TSAA State Indoor Championship Registration Form - Online Submission

note that times are filling up - you will be notified if you sign up for a line that has filled up already so you can choose another time. Sat 1:30 and Sun 8am are now full. Once you SUBMIT successfully you will be offered the chance to pay via PayPal.

Fill in all required fields, but not the security field, PRINT THE FORM, then complete the security field and click SUBMIT.

HINT: USE YOUR MOUSE OR THE TAB KEY TO MOVE FROM FIELD TO FIELD.  HITTING THE ENTER KEY ON YOUR KEYBOARD (ON SOME COMPUTERS) WILL CONFUSE THIS FORM AND THINK YOU ARE SUBMITTING THE UNFINISHED FORM!  While it should allow you to finish entering the form (it even highlights what you have not yet filled in) it seems we always have a couple of folks that find that they can't submit.  If this happens, you must RELOAD the page (Ctrl-R) and then finish the form.  Also be sure to type the letters of the security field picture exactly as you see them. If you simply cannot get this to work, email the webmaster@texasarchery.org with all the info below written into your email and we'll fill in the form for you.