for registration is April 18, 2014, 5PM postmark or electronic submission. - Late fee of $10 applies after this point in time.

Not A Member of USAA/NFAA? Guests are welcome and encouraged. Archers must be USA ARCHERY/NFAA members to compete for State Championship Titles.
Archer Of The Year Element The TSAA awards an "Archer Of The Year" based in part on this event, and only TSAA members and "cross-over"(an annual $15 payable to the TSAA) NFAA members are eligible.
(NFAA members do NOT need to pay any other membership fee to compete in the TSAA State (or USAA National) field events.) Archer must compete both days to be eligible for the AOTY honor.
How To Pay The PayPal option provided is encouraged. You can also mail a check with a copy of the email confirmation we send you upon registration. Do NOT pay without registering first!
Make checks payable to the TSAA.

State Field 2014
c/o Karin Magera
145 Milentz St
Columbus, TX 78934

The TSAA absorbs the cost of PayPal in your registration. If a cancellation is received before the registration deadline, a full refund minus any fee may be issued at that point. After the registration deadline, a full refund may be issued minus 15% to cover awards if applicable, AT THE CONCLUSION of the tournament.

What Families Pay For families with more than two archers:  Discount entry fees - the first two archers (adults if in a senior & junior event) pay full fees, all other family members 18 years and under pay $10 each.
Rounds - What You Will Shoot All rounds will be MARKED distances (METERS) shooting at 24 targets.
Shooting positions marked with colored pins on ground.
For the marked distances:
  • Adults/Masters/Junior distances are from 10-60 meters. (RED pins)
  • Barebow Senior/Junior and Cadet distances are from 5-50 meters. (BLUE pins)
  • Cadet Barebow and Cub distances are from 5-40 meters.  (YELLOW pins)
  • Cub barebow and Bowman distances are from 5-30 meters (WHITE pins)
  • Yeoman: Any comfortable distance at or inside WHITE bowman pins.
Regulations As this event is shot under World Archery and USAA regulations, there are several things to be aware of:
Clothes The USAA dress code is in effect (denim is ok, but still, no Camouflage). Sturdy shoes or boots are recommended for Field Events. NOTE: Denim is ok in State and National events but NOT in WA events. This event follows USAA rules.
Rules Explanations by Rick Stonebraker and see Book 4 of the World Archery Rules
Compound Limit World Archery regulations (Book 4: ) The peak draw weight shall not exceed 60lbs for all bows. Also reference Book 2, # &
WHERE? We've put together a separate page with all of the travel and location info including interactive driving maps and airport information.
PETS? This venue is an exotic animal ranch which remains in a semi-quarantine nature to protect from diseases and parasites, etc. The "no pets" policy is a requirement of the folks allowing us access to the site. Please honor their rules and do NOT bring any pets of any sort onto the property.
ATV/motorized transport use? We were overwhelmed with too many ATVs in the past. Only official use of ATVs will be allowed. If you are mobility impaired please contact Rick via email and we will make arrangements to insure that ALL are able to compete.
Accommodations We have a separate page detailing the options for room and board.(Hotels, etc.)
Prepare For This WARNING
The field has been altered to be more exciting and will have fewer if any plain old flat targets. Wear ankle supporting hiking shoes and be prepared for a walk of 1+ miles for the course. Get some exercise in early and walk some stairs or hills if possible. The course is challenging and more so than in previous years.
SHUT THE GATE PLEASE, "Texas Ettiquette" It is a rule of the land in Texas, when you enter someone's farm or ranch you must be sure to close the gate and NOT let any livestock get out. The gate is automated, but please remain at the gate until it closes to insure no exotic game sneak out.
I have a question not dealt with in this table of information Contact: Rick Stonebraker 281-488-3527 (H),  832-552-2096 (Cell) this number currently having reception problem at the venue site. Stayed tuned for new number  or e-mail-
Organizers Rick Stonebraker (281) 488-3527 (H),  Cell Phone 832-552-2096 (the cell reception at the venue is "spotty", if you can't get through try again later.
John Blaschke (979) 732-5371
Mike Hojnacki (512) 496-6835.
What's It Like? Photos - images from last year's nationals at this location
Who's Already Going? REGISTERED ARCHERS - this page generated/updated automatically with those that have registered online.
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