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Bareshaft Benefits

A short one (I hope):

I found all of my parts were healthy enough to shoot some without pain, so I dug up my old ACEs, 32 inch long, and realized their points were rusty (really) and the vanes toast. 

SO I put together a 27 inch Hoyt GM right hand riser, some long 30 pound WW limbs Lindsey had left over when she went to medium length and dedicated herself to promoting the Hoyt bow products, made a string to match, and started shooting barebow up close.  Amazing when nothing hurts, even when at 38 pounds at click…!  So I moved back to 18 meters, adjusting the center shot and plunger tension to straighten out the arrow flight. 

I found that shooting nothing but bare shafts was a great way to set the center shot, the nocking point, and the plunger tension.  When the vanes are not smoothing out “crumby” things, you see very quickly how good your release truly is, and if you do shoot groups at say, 18 meters you can readily tell from the arrow’s behavior what needs adjusting and tweaking. 

Bare shaft groupings in comparison to fletched groups – this has long been my preferred method to tune a bow in many ways.  Bare shafts alone – a valued addition to the tuning library of options especially when *nothing* on the bow is tuned…