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2013 TSAA State Field Championship Summary

Wow! That about sums it up.  There were highs and lows. A record number of archers at 80 participants, 75 completed Saturday and 77 on Sunday.  We allow one-day shooters to encourage them to join us in the future.  The lows in the morning was in the 40's and barely reaching the 70’s in the afternoon. It could not have been any nicer in Texas in the month of May.

Many  thanks to all the volunteers and pre-event work party personnel; too many names to write down.   They know who they are and they are appreciated.  “Many hands make work light” is the saying I learned from the AMISH. 

The biggest thanks goes out to Nolan Blaschke for his dedicated contribution to the use of his Property, Facilities, and tiresome hours assisting this project.

The Spool Shot was a major hit and a lot of work went into it.  Thanks to Seismic  for donating the Giant Spool.  1892 lbs, 9’ diameter and 6 foot tall.  Thanks to Brad Minor for building and donating the staircase. Tom Barker spent both days as safety spotter assisting archers and providing safety belts for the acrophobics.

John Blaschke’s  camera mounted drone hovered over the event like a giant mosquito taking some amazing photos.  His cannon start was a “booming” success.  His constant personnel-shuttle and water runs were essential. 

The giant arrow also turned a few heads and make and interesting photo op.  

Thanks to Gina and Ron Carmichael for their terrific job in handling paperwork, photography and the website.

One last thanks goes out to our military archers, especially the AR archers Dustin Jones and Jeremy Velez. They earned the “tenacity” award for managing to endure the entire course. Dustin climbed up and down every hill on crutches. We tip our hats to our military archers for their dedicated service to our country and showing the rest of us how to persevere.

"I want to thank you for the opportunity in participating at the event. We both had a blast and learned so much. The wounded warrior BAMC team will be back out next month for the Nationals. Thanks again.  Jeremy"

After Saturday’s competition, more than 90% of the archers stayed for a seminar in field shooting hosted by Skip Trafford. He gave a wonderful and insightful demonstration on how to further improve skills on a field range. After giving further tips to the barebow archers, Adam Guggisberg gave some excellent tips to the compound archers and was then followed by Rick Stonebraker on tips for managing the unmarked round for recurve archers. The event was well attended and very well received.

Last but not least was “chef” Lupe and Chris Nevarez for their wonderful concession stand. Where else in field archery can you have a hot sandwich and in special cases, have it delivered out on the course?

One final note: TSAA would like to have some feedback on the “dog tag” awards. It seemed a huge hit for the kids at the Lone Star FITA. This is one award you can take with you or hang on your quiver for a constant reminder of the event. After all, we do this for the experience and the challenge.

Tournament Director
Rick Stonebraker

"Thank you so very much for putting on the shoot this past weekend. I participated both days in the Junior Female Compound Division and really enjoyed myself. I appreciate all of the hard work that everyone put in to make this a fantastic shoot. The venue was the perfect place for a field event like this. So glad nationals will be there, but unfortunately, I am unavailable to make it due to my graduation from high school. I wish you all the best of luck with the shoot and Thank you once again for all of the dedication and discipline put into this to make it a successful weekend. Love the ranch and enjoyed spending time with new faces and meeting people. Sincerely, Lindsey Smith"

"We had the best time this weekend at state, my son and I like to shoot as its "our thing" as he puts it. Chris L."

Hello Rick, It was a great shoot, job well done. Randy Koopmann
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