Up AZCup08

This was a very professionally run event - the officials had everything together, the organizers covered the bases properly, the weather was nice but windy, right up until the last few rounds of the OR when it went strangely calm.  Sunscreen was very useful, as I never saw a single cloud while in Arizona.   The event had a sense of "family gathering", and it was nice to see so many friendly faces again.

We always make a beeline to Rubio's Fish Tacos when we get to Arizona (thanks to George Tekmitchov's tip some 8 or so years ago), but we have a new favorite place to eat in Phoenix.  It's just like something we would find in Austin, but more so - free wifi, fantastic culinary masterpieces, and good prices.  Wildflower Bread Co.

The Hampton Inn in Anthem is only 4 minutes (onramp to offramp) from the Ben Avery Shooting Range exit, and we'll sure take that anytime.  No traffic jams and an extra 30 minutes sleep each morning was great!

If you see yourself or a friend in the photos below, and there is no name attached beneath the thumbnail, please send me an email and I will be glad to update it.  Just click on the thumbnail, then copy the URL in the browser's address field and paste that link in a message to the webmaster@texasarchery.org, and I'll be glad to add it.  Thanks to Janice and Bob Pian for all they did to make it a great event.



At the end of the qualifiying portion of the event


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