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X10 Archery

X10 Archery , Lynda LeCompte, Head Coach
X10 Archery is a range, pro-shop, academy and events venue that specializes in target archery. We are filling the growing need for equipment and coaching for the many who have become interested in archery since the explosion that took place after the run of archery related movies in recent years. USA Archery recently informed me that we have the largest JOAD / AAP club in Texas. Created less than a year ago in January 2015, X10 Academy has over 90 students on the roles, which includes many moms and dads who also shoot.
What makes X10 Archery is the amazing team of people that we have on staff and in our instructional team. Sabrina Harrigan, level 2 instructor and barebow shooter, is our events coordinator. But she does much more than arrange birthday parties and corporate events. She is the glue that holds everything together, with great ideas, and amazing drive to get things done
Group X10 PhotoX10 Archery Range Photo

Next to join our team was our range master, Aaron Christmas, level 2 instructor and target compound shooter. Known as “Christmas”, there’s never a dull moment when this full of personality big guy is around. Christmas is a key part of our family community. The kids love him, and we do too. In addition to bow-teching and teaching, Christmas assists in keeping our large JOAD program on track.
Then there’s John Williams. We waited for 8 months for this amazingly smart and talented young man to hit Stateside. Also from England, John, a level 3 NTS coach, joins me in leading the coaching. He is also our lead bow technician and custom string maker.
As owner, operator, head coach and barebow shooter, I will be taking my level 4 NTS training in December 2015.
Our team of certified instructors also include: Tam Nguyen, Mike Geehan, John DeShazo, and Allen Chen.



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