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30th Texas State JOAD Indoor Championship - 2012

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TSAA State JOAD Invitational (North and South)

This is a combination event - a JOAD tournament simultaneously held by shooting at a specific time in two places, Victoria and in the Dallas area.  First, you CAN shoot in both events but only your FIRST score is "official" for Division Ranking.  If you think you can shoot a national/world record, though, you can shoot the second as fun for the chance to set that record, just not for the ranking in your division.

This is a combination event being shot at two venues: the South Venue at Straight Arrow Archery in Victoria, Texas on January 28th,and the North Venue at the Texas Archery Academy in Plano, Texas on February 4th.  There will be two shooting times, 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. at each location.  You may only shoot one of these two events for the TSAA state JOAD championships.  In the event someone wants to shoot at both venues, only the first registration will count, the second time you shoot it will be as a "guest", no awards (though if you shoot record scores they will be acknowledged as both locations will be Star FITA registered.  An archer may only shoot in one division and age group for this tournament.  Your Texas State Archery Association is offering this split venue opportunity to minimize travel costs for the archers family and to increase overall participation.  After the two venues have recorded scores, the scores will be combined and awards made.

Hosted by:Straight Arrow Archery Learning Center
and Texas Archery Academy 

WHEN:January 28th in Victoria and February 4th in Plano

WHAT: TSAA State JOAD line : all archers will shoot a single FITA I (60 arrows at 18 meters), except Yeomans (30 arrows at 9 meters on a 60cm target face). All compound archers will shoot a 40cm target face (Bowmans and Cubs score outer 10-ring; Cadets and Junior score inner 10-ring). For Recurve archers: Bowmans and Cubs will shoot a 60cm target face; Cadets and Juniors will shoot a 40cm target face.  

WHERE: The 2011 VC/TSAA JOAD Invitational will be held for the South Region in the Straight Arrow Archery Learning Center at (links are to maps) 60 Storehouse Drive Victoria, Texas (On the Victoria County Airport property)

and for the North Region at 600 Accent Dr, Suite B  Plano, TX (Plano Pkwy @ 75) next to PGA Store.

SHOOTING TIMES: JOAD line - Saturday at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.
Adults may shoot on a space available basis for $15

COST:  $30 for the JOAD single FITA, Yeoman and guests shoot for $10, Adults(space permitting) $15
MAKE CHECKS/MONEY ORDERS PAYABLE TO: Texas State Archery Association
AWARDS: Based on entries in each division.

c/o Tish Posecion
21739 Hardy Oak Blvd #3306
San Antonio, 78258

Tom Barker at (361) 571-1567 or (361) 676-5498 (SOUTHERN LOCATION)
Tony Fontana at 972-379-7651 (NORTHERN LOCATION)

ENTRY DEADLINE: POSTMARK FOR PAYMENT OF Janaury 21, 2012. AFTER THAT DEADLINE, Entries will be accepted on a space available basis with a $10 late fee for each of the two events. Space on each line is limited to the first 56 people to sign up for each time so get your entry in early to be guaranteed a time slot. Registration via the TSAA website is the way to reserve your time slots.
FITA rules and USA Archery official dress code will be enforced –  no blue jeans, shirt may be any color. No camo.  JOAD clubs can wear their club uniform.

For families with more than 2 archers, regular fee first two oldest archers and then $10 per additional archer.

Membership: Participants must be members of the USA Archery and a JOAD club to be eligible for awards and records. Membership forms can be found on the USA Archery website. Forms will be available at the event as well. Guests encouraged & welcome. 

HOW DO YOU REGISTER?  Fill out the ONLINE registration form below, click the SUBMIT button.  Payment by PayPal is "in the works" but not ready for this event. You must pay by check this tournament.

A copy of the information will be emailed to you which you should verify and then print. You must mail it, the registration fee (check or money order) postmarked by the deadline to avoid a $10 late fee. Email registration will help us serve you better, plan the tournament, and notify you of any changes in schedule. (send one copy, keep one copy). You will be asked to sign the NAA Waiver upon check-in.


fill it out, click submit, and when we email you back a confirmation form print it out and include a copy with your payment ASAP.

Remember that JOAD ages for Juniors ( NOW through the age of 20) and Cadets (NOW through the age of 17) have changed.

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You will be asked to sign the NAA Waiver upon check-in.



Click here for the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM - fill it out, click submit, and when we email you back a confirmation form print it out and include a copy with your payment.