Texas Lone Star FITA
April 6 & 7, 2013

NOTE: we have added the 50-meter compound round for all compounds - if you are a compound archer and prefer the 4-distance round please tell us using the comment field in the registration form. Archers will also start with the short distance first and end with the longest distance, per World Archery rules.

Recurve: Four-Distance, Star FITA, Outdoor event ( Compound: Single distance, 50 meters ) hosted by Brazos 4-H Archery Club on TSAA president Michael Hojnacki's Ranch near Bryan/College Station.
Judge Max Sera, Tournament Director Kevin Albers, Director Of Shooting Ron Carmichael.
Questions: 979.575.7288

THIS IS A 4-DISTANCE, STAR FITA FOR RECURVES & A 50 METER FIXED DISTANCE ROUND FOR COMPOUNDS (Compounds may choose to shoot the 4-distance FITA by entering a NOTE in the comment field)

Collegiatians College Division is included, and there is a Collegiate BOWHUNTER Compound Division (Under BOW TYPE in the registration form)
Google Map to venue

Tournament venue address (approximate): 5648 Hearne Road, Bryan, 77808.
Use the Google map link (left)to navigate to the venue, to get driving instructions. Type "hotel" into the search field on the map to search for nearby hotels.

What does it cost? Due to the short notice, we are setting the price (for adults) to what it was TEN YEARS AGO! (I found the online registration form file I used back then<G>) $30 for adults, $25 for youth divisions, and $10 for Yeomen. Non-members, same fees.
Discount for Big Families The TSAA now discounts entry fees for families with more than 2 archers! - the oldest two archers pay full fees, and all other family members 18 years and under pay only $10 apiece if paid before the registration deadline.
If You Don't PayPal You Still Need To Pay

If you need to mail a check/Money Order because you don't like to use PayPal, the mailing address is:

Lone Star Fita
c/o Karin Magera, Treasurer, 145 Milentz Street, Columbus, TX 78934

and please include the printout of your registration info so that you get credited with payment!

If You Change Your Plans BEFORE THE DEADLINE  If you pay via PayPal we can refund your money quickly/easily prior to when the trophies are made. If you cancel late and we get stuck with trophy hardware, you may have a small fee deducted. If you pay by money order or check, your registration check will be HELD by the TSAA till after the tournament so if you register & pay EARLY, you won't be out any money. Win, Win !

Speaking Of "Win/Win", Who Can Win?

Tournament awards to current TSAA/USA Archery members, compound, recurve and barebow, in both genders and all divisions. 
Guests welcome. Awards to top 3 places in all divisions.
What "ROUND" Will You Shoot? FOR ALL ARCHERS, you will shoot 6 arrow ends during all four rounds.
IF you use a compound bow, you MAY shoot the 50 meter compound round - no change in distance during the event. bowman compounders shoot at 25 meters and the cubs at 40 meters. Cadets, Juniors, Seniors, and Masters will all shoot 50 meters throughout.
If you are a recurve/barebow archer you will shoot a four-distance FITA round starting with the shortest distance and ending with the longest distance- You will shoot 36 arrows at FOUR different distances, 2 distances each day. You must shoot both days to be eligible for awards.
To see what YOUR distance will be, please refer to below (and for summary of distances in all types of events, to the target distance chart. Print your own chart . JOAD distance chart.
Still Confused?

In summary, and for Recurve archers (and any compound archers that wish to shoot this)
60, 50, 40, 30m for Cadet Women and Master Women;
70, 60, 50, 30m for Cadet Men, Junior Women, Women and Master Men;
90, 70, 50, 30m for Junior Men and Men ;
50, 40, 30, 20 meters for Cub (men and women) ;
30, 25, 25, 20 meters for Bowman (men and women).

World Archery states that the round may be shot either short to long, or long to short distances, and for this event we will start with the short distance and graduate to the longer distances.

Recurve Men and Recurve Junior Men: shoot 122cm faces at 90m/70m and 80cm (5-10 ring) individual
faces at 50m/30m (10-ring 80cm targets are available if all archers on target agree)

Recurve Women and Recurve Junior Women: shoot 122cm faces at 70m/60m and 80cm (5-10 ring)
individual faces at 50m/30m (10-ring 80cm targets are available if all archers on target agree)
Recurve Cadet Men: shoot 122cm faces at 70 & 60 meters, 80cm at 50 & 30 meters.
Recurve Cadet Women: shoot 122cm faces at 60 & 50 meters, 80cm at 40 & 30 meters

All Compound, Senior/Junior/Cadet/Master categories: may shoot the above FITA Round or may choose to shoot 80cm (5-10 ring) individual faces at 50m.
Cub Compound may shoot the above FITA round or may choose to shoot only 40 meters
Bowman Compound may shoot the above FITA round or may choose to shoot only 25 meters.
Para classified archers are welcome to participate and shoot the distances of the main categories.

