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Ron is a pharmacist, grew up in a Rexall Drug Store in Uvalde, Texas - complete with a real soda fountain.

He's been a hospital clinical pharmacist, a retail chain pharmacist, director of a hospital pharmacy and Pharmacist-in-charge for an apothecary, a big-box chain pharmacy, and currently, a boutique compounding pharmacy. Along the way he taught himself to program computers, to build computers, and spent around 20 years traveling the US to hospitals, teaching their pharmacists to use a massive database program he co-authored. As a result, much like George Clooney's character in "Up In The Air", he made the 2 million+ mile on American Airlines and is a permanent life-time Platinum with American.

He got his archery merit badge at 15 or so in Boy Scouts while on his way to getting his Eagle, but it would not be until decades later when his daughter Lindsey asked him about archery that he was re-united with the sport. He shot with her at a variety of events, but soon realized that working with, coaching, her meant much more to him than shooting. Since the typical format separates the male archers from the female archers, he decided to devote all of his energy to her end of the line. He was an early adopter of the method that Kisik Lee has developed, and in fact much of what he knows as a coach came from learning and studying under Don Rabska. Ron is currently a Level IV-NTS coach for USA Archery, and shoots only occasionally for fun. Ron spent about 8 years as a volunteer elite coach for the University of Texas Archery Club, and has coordinated numerous archery events for the Wounded Warrior Project in DFW, Fort Hood, and San Antonio, including the annual Valor Games.

He served the USA Archery for around 7 years as the 'records keeper', and those efforts are documented on the website,, which is only now an archival source, where every archer to ever set a record during his tenure remains shown. There are also many thousands of action archery photos posted on that site which Ron has taken, depicting many archers from US and international events. He has also digitized for search and archival purposes a number of important archery-related books concerning the history of the National Archery Association, and even FITA.

In 1999, Ron developed a website for the TSAA and continues through today maintaining it, as well as social media pages on Facebook. There are millions of hits each year on the website, which has developed into a repository of knowledge and resources for target archers the world over. He's also authored many hundreds of newsletters for the TSAA since 2000, and currently on occasion puts his coaching thoughts down on a blog, "Coaches Corner".

Together with Lindsey, who became the first American female archer in many years to medal in singles competition (Beijing, 2008), he promotes archery through talks, demo shoots, and is proud to have been the recipient of the USOC's Order of Ikkos for coaching excellence - Lindsey won a medal in Beijing, which in essence was winning two medals - the USOC simply gave one of those to him as her coach. A day later, another US archer did the same thing for his coach, and today there are (only!) three US coaches to have ever recieved this medal of excellence. It remains a highlight of his archery coaching career, exceeded only by the accomplishments of Lindsey.

He continues to serve the TSAA as a way to pay back and forward, the joys this sport of target archery has given my family.

A.Ron Carmichael

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