The JOAD was held in Columbus, 2013, using the TOTS format (3 distances, 3 target sizes).
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CIMG5137 CIMG5138 CIMG5139 CIMG5140
CIMG5141 CIMG5142 CIMG5143 CIMG5144
CIMG5152 CIMG5154 CIMG5155
CIMG5159 CIMG5160 CIMG5161 CIMG5162
CIMG5163 CIMG5164 CIMG5165 CIMG5166
CIMG5167 CIMG5168 CIMG5170 CIMG5171
CIMG5172 CIMG5173 CIMG5174 CIMG5175
CIMG5176 CIMG5177 CIMG5178 CIMG5180
CIMG5181 CIMG5187 CIMG5188 CIMG5189
CIMG5190 CIMG5191 CIMG5192 CIMG5193
CIMG5196 CIMG5197 CIMG5198 CIMG5199
CIMG5200 CIMG5201 CIMG5205 CIMG5206
CIMG5207 CIMG5208 CIMG5209 CIMG5210
CIMG5212 CIMG5213 CIMG5214 CIMG5215
CIMG5216 CIMG5217 CIMG5218 CIMG5228
Judge Tom calls this one...
And he sees a lot of green between the arrow and the line!
OK, now cut this string
CIMG5231 CIMG5297
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