What Must You Wear? (and "NOT") To be consistent with the USA Archery Rules, the USA Archery dress code applies to Official Competition days.
No camouflage attire and no denim will be allowed during tournament competition days, Archers not in compliance will be asked to leave the field.
Sportsmanship By registering, you agree to behave. If you have any doubts about what that means, please review the USAA Code Of Conduct. No exceptions, No excuses.
For the Youngest Archers YEOMAN! That's the ticket! These are the little guys, frequently little brothers and sisters that want to play. Scores are not reported (but we do try and teach them how to keep score and record scores) and is a participation class only. Participation awards are given to all the kids for participating with no 1st, 2nd, or 3rd designations. As such, we can then put the target at any distance so they spend more time in front of the target shooting than behind the target looking for arrows.  Typically, either 20 or 15 meters on a 122cm face the whole time. If they need to take a few ends off to watch the butterflies or go to the bathroom, no big deal.  If they want to stop half way through and then change their mind and resume once they have had their snack, so be it.  It is all about fun and participation within the confines of the other competition for these little guys. Yeoman will start these guys at 20 meters and and adjust closer if needed.
Compound Scoring Reminder There is an inner X Ring in the outdoor target, be sure you understand HOW you will score your arrows in the gold (9/10/x values)! THIS is a great reference for knowing how to score during tournaments
When Do You Shoot?

All ends will be 6-arrow ends

Saturday, April 6th
9:00 a.m. - 10 a.m.  Practice
10:15 a.m. - Shoot & Score first 36 arrows (shortest distance)
Lunch Approximately 12:00 noon Concessions- drinks & lunch food (grilled items, water, sports drinks, sodas) available on the field.
APPROXIMATE: 1:00 p.m. Score Second 36 arrows, at next longer distance
Sunday, April 7th
8:00 a.m. -8:45 a.m. Practice
9:00 a.m.Score third round of the 36 arrows at next-to-longest distance
Lunch Approximately 11:00 noon. Concessions- drinks & lunch food (grilled items, water, sports drinks, soda's) and snacks available on the field.
12:00 p.m. Fourth & last round of 36 arrows, at the longest distance.
Awards immediately after competition.  Awards are based on total aggregate score from the four 36 arrow rounds.

Official Waiver You will be required to sign the standard NAA waiver form upon check-in at the tournament.  Please review it now before you register- click here to view a copy of it.  Again, you do NOT have to print it now.  We will provide the signature form at the check in.
Who Has Already Signed Up? Click here to see all of the archers currently registered, and to check your own information: current registrations.
If You Have Never Shot This Event Before To get information about scoring arrows, go here.  More information on outdoor tournaments, HINTS from the judge.  A general description for tournaments (indoors) which is useful as well, go here.  A sample scorecard with tips and hints can be found here as an acrobat file. For parents of new archers  A slightly dated FAQ can be found on the JOAD Resources page of the TSAA at www.joad.org . (Parents - please read these to prepare your archer for success)
DEADLINE! Mailed Payments for entries must be postmarked on or before Saturday, March 30th, 2013 to avoid a possible $10 late fee.
In order to expedite your registration, please fill out the ONLINE registration form via the link below, SUBMIT it by clicking on the SUBMIT button.  A copy of the information will be emailed to you when we process your application.After "Submitting" you will see a PayPal OPTION to pay with. (recommended)
If paying by check, please PRINT THAT EMAIL and send copy with your check to the address we'll give you on that email(also listed above). If you catch an error, just write it on the printed page or you can email us. PayPal has worked very well for the majority of TSAA tournament participants and we urge everyone to use that option if possible. It really streamlines the process even though it costs the TSAA a little more.
You do not have to be a PayPal member to use it - you can submit using your credit or debit card safely and easily.
HINT When filling out the registration form, don't hit your "enter" key - that key triggers the submit action. Use either the mouse or the tab key to navigate the form. If you get an error when you submit, just use the backspace key to return to the form, press CTRL-R to refresh the form, enter the new security field, and click submit. Call the webmaster if you still can't get the submission to work - 512-797-4127 (Ron Carmichael). This method has been working for more than 10 years so we can help you get 'er done.
OK! You are ready to sign up? Click HERE to go to the Registration entry page. Once you have submitted your info, the "PayPal Option" will appear where you can pay easily for the event.
 Special Notice TFAA/TSAA reciprocal agreement  The TSAA encourages all current members from other organizations to shoot at all TSAA events! Show your TFAA or USCA membership to shoot in this event.
Still Have Questions? EMAILS are best method for contact, for urgent issues and emergencies use 512-797-4127. For errors in your registration information, hit REPLY on the confirmation email sent to you and write what you want changed.


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