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Information on specific clubs can be found here, as they provide their stories for our newsletter (and thence our website).
As a state chapter for USA Archery, the USOC's NGB for archery, The TSAA's JOAD programs support the National JOAD effort.This page also helps provide information for ANY beginning archer! Use this link to go to the OFFICIAL USAA's JOAD page. If the link doesn't work, you can go to USA Archery's main page and search for "Junior Olympic Archery Development" , as their webmaster often changes page locations.
WHAT IS A PARENT TO DO? An Frequently Asked Questions document would help, right? Click on this link for info on the FAQ booklet you can read, print, and learn from. Written largely by Ron Carmichael, but also with info from a variety of Texas coaches: Tom Barker, Jim Krueger, Alex & Racae Meyer.
Now that you know what a JOAD archer is, you need to figure out what division JOAD your child is, based on age.
The Age Calculator also spells out for ANY age of a youth archer exactly what JOAD division they fall into.

Ron made this JOAD Age Division Calculator and explanation chart, just enter a DOB. There is also an explanation table.

There is also the Rockford JOAD Spreadsheet Calculator, if you like spreadsheets!

What with meters? If you are used to yards, this will convert from one system to another: World Archery sets the rules, so we adhere to the world standards: Distance Converter

A summary of all divisions and categories, target sizes, and distances.

Excerpt for distances only, from the 2015 Club Handbook

FULL May, 2015 Club Handbook from USA Archery (Optmized -< 10 meg instead of 41 megabytes)

What is a tournament like? The more you know ahead of time, the more fun (and least stressful) it will be. Indoor Event Description
Outdoor Event Description
Scoring arrows? Tips and "how-to" by Coach Jim Krueger. Scoring your arrows and DO THE MATH EASILY.
USAA has achievement levels for JOAD archers, which are way cool and highly desired. BLING: JOAD Olympian Explanations, Rankings, FAQ, and Pins.
For the few that are driven to compete at the highest levels, there are the teams.

Junior U.S. Archery Team

Junior Dream Team

Be sure to review all of the documents we have online: DOCUMENTS PAGE OF THE TSAA
Fun Archery Ideas. Games for Youth Archery
Fun Archery Photos - over the years I have accumulated some photos that you might find either amusing or interesting.



For several years, the TSAA's webmaster wrote and coordinated the newsletter for the National Archery Assocation, now the USAA. They no longer publish a specific newsletter for JOADS.  This link is to the archives of those old newsletters.

The X-Files archive!


Old and no longer official JOAD Manuals:


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